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Neighbours Episode 2735 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2735
Australian airdate: 01/11/96
UK airdate: 08/05/97
UK Gold: 30/04/03
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Shop Assistant: Brenda Palmer
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
Lou wants to buy Jo out of the pub.
Danni asks Luke if she can move in to Number 30. Luke says the house is already a bit full.
Phil asks Lou to come down to the op shop to see "Harold Bishop".
Luke is having is breakfast in peace, but it is soon shattered by Jo and Sarah. He protests about being bossed around, but they reckon he loves being bossed around by babes(!)
Luke is despondent about being unemployed and wonders if he'll ever find a job.
The Pub
Karl tells Lou that he'll be finalising his bank loan today and he'll soon be the new owner of No.22. Lou is pleased and Karl promises to drop by after he's been to the bank.
Lou asks Jo to make a decision soon about selling her half of the pub. She says she has been thinking about it, but she's not sure if she wants to sell.
Helen is looking a bit tired today, but she insists they're still going down to the op shop to look for "Harold".
HELEN: I want to be there in person to see the look on everyone's faces when they realised that the man I saw was Harold Bishop, and not a figment of my imagination!
Lou arrives and asks Phil in a low voice if this is wise. But Phil says there's no stopping Helen.
Op Shop
Helen, Phil and Lou have arrived at the Op Shop, but Ted isn't there. Helen tells the lady behind the counter that they'll wait. She asks about Ted and whether he has any family, but she says she can't pass on personal information about staff.
The Pub
Sarah tells Jo that she should think about the money she'll get from selling the pub. She can still work at the pub if she enjoys the job so much. Or maybe Jo could buy a small business herself and own it outright. Sarah think Jo should go for freedom and opportunity - she should take Lou up on his buy- out offer.
Op Shop
Lou and Phil are a bit fed up after half an hour of waiting and Lou is anxious to get back to work. Phil tells Helen that they have to go. Helen says she'll stay by herself and get a cab home but Phil won't let her.
HELEN: Can't we stay for another five minutes?
PHIL:(firmly) No. Let me take you home now and I promise I'll come back after the meeting and if Ted's returned, I'll come and get you, OK?
LOU: Helen, you really don't look too good.
HELEN: Thanks very much! How would you feel if you were surrounded by people who think you're going crazy?!
PHIL: Helen, please.
HELEN: Alright, take me home.
She gives the shop assistant a card with her phone number on it.
HELEN: When Harold, I mean Ted, comes back, would you give him this please?
HELEN: He may not remember me, but we were old friends and I would like to keep in touch.
HELEN: It's very important.
Phil, Lou and Helen usher her out.
Lou and Phil sit down for a drink. Jo comes over and tells Lou she's going to accept his buy- out offer. Lou is delighted. However, Karl is also there, looking rather ashen- faced. He asks Phil to drop around later for some business advice.
Ruth is massaging Helen's shoulders. Helen is very upset about everyone thinking she is crazy, and also that she couldn't see Harold/Ted today. Ruth sympathises and tells her to try to relax.
In the kitchen, Ruth tells Debbie that it's not uncommon for stroke patients to become fixated with things from the past, as they face an uncertain future. Helen overhears this and looks even more upset.
Luke comes in, still depressed about being unemployed. He orders an orange juice and Lou tells him not to be sad - at least he lives in a house with three gorgeous women! Luke tells him that Danni wants to move in too and Lou asks him what sort of aftershave he wears(!) Lou says that Danni might just want to keep an eye on Luke with three gorgeous women around his house!
Helen challenges Ruth about her conversation with Debbie. Ruth explains that Helen definitely isn't crazy, but there's nothing wrong with taking comfort in the past.
HELEN: If I wanted comfort, why aren't I seeing one of my late husbands, why an old neighbour?
RUTH: Do you really think there's a chance that this Harold Bishop's still alive?
HELEN: They never found his body.
RUTH: It's been years. Where's he been? Why hasn't he been in touch with anybody? How come you're the only one who's seen him in all this time?
Helen is silent.
Jo brings Sarah a sandwich and tells her that she's decided to accept Lou's offer to buy her out of the pub. She thinks a small business if definitely the way to go for an investment. But Sarah has just picked up a postcard and looks rather distracted. She rushes off, saying she's got to pay the electricity bill.
Luke is ringing up about a job, but Sarah comes in and snatches the phone from his hand(!) She says she's in big trouble - her former fiance Stephen is in Singapore and is coming to Erinsborough tonight! Luke says Sarah will just have to tell him to get lost, but she's worried that he'll worm his way back into her life. But she's got a plan - she wants Luke to pretend to be her new boyfriend. Luke is not happy!
Op Shop
Phil calls in to see if Ted is back. However, the shop assistant tells him that Ted has been back, but has gone out again. Phil says he'll call in again tomorrow.
When Phil has gone, Harold/Ted emerges from a changing room - he's clearly been hiding from Phil.
HAROLD/TED: What do they want from me?
The shop assistant gives him Helen's telephone number and tells him that the name was Helen Daniels. This momentarily appears to evoke a memory in Harold/Ted but then he just looks nervous.
Phil tells Helen that Ted wasn't there. She tells him she's started to wonder if it's worth the bother.
HELEN:(upset) The only thing I'm convinced about at the moment if that I'm a silly old woman with a confused memory, who's seeing things and making everybody's lives around me a misery.
Helen tells Phil that Ruth has helped her to see reason. Phil is sympathetic and says that some people really do look very alike.
Luke is protesting that he can't be Sarah's boyfriend.
LUKE: What about Danni?
SARAH: No, it has to be a guy.
Luke rolls his eyes - he meant Danni's insane jealousy. Sarah says she'd never make a move on Luke and Danni has nothing to worry about. Under pressure, Luke reluctantly agrees, as long as they explain it all to Danni upfront.
Phil calls in to see Karl. He tells Phil he's got very bad news - the bank has cancelled his mortgage agreement on Cheryl's place. Now that he's not a working doctor he's too high a risk. Phil says there's nothing he can do - banks can essentially do whatever they like.
Op Shop
Harold/Ted nervously goes to the telephone and rings Helen's number.
Debbie and Helen are making dinner in the kitchen. Debbie tells Helen that everyone makes mistake and the Harold situation is nothing for Helen to worry about. Helen agrees, but it would have been nice to see Ted, just to ease her mind. At that moment, the telephone rings, and since Helen is closest, she picks it up.
HELEN: Hello?
But Harold is unable to speak.
HELEN: Is anyone there?
Harold puts the phone down. Slowly, Helen does the same.
DEBBIE: What is it?
HELEN: It was Harold Bishop.
DEBBIE: I thought you said you were over all that?
HELEN: It *was* him.
DEBBIE:(sceptically) What did he say?
HELEN: Nothing!
DEBBIE: Well, if he didn't say anything, how do you know it was him?
HELEN: It *was* him, Debbie, it was Harold Bishop! I could *feel* it. He's obviously trying to get in touch.
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Luke Handley, Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2735
Luke Handley, Joanna Hartman

Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 2735
Sarah Beaumont

Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2735
Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

Helen Daniels, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2735
Helen Daniels, Philip Martin

Shop Assistant in Neighbours Episode 2735
Shop Assistant

Helen Daniels, Lou Carpenter, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2735
Helen Daniels, Lou Carpenter, Philip Martin

Joanna Hartman, Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 2735
Joanna Hartman, Sarah Beaumont

Philip Martin, Helen Daniels, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2735
Philip Martin, Helen Daniels, Lou Carpenter

Joanna Hartman, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2735
Joanna Hartman, Lou Carpenter

Ruth Wilkinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2735
Ruth Wilkinson, Helen Daniels

Debbie Martin, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2735
Debbie Martin, Ruth Wilkinson

Luke Handley, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2735
Luke Handley, Lou Carpenter

Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 2735
Ruth Wilkinson

Sarah Beaumont, Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2735
Sarah Beaumont, Joanna Hartman

Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 2735
Sarah Beaumont

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2735
Harold Bishop

Philip Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2735
Philip Martin, Helen Daniels

Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2735
Luke Handley

Philip Martin, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2735
Philip Martin, Karl Kennedy

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 2735
Harold Bishop

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2735
Helen Daniels

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