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Neighbours Episode 2711 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2711
Australian airdate: 30/09/96
UK airdate: 04/04/97
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Ralph Johns Bob Halsall
Ian Weiss Martin Newton
Ginny Taylor Hayley Giemza
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl/Emily
Darren asks Cheryl if he can move back in
Phil talks to someone about Helen coming home
Cheryl walking down the street chatting to Lolly, Karl approaching her and talking about the return of the children, Lolly running across the street and Cheryl following
Screeching tyres and Cheryl... falls into the road(!)
Karl rushes to Cheryl's side and tells her not to move. The driver protests that he didn't see her and Karl has to get him to call for an ambulance while asking observers to find him a blanket.
Number 26
Darren has finished his work for Helen and asks Hannah about the waterproof radio - he might get one for Cheryl as she likes to sing in the shower. He shows her some earrings he's bought for her to say thank you for putting up with him. Hannah jokes that he could be mean to her to he'd have to buy her a gift but he tells Hannah that things are going right for once.
Hello, irony.
Danni stumbles across the accident and yells at Karl to do something. She wants him to give Cheryl something for the pain, and after asking if Cheryl's on any meds or has any allergies he gives her a small dose of morphine. Danni snaps that he should have done that in the first place but as soon as he injects her Cheryl passes out. After checking her vitals, Karl begins CPR.
Helen has returned home and Phil tells her about the changes; the bathroom, the office being moved to the sitting room... Phil has made a cake in honour of her homecoming but it looks a bit more like the Tower of Pisa than a cake!
Danni is in tears as Cheryl's body is taken away. Karl is giving a statement to the police officer about the accident, detailing Cheryl's injuries and his actions. He offers to look after Lolly and the officer tells him that he'll have to come to the station and sign his statement. He looks sadly across the street at Lolly.
Susan is thrilled that Libby has come home and thinks it shows some maturity - so maybe they should trust her a bit more. Lib laughs about her father letting her make decisions and would just be happy if he started to back down a bit. Karl comes back with Lolly and Lib quips that has he got Lolly because Darren stole her, so now he's returning the favour? Karl tells them about the accident and Cheryl's death - no one was in at Marlene's so he brought Lolly back with him. Lib's concerned about Darren and goes off to find him.
Ramsay Street
Darren is coming out of the Martins' with a piece of Phil's cake. Lib tells him that Cheryl's been in an accident and that she's died. Darren's in shock over the whole thing and can't believe it.
Chez Chez
Danni enters the pub and Marlene happily gushes about Darren moving home. Danni asks to speak to her in the office and Marlene suspects something's happened at the shop. In the office, Danni tells her that Cheryl was knocked down. Marlene asks how bad and all Danni can say is "She's gone". Marlene can't believe it at first. Danni tells her that Karl tried to help her but no one could. Marlene wants to close the pub and dashes out.
Karl needs to go to the police station and Susan tells him she'll be there for him when he gets back. He kisses her the forehead and leaves, Susan still in shock over it all.
Phil and Hannah are preparing dinner when he realises he needs to get some papers to Ros. He tells Hannah to make sure that Helen has everything she needs. Hannah goes to see that Helen's OK and asks how Debbie's going in Perth. Phil then takes over and fusses over her to the point where she tells him to go!
Darren is staring out of the window when Marlene walks up to him. They hug and he says he's just seen her - she looks so peaceful, you'd never think... He trails off before slamming the glass.
DARREN: Why did this have to happen? I can't imagine her not being here, to come home to. I'm having all these crazy thoughts. I kept thinking of all the things I should have said to her, how sorry I am for all the things I put her through.
He bites his thumb to hold back the tears before slamming the glass again.
DARREN: Too late now. She was the only one. No matter what I did, whatever mess I got myself into, she was there for me.
He starts rubbing the back of his hand, almost obsessively, something else to focus on, to feel.
DARREN: I always knew she still loved me. She never gave up on me. I just want her back, Nan. I just want her back.
And with that he begins to cry.
Marlene has come over to see Susan when Karl comes home. They ask if there's anything they can do and Marlene asks if they can have Lolly overnight. She's got so much to do and organise, and can't get hold of Brett or Lou to tell them. As she gets up to leave, Karl tells her that he wishes he could have done more to help. Susan asks him how he got on at the police station and he shrugs it off - just routine stuff.
Chez Chez
Danni and Darren are manning the pub when Phil bounds in, making quips about them working there. Danni says that Cheryl was in an accident and he gauges by their reactions that it's serious. Darren tells him that she died, and Phil mumbles that he was coming in for some champagne but now... He asks if someone else should be doing this but they're fine.
Lolly is crying her eyes out and Susan asks Karl to look in her bag to see if there's a toy or something to calm her down. When he looks through it he finds a bottle of tablets.
Hannah's showing off some of Casper's dance moves when Phil comes home with his bottle of champagne. He takes Hannah into the kitchen and tells her about Cheryl's death. He asks her not to tell Helen because he doesn't want to spoil her night. Tonight they think about Helen, tomorrow they think about Cheryl.
Karl is flicking through a textbook when Susan comes out - it's after midnight, why isn't he in bed? He can't stop thinking about the accident; he gave Cheryl an injection to help ease the pain but he thinks that might be what killed her.
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Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2711
Cheryl Stark

Karl Kennedy, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2711
Karl Kennedy, Danni Stark

Helen Daniels, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2711
Helen Daniels, Philip Martin

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2711
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2711
Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark

Danni Stark, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2711
Danni Stark, Marlene Kratz

Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2711
Darren Stark

Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2711
Marlene Kratz

Marlene Kratz, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2711
Marlene Kratz, Susan Kennedy

Hannah Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2711
Hannah Martin, Philip Martin

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2711
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

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