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Neighbours Episode 2705 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2705
Australian airdate: 20/09/96
UK airdate: 27/03/97
UK Gold: 19/03/03
Writer: David Allen
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Steve George: Alex Dimitriades
Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Roz Kemp: Lee Collins
Tessa George: Louise Miller
Casper Mack: Adam Fiorentino
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Graham
Danni panicking about everything she has to do to prepare for the Masquerade Ball.
Marlene telling Darren that Cheryl is convinced she's going to lose Louise.
Tessa George - Steve's wife - turning up at No. 22 and introducing herself to Danni.
No. 26
Roz has turned up at No. 26 with some papers for Philip. Hannah is watching television. There's a knock on the front door and Philip opens it to find Danni standing on the step. She explains to Philip that she's there to drop off his Masquerade Ball tickets. Philip admits that he wasn't planning on going - but Hannah tells him to invite Roz! Danni tells him that the whole street's going. Philip asks Roz what she thinks. Roz smiles that she'd be happy to go. Danni grins:
DANNI: There'll be fireworks like you've never imagined!
No. 22
It's evening- time and Danni is all dressed up, ready for the Ball, when Steve comes in and smiles that she looks good enough to eat! He tries to kiss her, but she steps aside, telling him that she's got a lot of things on her mind at the moment. Cheryl comes in suddenly and starts telling Danni that they've set a court date... She breaks off as she spots Steve there, but Danni tells her mother that he's just about to go upstairs and change. Steve does as he's told! Cheryl asks Danni if everything's all right. Danni responds tersely:
DANNI: Yep. Fine. Absolutely fabulous...
Holy Roll
Stonie is finishing up at the coffee shop and he tells Catherine that he can't wait for tonight. Catherine mutters that she can't think of anything worse, watching all those models prancing around. Stonie then tells Catherine that his mum's put her down for a couple of shifts, but she should get heaps more if Angie goes away with his dad. Catherine asks him in surprise if he wouldn't be going with her, but Stonie chuckles:
STONIE: Only if you came as well!
No. 30
Luke is sitting reading on the couch when Debbie turns up and asks him if he isn't going to get changed. Luke sighs that he doesn't see why she wants to go out with Danni after she hit her. Debbie insists that he'll see when they get there. With that, she pushes Luke into his room. She then picks up the 'phone and dials a number.
A house
Tessa George picks up the 'phone and Debbie comes on and asks her if she'll still be there tonight. Tessa retorts:
TESSA: Are you kidding? I'll be at that ball with bells on. He's had this coming a *long* time.
She adds that she's also organised another little surprise for him. Debbie smiles that the more the better!
No. 22
Danni is sitting with her mother telling her that four weeks isn't long to wait - and she's bound to get Lolly. Cheryl comments that she's worried sick. Danni insists that Lou isn't trying to punish her - all he wants is reasonable access so he can see Lol whenever he wants. Cheryl then asks:
CHERYL: Do you think that I ever failed you as a mother?
Danni, however, hugs her tightly and assures her that she's the best mum in the world.
No. 26
Hannah is sitting on the couch, sighing in annoyance as Philip gives her a lecture about behaving herself while he's out. There's a knock on the door and Philip opens it to Casper. Philip starts repeating the lecture to him, but Roz suggests that they leave the kids to their own devices, and the two of them head out.
No. 22
Steve runs downstairs and leaps out in front of Danni, wearing his outfit for the Ball. He smiles:
STEVE: May I say how brilliant you look? The stars themselves appear dim by contrast.
DANNI: And you, sir, are nothing but charm!
Steve goes to kiss her, but Danni steps aside and smiles:
DANNI: Please, sir, what *will* the servants say?
Steve then tells her that he's managed another little deal for tonight: his friends in the travel industry have given him a trip to Perth as a door prize. He then asks for a prize for *himself*, but Danni suggests that they'd better get going before Casanova gets too excited!
Erinsborough Hospital
Philip and Roz have turned up to see Helen, wearing their Ball outfits, and Helen smiles that you don't see much glamour at the hospital. She then tells Roz that she chose well in employing Philip: he has a good business head. Roz smiles that he's going to be a great asset for the firm - and he can still do some writing in his spare time. Philip, however, declares that from now on he'll leave the writing to the professionals! He then takes Roz's hand and starts dancing with her. Helen grins that that was wonderful! She thanks them for coming in - and adds that she wants a full report on the evening!
Masquerade Ball
A large number of guests are walking down a staircase to enter the ballroom. Danni and Steve follow them and Steve calls out:
STEVE: Make way, please - designer coming through!
They bump into Stonie, Debbie and Luke in the queue and Danni invites Stonie to come with her and Steve. Philip and Roz come in as well and head into the main ballroom.
No. 26
Hannah and Casper are sitting watching TV, Casper with his arm around Hannah. She suddenly leaps up and tells him that she's got something for him. She runs into the kitchen and then runs back in again with the platform for a skateboard, which she explains was made by Mal; it's for Casper's birthday next week. Casper, looking delighted, beams that he doesn't know what to say.
No. 28
Karl is sitting working at the computer and he asks Susan if Anne Teschendorf has said anything yet about the Year 12 Co- ordinator job. Susan sighs that she'd have told him if she had. Karl remarks that she doesn't sound very enthusiastic. He adds:
KARL: Don't you *want* the job?
SUSAN: Of *course* I want the job. It's a difficult situation.
KARL: What - competing with Andrew?
SUSAN: Well, he's very well qualified.
KARL: Well, so are you. You deserve the promotion.
The two of them start bickering! Eventually, Karl tells Susan to promise him that if she's offered the job, she'll take it. Susan sighs:
SUSAN: All right, all right. I will.
KARL: Good. That's settled.
Changing the subject, Susan looks at her watch and asks if it's time they checked on Hannah and Casper. Karl, however, insists that Hannah's a good girl - she won't be any trouble.
No. 26
Casper is still enthusing about his skateboard platform. Hannah is holding a CD of music by Dale. Casper asks whatever happened to him and Hannah says she thinks his record company sacked him for something. She adds that she really loved him - they had a Dalefest at school and made up all these dance steps to his songs! She puts on the CD and starts demonstrating to Casper! After a few seconds, Casper leaps up to join her in the middle of the lounge room floor. He starts spinning round and then does the splits. Hannah exclaims that he's fantastic - why didn't she tell him he could dance? Casper turns off Dale and digs out a CD of Philip's. He turns it on and tango music starts playing. Casper grabs Hannah and smiles:
CASPER: Now I'll show *you* something!
Masquerade Ball
Philip is standing with Roz. Cheryl glides past them and walks over to Debbie and Luke. Luke asks Debbie what she's doing and, Debbie, who's glancing round the room, replies that she's looking for someone. At that moment, she spots Tessa George across the floor. Tessa stands and watches Steve talking to Danni. He's telling her not to be nervous - everything's going just fine. Danni retorts:
DANNI: Yeah, yeah, I know. All over bar the shouting - in more ways than one.
STEVE: Meaning?
DANNI: Just that I'll be glad when this is finished.
Masquerade Ball
A short time later, the fashion show starts, with models parading up and down the catwalk, showing off Danni's designs. People dance around and take photos. On the sidelines of the catwalk, Steve smiles at Danni:
STEVE: Looking good, babe. So are you.
He goes to kiss her, but she quickly ducks away and calls out to the people behind the scenes to get the next costumes ready.
No. 26
Hannah and Casper are still dancing in the lounge room. Karl and Susan come in through the back door and, hearing music, Karl asks Susan in surprise if that isn't the tango. They head through to the lounge room, where Casper has bent Hannah right over. Karl demands curtly to know exactly what's going on there. Hannah explains:
HANNAH: We're just dancing.
KARL (coolly): Dancing? Is *that* what you call this?
HANNAH: Yeah. Casper's really good, except he hasn't told anyone because he doesn't want anyone to think he's a sissy.
Karl tells Hannah curtly that he's going to have to report this to her father. Susan exclaims:
SUSAN: Oh, for heaven's sakes.
KARL (demands): Are you *defying* me, woman?!
SUSAN: You *bet* I am!
With that, Susan grabs Karl's arm, pulls him into a tango pose and they join Hannah and Casper dancing around the lounge room!
Masquerade Ball
The fashion show comes to an end, to a round of wild applause from the attendees at the party. Steve walks up onto the stage and says through a microphone that he thinks everyone will agree that it was a fantastic night overall. He goes on that he'd like to thank the models, technicians and all involved - and, in particular, one certain lady who he's sure is destined to make a huge name for herself in the fashion world. He exclaims:
STEVE: Let's hear it for Danni Stark!
Danni walks onto the stage and joins him, accompanied by a round of applause. Steve kisses her - as Tessa watches from amongst the crowd. Steve and Danni head offstage and Steve suggests that the two of them leave right now and go and have a private little celebration of their own in Danni's new flat. Danni smiles:
DANNI: Hey, why not? The only thing is, I think there's someone who might not be too happy about that.
STEVE (blankly): Sorry?
Tessa is standing behind Danni and she removes the mask covering her face and says coolly:
TESSA: Hello, Steve.
STEVE (shocked): Tessa. Darling. I wasn't expecting to see you here.
TESSA (coldly): I *bet* you didn't.
Steve introduces Danni and explains that he's been helping her with the shop. Tessa retorts that she and Danni have spoken - and the shop isn't the *only* thing he's been helping her out with... Steve exclaims:
STEVE: This is a set- up, isn't it. [To Danni] You're trying to ruin my marriage. [To Tessa] I don't know what she's said to you, but it's definitely not true.
Tessa, however, asks him angrily how many times he's promised there'd be no more of this sort of thing. Steve pleads with her, but Tessa snaps that they're finished. She storms off. Danni walks off as well, leaving Steve looking downcast.
No. 26
Susan is tangoing with Hannah as Karl sits things out! He tells Susan that they're leaving, and Susan goes with him, reluctantly! When they've gone, Casper turns off the music. Hannah smiles at him that he's sensational! Casper thanks her - but asks her not to tell anybody. Hannah promises him that she won't. Casper then comments that her dad will be home soon. Hannah asks if he has time for one more dance, and she asks what music he wants. Casper, however, puts his arm round her and smiles:
CASPER: Who needs music...?
Masquerade Ball
There's still a crowd at the Ball and music is playing. Danni walks up to Luke and says a nervous Hi. She asks where Debbie is and Luke explains that she's getting her coat. He adds that he was sorry to hear about Steve. Danni sighs that she feels like such a fool. Luke assures her that she's not the only one to be sucked in by a smooth- talking conman. Danni says she knows they can't go back to the way things were, but couldn't they at least be friends? Luke smiles at her. Stonie takes the stage, suddenly, and announces to everyone that it's time for the drawing of the winning ticket for two for the trip to Perth. He draws a ticket - number 4396. The winner is Debbie! She makes her way towards the stage, stopping to hug Luke on the way and exclaiming that she's never won anything in her life!
No. 28
Susan is still trying to tango with Karl as they head into No. 28! Karl suddenly spots a jacket hanging over the back of one of the chairs at the table and he comments that it wasn't there when they left, was it? Susan suggests that maybe one of the boys has been out. She examines it, though, and adds that it doesn't *look* like one of theirs. Karl growls:
KARL: It *isn't*.
SUSAN: You don't think it's *Darren's*?
KARL (angrily): Of *course* it's Darren - and three guesses what they're up to in there. [He indicates the bedroom.]
SUSAN: It could be perfectly innocent.
KARL (snaps): Oh come on, don't kid yourself. I've had it up to 'here' with that kid. He is *finished*, as far as I'm concerned. Well and truly.
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Danni Stark, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2705
Danni Stark, Philip Martin

Roz Kemp, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2705
Roz Kemp, Hannah Martin

Steve George, Danni Stark, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2705
Steve George, Danni Stark, Cheryl Stark

Catherine O
Catherine O'Brien, Stonie Rebecchi

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2705
Debbie Martin

Tessa George in Neighbours Episode 2705
Tessa George

Danni Stark, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2705
Danni Stark, Cheryl Stark

Roz Kemp, Casper Mack, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2705
Roz Kemp, Casper Mack, Philip Martin

Danni Stark, Steve George in Neighbours Episode 2705
Danni Stark, Steve George

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2705
Helen Daniels

Roz Kemp, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2705
Roz Kemp, Philip Martin

Danni Stark, Steve George, Stonie Rebecchi, Debbie Martin, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2705
Danni Stark, Steve George, Stonie Rebecchi, Debbie Martin, Luke Handley

Hannah Martin, Casper Mack in Neighbours Episode 2705
Hannah Martin, Casper Mack

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2705
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Casper Mack, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2705
Casper Mack, Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin, Casper Mack in Neighbours Episode 2705
Hannah Martin, Casper Mack

Danni Stark, Steve George in Neighbours Episode 2705
Danni Stark, Steve George

Casper Mack, Hannah Martin, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2705
Casper Mack, Hannah Martin, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

 in Neighbours Episode 2705

Danni Stark, Tessa George in Neighbours Episode 2705
Danni Stark, Tessa George

Steve George in Neighbours Episode 2705
Steve George

Casper Mack, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2705
Casper Mack, Hannah Martin

Danni Stark, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2705
Danni Stark, Luke Handley

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2705
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

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