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Neighbours Episode 2697 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2697
Australian airdate: 10/09/96
UK airdate: 17/03/97
UK Gold: 07/03/03
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Rob Evans: Graham Harvey
Casper Mack: Adam Fiorentino
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Graham
Libby finding out from Cheryl that Darren has been arrested for shoplifting. Cheryl asking her not to tell anyone - especially Malcolm.
Hannah telling Steve George about the council turning down the idea of a skate ramp. Jo offering to help.
Cheryl telling Libby that Darren has been remanded in custody until his trial.
No. 28
It's evening- time and Karl is laughing as he tells Susan and Libby at the dinner table about another run- in with Cheryl and how she hates it when he comments about the disgusting colour she painted the walls of No. 22! Libby isn't eating, and Susan tells her to come on. Libby, however, murmurs that she isn't hungry. Karl says he bets Cheryl's eating humble pie tonight! Susan puts her hand to Libby's forehead and asks her if she's feeling all right, as she skipped breakfast this morning, too. Libby says she's just got a bit of a headache - but she'll be all right. She gets up and heads to her room. When she's gone, Karl asks Susan what Libby was like at school today, but Susan shrugs that she didn't see her - they didn't have any classes together. She adds, though, that there's more to this than Libby's letting on.
Chez Chez
Jo and Rob are telling Marlene - who's working behind the bar - that it all happened so quickly. Rob says to Marlene:
ROB: I need your permission to whisk her off to San Francisco on Sunday.
Jo adds that it'll make Cheryl happy: being in America will make her the ultimate silent partner! Marlene, however, tells her that Cheryl was starting to appreciate her hard work. She then asks about the art exhibition, but Jo says she's going to postpone it until Helen's better. Rob adds that Jo thought she'd pop into the hospital tomorrow and cheer Helen up a bit. Marlene tells Jo to have a wonderful time in San Francisco and not worry about the pub. She walks round the bar and gives her a tight hug, smiling that she's going to miss her *so* much.
No. 28
The next morning, Libby emerges from her bedroom and Susan asks her how she's feeling. Libby shrugs that she's the same. Susan comments that a good night's sleep would've helped a bit, but Libby retorts:
LIBBY: Yeah, well, I *didn't* get a good night's sleep, *did* I?
Susan suggests she try eating something, but Libby snaps that she's not hungry. Susan tells her that she should get Karl to give her a once- over, but Libby snaps at her to leave it. Mal emerges from his room and comments that he doesn't suppose Darren's called. Susan tells him that Libby's not well, and Mal remarks that she must have caught it off lover- boy: he's sick too. He adds sourly that a 'phone call to let him know what's going on would've been nice, though. Libby growls:
LIBBY: Yeah, well, maybe he's not your top priority right now?
Mal says he's got a two- man job on and he needs to know when Darren will be back on his feet - and he announces that he's going to go and find out. Libby snaps at him that Darren doesn't need him hassling him - but Mal ignores her and heads out. Susan tells Libby that Mal is just worried about the business. She then adds that if Libby's worried about Darren, *she's* there if Libby wants to talk to her. Libby snaps that she's fine, and she heads out.
No. 24
Marlene is vacuuming by the lounge room window when she spots Mal walking up the path. She quickly turns off the vacuum cleaner, grabs her keys and, answering the door, tells Mal that she's just on her way out. Mal says he came to see how Darren was. Marlene replies that he's no better. Mal asks when he'll be ready for work and what's wrong with him, but Marlene says she's not sure. Mal says he'd really like to talk to him. He tries to push into the house, but Marlene snaps suddenly that Darren is asleep and has had a very restless night and needs to be left in peace. She adds that Darren will ring Mal when he's better. With that, she pushes Mal outside!
Police Station
Libby is sitting in the glass- partitioned interview room with Darren, telling him over the 'phone that she can't stay long as there's been a crackdown on kids arriving back late after lunch. She stares at Darren and asks him if she'll be able to visit him in remand. Darren, however, murmurs:
DARREN: I probably wouldn't want you to. It's not pretty.
Libby tells him that they're going to let him out of there - as soon as they find out what really happened. Darren just retorts that they reckon he broke parole - they don't want to hear excuses; they want to chuck him back in the slammer and teach him a lesson. Libby insists that it might not *be* like that. Darren cries:
DARREN: Two more years in that hellhole... I just don't know if I could take it.
LIBBY (sadly): Darren...
Darren just tells Libby that she'd better go. Libby, however, tears welling up, says she's got twenty minutes and she's going to stay there for every one of them.
Erinsborough Hospital
Jo sits down next to Helen's hospital bed and asks Helen how she's feeling. Helen murmurs that she's not so bad. Jo tells her that she won't have to worry about the art exhibition - she's decided to postpone it until Helen's better. Hannah and Philip come in at that moment and Philip smiles at Helen that she looks a lot better. Helen responds that she hopes so! She adds that they're starting to talk about rehabilitation in a few days. Philip asks Jo if she feels like getting a drink from the cafeteria. The two of them head off, leaving Hannah alone with Helen, who says suspiciously:
HELEN: Your father knows something - about *me*.
HANNAH: He hasn't *said* anything - and don't worry: you're getting better really quickly, that's what everyone says.
HELEN (tearfully): I'll probably end up in a nursing home.
HANNAH: Gran, don't be so negative...
Hannah changes the subject and asks what the food's like, but Helen reminds her that she's not supposed to be being negative! Philip and Jo come back with drinks and Jo says she'd better be off. She walks out, leaving Hannah to ask her father what they were talking about. Philip replies that they're going to have tea with Jo and Rob later on. Hannah asks why, but Philip just tells her to stop asking so many questions; she'll give Helen a headache!
Police Station
Libby is telling Darren that if the worst comes to the worst and they *do* send him back, she'll *be* there; she doesn't care how ugly it is. Darren just murmurs that two years is a long time... Libby sobs that she's got faith in him. Darren smiles weakly and says:
DARREN: Yeah. Everything will probably be fine. It could be just some big fuss they're making out of nothing, hey?
LIBBY: No matter *what* happens, nothing is going to change between us.
DARRREN: You say that *now*...
LIBBY: Under *any* circumstances. I've still love you if you're in some grotty cell full of bugs. I'll love you even more if you're fighting to keep your spirit up.
DARREN: Can you put that in writing?!
LIBBY: Whatever it takes!
Libby then tells Darren that she'll be back as often as she can. The two of them stare at each other longingly, and then place their hands against each other's on the glass. Libby then turns and walks off, stealing one last glance back at Darren before she goes.
No. 24
Sometime later, Libby is at No. 24, telling Marlene that Darren is scared; she just wanted to help him. She adds that she doesn't think they're going to let him out. Marlene insists that *they* know he's innocent and Libby's visits are going to make a big difference. She then asks Libby if she knows *why* she's convinced he's innocent. Libby shakes her head. Marlene tells her:
MARLENE: Because he loves you, and there'd be no way in the world he'd risk going back to prison. I mean, you've turned his life around. There's no doubt about that.
LIBBY: Well, let's just hope the *courts* think so.
Philip and Hannah are walking through a park, Hannah sighing that this is a waste of time; why does *she* have to come? Philip tells her that she doesn't have to hang around if she doesn't want to. Hannah asks where they're going, as there aren't any coffee shops around. At that moment, Philip stops walking and points out something in the distance. Jo, Rob and Casper and all sitting or standing by a new skate ramp! Hannah runs across to them excitedly, and Casper tells her enthusiastically that it's *so* cool! Hannah beams that it's great! Jo tells her that she acted on her complaint. Hannah exclaims that it's fantastic. Rob says:
ROB: As Chairman of the Evans Foundation, I officially open this ramp to the youth of Erinsborough!
Everyone applauds!
No. 28
Susan and Karl walk into No. 28, discussing Libby, Susan concerned about the fact that she wasn't at school this afternoon. Mal is in the kitchen and Susan asks him where Libby is. Mal shrugs that he doesn't know - but what he'd *really* like to know is what's going on with Darren at the moment, as he's had a hell of a day without him. Karl remarks coolly:
KARL: Oh, right, now it's starting to make sense: Elizabeth and Darren conveniently absent.
Ignoring this, Susan comments to Mal that she thought Darren was sick. Karl points out that they thought *Libby* was sick, too. Susan asks Mal when he last *spoke* to Darren, but Mal replies that he hasn't: no one will let him near him. Karl comments that this is sounding dodgier by the minute. With that, he picks up his medical bag and says he's going to pay a visit to poor, sick Darren...
Casper, Hannah and some other kids are skating on the ramp as Philip, Rob and Jo watch. Philip asks Rob if he's tempted to have a go! Rob smiles that you're a lot more resilient when you're a teenager! Hannah jumps off and beams at her father that it's great! She jumps back on. Philip tells Rob and Jo that they've done a fantastic job. He then looks at his watch and says he'd better get going. He calls to Hannah that he'll see her at home.
No. 24
Karl is standing at the front door of No. 24, saying to Marlene tersely that he's just trying to help - he heard the boy was sick. Libby is crouching down in the kitchen as Karl comments to Marlene that his daughter is very worried about Darren, and he asks if she's there. Marlene just tells Karl that Darren is best left in peace. Karl insists that if he's sick, he should see a doctor. Marlene says quickly that he's getting good attention from *another* doctor. Karl asks who that would be. Marlene replies nervously:
MARLENE: Um... someone at Elliott Park.
KARL: The 24- hour clinic? You sent him *there*?
MARLENE: Is there something *wrong* with that?
KARL: Yes - it doesn't exist. Come on, Marlene, what are you trying to hide?
In the kitchen, Libby rolls her eyes. At the door, Marlene snaps at Karl to stop being so pushy - and besides, *Cheryl* took him to the doctor, not her. Karl asks if Darren has got nausea and general exhaustion. Marlene nods that he's also got stomach cramps and a fever. Karl exclaims that Marlene has just given him every symptom under the sun - he's surprised the boy's *alive*! Marlene asks Karl to please leave. Karl, however, retorts that Malcolm needs his handyman books. Marlene snaps at him that she's never known him to be so rude in all the years she's known him. She heads round to the kitchen, picks up some books and hands them over. Karl takes them and says:
KARL: So - what was the doctor's verdict?
MARLENE: Well, he said Darren was very sick. I don't know the medical terms. Anyway, I have to go out nowó
Karl interrupts and tells her that Mal needs to know when he's going to get his partner back; does Darren have a medical certificate? Marlene mutters that she'll have another turn if he keeps on. With that, Karl takes the hint and Marlene pushes him out the door. When he's gone, Libby tells her that she's *so* sorry about that. Marlene mutters that he's like a dog with a bone: he just will not give up.
Hannah watches as Casper performs tricks on the skate ramp. He then sits down next to her and asks her if she's had enough. Hannah smiles that it's excellent. He suddenly notices that Hannah's holding her right hand tightly and he asks her if she hurt herself. He takes her hand in his and kisses it. The two of them then snuggle up to each other.
No. 28
Philip writes a cheque and hands it to Mal, explaining that it's for the materials. He adds that he knows he's rushing Mal, but he wants everything right for when Helen comes home. Mal tells him warily that he might have to find another worker, as Darren's quite busy on other jobs for the time being. Philip smiles that he's in demand, is he? Mal nods that there's a big call for cabinets at the moment! As Philip heads out, Karl comes in and tells him that the news on Helen is very positive. Philip heads off and Karl hands Mal the company books. Susan joins them as Mal asks his father what's going on. Karl replies:
KARL: Something very, very fishy.
SUSAN: Did you see Darren?
KARL: No, I didn't - but if I had, it would've been over Marlene's dead body.
MAL: She was like that with me as well.
Susan asks Karl if Marlene had seen Libby. Karl replies that he doesn't think so, but he can't be sure about *anything* that's going on over there at the moment. Mal is looking through the books and he comments coolly that Darren hasn't done them over the last couple of days; he'd better be on his death bed. Susan asks Karl what Marlene *said*. He replies:
KARL: She spun me a very interesting yarn about Darren going to a clinic that doesn't exist, she couldn't remember the name of the doctor he saw, and he's got a list of symptoms as long as my arm.
SUSAN (frowns): What - she's *lying*?
KARL: I would say so.
Mal declares suddenly:
MAL: That's it.
He goes to head out. Karl warns him that Marlene won't let him in, but Mal retorts:
MAL: She will if I tell her I'm ending the partnership.
A smug look crosses Karl's face.
Ramsay Street
As Mal marches towards No. 24, Libby is coming in the other direction, and Mal mutters at her:
MAL: Don't tell me - you've been visiting the mysteriously- ill Darren.
LIBBY: Yeah, I have.
MAL: So ill that you're only allowed near him? So sick that you had to take off from school without telling anybody? Must be pretty damn serious.
LIBBY: Are mum and dad real angry?
MAL: Mum and dad? Do you see *me* jumping for joy?
LIBBY: It's got nothing to *do* with you.
MAL: No, you're right, it hasn't - not anymore. I'm sacking your boyfriend, Libby.
He starts marching towards No. 24 again, but Libby stops him, crying in fear that he doesn't know the whole story. Mal asks her curtly if she's going to tell him. Libby doesn't respond and Mal mutters:
MAL: I didn't *think* so.
He strides off again and so Libby calls out:
LIBBY: Wait. He's not there.
MAL: Marlene's already *tried* that one, Lib.
LIBBY (hesitantly): He's in jail.
MAL (gasps): He's in *jail*?
LIBBY: Yes - but he's innocent.
MAL (sighs heavily): Of what?
LIBBY: Stealing. They thought he stole some CDs, but this other guy set him up. It's not Darren's fault.
Mal asks why no one told *him*, but Libby points out that he knows how everyone would react - especially their dad. Mal tells her that they can't keep telling everyone that Darren's *sick*. Libby, however, asks why not: this whole thing could be over soon and no one would have to know any different. Mal, however, snaps that Karl knows Darren isn't sick, and he and Susan are suss on her for wagging school; it's *got* to come out. Libby insists:
LIBBY: Not if we keep covering for him.
MAL: I'm not going to lie. This is *Darren's* mess.
LIBBY: Well, lie for *me*. Please?
Mal stands there looking angry.
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Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2697
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Joanna Hartman, Rob Evans in Neighbours Episode 2697
Joanna Hartman, Rob Evans

Libby Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2697
Libby Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Malcolm Kennedy, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2697
Malcolm Kennedy, Marlene Kratz

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2697
Libby Kennedy

Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2697
Darren Stark

Philip Martin, Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2697
Philip Martin, Joanna Hartman

Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2697
Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2697
Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2697
Libby Kennedy, Marlene Kratz

Joanna Hartman, Rob Evans, Casper Mack in Neighbours Episode 2697
Joanna Hartman, Rob Evans, Casper Mack

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2697
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Hannah Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2697
Hannah Martin, Philip Martin

Karl Kennedy, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2697
Karl Kennedy, Marlene Kratz

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2697
Libby Kennedy

Hannah Martin, Casper Mack in Neighbours Episode 2697
Hannah Martin, Casper Mack

Malcolm Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2697
Malcolm Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Malcolm Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2697
Malcolm Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2697
Malcolm Kennedy

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