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Neighbours Episode 2676 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2676
Australian airdate: 12/08/96
UK airdate: 14/02/97
UK Gold: 06/02/03
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Scouse: Garry Rens
Gary Collins: John Powell
Mick Anderson: Mike Bishop
Police Officer: Michael Seymour
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Graham
Cheryl commenting to Jo that she thought she was going to be a *silent* partner.
Gary Collins warning Karl to stay out of his business and leave Pete alone, otherwise he'll be practicing medicine on himself.
Marlene telling Danni she wants to hand the reins of the shop over to her.
Darren asking Karl to cut him some slack.
No. 28
Libby is commenting to her mother that it doesn't matter what Darren does; her dad never trusts him. She tells Susan about how Darren tried to help Pete, but Karl wouldn't even give him a chance. Susan insists that Karl is just being protective. Libby retorts:
LIBBY: So's a Rottweiler - but at least they're affectionate to their owners.
Susan asks Libby how serious things *are* between her and Darren. Libby replies:
LIBBY: It's serious.
No. 32
Stonie and Scouse are having a jam session in the lounge room on drums and guitar! When they finish, Scouse tells Stonie that they should take the music scene by storm! Stonie comments that there aren't too many bands with just guitars and drums, but Scouse points out that that's what makes them so cool! He adds that all they need to start is one venue: a pub or something. Stonie declares delightedly:
STONIE: I've got it! I've got the pub!
SCOUSE: Stonie, man, we'll bring the house down!
At that moment, the two of them hear a rumbling from above! Scouse comments that he didn't mean right *now*!
No. 30
Luke is having breakfast. Danni comes in, looking for her keys. She asks Luke in concern what will happen if none of her stuff has been sold. Luke insists that she's *great* - but they should get going and put her out of her misery. He finds her keys and then asks Danni if she's thought any more about the shop. Danni replies that it's a big decision. She then asks why her nan would give it up: she knows the pub's taking up a lot of her time, but is that it? She adds that she doesn't want to sound ungrateful... Luke suggests that she ask Marlene more questions. Danni comments that that's a great idea! With that, the two of them head out.
Holy Roll
Jo is standing at the counter as Scouse tells her that Stonie won't be long: he's just popped out to see a man about a possum. Jo frowns at him and Scouse explains that the Rebecchis have possums in the roof. He introduces himself and explains that he and Stonie used to play in a band together. Jo doesn't look impressed. Scouse then tells her that he was in the pub the other day and it's missing something: live music - it needs music to vibe it up a bit. He adds that he and Stonie were talking and they think they could make her an interesting offer. Jo smiles:
JO: Let me guess: you'd like to play at Chez Chez!
Scouse nods that they'd like to do a try- out, anyway - see how the punters like them. He adds that it could be good for business. Jo, looking thoughtful, asks if they can do something tonight. Scouse replies quickly that tonight's great!
No. 28
Standing in the kitchen area, Susan is commenting to Karl that she always thought *he* was the one who advocated tolerance. Karl retorts that he's all for rehabilitation, but he's got a house- call in five minutes and he'd really like to enjoy his cup of coffee; the last person he wants to discuss is Darren Stark. Susan presses:
SUSAN: Well, what about your daughter? Your attitude's having the worst effect on *her*.
KARL (exclaims): *My* attitude?!
KARL: Like any parent, I'm concerned about the type of person my daughter forms an attachment with. I would expect you to be the same way. Look, I don't like all this unnecessary drama.
SUSAN: Darren was the one who convinced Pete Collins to come and see you the other day.
KARL: Yeah, only so he could weasel his way into my good books.
SUSAN: Oh, for heaven's sakes, Karl, what does the kid have to *do*?
KARL: Susan, we're obviously not going to agree about this. Darren has been able to convince you; he's a long way from pulling the wool over *my* eyes and I'll be doing everything I can to discourage Libby from seeing him. That's it.
Susan warns Karl darkly that she hopes he realises that he runs the risk of driving Libby away.
No. 26
Jo is sitting for her portrait again, but Helen sighs at her to sit still. Jo tries to peek at the painting, but Helen tells her that she never lets people see her paintings before they're finished. She adds that Jo can rest- assured that she's not going to do an abstract painting of her like she did of Lou as Mayor. Jo remarks:
JO: That's good - because I'd really hate to be hanging on the wall looking like a washing machine or something like that.
Helen gives her a look!
No. 28
Susan is tidying up when there's a knock on the front door. She opens it to a man - Gary Collins - who barges in and demands to know if Doctor Kennedy is there. Susan tells him that he's out on house calls. She asks the man who he is. The man replies coldly that he's Gary Collins - Pete's dad: he wants a word with Karl about his son.
No. 28
A few moments later, Susan is telling Gary that Karl isn't there. Gary retorts that he heard, but he's decided to wait. Susan tells Gary coolly that he can't *do* that. Gary just goes and sits down obstinately on the couch. Susan walks over to him and says:
SUSAN: Look, I know who you are. This is not going to help matters.
GARY (snaps): *Matters*? There *weren't* any 'matters' until your husband stuck his nose in.
The front door opens suddenly and Karl comes in. Spotting Gary sitting there, he asks Susan in concern if she's all right. Gary glares at Karl and demands to know where Pete is. Karl replies:
KARL: I have no idea. Has he run away?
GARY (angrily): Has he run away? It's your bloody fault they *took* him. Couldn't keep your nose out of it, could you?
KARL (realises): Community Services are looking after him.
Gary just continues to demand to know where his son is. Karl tells him that if he wants help he should contact the support group for perpetrators of domestic violence. Gary snarls:
GARY: Got all the right lines, don't you. Think it's *so* easy. I make mistakes. That doesn't mean I don't love me son - I *do*.
KARL: I know. No one's questioning that.
GARY: Well it sure as hell feels like it from where *I'm* standing. Discipline never hurt *anyone*.
Susan chips in that there's a difference between discipline and violence. Karl tells Gary that he's really going to have to leave, but Gary retorts that he's not going anywhere until he finds out where his son is.
No. 30
Danni and Luke arrive home, Danni celebrating that her stuff sold out! Luke grins that it's great - he *told* her she had nothing to worry about! The two of them hug happily and Luke suggests that he take her out for a celebratory lunch. Danni, however, says excitedly that she hasn't got time: she's got to go and see her nan and tell her that she'll take the shop! Luke warns her to think things through: her stuff is a hit on Chapel Street, which is sensational - Sam said she'd take as much as Danni can make. Danni, however, points out that then Sam gets all the major profits; the best way to make serious money is to have your own shop. Luke tells her that a shop means overheads - and what about the talk Danni was going to have with Marlene? Danni insists that things are different now. Luke persists that owning a business is a big decision; she should weigh up the pros and cons. Danni sighs and gives in, telling him that he's right - she guesses she's just on some sort of adrenaline rush! She adds that she'll go and see her nan and quiz her out.
No. 28
Gary is still sitting in the lounge room at No. 28. Susan glares at him and warns that if he doesn't leave, she's calling the police. Gary snarls at her to just shut up. Libby comes into the house suddenly. Karl looks at her and tells her quickly to get out - but Gary leaps up and grabs Karl, growling:
GARY: How would you feel if it was one of *your* kids that went missing?
KARL (warns): If you threaten my family, I'lló
GARY (grabbing Karl's lapels): You'll do *what*? I know your type: gutless wonders who think they're better than the rest of us.
Susan has dashed to the 'phone and is calling the police. Gary says to her quickly that there's no harm in having a *chat*. He then points a finger at Karl and says coldly:
GARY: I'll talk to you again, Doc. I suggest you get that information - for *everyone's* sake.
With that, he walks out. Libby runs over to her father and gives him a tight hug.
No. 30
Luke is writing in his diary - heard in voiceover:
LUKE'S DIARY: "Seeing Danni so hyper about her success was really infectious. I honestly think she's the best thing that's ever happened to me. God knows what I'd do if she sat around crying about what I'm going through. Still, I've only got one more radiotherapy session to go. I'm glad I've got Danni to share the weight."
At that moment, the front door bangs and Danni comes in. Luke asks how it went with Marlene. Danni shrugs that it was OK. Luke asks what she said, but Danni sighs that it's all really complicated: Marlene said she'd go halves on the rent until she gets on her feet. Luke exclaims that that's great, bur Danni tells him that it's still more than she can afford - and then there are the running costs, the costs of material, and the rent for No. 30... She sighs that maybe she was just kidding herself. Luke, however, insists that there must be a solution... He then suggests that maybe she could get Marlene to take the rent and then pay her back, but Danni replies that she couldn't ask her to do that. Luke suggests sharing the shop, then: get another struggling designer in and share the room. Danni exclaims that that's an excellent idea! She adds that they could get someone in to No. 30 as well, to share the rent! The 'phone rings and Luke answers it. Stonie comes on and invites him and Danni to Chez Chez tonight!
No. 28
Susan is sitting on the couch, hugging Libby, as Karl snaps:
KARL: Mindless savage. Physical intimidation... that's all he understands. Only way he'd ever win an argument.
He tells Susan and Libby that they're to keep the screen door locked. He then goes on:
KARL: I can't believe that, just storming in here. That's the way Darren Stark will be behaving in ten years' time, probably.
SUSAN (warns): Steady on...
LIBBY (exclaims): What?!
KARL: I wouldn't be surprised. He's got the same pent- up aggression inside him. He would've taken a swing at *me* if he wasn't seeing Elizabeth.
LIBBY (insists): He would *not*.
KARL (dismissively): Oh, you wouldn't know. You're so starry- eyed about the boy. You can't see him for the way he is.
SUSAN (warns): This is not the time for another Darren argument.
LIBBY (snaps): Oh, *any* time's good enough for *dad*. [To Karl] How can you even *compare* Darren to that horrible man?
SUSAN: Darling, he didn't mean it.
LIBBY (angrily): Yes he did. You know, I don't know why it hurts so much - you think I'd be *used* to his appalling attitude by now.
With that, Libby storms off to her room. Karl tries to go after her, but Susan tells him to calm down; the police will be there soon. She then asks him if he's OK - it was pretty scary. Karl exclaims that he shouldn't *be* scared of people like that. Susan insists that they *all* were - but it's all right, now: he's *gone*. Karl, however, murmurs:
KARL: For *now*. I think he'll be *back*...
Chez Chez
Stonie and Scouse are setting up for their gig, but Scouse says he thinks he needs the loo again! He adds that it's been a long time since he did a gig. Stonie assures him that they'll get through it together.
Over at a nearby table, Libby asks Danni and Luke what they say if Stonie and Scouse are dreadful. Luke replies that they lie!
Jo joins Stonie and Scouse and asks if they're all set. Stonie nods that they're ready to rock! With that, he addresses the crowd and the two of them then start playing. They're actually pretty good!
No. 28
Two police officers - Constable Ditchfield and Officer Stewart - have turned up at No. 28. Karl asks them coolly if they *always* take this long to respond to an emergency - they had a violent man in the house. Constable Ditchfield nods that they understand that, but they had a very important matter to attend to. He then asks what exactly happened. Karl tells him:
KARL: I was threatened by this man - Gary Collins is his name. He barged in here when I wasn't at home.
DITCHFIELD: Were you assaulted?
KARL: No, no, it was an *implied* threat. The feeling was he wasn't going to go away unless we took some drastic action.
Susan tells the officers that they have Collins' address, but Ditchfield tells her that there's not much they can do if an assault didn't take place. Karl asks in annoyance if someone has to be lying dead on the carpet before they do anything. Ditchfield replies that they can take out a restraining order if they're worried about further harassment, but Susan exclaims angrily:
SUSAN: What good's *that* going to do? This man came into our home and threatened our family. A bit of paper's not going to stop him doing that again - or worse.
Ditchfield nods that he understands. Susan asks what they do if this man comes back. Ditchfield tells her to call the police again - and in the meantime he suggests they take added care with security.
Chez Chez
Stonie and Scouse finish their gig to a round of applause! Stonie comments to Scouse that they were smokin'! Danni, Luke and Libby join them, telling them that that was great! Libby asks when the next gig is and Stonie says he'll find out! He heads over to Jo, at the bar, and says apologetically that he knows they were a bit rusty and stuff... Jo, however, smiles:
JO: Guys, you were fantastic! I'm going to have to check with Cheryl, but as far as I'm concerned, you've got yourself a permanent gig.
Stonie and Scouse roar at each other in delight!
No. 32
The next morning, Angie walks into the kitchen and hears a noise overhead. She picks up a frying pan and mutters:
ANGIE: Think you can rip us off a *second* time, eh? Well, go right ahead. Make my day!
No. 30
Danni is packing clothes into a box when Libby comes in. She hands Danni a dress and thanks her for letting her borrow it. Danni asks for help carrying boxes out to the car! Libby muses that she and Luke had better be around when *she* moves out, as she'll make them pay! With that, she heads back out with a box and Danni thanks Luke for making all this happen: her new designer boutique! Luke says he wishes he could help out money- wise, but Danni grins that no one's perfect!
No. 32
Angie is still in the kitchen, calling quietly:
ANGIE: Come on... come to mama and I'll crack your head open... Come on...
A man suddenly drops down into the kitchen and Angie goes to lunge at him with the frying pan! The man says quickly:
MAN: I surrender!
He then stares at her and, with a sudden smile of interest on his face, repeats:
MAN: I surrender...!
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Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2676
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Stonie Rebecchi, Scouse in Neighbours Episode 2676
Stonie Rebecchi, Scouse

Danni Stark, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2676
Danni Stark, Luke Handley

Scouse, Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2676
Scouse, Joanna Hartman

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2676
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2676
Helen Daniels

Gary Collins in Neighbours Episode 2676
Gary Collins

Danni Stark, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2676
Danni Stark, Luke Handley

Gary Collins, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2676
Gary Collins, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2676
Karl Kennedy

Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2676
Luke Handley

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2676
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Stonie Rebecchi, Scouse in Neighbours Episode 2676
Stonie Rebecchi, Scouse

Police Officer in Neighbours Episode 2676
Police Officer

Danni Stark, Luke Handley, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2676
Danni Stark, Luke Handley, Libby Kennedy

Angie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2676
Angie Rebecchi

Luke Handley, Danni Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2676
Luke Handley, Danni Stark, Libby Kennedy

Mick Anderson in Neighbours Episode 2676
Mick Anderson

Angie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2676
Angie Rebecchi

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