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Neighbours Episode 2674 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2674
Australian airdate: 08/08/96
UK airdate: 12/02/97
UK Gold: 04/02/03
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Philip East and Nicholas Bufalo
Summary/Images by: Graham
Darren telling Mal he'd like to buy into his business as a partner.
Cheryl telling Marlene that she's just put No. 24 up for sale.
Toadie telling Billy that Catherine really is pregnant. Billy asking what happens when Stonie figures out that Catherine's mum didn't write the letter.
No. 28
Toadie is telling Mal that Stonie's going to be a dad. Mal refuses to believe him, but Toadie explains about the fake letter and how the content turned out to be true. With that, Mal heads out to get the full story from Stonie. Toadie warns Mal to go easy on him!
No. 30
Danni is talking to Luke about having his first radiotherapy session. Luke tells her that not knowing what it's going to be like is scaring him. He then looks at a masterpiece of dressmaking that Danni is working on and tells her that he wants to hear all about it to take his mind off tomorrow.
No. 32
Toadie arrives home to find Mal sitting with Stonie on the couch, and he asks Mal if he believes him now. Mal shrugs that he guesses he doesn't have much choice. Angie comes in and declares:
ANGIE: You could've knocked me over with a fritter when *I* heard!
Stonie tells Mal that what's really weird is that he's starting to *like* the idea: the kid's going to be one special kid. Toadie says awkwardly:
TOADIE: Um... I have a bit of a confession to make - about the letter.
STONIE: *What* letter?
TOADIE: From Cath's mum? Me and Billy wrote it. We wanted to pay you back for that prank you and Libby played on us.
ANGIE: But how did *you* know?
TOADIE (shrugs): I don't know. My high IQ, maybe. I guess me and Billy are like the Mulder and Scully of Erinsborough! They'll be wanting to make movies about us soon!
Angie tells Toadie sternly that he owes his brother an apology. Toadie says he knows - but he's pretty rapt about this kid; being an uncle's going to be cool. Angie tells her sons that she's really proud of both of them the way they're handling this. Toadie then suggests to Stonie that he give the kid's uncle naming rights - like 'Jarrod Pasquale Rebecchi'!
Ramsay Street
Cheryl is standing with Marlene in the street. The two of them are staring at No. 22, and Cheryl remarks that somehow this makes it all quite final. There's a big 'FOR SALE' sign outside the house. Cheryl asks her mother what will happen if nobody comes, or if they don't like the house. Marlene, however, tells her to relax: it's a nice house; they'll like it.
No. 28
Stonie puts a packed bag down on the table at No. 28. Billy emerges from his room and asks what's going on. Angie tells him that Stonie's come to say goodbye. Mal adds that Stonie's on his way to Tassie. Stonie declares:
STONIE: A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, Bill
BILLY (exclaims): This is incredible!
Toadie explains that he told his brother about the letter. Billy insists that if he'd known that it was true, he wouldn't have done it. Mal points out that he *did* know it was true, somehow. Stonie says:
STONIE: My whole life's about to change, Bill. In fact, I wouldn't mind getting a photo of it before it does.
He tells Billy that there's a camera in the bottom of his bag in one of the side pockets. Billy opens the pocked and reaches in to find two dummies. He lifts them out and asks:
BILLY: What are *these* for?
STONIE (gleefully!): They're for suckers! Catherine told me that she wasn't *really* pregnant!
ANGIE: Didn't take us long to work it out!
MAL: Everyone was in on it, guys!
Toadie insists that he was really looking forward to being an uncle. Stonie retorts that he's going to have to wait - and if he catches Toadie messing with his life again, they're both *dead*. He then orders the two boys to put the dummies in their mouths before he does it *for* them! Mal puts the dummies in Toadie and Billy's mouths and Stonie takes a photo!
Outside No. 30
Luke is sitting on the lawn, staring into space, when Danni emerges from the house. She tells him that she's been looking for him. She sits down with him and asks him what he's doing out there. He sighs:
LUKE: Thinking.
DANNI: About?
LUKE: Everything and nothing.
Danni smiles that that narrows it down for her! Luke explains that he was just thinking that he'd really like to have a kid. Danni points out that he doesn't know he won't be able to father children - and he can still adopt... Luke sighs that having a kid of your own is one of those things you grow up thinking everyone gets to experience; it's a bit of a shock when you find out that's not really the case. With that, he stands up to head to his radiotherapy appointment. He tells Danni:
LUKE: It's funny how much you take for granted when things are going your way.
DANNI: Luke Handley, you are going to be healthy again. You're strong. That's why I fell in love with you.
They kiss and Danni gives Luke a tight hug.
Outside the Holy Roll
Stonie, Mal and Angie are looking at the photos Stonie took of Toadie and Billy and laughing. Angie, however, then asks Stonie seriously if he knows that Toadie's quite upset about being robbed of his uncle- hood - and *she* was upset, too, about not being a nanna. She goes on:
ANGIE: You are going to make someone a wonderful dad one day. Mature... responsible... all the things a dad *should* be. I saw a glimmer of it when you read the letter.
She adds that it's time Stonie took stock of his life. Mal insists that they'll get serious when they need to - but they don't at the moment.
No. 28
Sometime later, Cheryl is sitting with Malcolm at No. 28. She tells him that she wanted to say thank you for taking Darren on; he needed that chance and Mal gave it to him. Mal replies that he should thank Cheryl, then: she helped Darren and that gave Mal the chance to keep the business going. Cheryl frowns:
CHERYL: How did *I* help him?
MAL: Come on... If you hadn't've given him the money to buy Sam out, then...
CHERYL (blankly): If I hadn't *what*?
MAL: Well, I couldn't afford to do it on my *own*.
Cheryl asks Mal in shock if he's saying that Darren is working for him because he's now a financial partner. Mal nods:
MAL: Yeah. You lent him the money so he could buy into the business, didn't you?
CHERYL: No. No, I haven't. I haven't and he never asked me to.
Mal sighs heavily.
No. 30
Danni walks into the kitchen to find Luke has just arrived home. She asks how it was, and he tells her that it wasn't so bad, actually: you don't really feel the radiotherapy; it was more the preparations that freaked him out. Danni asks what she can do for him: something to eat or drink? Luke, however, says:
LUKE: No, no, no, it's the *last* thing I want. My mouth feels like... well, you wouldn't want to know.
Changing the subject, Danni asks Luke what his plans are for tonight. He tells her that he just feels like relaxing; he's so tired... Danni sighs that she feels so helpless because he won't let her do anything for him. Luke tells her that she *can* do something for him: take care of herself for a change; take the night off from cutting and designing and looking after her invalid flatmate. Danni asks him if he wants her to go out raging or something! Luke nods that if that's what she wants to do... Danni smiles that she *will*! She adds gently that it's nice to know he's always thinking about her.
No. 28
Mal hands Cheryl a cup of tea, telling her as he does so that he's really sorry; he thought she *knew* all about this. Cheryl replies that way *she* heard it, Mal took Darren on because they worked so well on those odd jobs they were doing. Mal nods that he wanted to give Darren a chance, but he was also strapped for cash; he was going to lose *everything*. Cheryl murmurs:
CHERYL: So where did this money come from?
MAL: He said he got it from *you*.
CHERYL: And you believed him?
MAL: I was so excited that he'd *got* the money, I didn't even think to check what he was saying. He said he'd got it from you... I thought that was pretty generous; but I figured you wanted to keep the business going for *his* sake. I guess he could've got the loan *himself*...?
Cheryl asks what sort of money they're talking about. Mal replies that it's $12,000. He realises:
MAL: He couldn't afford that on his own, could he?
MAL: So where do you suppose he got the money from?
CHERYL: I hate to think...
No. 32
It's evening- time and Mal is talking to Stonie about the money. Stonie suggests that Darren could've knocked over a bottle shop! Mal insists that Darren has changed. Stonie asks where a guy like that gets $12,000 big ones, then; he got it *somewhere*, and if it was all above- board, he wouldn't have had to lie about it, would he? He adds that he knows Mal gets on with the guy, but *he's* seen another side of him. He warns Mal to watch out: Darren's trouble.
There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Danni comes in. She invites Stonie and Mal for a bit of a rage at Hypoxia. They accept and head out!
No. 24
Marlene is knitting as Cheryl talks to her about the $12,000, adding that she hoped Marlene might have lent it to Darren. Marlene replies that she didn't; Darren didn't even *talk* to her about it. Cheryl sighs that she can't think of any other *legal* possibilities. Marlene suggests that he could've got a loan off his own bat, but Cheryl asks what he'd have used for collateral. She sighs:
CHERYL: I just don't *know* anymore. He's only been out of jail a couple of weeks; it looks like he's doing his best to get back inside.
Marlene suggests to Cheryl that she come straight out and *ask* him where he got it, but Cheryl replies that she can't find him; he has this sixth sense when he's in trouble. Marlene suggests they sleep on it - it might look better in the morning. Cheryl asks her if she thinks so. Marlene admits:
MARLENE: No - but I am the boy's nan and I'm trying to be optimistic.
Holy Roll
The next morning, Mal, Stonie and Danni are at the Holy Roll, and Stonie tells Danni that she is the party queen of Erinsborough! He then complains that at least Mal and Danni get to go home and sleep; *he's* got to *work*. Mal says he thinks he'll push off, and Danni goes with him.
No. 30
A short time later, back at No. 30, Danni hands Mal a cup of tea. Mal then asks her if she wants to talk; he adds that he knows something's been on her mind all night. Danni says she's just feeling a bit guilty about Luke: she should've stayed home and made sure he had everything he needed, instead of going out raging. Mal chuckles that it wasn't so long ago that the only person whose feelings she thought about were her *own*! He adds that she's changed a lot lately - for the better; he's got a feeling that Luke's been very good for her. Danni smiles that he *is*.
Luke comes in at that moment and comments to Danni coolly that when she talked about going out and letting her hair down, he didn't think she meant she'd be out *all night*. Mal makes a hasty exit, leaving Luke to say to Danni coolly:
LUKE: I hope you're proud of yourself.
DANNI (sharply): Excuse me?
LUKE: You talk about committing yourself to your designing. Spending all night in some sleazy dive is hardly showing much commitment to your work.
DANNI: Who's the one who told me to have the night off in the first place?
LUKE: I didn't mean stay out all *night*.
DANNI: Yeah, but that is no reason to go off at me in front of Malcolm.
LUKE (sarcastically): Oh, I'm sorry. It's obvious your friends are more important than your work. Maybe I should've invested in Mal instead.
DANNI (snaps): Is *that* what I am? An investment. Maybe we should just forget everything; is that what you want?
LUKE: If this is the way you're gonna act, maybe it *is*.
DANNI (shaking her head): This has got nothing to do with the business, has it? You're jealous - because *I* went out and had a good night with an old boyfriend and you can't handle it.
Luke stares at her.
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Toadie Rebecchi, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2674
Toadie Rebecchi, Malcolm Kennedy

Danni Stark, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2674
Danni Stark, Luke Handley

Malcolm Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2674
Malcolm Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Stonie Rebecchi

Angie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2674
Angie Rebecchi

Cheryl Stark, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2674
Cheryl Stark, Marlene Kratz

Malcolm Kennedy, Angie Rebecchi, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2674
Malcolm Kennedy, Angie Rebecchi, Stonie Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2674
Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Danni Stark, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2674
Danni Stark, Luke Handley

Malcolm Kennedy, Angie Rebecchi, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2674
Malcolm Kennedy, Angie Rebecchi, Stonie Rebecchi

Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2674
Cheryl Stark

Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2674
Malcolm Kennedy

Luke Handley, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2674
Luke Handley, Danni Stark

Cheryl Stark, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2674
Cheryl Stark, Malcolm Kennedy

Stonie Rebecchi, Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2674
Stonie Rebecchi, Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy

Marlene Kratz, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2674
Marlene Kratz, Cheryl Stark

Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2674
Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark, Stonie Rebecchi

Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2674
Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy

Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2674
Danni Stark

Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2674
Luke Handley

<<2673 - 2675>>
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