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Neighbours Episode 2671 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2671
Australian airdate: 05/08/96
UK airdate: 07/02/97
UK Gold: 03/01/03
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Philip East
Guests: Greg Mundy: Paul Tolton
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Graham
Greg Mundy stealing Debbie's 'phone number.
Darren telling Libby that he thought they'd speed down the coast tomorrow.
Darren is walking along the beach, his arm around Libby, and he comments that they'd better head back soon. He adds that it's weird, walking on the beach; like a dream: nothing but open spaces all around; he just keeps thinking someone's going to jump out from behind the sand dunes and throw him back in jail. Libby smiles that they can't - unless he gives them reason to. Darren assures her that he won't do that. Libby tells him that she'd miss him. Darren says he reckons he'd miss her more. He continues:
DARREN: When I got out, I didn't know if I could go straight - or even if I wanted to. But that all changed when I met you.
LIBBY: Really?
Darren nods - and smiles that he now just has to convince her dad of that! Libby tells him that what her dad thinks is *his* problem.
No. 28
Karl arrives home and asks Susan if Libby's back. Susan replies that she isn't - and she asks Karl not to turn it into a major drama when she *does* return; he'll only make things worse if they handle it in the wrong way - they could end up driving her away. Karl retorts that he can't see Libby giving up what she's got there to go and live on the streets. Susan tells him to give her some leeway and let her see that they trust her to behave like a responsible adult.
No. 26
Helen is sitting at the kitchen table when Philip arrives home and grins that she won't believe what he's cooking for dinner tonight! Helen remarks that she thought *she* was cooking tonight. Philip, however, Philip shrugs that he's at a bit of a loose end: he was going to go and have a drink, but he thought with Lou gone, who's he going to talk to? He goes on:
PHILIP: I'm not that social a bloke. It makes you realise how much you depend on a couple of friends. Doug was a mate; he left. Now Lou.
HELEN: There's Karl...
PHILIP: Yeah. Karl. I get on well with Karl, but... well, he's not that easy to relax with. I mean, he always seems hassled about one thing or another! [Laughs] I suppose you could say the same thing about me, what with the problems with the book and Hannah's braces!
Helen comments that at least Hannah seems to be quite happy about them now; she probably thinks they're a small price to pay for having a beautiful smile.
Debbie comes in at that moment and says she just spoke to Carol and told her she wouldn't be taking any more calls from Greg Mundy; he's getting way too intense for her. Helen asks how she took it. Debbie replies that she wasn't thrilled, but she's agreed. Philip tells Debbie that they don't need any repeats of this afternoon's session; they're lucky the guy turned out to be as reasonable as he did. Helen asks Debbie if the job is worth it. Debbie shrugs that she's got to earn money *somehow*; her finances are in a bad enough state as it is - and if she gets fined in court tomorrow for that underage drinker she served, they'll be even worse...
Darren wraps a blanket around Libby and she smiles that it was clever of him to think to bring one. Darren smiles that he was a boy scout! Libby asks him seriously if he *was*, but he tells her:
DARREN: Can't imagine me helping those little old ladies across the road; can *you*? I don't know... handbags on pension day would be too much of a temptation!
LIBBY (seriously): Why do you always do that?
LIBBY: Put yourself down. Constantly bring up the fact that you've got a record.
DARREN (shrugs): There's no point trying to cover it up.
LIBBY: There's a difference between covering it up and openly boasting about it.
DARREN: I'm not going to *boast* about it. It's not like I'm *proud* of it. I don't know... people always bring it up. Just get in there first, that's all. Sort of a defence.
LIBBY (softly): You don't have to be defensive with *me*...
Darren stares into her eyes and then leans in to kiss her - but he stops and murmurs that he's terrified he's stuffing this up. Libby smiles that she knows the feeling. She then strokes Darren's face and the two of them kiss gently.
No. 24
Marlene is sitting at the table, typing on a typewriter, when Cheryl comes in. Marlene looks at her daughter and comments that she thought she might have been Darren bringing her car back; she can't believe he's still at the beach - it's turned chilly. Cheryl muses:
CHERYL: Won't be half as chilly as it's going to be at the Kennedys' when he drops Libby back - but they're both adults. None of my business.
Changing the subject, Cheryl says she's just come from the agents'; she's put the house on sale - she wants everything over and sorted. Looking surprised, Marlene tells her that she might be better going to auction, but Cheryl retorts that that might take a couple of months, and in the meantime she'd have all those bad associations hanging around her neck. Marlene tells her that she won't have any time for moping around: they'll be too busy building up Chez Chez into a great success. Cheryl retorts that Chez Chez is *already* a success. Marlene points out that there's always room for improvement, but Cheryl insists that all they have to do is keep it on a nice, good, even keel. With that, she goes to check on Lolly.
Libby and Darren are sitting in the car and Libby says softly:
LIBBY: You know what I'd like?
DARREN: Hmm...?
LIBBY: Another chip!
Darren feeds her a chip from the bag he's holding! Libby then sighs that she supposes they'd better get back; she has a father who's probably sent out a fleet of helicopters to track them down! Darren tells her that he'll explain to her father that he kidnapped her at gunpoint! Libby smiles that he'd probably believe that, too! She then adds more seriously that it's probably best if he stays out of it; she can handle herself; she'll just have to make her dad see that she's not a kid anymore - somehow...
No. 28
Susan is setting the table when Libby comes in and says she's sorry she's so late: the traffic was worse than they expected. Susan accepts this and goes to the kitchen area. Libby asks her in surprise if she isn't going to ask where she's been. Susan replies:
SUSAN: No. We were a bit worried when we didn't know where you were, but you're home safely now; that's all that really matters.
LIBBY (shrugs): All right - if you don't want to be huffy.
SUSAN (tersely): Huffy?! Libby, I respect the fact that you're an adult now. If you want to take a day off school, that's up to you. If you feel that you're so far ahead with the work you can afford to take time off—
LIBBY: Mum, it was just one day—
SUSAN: And, if you feel that it's all right to go off with Darren without a word to anyone—
SUSAN: And leave your dad and I to find out from Malcolm where you've got to, well hey, that's up to you too. But do not come waltzing in here and expect me to make polite conversation about it.
Libby tells her mother that she left a note. Susan retorts that she didn't find it. Libby says she put it on the table. Susan insists that nobody found any note. Libby walks over to the table and finds it on the floor underneath. She picks it up and hands it to her mother, who mutters:
SUSAN: That's convenient...
LIBBY (snaps): What - you think I *wanted* it to get lost?
SUSAN: I don't know *what* to think.
LIBBY (sourly): That's just great! I start going out with someone who's not your perfect choice for me; now, all of a sudden you're accusing me of hiding notes to spend time with him?
SUSAN: All right - why didn't you tell us about your plans last night?
LIBBY: We decided late.
SUSAN: You saw us before you went to bed - so unless you've got something else you'd like to tell me about *where* you spent last night, I'd think of another excuse, if I were you.
Libby sighs and says she forgot to tell them; she didn't think it was that important. Susan, however, retorts that she doesn't think it's something that would slip Libby's mind. She adds:
SUSAN: Look, we both know you're not stupid. I'd appreciate it if you didn't treat me as if *I* were.
Libby gives in and admits that she knew they'd say no, so she decided not to tell them; that's why she left the note. Susan sighs heavily and warns Libby to prepare herself, as her dad's not very happy with her, either. Libby turns and heads to the bedroom area - just as Karl emerges. He looks at his daughter, but doesn't say anything. He goes and sits on the couch as Libby snaps at him to yell and get it over with. Karl, however, retorts:
KARL: I've got nothing to say. You never listen to me anyway. I'd be wasting my breath.
LIBBY: So you're just going to sulk?
KARL: No one is sulking, Elizabeth. As I'm constantly being reminded, you're an adult now. If this is your idea of behaving like one, fine - it's up to you.
LIBBY: Well good - 'cos it *is*.
With that, she walks off to her room, uncertainly.
No. 26
Debbie is practicing her speech to the judge, explaining that she'd only just started the job and the guy looked over 18... Philip is listening, but tells her to do it one more time and try and be a bit more sure about it. Debbie, however, sighs that she wants to put it out of her head; what with this and the hassles with Greg Mundy, her mind's a mess; she just wants to sleep. Philip gives her a goodnight kiss and she heads off to her room. Philip crouches down on the floor with Holly and says quietly:
PHILIP: Well, Your Honour, you've heard the defendant's submission. How do you find?
Holly just trots off! Philip muses:
PHILIP: I guess we'll recess this court and wait for the judge's verdict!
No. 28
The next morning, Susan is serving breakfast and Libby is sitting at the table, eating, when Karl emerges from the bedroom area and remarks to Susan that their daughter has actually graced them with her presence this morning; maybe she'll do some study today and catch up on what she missed yesterday? He sits down and Susan serves him some breakfast. He then asks Libby what exactly she and Darren got up to yesterday - but a second later, Susan kicks him; she explains quickly that her foot slipped! Libby gets up to go out. Karl tells her that she hasn't finished her breakfast. Libby glares at him and says:
LIBBY: I don't need food, dad; I'm nourished by *love*.
Susan goes to say something to Karl, but he quickly holds up his hand to stop her!
Ramsay Street
Philip pulls up in his car outside No. 26. Debbie is in the passenger seat and Philip tells her to cheer up - it's not *that* bad. Debbie sighs:
DEBBIE: Really? A $500 fine isn't that bad?
Philip points out that it could've been $2,000 and the pub could have had its licence suspended. Debbie mutters that she still can't afford it - but she'll sort it out somehow. Philip suggests that she treat it as a lesson well learnt. He then says he's got to pick up Hannah from the Orthodontist, then he's going to the library to research his books, so he'll be a while. Debbie climbs out of the car, saying she'll go and feel sorry for herself. She heads up to the house.
No. 26
Heading inside, Debbie closes the front door - and then turns and finds Greg Mundy sitting on the couch, holding Holly. He says to the dog:
MUNDY: There you go, girl: I *told* you she wouldn't be long.
Debbie stares at him in horror.
No. 26
A few moments later, Debbie is telling Mundy coldly that he can't just go walking into people's houses. Mundy retorts that she knew he was coming; he thought that's why she left the back door unlocked. Debbie insists that she doesn't think that was done on purpose. Mundy smiles that he likes the way she plays down her gift. Debbie says:
DEBBIE: Greg, I hate to tell you this... there *is* no gift. I'm just a uni student and I was broke. These people, they hired me and they told me the right sort of things to say. It's got nothing to do with having a gift.
MUNDY (insists): No, that's not true. You know so much about me.
DEBBIE: No, I don't. I don't know anything about *anyone*. Everything I say is general; it could mean *anything*.
MUNDY: No, you were certain. You said I'd go through a change at work and a change at home.
DEBBIE: Yeah... you see, that covers *everything*. It's like saying 'something's going to happen'.
MUNDY: But you were very specific - and the very next day I got retrenched; then, because of that, my wife left me.
DEBBIE: No... that's not because of what *I* said...
MUNDY: Yes it is. They've been trying to get people to take these voluntary retrenchments for ages. If you hadn't've told me about the change I was going to have, I wouldn't have known that I was meant to take it.
DEBBIE (horrified): You *volunteered*...?
MUNDY (nods): Because you *told* me I should.
Debbie stands there looking dumbstruck.
No. 24
Darren is talking on the 'phone, saying he'll be there in half an hour. As he hangs up, Cheryl tells him that he's not going anywhere until she's had a word with him. She goes on that she's had more than her fair share of dramas with the Kennedys and she'd appreciate it if he'd show a little bit of responsibility and not go stirring up any unnecessary trouble between them. Darren retorts:
DARREN: I wasn't *planning* to - but whatever happens has got nothing to do with you *or* Libby's parents. We're both adults, remember?
CHERYL (coolly): Yes, you are - but if you plan on living in this household, I suggest you observe a few of the basic rules.
DARREN: Fair enough. As soon as I get a chance, I'll ask nan what they are. See ya.
With that, he heads out, leaving Cheryl looking annoyed.
No. 26
Debbie is explaining to Greg Mundy about the lines she uses as a telephone psychic. He doesn't follow her, though, so she explains about how she used what she found out from his answers to give her clues about things to say to him. Mundy starts to twig how it worked. He then groans that he can't believe he chucked in his job like that. Debbie suggests that he tell them that it was a mistake. Mundy sighs:
MUNDY: A really *stupid* mistake. It just felt so good to finally have a way of knowing what decisions to make.
DEBBIE: Well, don't you think it's best if we make our own decisions based on our own judgements?
Mundy tells her that he has a history of poor judgement: his final thesis at university was about the computer and how it would never be useful in modern business! He goes on that, any aspect of his life you care to name, he's made a bad decision about it - and his poor wife suffered through it all; that's why, when he took the retrenchment, she left him - and he doesn't blame her. Debbie comments that it sounds like he still loves her. Mundy nods that he does - very much. Debbie invites him to talk about her.
Outside the Holy Roll
Darren hands Libby a cup of coffee and asks her how her day's been so far. Libby shrugs that it's fine: she woke up smiling, had breakfast, came down there...! She then shows Darren a birthday card she got from Brett. Darren looks at it and reads:
DARREN: 'Happy Birthday, gorgeous!'
He queries the 'gorgeous' bit. Libby asks him if he disagrees! Darren says:
DARREN: No! No! I mean, it's right on the money for *my* part, but... you and Brett: I mean, how close *were* you guys?
Libby pauses before replying:
LIBBY: Brett's always going to be very special to me.
DARREN (uncertainly): Well, that's not typical Brett!
LIBBY: We were friends... and we'd both broken up with people at the same time... and it just felt right for some reason...
DARREN: And what happens when he comes back?
LIBBY (putting her hand on Darren's): I've met somebody else who I don't love like a friend at *all*. Brett will be happy for me - just as long as this someone else keeps making me happy!
Darren smiles in relief!
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Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2671
Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2671
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2671
Helen Daniels

Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2671
Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark

Marlene Kratz, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2671
Marlene Kratz, Cheryl Stark

Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2671
Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2671
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2671
Karl Kennedy

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2671
Debbie Martin

Holly, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2671
Holly, Philip Martin

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2671
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Philip Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2671
Philip Martin, Debbie Martin

Greg Mundy, Holly in Neighbours Episode 2671
Greg Mundy, Holly

Greg Mundy, Holly, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2671
Greg Mundy, Holly, Debbie Martin

Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2671
Cheryl Stark

Debbie Martin, Greg Mundy in Neighbours Episode 2671
Debbie Martin, Greg Mundy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2671
Libby Kennedy

Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2671
Darren Stark

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