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Neighbours Episode 2640 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2640 (Rob Evans and Jo Hartman's wedding)
Australian airdate: 21/06/96
UK airdate: 26/12/96
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Tarquin Hartman: Michael Carman
Rob Evans: Graham Harvey
Enzo D'Agostino: Robert Forza
Bobby Etheridge: Robin Collins
Reverend: John Grigg
Bar Person: Brad Wade
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sal/Sal
Jo's forgiven Danni for making a mess of the dress and Danni's forgiven Jo for slating the dress. Luke points out that it's just a dress - it's not like Danni'd found the cure for cancer. Figure of speech and all that. Jo invites Danni to the hens night.
Hannah and Helen talk about Hannah giving the doll back to its rightful owner. Hannah doesn't really want to and blames Libby for writing the article, alerting Charlotte's relative about the findings.
At the hens night, Hannah corners Libby and has a go at her for writing the article.
Rob and Tarquin discuss Jo and Tarquin's worried about Jo's behaviour - he wasn't happy about the way she behaved towards Mal the other day. Rob reveals to Tarquin that he can't have children. Later, he introduces Tarquin to the best man, who swears that he's flamboyant and over the top. Tarquin says that he is too.
At the hens night, Marlene's passing round yellow post it notes with names on for people to stick on their heads. They're all not supposed to look..but they do. Hannah got Cher and Helen had John Travolta. Libby warns Hannah to make sure the woman who claims to be Charlotte's relative really is. Jo announces that Danni's going to be her bridesmaid and wear the dress she originally designed for Jo.
At the bucks night, Tarquin comes in dressed in drag and the lads start clapping.
It cuts to the next day where Marlene and Libby are tidying up. They discuss the party last night and how Helen and Marlene danced to Grease and Marlene tripped over Helen's walking stick. Danni comes in with Jo - who's still in her dressing gown. Jo stresses her dad won't be there but up he comes in a horse drawn carriage. Jo goes outside to see him and he asks if she's going to marry Rob in her dressing gown. She changes and travels to the wedding.
Charlotte's relative arrives at 26. Hannah shows her the doll and diary with some reluctance. She proves she's Charlotte's relative by showing Hannah a picture of Charlotte with the doll. She tells Hannah that Charlotte died of pnuemonia. She offers to buy Hannah a new doll as thanks but Hannah says she should've grown out of dolls by now. The woman leaves delighted but Hannah is despondant. Helen tells Hannah that it's hard when you have to give away things you treasure but tells Hannah to think of the happiness she's given that woman.
Rob's stressing - Jo's 30 minutes late. She eventually arrives and there's a montage sequence of weddingy stuff. They exchange vows, whilst Marlene cries. After the ceremony, Sam says his goodbyes to Jo, Luke, Hannah and Marlene and runs off (quite literally) to catch his plane to England. Marlene looks upset. The shot goes back to a happy smiling newly married Rob and Jo.
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