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Neighbours Episode 2623 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2623
Australian airdate: 29/05/96
UK airdate: 3/12/96
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Rob Evans: Graham Harvey
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sal/Sal
Helen tells Phil she'll go to the awards as Philippa.
Angie tells Toadie that if he wins "imaginary" money on the stock market, she'll give him some real money to play with.
Rob asks Jo to marry him.
Jo can't believe it. Rob thinks that maybe he's crazy for asking but Jo (evenutally! ) reassures him that she wants to marry him. (With a succession of "yes's" that put Monica's to shame in Friends, when "helping" Chandler and Kathy with her 1, 2, 2, 1 speech. :P) Jo thinks they're going to be the perfect everything - but Rob's face turns sour when she mentions children. He says they need to talk.
Helen's choosing clothes to go as Philippa in but Phil's paying far more attention to his book.
HELEN: Of course, I could go in my underwear.
PHIL: (not listening) Yeah, why not?
Phil tells her she'll look great in anything but Helen says she wants to look different - Philippa should be mysterious and a bit kooky.
Toadie's reading the paper for the stocks when Hannah comes in. Toadie says he's a millionaire in the making - he's only going to read stuff that'll make him money. Hannah gives him a letter from George...funnily enough, money or not, he's interested! Toadie spills his love life woes to Hannah, saying that George was the first girl he cared about...although Hannah tries to leave, she isn't too interested but the Toad's on a roll. He says he thought girls liked his tough guy image and Hannah tells him to be himself and his tough front is a real turn off. Hannah says she still speaks to him because he's not interested in her.
HANNAH: And I've seen enough of your other side to know that there's more to you than burping...and I don't even want to go into the other stuff.
Toadie says that they're good mates and wants to meet Hannah in the Coffee Shop after school to discuss himself some more. Hannah's worried about people seeing them together - he says he'll shout her a milkshake and she can pay him back later!
Angie serves Jo and they discuss Jo marrying Rob. Jo confesses her fears about Rob's vasectomy and Angie says that if they really love each other, they'll find a way around it.
Helen walks in dressed in black, with a dodgy scarf, sunglasses, a hat and a long dark haired wig. Phil thinks that she's going to make him a laughing stock. Helen says she's going to have some fun and hide her identity. Phil tells her she's lost her mind (no, Phil, although telling Julie she'd lost her mind, that comment is not a sure fire way to kill off the women in your life who are bugging you. Nice try though). Phil asks if she can't try and "enter" into Philippa wearing something a bit more normal - he thinks Philippa would wear something more stylish. Helen tells Phil that if he wants to moan about it, he can put on a skirt and go to the awards himself.
Lou appears at Phil's with Lolly in his arms. (Interestingly, Phil seems more interested in talking to Lolly throughout the entire scene than Lou! ) Lou says Cheryl called in the morning but Kev's on holiday so he's doing double shifts at the pub, the babysitter for Lolly didn't turn up so he had to leave Lolly with Marlene... Phil says he hasn't changed a nappy for years but he'll take Lolly if Lou wants him to. Instead, Lou asks if he can do the pub books for him and Phil agrees. He also asks if Phil'll cover him at the pub as well - to which he agrees.
Toadie comments about Jo hanging around Rob - Angie thinks they love each other but Toadie believes that the power of love lies in money - "It's the bucks that get the babes." Toadie says they're not hanging around for conversation but Angie says that surely Toadie doesn't want someone to go out with him just for money - she points out that she hangs around for Big Kev. Angie tells him that she's the expert in love but the ever so cynical Toad says that when he's built his financial empire, they'll see who's right.
Phil's tapping away at his computer when there comes a tap on his door. He's not too pleased about his silence being interupted - especially when he opens it and Toadie's standing there. Phil tells him Hannah's not in and he's busy but Toadie wants to run something by him. Looks like it's Phil's lucky day(!), to quote Toadie himself. In what's possibly one of Neighbours funniest scenes (c'mon, my anti-Neighbours parents laughed at it), Toadie tries to convince Phil to give him some advice on the stockmarket. When Phil points out that Angie paid him to give him advice, Toadie says that when he becomes a mega millionaire, Phil can become his financial advisor.
PHIL: Gee Mr Toadfish, I'm really looking forward to that(!)
Not that he wasn't impressed. ;) After an exchange of insults, Phil agrees...and Toadie sits in Phil's chair and shoves the paper towards Phil. Classic.
Rob's cleaning the swimming pool when Jo comes over. She reassures him about his ability not to have kids - she loves him.
Phil's quite impressed with Toadie's choices - although he doesn't look too keen when Toadie compares himself to Phil! (And he calls him Mr M like Tad did...) Phil reminds him of the golden rule of gambling but Toadie thinks there's no way he'll lose. Phil says he thinks he's right - he's got more of a grasp of the stocks than Phil gave him credit for. Helen walks in - Phil didn't win but he was highly commended..about which he's quite pleased. Helen tells him that it was a publicity stunt and she was recognised as Helen. Phil laughs but his smile's soon wiped off when Helen tells him that he's got to ring the papers and tell them. He doesn't want to lose being anonymous but Helen wants to retain her credibility - she's a serious artist! Helen tells Phil that the game is up and it's time to come out of the closet.
Toadie sees Hannah and tells her that he waited at the Coffee Shop for her. She tells him that he got held up and Toadie tells her that he and Phil are going to be business partners. Hannah shares the same cynical streak that Phil has but Toadie loses interest - he wants to go and finish the chat they were having earlier. Hannah says she has to do her homework. Toadie thinks that she doesn't want to be seen with him. Hannah tells him that it takes a lot more than money to get a girl but Toadie reckons Hannah'll be falling over her feet to get to him when the bucks start rolling in. Hannah walks off.
Jo and Rob talk about kids and stuff. It's all "perfect" apparently.
Jo tells Marlene - who's looking after Lolly - that she's getting married. Marlene starts getting carried away with wedding plans. Lolly tries to grab the ring (bwhahah). Jo tells her to calm down but it's going to be a storybook romance. Jo hopes that it isn't a dream.
In the second funniest scene of the episode, Phil says he's going to miss Philippa! Helen tells him to enjoy the fame and Phil thinks he can drop the financial business routine. Cue a massive screech. Helen can't believe the racket and Phil thinks it sounds like someone being murdered...in runs Angie, kissing and hugging Phil. She's rich! The shares for the mining company Phil selected have rocketed by 600% - she reckons she's not the only one to be rich - she's going to tell everyone how fantastic Phil is! There's no turning his back - he's arrived.
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