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Neighbours Episode 2589 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2589
Australian airdate: 11/04/96
UK airdate: 16/10/96
UK Gold: 04/10/02
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Georgia Brown: Petra Jared
Tom Kennedy: Bob Hornery
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Joel Supple: Bruce Hughes
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Graham
No. 28 - Billy's bedroom
Mel is yelling at Billy, asking if he thought George would go all the way with him. Billy denies it. Toadie comes in and, seeing what's going on, exclaims:
TOADIE: You've got to be kidding me. [To Billy] I thought you didn't like her when you were kissing on the couch.
MEL (horrified): What?
Billy tells Mel quickly that it wasn't *like* that. Mel just cries that this has been going on for a while, has it? She then screams at Billy:
MEL: I hate you so much.
...and storms out. Billy goes after her. Toadie glares at George, still sobbing on the bed, and slams the door as he leaves the room.
No. 28
The conga is still going on as Mel yells at Billy to stay away from her: she doesn't want him anywhere near her. She storms out through the front door. Toadie glares at Billy and storms out after her. As everyone goes quiet, Libby asks her brother in astonishment what he's done. Tom tells him to go after Mel, but he retorts that there's no point: she'll never believe him.
Billy's bedroom
Billy returns to his room to find George still sitting on his bed. He sits down next to her and sighs in frustration that this whole thing is a *mess*. George tells him that she's sorry. Billy says he is too - but he's not sorry that they kissed. He goes on that he knows he shouldn't have: he probably took advantage—. George interrupts, though, and points out that she let it happen. She asks what they do now: will he and Melissa break up? Billy says he can't answer that; he'll have to think about it. George murmurs that she should probably go. She gets up and climbs out of the window as Billy watches her go, looking thoughtful.
No. 26
Philip and Hannah walk into No. 26 after seeing a movie. They find George's clothes on the floor and, as Debbie emerges from her room with more clothes, Philip asks her in surprise what's going on. Debbie explains that she and George are swapping rooms. Hannah gasps that there's no way she can share with George. Debbie just retorts that she and George are happy about it, so Hannah should at least *try* to be. Philip asks Debbie warily if George is *really* happy with the swap. Debbie retorts that she's willing to try. Philip asks why she isn't helping, then. Debbie tells him that she's at a party at the Kennedys'. Hannah mutters that there's no way she's sharing with George. Philip sighs that they'll sort it out tomorrow - but he asks if she can put George's stuff in her room in the meantime.
Holy Roll
Toadie and Mel are sitting at a table, Toadie saying he didn't think Billy *liked* George. He then explains about the kiss on the couch and about how George kissed Billy but how he didn't think Billy kissed her back. Mel sniffs as she tries to hold back tears. Toadie tells her gently not to start crying, but Mel sobs:
MEL: I can't help it. How do you think I *feel*, Toadie?
TOADIE (grimly): About as good as *me*...
Billy's bedroom
There's a knock on the door and Tom comes in with a piece of cake for Billy. Billy shrugs that he's not really hungry. Tom tells him that the party's still humming. Billy, however, murmurs that if he goes outside, everyone will lynch him. He goes on that Tom thinks he should have gone after Mel, doesn't he? Tom asks if it would have been more embarrassing to chase after Melissa than hide away in his room. Billy asks why he *didn't* go after her, then. Tom says:
TOM: Everyone knows why they do things, William; it's just that sometimes they don't want to acknowledge the answer.
BILLY: Are you saying I stayed here because I want to split up with her?
TOM: Well, do you?
BILLY: I don't know. Mel and I have just been kind of drifting lately... just hanging out together because we're used to it. And then there's the Andrew Watson business - which kind of threw me a bit, even if she *was* just saying what her parents said. Then there's George.
TOM: The girl you kissed.
BILLY: Yeah. It sort of felt right. I don't know... exciting.
TOM: Seems to me like you've got a good case for breaking up.
BILLY: Yeah, but despite everything, I really like Melissa and I don't want to hurt her feelings.
TOM: Tough thing to weigh up, isn't it?
BILLY: So what do I do?
TOM: Well, I can't tell you that. Besides, I only came in to offer you cake!
No. 26
No. 26 is in darkness when George comes in. She sits and leans against the pillar by the door, sobbing. There's suddenly a noise behind her and Philip emerges from his bedroom, wearing his pyjamas. He asks how the party was and she murmurs that it was good. He offers her a hot chocolate and she accepts. The two of them head through to the kitchen, where Philip, seeing the expression on George's face, asks what *really* happened at the party. They sit down at the table and George murmurs that she stuffed things up as usual, with everyone: she had a really big fight with Debbie, she climbed in Billy's window, bawled her head off, kissed him and her girlfriend caught them - and the whole party knows, too. She bursts into tears again and Philip soothes gently that it's all right. George sobs that she should just leave. Philip, however, tells her that things will settle down; he knows things are bedlam around there, but they always *have* been - he'll talk to Debbie and Hannah tomorrow and work everything out.
No. 24
The next morning, Cheryl and Lou are admiring Marlene's new furniture, Cheryl smiling that she *loves* the colours! Lou adds that Marlene's one lucky lady! Marlene then says she can't believe Danni's *engaged*. Cheryl says she's not *totally* convinced about Ben, but the way he handles Danni, it could work. Lou adds that, for a while, they thought Danni was with him for his money. Cheryl, however, says there's a serious infatuation there - although Ben *is* quite a catch in the money stakes. Marlene remarks:
MARLENE: I suppose it's no wonder Danni thinks so.
CHERYL (frowns): Meaning?
MARLENE: Well... she gets a lot of her attitudes from *you*.
CHERYL (coolly): Explain, mother.
MARLENE: Oh, your materialistic attitude. I mean, look, I like to make a buck like anybody else, but I would never take advantage of anyone else's fortune.
CHERYL: Oh what - and I've taught Danni to?
MARLENE: Well, she gets it from *someone*? Do you think she'd be as attracted to Ben if he delivered Doobie's Pizzas?
Cheryl stands there looking annoyed.
No. 26
Debbie is sitting on the couch, fussing over Holly, when Philip joins her and tells her that it's time they had a talk - about her and New York and her sudden dash back to Erinsborough. Debbie shrugs that New York life gets pretty full- on. Philip asks if that's why she's been so full- on with everything *there*. Debbie shrugs that it may be. Philip asks her if she's going to tell him about it. Debbie says:
DEBBIE: There's nothing to tell. I was fighting with Rosemary, it got too much, so I came home.
PHILIP: I already *know* that. What were you fighting *about*? You still haven't told me.
DEBBIE: I don't know. Stupid things.
DEBBIE: Oh... like Joel.
PHILIP (frowns): Her *boyfriend*?
PHILIP: What were you fighting about? Debbie, please don't tell me that you and—
PHILIP: I'm sorry. So what *was* the problem with Joel?
DEBBIE: I thought Rosemary was treating him badly, so I took Joel's side. I kept hoping it would blow over, you know; that Rosemary would see reason - but she just kept going on and on. It was awful.
She tells her father that she's sorry she's been such a pain - she guesses it's taken a while for her to get over it. Philip gives her a hug and assures her that it's all behind her, now.
No. 28
Billy is sitting at the table, tapping his fingers, when there's a knock on the door. He goes and opens it to Melissa. He tells her that he didn't think she'd come when he spoke to her on the 'phone. Mel tells him that she's been crying her eyes out all night. Billy murmurs that he's sorry. Mel asks him why he *did* this. She adds that she knows she should hate him, but she just can't. Billy insists that what happened in his bedroom with George is nowhere near as bad as Mel thought. Mel exclaims:
MEL: And kissing another girl isn't *bad*? Remember how *you* went off when you heard Duncan had kissed me at the caravan park?
BILLY: No, that was different.
MEL (snaps): Oh, so she kissed you and you couldn't do anything to stop her, is that it?
Billy explains that George snuck through his window - she was really upset and he tried to comfort her, but things just kind of happened; but it's not as though he's been secretly seeing her. Mel asks:
MEL: So what about *us*?
BILLY: I don't know. Do you still trust me?
MEL: Yes, yes, of course I do. Billy, please don't break up with me. You don't want to, do you?
BILLY: No. No. Of course not.
He gives Mel a hug, but behind her back he doesn't look convinced that he's made the right decision...
Chez Chez
Cheryl is sitting at the bar as Lou tells her not to listen to Marlene. He reminds her that *she* didn't go completely off the rails when she won the *Lotto*. Cheryl sighs that the other kids called Danni 'Diamond Danni'. Lou, however, insists that it will wear off. He tells Cheryl that she's been a good parent and has given the kids a decent set of morals; she just has to sit back and watch what they do with what she's taught them.
No. 26
It's evening- time. Philip is cooking a special meal for George, but Hannah mutters that he doesn't see why *she* should get any special favours: last night he promised that they'd talk about who's sharing rooms with who, but so far nothing's been said. Philip tells his daughter that everyone in the house has problems at the moment; George's and Debbie's problems are caused by something that's out of their control, but Hannah's only problem is *them* - and under these conditions he needs her to be more tolerant and mature. Hannah realises that he wants her to share with George. Philip tells her that it would make everyone's life so much easier - especially *his*. Hannah gives in, sighing that George isn't that much worse than Debbie at the moment. At that moment, George comes in and Philip asks her how her dad is. George smiles that he's getting better: they reckon he'll be able to go home soon, which means Hannah won't have to put up with her for much longer. Hannah replies that she doesn't mind. George remarks that she's changed her tune, and Hannah tells her that she's had time to think about things since this morning. Philip explains to George that Hannah thinks she's a better option than Debbie! Hannah asks where Debbie *is*. Philip replies that she's having a lie- down, catching up on some lost sleep. Hannah mutters that maybe that will put her in a better mood.
Holy Roll
Toadie is in the kitchen when Billy comes in to see if he's coming out for dinner, as Tom is setting up a barbecue. Toadie mutters that he's got to work. Billy comments that he hasn't seen him around today - he wanted to thank him for looking after Melissa last night. Toadie mutters:
TOADIE: As if you'd care.
BILLY: I *do* care - and if you're angry about me kissing George, well, you've got no reason to be.
TOADIE (growls): I've got *every* reason to be. She may only want to be *mates* with me, but you *knew* I liked her more than that, right from the very start.
BILLY: Yeah, I know.
TOADIE: So why did you kiss her?
BILLY: We didn't really kiss.
TOADIE: Oh, don't lie to me, Billy. Melissa told me that you and her were getting on like there's no tomorrow - so why don't you just admit it: you don't like Melissa and you want to go out with George.
BILLY: Because it's not true.
TOADIE: Oh really?
BILLY: Yes, really. I explained to Mel that the kiss with George was a big misunderstanding. She forgave me and now we're back together.
TOADIE (frowns): Serious?
BILLY: Toadie, you *know* Mel's the girl for me. There's no way I'd steal my best mate's woman - not deliberately, anyway.
TOADIE: Well, you'd better not, because mates just don't do that to each other.
BILLY: No they don't, do they?
No. 26
Debbie is clearing away the plates after dinner. Hannah tells George that they're going to have to do the washing- up! Philip smiles that he's glad to see them making an effort to get along at last. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Debbie goes to get it. She opens the door to find Joel standing on the step. She stares at him in astonishment and asks what he's doing there. Joel tells her that he *had* to come. Debbie retorts that she told him on the 'phone that it's over. Joel says he can't believe she meant that. Philip emerges from the kitchen and sees who's standing at the door. He frowns:
PHILIP: I think someone owes me an explanation...
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Billy Kennedy, Melissa Drenth, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2589
Billy Kennedy, Melissa Drenth, Toadie Rebecchi

Georgia Brown in Neighbours Episode 2589
Georgia Brown

Billy Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Tom Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2589
Billy Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Tom Kennedy

Georgia Brown, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2589
Georgia Brown, Billy Kennedy

Debbie Martin, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2589
Debbie Martin, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin

Toadie Rebecchi, Melissa Drenth in Neighbours Episode 2589
Toadie Rebecchi, Melissa Drenth

Billy Kennedy, Tom Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2589
Billy Kennedy, Tom Kennedy

Philip Martin, Georgia Brown in Neighbours Episode 2589
Philip Martin, Georgia Brown

Marlene Kratz, Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2589
Marlene Kratz, Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter

Philip Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2589
Philip Martin, Debbie Martin

Billy Kennedy, Melissa Drenth in Neighbours Episode 2589
Billy Kennedy, Melissa Drenth

Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2589
Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter

Hannah Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2589
Hannah Martin, Philip Martin

Billy Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2589
Billy Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Joel Supple, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2589
Joel Supple, Debbie Martin

Joel Supple, Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin, Georgia Brown, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2589
Joel Supple, Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin, Georgia Brown, Philip Martin

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