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Neighbours Episode 2578 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2578
Australian airdate: 27/03/96
UK airdate: 01/10/96
UK Gold: 19/09/02
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Andrew Watson: Christopher Uhlmann
Georgia Brown: Petra Jared
Sheriff Rafferty: Mark Cutler
Courier: Michael Harrop
Summary/Images by: Graham
Sam suggesting to Marlene that she just give in and pay the parking fines.
Hannah telling Georgia that they're like sisters!
Sam telling Peter Lenten that he'll agree to model naked!
Toadie looking horrified as he finds Billy and George kissing.
No. 28
Toadie leaps up from behind the couch and gasps that he doesn't believe it! George looks at him in shock and asks in astonishment where he came from. Toadie snaps at Billy:
TOADIE: Stealing a mate's woman and then going the horny pash with her while I'm still in the room. That is as low as you can go, pal.
Billy insists that he got it wrong - he doesn't *like* George. George says blankly:
GEORGE: You don't?
Billy then asks Toadie why he'd kiss George when he knew Toadie was behind the couch. George asks Toadie warily what he was doing about the couch. Billy explains that he was asking her questions so they could see if she liked Toadie. George exclaims that that's sick: if they want to know something, ask her straight. She storms out. Toadie storms out after her.
No. 24
Sam, Marlene and Jo are taking about Cody making a good recovery. There's a knock on the front door and Jo opens it to Cheryl. Marlene quickly hides something, but Cheryl spots it and asks suspiciously what's going on. Marlene explains that she thought Lou might be with her and she didn't want him to see his birthday pressie: a horse brass. Cheryl grins that that will go perfectly with what *she's* giving him: two weeks at Lauren's riding ranch. She asks her mother how she'd mind looking after Lolly for a while and Marlene smiles that it would be a pleasure. Cheryl adds that the ranch is expensive, but if she's got the money she may as well spend it! Marlene mutters:
MARLENE: As long as it's justified.
Cheryl asks warily if they're talking parking fines. Marlene retorts that they're talking injustice. Jo tells Marlene that she'll have to pay them in the end. Marlene, however, insists that she doesn't give two hoots what happens; she'll take things as they come.
No. 26
Hannah is lying on her bed when George walks past the room. Hannah leaps up and comments to her that she's back early; didn't she and Billy watch videos? George replies coolly that they didn't. Hannah asks what they did then. George sighs:
GEORGE: I got there, Billy and I had fun talking for a while, I kissed him - and then Toadie jumped out from behind the couch. End of story.
Hannah asks in surprise what Toadie was doing behind the couch. George replies that he was being an idiot. Hannah asks George what she was doing kissing Billy! George replies hesitantly that she thought he wanted her to. Hannah asks if he's a good kisser. George tells her that she got Toaded behind she could find out! Hannah then tells her that Toadie likes her: he said so this morning in the coffee shop. She asks George what she's going to do about him and Billy. George mutters:
GEORGE: They can both go jump.
No. 28
The next morning, Billy opens the front door to find Toadie standing on the step. He looks surprised to see him there. Toadie heads inside and tells Billy that he can't expect to kiss his woman and get off scot- free. Billy insists that *she* kissed *him*. Toadie goes on that this is the first day of the rest of his life: he's going to get so fit that it'll make Billy spew.
No. 24
Jo opens the door to a courier, who has a delivery for Sam. Sam's in the shower, though, and Marlene comes to the door and explains that she's his gran. The courier lets her sign for it. Marlene looks closely at the envelope the courier hands over and Jo peers over her shoulder. She reads on the label on the front that it's from Lenten Advertising and realises it must be Sam's modelling photos. She grins and asks if they should take a peek. Marlene tells her that that would be invasion of his privacy... but what he doesn't know won't hurt him! She opens the envelope and takes out some very small proof shots, which are all on one sheet of paper. As she stares at them, her mouth drops open and she gasps:
MARLENE: Is it me or is Sam not wearó
JO: He's naked! No *wonder* he didn't tell me what he was going to wear for the shoot!
MARLENE (exclaims): Not a stitch!
JO: They're a bit raunchy!
At that moment, Sam emerges from the bathroom and asks:
SAM: What is?
Marlene shows him the photos and demands:
MARLENE: What is the meaning of this porn, Sam Kratz?
Back yard of No. 30
Billy and Toadie are swimming lengths of the pool at No. 30 as Luke watches from the house balcony. Billy climbs out and thanks him for letting them use the pool. Toadie carries on swimming and Luke asks Billy:
LUKE: What's with Moby Dick?!
Billy explains that he's met the girl of his dreams and he wants to impress her by getting fit. Luke smiles that women can do strange things to a bloke! He coughs and Billy asks him if he's sick. Luke replies:
LUKE: Just a touch of the 'flu.
BILLY: That's no good.
LUKE: No. Been feeling run- down ever since my agility test with the force. Must have over- exerted myself.
Toadie reaches the end of the pool and just about manages to climb out! He exclaims at Billy that at this rate he's going to be fitter than him in no time! He does some stretching - but then clutches his stomach and runs off into the house!
No. 24
Sam is ranting at Marlene that it's *his* mail she's holding; no one said she could open it. Marlene snaps that she thought the Stefano business was *advertising*. Sam insists that it's just an image for an ad. Marlene retorts:
MARLENE: Image, indeed. That is pornography, plain and simple.
SAM: Oh, don't be ridiculous.
MARLENE: You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
SAM: What are you on about?
Jo comments that they're a bit *daring*. Sam actually takes a really close look at the photos at that point and then exclaims in astonishment that he didn't think they'd turn out like *that*! Jo suggests that maybe they're going to retouch them or something. Marlene retorts that that's just the sort of grubby smut they go for.
Holy Roll
Billy and Toadie are sitting at a table as Angie tells Toadie that they're going to Port Keats for the holidays. The door opens suddenly and Hannah and George walk in. George pointedly ignores the boys and she and Hannah walk past them. Angie tells Toadie that she's going to go and introduce herself to his new girlfriend! As she goes to do so, though, she hears George saying:
GEORGE: I mean, look at them just sitting there as if nothing happened last night. Well, they're just total losers - especially Toadie.
Hannah looks at Angie and tells her quickly that George is just joking. George, however, retorts in surprise:
GEORGE: No I'm not. I wouldn't even *spit* on the guy at the moment.
With that, Hannah hurriedly drags George outside.
Lassiter's Complex
As they walk across the Lassiter's Complex, Hannah tells George that that was Toadie's mum in there and George was saying all that awful stuff about him; Toadie may be a moron, but his mum's really nice and she didn't want her to get hurt. George sighs that she can't do anything right. Hannah tells her that she needs to get together with people she's having hassles with and sort things out. She suggests George have another video night, except at No. 26 this time, and invite Billy and Toadie - and she can talk to Angie and say she's sorry about what happened. George, however, snaps:
GEORGE: No, Hannah, I don't want to do anything *like* that.
HANNAH: Why not?
GEORGE: Because I've had it up to 'here' with this place. I'm sick of the moronic guys and their mothers, and I'm sick of dumb little kids like *you* trying to tell me what to do.
With that, she storms off, leaving Hannah looking upset.
No. 24
Cheryl is using a magnifying glass to look at the photos of the naked Sam! Sam comes and grabs them from her, snapping that he didn't know they were going to turn out like that. Cheryl asks him if he's going to re- shoot. Sam retorts that Peter said he'd let him have a say. There's suddenly a knock at the door and Marlene opens it to find an officer from the Sheriff's Office standing there. He tells her that he's there about her unpaid parking fines: it's his duty to take an inventory to the value of the fines.
Erinsborough High
Toadie is miles away as Andrew Watson asks him a question. As Toadie comes back to earth and Andrew asks him again if he knows the answer, he mutters:
TOADIE: I don't know. Who cares, anyway?
Andrew comments that he takes it the lesson doesn't exactly thrill him, considering he was leaping out of his skin the other day over post- Keynesian economics. George chips in and mutters:
GEORGE: He's always leaping out from *somewhere*!
Andrew resumes teaching. Toadie tries to pass George a note, but George mutters at him to get lost. Andrew asks the two of them what the problem is. George grabs the note from Toadie and tells Andrew that she thinks Toadie wants her to read it. Toadie pleads with her not to, but George ignores him, stands up, and reads out loud:
GEORGE: "Dear George, I know you hate my guts right now, but I'm willing to change. I've even given up junk food for you, and no one's ever made me do *that* before. [There's a titter of laughter from the other pupils.] I never meant last night at Billy's joint to turn out like it did. I'm really sorry I stuffed up, but I'd never do anything to hurt you because I think you're perfect."
George's voice falters as Toadie gets up and storms out in embarrassment.
No. 26
Marlene tells the Sheriff Rafferty that he has to leave now: she has business at the shop. Rafferty ignores her, though, and just keeps wandering round the house, looking at antiques and items of furniture that he can value. He tells Marlene, Sam and Cheryl that he doesn't like this any more than they do, but it's happening and there's nothing he can do about it. He looks at a silver tea service on the counter and asks if it's valuable. Marlene, Sam and Cheryl all start to insist that it isn't - just as Jo comes in, looks at Rafferty and says:
JO: Oh, dear, you're not taking *that* are you? That's Marlene's favourite tea set: she's had it for years.
Grounds of Erinsborough High
Toadie is sitting in the concrete pipe, smoking a cigarette, when George looks in and says:
GEORGE: Found ya!
Toadie just tells her to rack off. George comments that smoking stunts your growth and she wouldn't want a mate to grow up stunted. Toadie snaps:
TOADIE: We're not mates.
GEORGE: We *could* be.
She then says she knows she shouldn't have read the note out in class, but things have been pretty tough for her since she got there. Toadie mutters:
TOADIE: Then leave.
GEORGE: Well, it's a bit hard to leave when there's nowhere else to *go*.
TOADIE: Where are your olds?
GEORGE: My dad's in hospital and my mum's dead. I don't have any other family.
TOADIE (murmurs): Sorry. I didn't know.
GEORGE: Why would you? Look, all I'm trying to say is everything's a bit scary for me at the moment: new place... new people... new life... And it doesn't help much getting pounced on from behind the furniture.
TOADIE: That wasn't meant to happen.
GEORGE: Yeah - like I didn't mean to slag you off in front of your mum this morning.
She then hands Toadie back his note and smiles that he'd better keep it safe or some idiot might read it out in class otherwise! Toadie thanks her. George suggests that what he wrote is a bit far- fetched, but they could be mates. Toadie smiles at her.
Back yard of No. 30
Luke is taking some washing off the line as Sam is tells him that this dude is probably going to come back and take five grand's worth of stuff. He then asks Luke how his application for the police force is going and Luke replies that he's got the interview next week; hopefully they'll accept him soon, as his bank balance isn't too flash. He coughs as Sam tells him that he's got plenty of work for him as soon as he's over the 'flu thing. He adds that the sooner the better, as trying to juggle Handy Sam's with the photo thing is almost impossible. Luke beams:
LUKE: Oh yeah, the great modelling career. What's it like being Elle McSam?!
Sam slaps him on the forehead! He then admits:
SAM: Pretty draughty, really. I had to get my gear off.
Luke grins that if you've got the merchandise and the courage, why not go for it?!
Holy Roll
Angie tells Toadie - who's sitting at a table with Billy - that his dad is rapt to the back teeth that he's coming up with her and Stonie. Toadie says with a full mouth that he never said he was going. Angie asks him why he wouldn't want to see his dad. Toadie explains that he can't afford the time off footy - Garfield's on at them to get as fit as possible. Angie asks him suspiciously if he's sure he hasn't got some over- the- holidays detention. Toadie insists that he hasn't. Angie mutters that it's that girl, isn't it - although why he'd want to wait back for her after what she said about him this morning, she doesn't know. Toadie insists that she was just angry - and she's apologised for what she said. Angie asks if she's his girlfriend then. Toadie replies:
TOADIE: She will be if I don't go away. I mean, the timing's crucial.
Angie tells him that she really thinks he should come to Port Keats with her and Stonie; George won't have gone far by the time he gets back. Billy chips in that it sounds reasonable to *him*; how many holidays with his dad does Toadie *get*? Toadie, however, insists that he's staying, and that's that.
No. 24
Jo is sitting having afternoon tea with Cheryl and Marlene and commenting that she really messed that up. Cheryl tells her mother that they need a lawyer on their side, but Marlene says she shouldn't need anything like *that*. Cheryl, however, tells her that she does: this whole thing is getting way, way out of hand. Marlene says:
MARLENE: I haven't even *begun* to fight yet. I know what I'll do: I'll fob them off with some stuff from the shop. They want my belongings? Well, I'll make sure I give them stuff that I can't sell. That should shut them up once and for all.
There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Jo goes to open it - to Sheriff Rafferty, who's accompanied by another officer. The twp of them step inside and Marlene demands to know what they want now. Sheriff Rafferty replies:
SHERIFF RAFFERTY: I'm sorry, Mrs. Kratz - you *were* warned. I'm afraid your lack of co- operation in this matter leaves us no choice. This is Constable Harris. [He indicates the other officer.] I must ask you to accompany him to the police station.
Marlene's mouth drops open in astonishment.
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Billy Kennedy, Georgia Brown, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2578
Billy Kennedy, Georgia Brown, Toadie Rebecchi

Sam Kratz, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2578
Sam Kratz, Marlene Kratz

Georgia Brown, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2578
Georgia Brown, Hannah Martin

Billy Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2578
Billy Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Courier, Marlene Kratz, Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2578
Courier, Marlene Kratz, Joanna Hartman

Joanna Hartman, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2578
Joanna Hartman, Marlene Kratz

Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2578
Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2578
Sam Kratz

Georgia Brown, Hannah Martin, Angie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2578
Georgia Brown, Hannah Martin, Angie Rebecchi

Georgia Brown, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2578
Georgia Brown, Hannah Martin

Cheryl Stark, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2578
Cheryl Stark, Marlene Kratz

Georgia Brown, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2578
Georgia Brown, Toadie Rebecchi

Andrew Watson in Neighbours Episode 2578
Andrew Watson

Sheriff Rafferty, Marlene Kratz, Cheryl Stark, Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2578
Sheriff Rafferty, Marlene Kratz, Cheryl Stark, Sam Kratz

Toadie Rebecchi, Georgia Brown in Neighbours Episode 2578
Toadie Rebecchi, Georgia Brown

Luke Handley, Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2578
Luke Handley, Sam Kratz

Toadie Rebecchi, Angie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2578
Toadie Rebecchi, Angie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Sheriff Rafferty, Joanna Hartman, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2578
Sheriff Rafferty, Joanna Hartman, Marlene Kratz

Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2578
Marlene Kratz

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