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Neighbours Episode 2576 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2576
Australian airdate: 25/03/96
UK airdate: 27/09/96
UK Gold: 17/09/02
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Georgia Brown: Petra Jared
Andrew Watson: Christopher Uhlmann
Peter Lenten: James Patrick
Marilyn Tanno: Catherine Milte
Alan McKenna: Ian Swan
Summary/Images by: Graham
Karl treating after she was shot.
Sam telling Marlene that he has a business meeting with Peter Lenten. Marlene accusing Sam of being ashamed of her.
Toadie taking a liking to new school pupil, Georgia Brown, and deciding to stay in the Accelerated Learning Programme.
Erinsborough High
Andrew Watson tells Toadie coolly that it's wonderful that he's decided to rejoin their flock, but could he please play attention? While Andrew keeps talking, Toadie asks George if she's had time to suss out the dump. George shrugs that a school's a school. Andrew interrupts them and warns Toadie to do the reading he's been instructed to do. Alan McKenna suddenly appears in the doorway and asks Andrew for a moment of his time. Andrew leaves the room.
Out in the corridor, McKenna asks Andrew if Georgia Brown is settling in OK. Andrew nods that it's so far, so good. McKenna then tells him that George is in the Emergency Care Programme as there have been a few problems at home, lately; she's staying with Hannah Martin's family. Andrew remarks that she shouldn't have any problems fitting in - not if Mr. Rebecchi has anything to do with it...
No. 24
Marilyn Tanno is at No. 24, chastising Marlene for using the radio for her personal crusades. Sam walks in as Marilyn warns Marlene that she doesn't want any more trouble. With that, she heads off. When she's gone, Marlene tells Sam that Marilyn wants him to lay off the council because they're getting so many calls. Sam sighs heavily and asks why she doesn't just save herself the trouble and pay the fines. He adds that they can throw her in jail, if they want. Marlene, however, declares that they're not getting her *or* her money. Sam mutters:
SAM: Have it your way.
With that, he says he's meeting Peter for lunch, and he heads out.
Grounds of Erinsborough High
Toadie and George are walking through the grounds of the school, Toadie telling George to stay away from the library steps unless she wants to die an ugly social death! They reach a concrete tube and Toadie tells George that it's the place to come if she ever fancies a cigarette. Susan appears in front of them suddenly and warns them that afternoon detention is full of pupils who come there... Billy walks over as Susan asks George how she's settling in. George nods that she's doing OK. Susan asks if she can drag her away to go over some English texts. The two of them walk off, leaving Toadie to gasp at Billy:
TOADIE: Oh mate...
BILLY: Toadie, get your tongue back in your mouth!
TOADIE: Is she a mega babe or *what*?!
Erinsborough High
As Susan and George walk along the corridor, Susan smiles at George that it's great that she's already studied 'Romeo and Juliet'. They head into the classroom to find Libby sitting on her own at a desk, flipping through a book. She mutters at her mother:
LIBBY: Can you believe this? I've scored *the* most boring topic for my mid- year studies review.
SUSAN (glancing at the book): Football?
LIBBY: Yeah - like I really want to spend my time watching a pack of meatheads chase a ball around.
GEORGE (coolly): Have you ever actually *watched* a game of footy?
Susan introduces George to Libby and George tells Libby that you shouldn't write something off if you don't know anything about it; it's a cool game and takes mega amounts of skill. Libby retorts:
LIBBY: And a low IQ.
GEORGE (pointedly): *I* play football.
George tells Libby that she should get out and play some footy before she makes up her mind about it being boring. She adds that they could go down to the oval now, if Libby wants. Libby stands up reluctantly, sighing that she can't believe she's doing this.
Holy Roll
Karl is standing at the counter and Angie asks him what the latest is with Cody. Karl replies that he spoke to Alan Cartwright: she's still unconscious, but he's hopeful that that will change very soon. Philip comes in and asks Angie if the lemon meringue pie he ordered is ready. Angie goes to get it from the kitchen and asks if it's for a pig- out dinner. Philip explains that he got a call from the Emergency Care Programme late last night and George turned up this morning. He adds that Hannah's looking forward to having a surrogate big sister around. Karl asks if she's going to Erinsborough High. Philip nods that she'll be spending a bit of time with Toadfish, as she's in the Accelerated Learning Programme. Angie, however, replies that Toadie *isn't*: he's decided to concentrate on football!
Grounds of Erinsborough High
Billy is running with a football, dodging around Toadie - who then tackles him to the ground. Libby and George walk over and Libby remarks that it looks like a game for meatheads to *her*. George just looks at Toadie and Billy lying on the ground and says:
GEORGE: If you guys have finished having your cuddle, can I have the ball, please? We want to have a kick.
Toadie looks thrilled at her being interested in football! George starts teaching Libby the various moves in football. She shows her a drop punt, holding the ball out in front of her, dropping it and kicking it. The ball goes flying across the sky - and comes down and hits Hannah - who's sitting on her own across the field, looking at a magazine - on the head!
Grounds of Erinsborough High
George, Libby, Toadie and Billy run over to Hannah, and George asks her if she's OK. Hannah snaps that she could have broken her nose. George tells her angrily that football ovals are for playing sport, not sitting around on your bum, reading. She grabs the magazine Hannah's looking at and reads a headline out loud in a taunting voice:
GEORGE: "A sure- fire remedy for a flatter tummy."
Hannah grabs the magazine back and storms off. Libby calls after her. Hearing the name, George exclaims in horror:
GEORGE: No way...
LIBBY: What?
GEORGE: Not Hannah Martin?
LIBBY: Yeah, that's her. Why? Haven't you guys met?
GEORGE: We have now. Good one, George...
Holy Roll
Peter Lenten and Sam walk into the coffee shop, Peter telling Sam that they've arranged for him to attend the re- opening of Hypoxia tonight and to do a photoshoot tomorrow. The two of them sit down at a table and Sam sighs that nightclub openings aren't really his thing - and he feels like he's falling behind with his handyman business. Peter tells him that being seen in the right places is very important - and he suggests finding someone else to do his handyman work. He adds that Sam's first paycheque should arrive after tomorrow's shoot. Sam says he's pretty nervous; what does he wear, for a start? Peter tells him just to turn up; *they'll* take care of the rest.
Erinsborough High
Andrew Watson and Susan are walking along the corridor, Susan commenting on the fact that Toadfish is now back in the Accelerated Learning Programme. Andrew says he thinks study isn't uppermost on his mind: his decision to stay came pretty much as soon as he laid eyes on Georgia Brown! He walks off as the bell goes. Susan heads into the classroom, closely followed by Toadie and Billy. The two of them go to sit down at a table, but Toadie tells Billy that the seat next to him is saved! George walks in at that moment and Toadie calls to her to come and sit next to him. As she sits down, Toadie comments to her that it's pretty good her living at the Martin house - and the best thing is that he lives in the same street! George mutters disinterestedly:
Toadie suggests that some afternoons they could get together and do some homework. George just shrugs:
GEORGE: Maybe.
No. 24
Marlene arrives home to find Sam trying to decide what to wear to the re- opening of Hypoxia. She comments that she didn't think hob- nobbing with these social types was his thing. Sam shows her a photo of a woman and explains that it's his date for tonight. Marlene sighs that Peter Lenten has got Sam right where he wants him.
No. 28
Billy is saying to Libby that he thought she could do a montage of him and Toadie training. Libby comments sarcastically that they could get Tina Turner to do the soundtrack! She adds coolly that she doesn't want to turn her video into a full- on promo for him and Toadie. In the kitchen area, Karl says to Billy that he hopes he's going to wear a mouth- guard if he's playing football. Libby says she thinks Hannah wishes she was wearing a head- guard at lunch! She adds:
LIBBY: I still think it's a thug's game - although George wants to spend the rest of her life trying to convert me.
BILLY: Yeah, well, if Toadie gets *his* way, she's going to be devoting the rest of her life to *him*.
LIBBY: As if!
BILLY: It's true: he's gone sick over her!
Libby says she reckons Toadie's got as much chance of making the football team as scoring a date with George: none!
No. 26
Hannah is lying on the couch with an ice pack on her head. Philip asks her if she has any headaches, but Hannah murmurs that she's OK. She asks when George is getting home, adding that she wishes she'd known she was at school today, as she would have shown her around. Philip removes the ice pack and comments that the bruise doesn't look too bad. Hannah mutters:
HANNAH: No thanks to the stupid cow who *did* it.
PHILIP (warns): Hannah...
HANNAH: Well, she *was*. I mean, first she almost killed me, then she totally embarrassed me in front of everybody.
The front door bangs suddenly and George walks in. Hannah stares at her and gasps:
HANNAH: No way...
No. 26
Sometime later, dinner is being eaten in stony silence. Hannah is staring at George coldly. Philip tries to make conversation by suggesting that the two girls could do their homework together. Hannah, however, says she's already done hers. Philip suggests that they could watch a film on TV. George, however, says she's not really *into* TV. Hannah snaps:
HANNAH: Unless it's football, right?
She storms off to her room.
A few moments later, Philip knocks on her bedroom door. Hannah is lying on her bed and Philip lies down next to her and tells her gently that it must be pretty hard for George, having to stay with total strangers; her dad's in hospital and she has no other family. Hannah retorts that George is tough and can handle *anything*. Philip insists that everyone deserves a second chance, don't they? Hannah snaps that he wasn't there; he doesn't know how embarrassing it was. Philip asks her if she remembers how excited she was when she heard George was coming to stay. Hannah says she thought it would be cool like when Cody lived there. Philip points out that there's no reason it can't be like that with George - unless Hannah wants to blow it over one silly misunderstanding? Hannah sighs heavily.
Holy Roll
Angie puts a large slice of chocolate cake down in front of Toadie and tells him that it's a bit of a treat for staying with the Accelerated Learning Programme. Toadie, however, declines it, saying he's decided to watch what he eats. Angie comments that that would be the footy training - or would there be some *other* reason...? Toadie sighs that her name's George; he only met her today. Angie frowns:
ANGIE: Would this be the same George that's staying in the Martin household?
TOADIE: Yeah, that's her.
ANGIE: The same George that's in the Accelerated Learning Programme.
TOADIE: Mm- hmm.
ANGIE (removing the cake from the table): So much for wanting a good education.
No. 26
The next morning, Hannah is sitting up in bed when George walks past her open door, having had a shower. Hannah calls out to her and tells her that she wants to apologise to her for going off at her last night - it was pretty mean. George smiles that she probably deserved it - and she didn't mean to hit Hannah with the footy. She asks if they're mates. Hannah smiles:
HANNAH: Absolutely! And we're kind of like sisters, too, aren't we? I mean, well, we live in the same house and everything.
GEORGE (uncertainly): Yeah, I guess. OK. Sisters.
HANNAH: 'Cos my real sister, Debbie, she lives in New York now; and Cody, this friend of mine, well, she was like my surrogate sister when Debbie left, except she's sick in hospital.
She adds that George would *like* Cody: she's like George except older! She then asks George what she's doing this afternoon, as they can give each other makeovers! She shows George a magazine. George, looking less than interested, says she'll see what she's got on.
Photographic Studio
Sam is walking down a corridor with Peter Lenten, telling him that he's brought some clothes with him, just in case. Peter smiles at Sam that he cracks him up! They head into a studio with a blue backdrop and Peter asks Sam if he's ready for make- up. Sam asks if he shouldn't see Wardrobe first. Peter remarks:
PETER: You seriously think that you *need* clothes, don't you!
SAM: Well, Peter, I'm going to need *something*, otherwise I'm going to freeze my backside off.
PETER: But I thought you understood all of this yesterday when I spoke to you at lunch.
SAM: Understood what?
PETER: That we're paying to see the *real* Sam Kratz - and that requires a frozen bum.
Sam stares at him in shock!
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Georgia Brown, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2576
Georgia Brown, Toadie Rebecchi

Alan McKenna, Andrew Watson in Neighbours Episode 2576
Alan McKenna, Andrew Watson

Marlene Kratz, Marilyn Tanno in Neighbours Episode 2576
Marlene Kratz, Marilyn Tanno

Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Georgia Brown in Neighbours Episode 2576
Susan Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Georgia Brown

Georgia Brown, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2576
Georgia Brown, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Angie Rebecchi, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2576
Karl Kennedy, Angie Rebecchi, Philip Martin

Billy Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2576
Billy Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2576
Hannah Martin

Georgia Brown, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2576
Georgia Brown, Hannah Martin

Peter Lenten, Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2576
Peter Lenten, Sam Kratz

Andrew Watson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2576
Andrew Watson, Susan Kennedy

Marlene Kratz, Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2576
Marlene Kratz, Sam Kratz

Billy Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2576
Billy Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2576
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin, Philip Martin, Georgia Brown in Neighbours Episode 2576
Hannah Martin, Philip Martin, Georgia Brown

Hannah Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2576
Hannah Martin, Philip Martin

Angie Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2576
Angie Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Georgia Brown, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2576
Georgia Brown, Hannah Martin

Peter Lenten, Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2576
Peter Lenten, Sam Kratz

Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2576
Sam Kratz

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