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Neighbours Episode 2573 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2573
Australian airdate: 20/03/96
UK airdate: 24/09/96
UK Gold: 12/09/02
Writer: John Upton
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Shop Assistant: Prue Keating
Female Manager: Mirella Killingsworth
Peter Lenten: James Patrick
Kevin Duve: Brad Wade
Summary/Images by: Graham
Lou telling Cheryl that he'll shout her a trip to Cairns to make her peace with Brett.
Hannah asking Zoe about the bracelet she's wearing and if it's the same one they saw in a shop yesterday.
Peter Lenten telling Sam his face is 'Stefano Gold'.
An alarm going off after Zoe removes a security tag from a dress.
Dress shop
As the alarm keeps sounding, Zoe tells a panicking Hannah to let *her* handle it. An assistant approaches, walks into the changing room and asks what's going on. Zoe replies instantly she was trying to take the dress off the coat hanger and the alarm went off. The assistant retorts that that's very unlikely. Zoe insists that the security tag's defective. The assistant tells her that the tags are designed to cope with normal handling. She then tells Zoe and Hannah to come with her to see the Manager.
No. 24
Sam opens the front door to Peter Lenten, who tells him that it's time to give him the third degree about his image. They sit down and Marlene joins them with tea and cake and tells Lenten that he should ask *her* the questions, as she knows Sam better than anyone else! Lenten, however, ignores this and asks Sam what he does to relax. Sam hesitates before saying he guesses there's the bike... and he likes working with his hands. Marlene smiles:
MARLENE: He's wonderful! Does all sorts of things around the house for me!
Lenten looks taken aback and he asks Sam warily:
LENTEN: What about girls?
Sam explains that he broke up with his girlfriend a while ago. Lenten smiles that they can leak through the media that he's single and available. Marlene beams:
MARLENE: The only woman in Sam's life is his nan!
Lenten asks Sam where he lives; he assumes there's a bachelor pad? Marlene says quickly:
MARLENE: Oh no! No, no, no, no! He lives here with me!
Lenten's face drops and he exclaims that the whole idea is of an independent he- man. He goes on that he thinks for the campaign that they should say Sam lives alone. Marlene remarks that she thinks 'Stefano Gold' must be ashamed of her. Sam, however, suggests to her coolly that they just go along with it; what difference does it make?
Dress shop
Zoe, Hannah and the shop assistant are standing by a cash desk with the store Manager, Zoe still insisting that the tag was defective. The assistant retorts that the tags are designed to be accident- proof. The Manager asks Hannah what *she* has to say. Hannah says hesitantly:
HANNAH: Well, there must be *something* wrong with it. She was just taking it off the hanger and—.
ASSISTANT (interrupts sarcastically): Oh, you're a poor little mouse, aren't you?
The Manager says she's heard some brave and bare- faced lies in her time, but this takes the cake; she thinks they should press charges just to teach them a lesson. Tears well- up in Zoe's eyes and she cries that she *wasn't* trying to steal the dress - it's too old for her, anyway; she just wanted to try it on. Hannah adds that that's what really happened - she promises. The Manager tells the assistant that it's up to her. The assistant hesitates and then sighs that they seem to have got the message - but they know Zoe and Hannah now, and if she sees either of them anywhere near the shop again, they'll be in big trouble.
Holy Roll
Angie is in the kitchen at the Holy Roll when Billy sidles up to the hatch and tells her that Toadie's been held up at school and he asked him to tell her so she wouldn't worry. Angie tells Billy to come into the kitchen. He does so and she asks:
ANGIE: Held up how?
BILLY: He got detention.
BILLY: He borrowed a few lunches. He got hungry, I guess.
ANGIE (angrily): Nicking *lunches*? That boy—.
She calms down and asks Billy if his was one of the lunches Toadie pinched. Billy says it was. Angie tells him that she'll make it up to him by making him a thickshake. They head out into the main shop where Billy says he thinks he knows what's wrong with Toadie: it's the accelerated learning thing he's doing with Mr. Watson - he's never with his mates anymore and he's upset with school. Angie listens and asks suspiciously if that's all. Billy says Toadie knows he's caused trouble in the past and wants to make it up to her; that's why he's sticking with it - so she'll be happy. Angie just says she thinks Toadie put Billy up to this. Billy sighs and admits that he did - but he asks Angie not to let Toadie know he told her. Angie says:
ANGIE: Of course not. It's not often I get the upper hand with that boy!
Chez Chez
Marlene is sitting at the bar, ranting to Lou about why people can't be honest. Lou just tells her that it's the way of the world. Marlene retorts that all those he- men have a nan somewhere, otherwise they wouldn't *be* there! Changing the subject, Lou tells Marlene that Cheryl 'phoned from Queensland: everything went fine, she's coming home this evening and Brett is now footloose and fancy- free on the high seas. Marlene just muses that *Brett* wouldn't do the dirty on his nan! She then says she'd better get going. As she heads out through the door, she bumps into Kevin the barman, who's coming in, and says hello to him. He beams back:
KEVIN: You're looking startlingly attractive, Marlene!
Marlene chuckles and walks off. Kevin heads inside and hands Lou a bunch of flowers, telling him that a courier dropped them in for him - but there's no card. Lou comments that they must be from Cheryl. Kevin, however, remarks that it doesn't seem like her style. Lou asks what *does* seem like her style. Kevin muses:
KEVIN: Oh, I dunno - a bit of wood with a nail through the end?!
Lou wonders who they can be from then.
No. 26
Hannah and Zoe sit down on the couch with a snack, Zoe asking Hannah if she really thinks she'd be scared 'cos of *that*. Hannah retorts that she almost wet her pants! Zoe smiles that the whole thing was a buzz. Hannah, however, asks what their parents would have done if they'd been reported. Zoe just tells her that they have to change their tactics: all they have to do is not aim so high, then they'll be fine.
No. 28
Toadie walks into No. 28 and Billy comments that he's finished detention already. Toadie asks what happened with his mum; did Billy tell her what they worked out? Billy nods that he did - but he doesn't think she believed it... Toadie asks suspiciously what happened. Billy hesitates before saying:
BILLY: She asked me if we'd worked it out together.
BILLY: And... I told her we had.
Toadie snaps at him that he's an idiot - and Billy had better pray that he comes up with something before he sees his mum next.
Chez Chez
It's evening- time and Marlene is sitting with Sam in the bar asking why he'd like motorbikes and not have a nan! Lou serves them with food and then asks Sam gently if there's any more news on Cody. Sam replies that that's all he can think about, but they still won't let him see her - although Pam's in there now. Lou comments that they'll have to hope Doug can make it. Changing the subject, Marlene asks what time Cheryl is getting back. Lou replies that it should be any time now - and she sent him a little 'I love you' gift by courier. Standing by the bar, Kevin chips in that there was no note, nothing - it just turned up out of the blue! Sam grins and asks Lou how he knows it was from Cheryl! Lou asks who *else* it would be from. Kevin suggests that it could be someone who drinks in Chez Chez. Lou warns them that he doesn't want any loose- lipped gossip about him having an affair! At that moment, Cheryl walks in and asks *who's* having an affair?! Lou gives her a warm hug and she smiles that it's great to be back. She then asks him again what this is about him having an affair. Lou explains:
LOU: Oh, it's just about the gift I got. Yes - just trying to stop this lot starting rumours about who sent it.
CHERYL: But *you* know who sent it, don't you, Lou?
LOU: Of course I do. At least - I'm almost *certain* I do. Care to clear it up for me?
CHERYL: Well, I don't know that I *do* - and if *I* didn't send it to you, then you just dropped yourself right in it, didn't you, Lou...
No. 32
Angie walks into No. 32 to find Toadie doing the washing- up in the kitchen, and she remarks that anyone would think he'd done something *wrong*. Toadie insists that he's just helping out. Angie then comments that Billy came to see her this afternoon - and as they're pretty good mates, she's assuming Billy went straight to *him* to tell him what happened. She then sighs:
ANGIE: Why couldn't *you* come to me, love? Why'd you have to send a messenger?
TOADIE (surprised): You're not mad at me?
ANGIE: What - about stealing lunches? Of *course* I'm mad at you - I was going to string you up when I first heard. Then I thought about it and I thought, 'Why'd he have to send a mate? Why couldn't he come and tell me his problems himself?'
TOADIE: 'Cos you'd yell at me like you *always* do.
ANGIE (sighs): Somewhere along the line we've stopped being friends, haven't we, son.
TOADIE: I don't know.
ANGIE: *I* do. Well, I'm gonna work at turning that around, starting right now.
She goes on that the advanced course must be hard work and it can't be easy being without his mates - but she's real proud of him, and if he wants to go back to his old class, that's up to him. She asks him to think about it first, though. Toadie thanks her. Angie then suggests that, next time, he try coming and having a little chat first, so they can do away with all this cloak- and- dagger stuff!
Holy Roll
The next morning, Hannah and Philip walk into the coffee shop. Hannah joins Zoe at the counter and Philip walks over to where Angie's clearing a table and says good morning. She asks what the word is with Cody, but Philip replies that there's no change, he's afraid. At the counter, Zoe reaches out while Angie is distracted and grabs a chocolate bar from a display. She quickly stuffs it into her bag.
Chez Chez
Kevin hands Lou a parcel and tells him that it's happened again! Lou sighs that the more he thinks about this, the more he thinks it's Cheryl. There's a card with the parcel and Lou reads 'Thinking of You'. He opens the parcel to reveal a pair of gold- coloured silk boxer shorts! Kevin asks what size they are and Lou replies that they're one size too small. Kevin comments that it's not like Cheryl to forget something like that, is it? Lou just shrugs that she can be very cunning. He then asks how the parcel was delivered. Kevin says:
KEVIN: Well, I'm working. I hear a knock on the back door, so I open it and I see that on the ground.
Lou asks if he didn't see anyone else. Kevin replies that there was no one. Lou sighs that this is insane. Kevin beams that it's great to be chased; his admirer will show her hand and then Lou will know what he's up against!
Holy Roll
Sitting outside the Holy Roll, Philip tells Hannah and Zoe that he'll have to leave them to it. Hannah looks a bit downcast and Philip asks her if she's sick. Hannah, however, insists that there's nothing wrong with her. Philip heads off to work. Angie walks over and comments to Hannah that her dad's a top bloke. She then adds:
ANGIE: Isn't cramps or anything, is it?
ANGIE: Well, if you ever need to talk, you can talk to Angie. You know - just girls- together stuff. Think of me as one of the family.
She heads back inside, leaving Hannah to ask Zoe why she stole the chocolate bar; Angie's *nice*. Zoe replies that so is chocolate. Hannah tells her to take it back. Zoe, however, says that if someone saw her, she'd get zapped for doing something honest. Hannah retorts that Angie's working hard for a living; you can't steal from her. Zoe just tells her to get real. She gets up and heads off to school. Hannah, however, walks back into the coffee shop and puts some coins on the counter.
No. 24
Sam is getting ready to go out, and Marlene asks him if he's meeting someone. Sam retorts that he's meeting Peter Lenten and a photographer to have a look at a location. Marlene shrugs that it's nothing to do with her, but she can spot a phony a mile off. Sam snaps suddenly:
SAM: Well maybe, nan, I'm just sick of being poor and honest.
He calms down and suggests they don't talk about it, as he doesn't want to fight. He then takes out a piece of paper from his pocket and shows it to Marlene, explaining that the address is where he's got to get to. Marlene comments that she's been there and there's not a signpost to be seen - he'd better take the street directory from her car. Sam heads out as Cheryl comes in and joins her mother on the couch. Marlene asks what news there is. Cheryl smiles:
CHERYL: Well, um, let's see... I'm having an awful lot of fun with Louis at the moment!
MARLENE (exclaims): Not that present? It was you all along!
CHERYL: Of *course* it was me! I bought a present for him just to say thank you for the way he helped me see Brett off.
MARLENE: But why didn't you own up to it in the beginning?
CHERYL: Well, I intended to, but I arrived back and he's being ribbed about having an affair and so, well, I couldn't resist doing a little bit of teasing myself, and the more I teased, the more he thought he actually *did* have an admirer, so I can't spoil his pipedreams *too* soon, can I?!
MARLENE: Oh, men are pathetic! And age doesn't make any difference: the young ones are just as silly!
CHERYL: No, the young ones are *worse*!
She adds that she's relying on Marlene not to tip Lou off!
Driveway of No. 24
Sam heads out to Marlene's car, which is parked in the driveway of No. 24. He climbs in and starts hunting for the street directory. He looks in the glove box and takes out several sheets of pink paper: unpaid parking tickets. He exclaims to himself in astonishment:
SAM: Nan!
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Shop Assistant, Hannah Martin, Zoe Tan in Neighbours Episode 2573
Shop Assistant, Hannah Martin, Zoe Tan

Sam Kratz, Marlene Kratz, Peter Lenten in Neighbours Episode 2573
Sam Kratz, Marlene Kratz, Peter Lenten

Peter Lenten in Neighbours Episode 2573
Peter Lenten

Female Manager, Shop Assistant in Neighbours Episode 2573
Female Manager, Shop Assistant

Zoe Tan, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2573
Zoe Tan, Hannah Martin

Angie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2573
Angie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Kev Duve, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2573
Kev Duve, Lou Carpenter

Zoe Tan, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2573
Zoe Tan, Hannah Martin

Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2573
Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Cheryl Stark, Sam Kratz, Kev Duve, Marlene Kratz, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2573
Cheryl Stark, Sam Kratz, Kev Duve, Marlene Kratz, Lou Carpenter

Angie Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2573
Angie Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Angie Rebecchi, Hannah Martin, Zoe Tan, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2573
Angie Rebecchi, Hannah Martin, Zoe Tan, Philip Martin

Hannah Martin, Zoe Tan in Neighbours Episode 2573
Hannah Martin, Zoe Tan

Lou Carpenter, Kev Duve in Neighbours Episode 2573
Lou Carpenter, Kev Duve

Hannah Martin, Angie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2573
Hannah Martin, Angie Rebecchi

Marlene Kratz, Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2573
Marlene Kratz, Sam Kratz

Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2573
Cheryl Stark

Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2573
Sam Kratz

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