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Neighbours Episode 2550 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2550
Australian airdate: 16/02/96
UK airdate: 22/08/96
UK Gold: 09/08/02
Writer: John Upton
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Christopher Uhlmann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Susan begs Karl not to shut her out, but she says she just wants to be left alone.
Hannah is caught by the teacher writing a note about how nice his bum is!
Helen tells Phil that young people are under a lot of pressure with all the study they're expected to do. She's struggling trying to get up to speed with maths and science ready for her Uni course. Hannah comes in.
HANNAH: That was the worst day of my entire life.
PHIL: What, again?!
She tells them about the Valentine's card but won't tell them who it was from. However, in conversation, it comes out that Mr Powers is involved. Hannah reluctantly tells them what happened. Phil is confused - why would Mr Powers send her a Valentine's Day card? Just then, Mr Powers rings up and Phil goes to the phone!
Karl is working at the table when Susan and Andrew come in laughing about Hannah's note. Karl is still in a mood and makes himself scarce. They talk about Toadie and say that he's probably misbehaving out of boredom, but Karl thinks he's "rotten to the core"(!)
Sam has won a weekend trip for two to Perth! He hasn't decided who he's taking yet, and Marlene and Jo look rather hopeful(!)
Luke shows Cody and Jen some tickets to a resort - he's going there to relax and all paid for by work! Cody and Jen roll their eyes. They decide to have a male- free weekend!
Sam rushes in and says he's won two tickets to Perth and invites Cody to go. Jen says they can have their male- free weekend another time!
Mr Powers apparently didn't send Hannah the Valentine's card (what a surprise). Hannah says she's going to find out who it was and then kill them! Phil says Mr Powers is not very impressed with her, and wants to see them both together, now. Hannah is horrified, but Phil is insistent they go.
No.24, later
Jo's Dad is apparently back on stage this weekend in Perth. Marlene and Jo both want to go to Perth. Sam comes in and they babble at him about why each of them should go. Sam says he's already invited Cody!
Jen comes around to collect her art gear from the garage. Helen is pleased to hear that Jen is going back to her artwork. She asks Jen if she wants some company over the weekend while painting. Jen thanks her and accepts her offer.
Susan and Andrew have finished preparing work for Toadie. Karl is still sniping at them and Susan doesn't look too impressed. Susan invites Andrew to stay for dinner. Karl says he's got to go to the surgery to do paperwork.
When Karl has gone, Andrew looks a bit awkward.
Hannah comes in saying their talk with Mr Powers was awful. Phil tries not to laugh and Hannah is not impressed with him. Phil explains to Helen that Mr Powers was almost as embarrassed as Hannah was, and maybe next time Hannah will keep her grand romantic visions in check!
Susan apologises to Andrew for Karl's behaviour. Andrew says it's fine, and he doesn't want to cause any trouble - they can always talk about Toadie at school. But Susan says that it's her house as much as Karl's and she should be able to invite her friends around. She goes into a rant about how she's let all her old male friends go just because she was married. She got thinking when she was in Africa - she doesn't just want Karl as a friend, she wants other friends too. She feels isolated, and it doesn't seem right anymore.
Helen is cleaning paintbrushes in the kitchen. Phil is pleased that both she and Jen are getting back to painting. Hannah comes in and tells them she's decided to move on and forget what happened with Mr Powers. Phil is pleased and offers her a lift to school. Hannah says she's meeting up with Zoe, so there's no need.
When she's gone, Helen tells Phil that she hopes things will blow over quickly for Hannah.
Cody and Sam are excited about their trip to Perth. Jo tells them she's organised them some tickets for her father's stageshow, and some backstage passes too.
Garden of No.30
Helen and Jen are painting in the garden. Luke comes out dressed in a suit and tells them he's off for the weekend.
The woods
Hannah is sitting in a shack, reading. She's obviously skived off school. She sees someone coming and quickly hides inside as they pass. She looks very fed up.
Karl apparently got home late last night. Susan wants them to talk, but Karl says he's off to work. They start to argue and Karl says that Susan is a different woman since she got back from Africa.
SUSAN: I know what you're doing, Karl.
KARL: Oh, do you?
SUSAN: Yes, you're waiting for me to break like I always have in the past. You, you pile on emotional pressure until I cave in, well not this time and not anymore!
KARL: Oh, alright.
He turns to leave for work.
SUSAN: Oh, look, what is the point?!
KARL: What's that supposed to mean?
SUSAN: It means that I'm starting to wonder if it's just too late!
KARL: What are you talking about, splitting up?
SUSAN: I don't know, Karl, you said it, you tell me! Are we splitting up?
<<2549 - 2551>>
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