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Neighbours Episode 2521 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2521 (Susan and Brett arrive in Africa)
Australian airdate: 20/11/95
UK airdate: 12/07/96
UKGold: 01/07/02
Writer: Elizabeth Packett / Bill Searle (African Scenes)
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr / Peter Dodds (African Scenes)
Guests: Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Kate Cornwall: Christie Sistrunk
Photographer: Matt Robertson
Kev Duve: Brad Wade
Kenya Cast: Mumbi Kaigwa, Kapaito ole Seleka, Scott Kelleher.
- "Corrina Corrina" by Alan Fletcher
- "You Know Who You Are Tonight?" by Ian Moss
- "Love Will Find A Way" by Bass Culture (feat Susie Ahern)
- "Rock Dog" by Swoop
- "Dont Throw Roses" by The Badloves
- "Worlds Away" by Ian Moss
- "Piece Of You" by Penny Flanagan
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Annalise interrupts Stonie's shower to ask how his studying is going. He thinks she doesn't care; if she did, she'd do something about it.
- Jen walks away from Number 26. Philip calls after her, telling her that if she leaves now, she won't be welcome when she returns. Jen keeps on walking.
- Cheryl gives Brett some jewellery. Apparently, if he wears it, he'll come back home safe. She makes him promise to wear it everyday.
- Susan says goodbye to her family.
Brett's Camcorder - Aeroplane
Brett and Susan film on the aeroplane.
SUSAN: Well, we must be over the African content. Content? (laughing) I am tired(!) Continent! Derrrr!
Number 28
Karl is singing as he looks in the fridge. Billy comes in after seeing Melissa. Karl is surprised that he's managed to come up for air! Billy insists that they were talking, but Karl can't imagine what they had to talk about considering that they saw each other that morning. Billy reckons that heaps of stuff had happened since then!
Karl announces his intentions for a boys' night - with Susan away and Libby out, he thinks that the Kennedy men folk should do some BONDING! He's picked up a couple of Western movies and has got plenty of food to eat. Karl thinks that it's a good opportunity to celebrate Mal's end of exams.
BILLY: (tightly) Sounds great, Dad.
KARL: Is there a problem?
BILLY: ...kinda.
KARL: Melissa, right?
There's a woodturning exhibition on in town, but it's only on for one night. Billy offers to stay but Karl suggests that he go with him instead.
BILLY: Dad, just because I've found something I'm good at doesn't mean you have to come with me and help me do it!
Karl insists that he'd like to go. Mal bursts in with a bundle of notes and tells them to fire up the incinerator so that he can burn all of his notes! Karl laughs and asks how his exam went.
MAL: Pretty good, but it's kinda like, 'who cares?' - nothing more you can do about it anyway! Might as well go out and party!
KARL: (coldly) Party? What about dinner?
MAL: Eh?! Oh, I've already eaten.
KARL: (angrily) Well, I wish you'd told me that before I started defrosting!
BILLY: Dad wanted to have a boys' night.
Mal suggests tomorrow night instead. Billy says that he's free then. Karl sulkily says that they should wait and see what tomorrow brings!
Number 26
Helen and Philip are in the kitchen.
HELEN: Jen isn't the type to bear a grudge.
PHILIP: First time for everything. Me telling her to go and never come back is probably a pretty good start!
HELEN: You were angry, Philip. You didn't mean what you said; I'm sure she realises that.
PHILIP: HOW?! It sounded like I meant it. And she has been gone for two days. It either means she's been in a bad accident or she never wants to see me again.
HELEN: Oh, Philip.
He miserably starts to eat, and Helen warns him that making himself miserable isn't going to help anyone. She notices that he's not enjoying his food, so she tells him to make himself useful and make her a cup of tea instead!
Number 26 - Living Room
Hannah puts the phone down.
ZOE: What did Lance want?
HANNAH: Nothing.
ZOE: Yes, he did. He wanted to come over but you told him you were busy which was just a BIG FAT LIE.
HANNAH: Well, why did you ask what he said if you already knew, big ears?!
Zoe says that she'd rather have big ears than be dumb - Hannah only made up with Lance last week, and now she's treating him like dirt again. Hannah says it's not her fault - she doesn't like him in that way any more!
ZOE: You're mad - Lance is the best!
HANNAH: So you keep telling me.
ZOE: Look, if you don't like him any more, you're going to have to drop him.
HANNAH: (looking upset) Oh, I can't. It'd be horrible!
ZOE: You can't just keep avoiding him. It's not fair.
Number 26
Karl is watching his Westerns alone. He looks utterly miserable. He pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket and dials a number.
Chez Chez
Karl, now dressed smartly, chinks wine glasses with Kate. Karl wants to pay, but Kate insists that it's her treat. Kate says she'd have been drinking alone if Karl hadn't come along. Karl is surprised to hear that it's her birthday, and she's turned 24.
KARL: I don't know what to say.
KATE: How about 'happy birthday'?
Karl laughs, as he feels a bit embarrassed about not having realised but Kate points out that he had no way of knowing. He says that if she'd mentioned it on the phone, he'd have gone to some more effort and bought her a gift. Kate says that she doesn't need more possessions - they're things for people who are sticking around a while!
She pulls out a Jane Austen book and gives it to Karl. She tells him to read it as his present to her.
Number 22
Mal yells for Danni to hurry up. She comes down, but is very moody. He tells her to put a smile on her face, as the exams are over and they are as free as birds. Danni is very worried about her results. Mal tells her not to spoil the night - he reckons she's scraped through English and she'll romp home in the rest. Danni agrees to try and have a good night.
STONIE: (leaping through the door) Come on, guys! This is it! Let's go! Time to let all that Year 12 stress out on the dancefloor!
He hands them some nightclub cards - he's got stacks of them for the new place out at Wattle Bend. Stonie is really pumped up and Mal is impressed at the sound of the club.
MAL: Dance floor, live bands, pool tables, poker machines, comedy room? This place has got everything, LET'S GO!
Mal, Danni and Stonie are in the club. Mal is very impressed with the place. He spots Sam and Annalise in a corner and goes to approach them. Stonie isn't keen and goes to hit the dancefloor instead. Mal moans at him that it'll take two seconds to say hello, and they drag him over.
Sam picks up on the fact that Stonie's very quiet, and not pumped like he usually is. Mal tells them that Stonie can't wait to get the dancefloor - in fact, he wasn't even going to come over and say hello! Sam says that he's got the same problem with Annalise, as she doesn't want to listen to any comedy. Sam thinks the problem is solved, as now she can dance with Stonie! Annalise hastily refuses and says she will go with Sam after all.
SAM: Annalise, you know you don't want to and I'm sure Stonie's not going to mind. Do you, mate?
STONIE: No, fine by me!
SAM: There you go.
He gets up and pushes the two of them together.
SAM: Hey, you have my blessing!
Sam kisses Annalise's cheek and leaves. Mal and Danni tell Annalise and Stonie that they'll see them on the dancefloor.
Club - Dancefloor
Various close ups of people dancing. In the middle, Mal and Danni are dancing together. Up at one side, Annalise and Stonie are sitting down drinking. They look very uncomfortable. Annalise apologises for the way that they were thrown together. Stonie says it wasn't her fault, and they comment on how awkward it was.
Annalise starts trying to talk about their disagreement, but Stonie tells her it's all right. She wishes that Stonie didn't hate her.
STONIE: I don't hate you! You don't get it, do you?!
A photographer walks through the club.
STONIE: (cont.) I mean, I could never hate you. Even if you beat me up. Yelled at me. I'd still be your everything.
ANNALISE: But you said last time that we spoke-
STONIE: Yeah, yeah, I know I was angry and I thought you hated me.
ANNALISE: No, Stonie, it's not like that at all.
STONIE: God, you blinded me!
The photographer apologises and explains that he's looking for perfect couples - and they look pretty perfect to him. Stonie says that they're not a couple. The photographer tells him not to argue - they're both gorgeous! They pose for the camera.
Chez Chez
Karl gives a nod to Kev. He then suggests dessert to Kate, and ta-da out comes Kev with a slice of cake with a sparkler in it. They sing to her, and Kate is cheered. Karl says it's the least he could do, given that he was the one who ended up with a present. Kate sombrely thanks him for getting her out of her room, as she knows it's probably her last birthday. She says that it seems to be a time for contemplation rather than celebration.
Karl is glad that he turned up, but he thinks he's a poor substitute for family and friends. He's sure that they've inundated her with calls and cards and the like. Kate eventually tells him that they hadn't, because she hasn't told anyone where she is. She tells him that she left Cairns and basically told people that she'd see them at her funeral!
KARL: You left home, fully intending to die elsewhere?
Kate nods.
KARL: Why?
KATE: I have my reasons.
KARL: You don't get on with your family?
KATE: No, my family are wonderful. They love me very much. I just thought this would be the best way.
KARL: How? How could it be best? Goodness, as a parent, I couldn't think of anything worse. It's awful, it's selfish.
KATE: No, it's not. Don't start judging me, not when you barely know me! You know nothing about how I look at the world or what I believe in!
KARL: I'm sorry. It's just, the whole thing strikes me as terrib-
KATE: The whole thing strikes me as none of your business! Look, I'm sorry I told you. If you'll excuse me, the celebration's over.
Kate leaves. Karl looks upset.
Number 28
Karl returns home. Billy asks where he'd been - he deliberately left Melissa's early so that he could catch a video with Karl. Karl simply says that he's been out.
BILLY: And here I was thinking it was really sad you had to have your boys' night all on your own.
KARL: Oh, sad? Is that's what your old man's become, is it?
BILLY: That's what you've always been!
KARL: Oh ho, you just watch yourself, cheeky!
Karl grabs Billy in a bit of a headlock. They laugh and Billy asks where he went. Karl tells him he went to Chez Chez for a counter meal, where he met up with a friend. Karl grabs a beer and they decide to watch a Western. Karl asks how Billy's night went at the woodturning exhibition.
BILLY: Great, I talked to heaps of people about courses and apprenticeships.
KARL: (coldly) Apprenticeships.
BILLY: It's not a dirty word, Dad, but I think I'll finish school first and then do it. Learn how to make furniture that is good furniture using the old techniques.
KARL: You've got it all mapped out, haven't you?
BILLY: Absolutely.
He grabs a book that he bought and shows it to Karl. Karl admires the images. Billy admits that he wishes Karl had gone with him to the exhibition. He apologises for saying that it was his thing and Karl shouldn't be involved. When Karl doesn't say anything, Billy puts the Western on, but it's obvious Karl's touched.
Number 26
Hannah, Helen and Philip are sitting at the table eating breakfast. Only Philip's not eating breakfast...he's idly prodding at it, looking utterly fed up. Helen looks quite concerned. Hannah says that she needs some advice.
HANNAH: How do you dump someone?
PHILIP: You're dumping Lance?
HANNAH: It's not working out. The problem is, I've never dumped anyone before and I don't know how to do it.
HELEN: Well, darling, honesty usually is the best policy in these situations. I'd take Lance to one side and tell him the truth.
PHILIP: He has the right to know how you're feeling.
HANNAH: Yeah, I know. I just wish Brett was here.
HELEN: Brett?
HANNAH: He's been dumped so many times, he must know the least hurtful way.
Philip scoffs! Helen tells Hannah that no matter how it's done, it still hurts.
Susan and Brett arrive. They shake hands with a man at the terminal.
Airport Car Park
The man - Scott - loads up their suitcases. Brett suddenly decides that he wants to get a book out of his case because there's a description of a house in the book. Susan wants him to wait, but the man knows what he's talking about and says that he'll show Brett.
Brett opens his suitcase and finds that it's full of Lolly's old clothes and not his. He's gutted - he's got no books, no clock, no torch and no clothes! He reckons that he's going to kill Cheryl.
SCOTT: (holding up a baby t-shirt) Did Mum pack teddy as well?
Susan cracks up laughing. Brett doesn't think it's funny. Susan apologises and jokingly says that if none of Lolly's stuff fits him, he could always borrow her clothes! Brett is not impressed.
Number 26
Zoe is reading over Hannah's rejection note. She thinks the line about them 'being their own people' is a nice touch. Hannah tells Zoe she got it from the soap that Jen liked! Hannah says it's only a first draft, and Zoe thinks that it sounds good if she's still going ahead with dumping someone as cool as Lance! Hannah reveals that she hoped Zoe would hand Lance the note. Zoe is unsure.
The phone goes and Hannah is panicked that it could be Lance. Helen gets the phone. The girls listen to Helen's conversation with bated breath.
HELEN: Hello, Helen Daniels speaking. Yes. Of course. Hold on. PHILIP!
Hannah and Zoe breathe a collected sigh of relief! Helen passes the phone to Philip, and whispers that it's Jen.
Susan and Brett are being driven down a road. We can hear Brett's thoughts, and he's thinking that he shouldn't have come. He keeps playing with the necklace Cheryl gave him. Susan looks very interested at all of the sights. Brett looks more solemn.
Brett's Camcorder
Brett films himself getting out of the car. He is greeted by a doorman.
Susan sits down with Brett in the restaurant. Susan has just rung home and says that everything is running smoothly back there. Brett is still fiddling with the necklace. Susan asks if he's going to ring home, but he says he might in the morning. He's very moody.
BRETT: You did tell Karl to tell her what she's done?
SUSAN: Yeesss. Look, maybe she could arrange to have your stuff sent here before we reach Nairobi.
Brett sighs and shakes his head. Susan looks totally baffled. Susan comments that at least he's got his St Christopher that Cheryl gave him - it means he'll travel safely. Brett is fuming, and he goes on about Cheryl running his life. He tells Susan Cheryl's plans for him - first a lawyer, then a barrister and then a high court judge. Brett reveals that he doesn't want to do law - and perhaps, he doesn't even want to go to university.
SUSAN: I think we all kind of assumed that you'd go to uni.
BRETT: Yeah, well, as I've just found out, it doesn't pay to assume anything.
Susan rolls her eyes at his tantrum. She hopes that he'll be in a better mood when they meet their World Vision guide in the morning. Brett is confused - they've already met Scott. Susan corrects him and says that Scott is a photographer and journalist who is covering the story for World Vision, their official guide will be a local.
Brett barely responds and Susan looks fed up. She urges him to cheer up. She tells him that things will look better in the morning.
BRETT: I don't see how. I've still got no luggage. And I've still got the same mother.
Susan rolls her eyes and sighs.
Coffee Shop
Sam and Annalise order some food off Stonie. Annalise says that she'll get the coffees, so Sam sits down. Annalise tells Stonie that she's really glad that they've sorted everything out. Stonie is surprised. Annalise said that she'd like to think that there's no animosity between them, and they both know where they stand. Stonie swallows hard and agrees.
Sam greets Philip as he walks into the Coffee Shop. He's in a great mood because he's just heard from Jen. Sam is pleased for him, and Philip reckons that now he knows Jen is alive and well, he can start functioning again.
SAM: Hang on, where is she exactly?
PHILIP: Down the coast. Erm, she went to check out Luke's old haunts and guess what? He was there!
SAM: (confused) Luke was down the coast?
PHILIP: Yeah. Apparently he's really upset about his split with Ren, so Jen's going to stay with him for a while and sort things out. Good news, eh?
There's a long pause.
SAM: Yeah, mate, look, it would be but...
Philip frowns.
SAM: Look, I happen to know that Luke's not down the coast.
PHILIP: But...Jen just told me that-
SAM: I don't know what Jen just told you, but it's not true. Look, he's down at the community gardens. He's been down there for a couple of weeks. I'm sorry, mate, I wanted to tell you earlier but he made me promise not to tell anyone.
PHILIP: (shaking his head) Hang on, hang on, I don't understand. Why would Jen say she's with him if she's not?
SAM: I don't know what her caper is, mate, but by the sounds of it...she's lying.
Philip looks quite confused!
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