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Neighbours Episode 2515 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2515
Australian airdate: 10/11/95
UK airdate: 04/07/96
UK Gold: 21/06/02
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Luke Handley: Bernard Curry
Kate Cornwall: Christie Sistrunk
Lance Hails: Andrew Bibby
Andrew Watson: Christopher Ulhmann
Flakey: Brian Wenzel
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Lance and Hannah deciding to go back to the Community Garden to stake it out.
- Jo handing Flakey the Clown her phone number in case he changes his mind about making a comeback.
- Billy storming out after accusing Karl and Susan of being more interested in who's to blame for him being dyslexic, and apologising for being such a disappointment.
No. 28
Andrew Watson suggests to Karl and Susan that maybe Billy needs some time by himself; everyone needs some time to calm down. Susan, however, snaps at him that it's not *his* son who's been pronounced dyslexic. The three of them sit down and Andrew goes on that he knows this has come as a bit of a shock, but they're treating it like a terminal illness. He adds that Billy has made it to 15 - he's done a pretty good job. Karl murmurs:
KARL: I had such high hopes for that kid...
Susan glares at him and demands angrily:
SUSAN: And now you haven't? Just because he mightn't be a brain surgeon?
Andrew suggests that they get Billy to an assessment centre as soon as possible, then they can work out a plan of action. Susan says she's worried how Billy will handle it. Andrew says he thinks they'll find Billy's glad to have it out in the open.
No. 30
Cody is looking through some papers and she comments to Jen that her lab hours seem OK - more than what Adrian said; it's the tutes that are the problem. Jen is looking at her notes and she murmurs that she's going to fail - she doesn't have time to go through it all. Cody suggests that she stop talking and learn about the nervous system. Jen turns back to her book. Cody tells her that the guidance says students must attend 80% of all tutorials; she *must* have done that. Jen snaps that she's trying to pass first year. Cody retorts that *she's* worked and she's in as much danger of failing through no fault of her own. Jen reminds her tersely that she told her to stay clear of Adrian and of the teachers and now Cody is taking it out on *her*. Cody snaps that she just wants some peace and quiet in her own home. Jen picks up her papers and storms out.
Outside No. 28
Billy is sitting outside the house when Andrew emerges. Billy stops him and asks how his parents are handling things now. Andrew replies that they're getting used to the idea. He asks Billy how *he* is and Billy replies that in a way it's a relief, really: he just thought he was so dumb, so this year he decided to work really hard but things only got worse. Andrew tells him that they'll get the experts on board: Billy will be amazed. He adds that Billy isn't unique - a lot of people have dyslexia, Tom Cruise among them.
Community Garden
Lance and Hannah are hiding behind some bushes. They peer up and over them, staring at the old bus, but there's no movement. They duck down again. Hannah asks Lance how long they should stay there for and Lance replies:
LANCE: Until something happens, of course.
Hannah peers up again - and then taps Lance, who stands up as well. They watch as there's movement across the garden within a square wooden structure. It's Flakey the Clown sitting up. Lance asks Hannah if they should go to the police. Hannah nods that Detective Illich will know how to handle it.
No. 28
Billy heads inside, sheepishly, holding a couple of library books on dyslexia. He explains to his parents that he needs to know what it's all about. Karl nods that that's a very good idea. Billy goes on that some of it's pretty complicated - he might need some help. Susan tells him to sit down, and he does so. She then tells him that they rang the assessment centre today and they can see him tomorrow. Billy just says:
BILLY: You don't have to pretend - I know how upset you both are.
SUSAN: Only for *you*.
BILLY: No, you *are*. *Dad* is. He wanted us all to go to uni... get a swag of degrees.
KARL: Maybe I did - but that's only because I hadn't thought about it any further.
BILLY: What if I become a plumber or something?
KARL (smiles): Well, then you make sure you're a damn *good* one!
No. 26
Jen opens the door to Cody, who steps inside and says she's sorry. Jen, however, tells her that *she's* sorry: she has no one to blame but herself, and had no right in imposing on Cody. The two of them sit down and Cody tells Jen that she might need her help as a witness if Adrian doesn't back off. There's suddenly a rapid knocking on the door and Jen goes and answers it to Jo, who says in a panic that there's been an emergency and she needs to get to the police station.
No. 24
It's evening- time and Jo helps Flakey into No. 24, telling him that she's so glad he rang her in his hour of need. Cody puts the kettle on as Jo tells Jen that this is the third time Flakey has been arrested for D&D in a month. She tells Flakey that he heard what the sergeant said: one more charge and he'll end up in court, and she's not going to let that happen: she knows she can help him and all he needs is some stability. She then suggests that he have a long, hot bath and she'll fix up the spare room for him. Cody asks Jo incredulously if she's out of her tiny little mind. Jen points out that other people live there. Jo, however, insists that Marlene, Annalise and Sam met Flakey the other day and they got on like a house on fire!
No. 28
Billy is smiling at his parents that Mal can eat dirt: he wasn't imagining things - there *was* someone in the garden all the time! Karl is trying to fix the plug back on the TV and Billy asks if this means they're getting the TV back. Karl nods that he thinks he's made his point and he thinks they've all learnt valuable lessons! Susan starts to tell Billy that there's a reason for his father's change of heart: those who deceive will always be found out! Billy asks her what she means. Susan explains that she caught him watching TV at the surgery. Karl quickly hands Billy $20 to stop him telling Mal and Libby! Billy, however, says he's not going to accept his father's tempting bribe, but the TV comes home and rotates between their bedrooms - starting with his. Karl reluctantly accepts the deal!
No. 24
The next morning, Jo pours an orange juice as Flakey emerges from the spare room, grumbling that he can't find his cigars - and his clothes. Jo explains that he's wearing an old tracksuit of Marlene's; she had to burn his old clothes as the smell was revolting. She guides him to the table and tells him to sit down and enjoy his orange juice, and his eggs are on the way. Flakey tells her gruffly that she's got it wrong if she thinks he's going to stay there, and he comments that the looks on the other people's faces last night were embarrassing. Jo admits that she should have cleaned the bath. She insists tersely that all she wants to do is give him a chance to get back on his feet, but if he wants to sleep out all night and get arrested, no one's stopping him. Flakey suddenly admits that he's a bit peckish - he might have the eggs she mentioned.
Surgery - reception area
Cody is smiling at Karl that she wishes she'd seen Marlene's face when she walked in on Flakey in the bath! Karl tells her that Flakey was one of the first shows Mal ever watched. Cody sighs that Jo is going to save Flakey heart and soul, whether he likes it or not! Kate Cornwall walks in suddenly and heads through to the consulting room.
Erinsborough High
Susan walks into the classroom Andrew Watson has been teaching in and says she thought she'd let him know how Billy's assessment went. She goes on that he was right: Billy's dyslexic. Andrew asks how he took the news and she replies:
SUSAN: Better than his mother.
Andrew points out that they can help Billy a great deal now, and they *will*. Susan comments that she's supposed to be going off to Africa, but maybe she shouldn't go? Andrew, however, points out that Billy's only doing Year 10 - it's not as if his entire future's in the balance; and he promises to keep a close eye on him while she's away.
Surgery - Karl's consulting room
Kate Cornwall is sitting on the treatment bed, tying her shoe laces, as Karl asks if she's enjoyed her stay in Erinsborough. Kate replies that she's enjoyed it so much that she hasn't made any plans to leave yet! She goes on that she's been to the beach, for long walks in the sand; she's been to the movies; and she's been rereading Jane Austen. Karl smiles and asks what it is about Austen that appeals to women. Kate says thoughtfully:
KATE: I don't know. Because it's like... going home, I suppose. Submerging yourself in a world where the boundaries are clearly defined... where everyone behaves exactly as they should. It's all so familiar and comforting.
Karl remarks that it sounds rather dull! Kate laughs that he's obviously never read Austen, and she suggests that he try it some time. Changing the subject, Karl asks if she found time to do some hydrotherapy, and she nodded that he was right: it did the job. Karl asks if she's sleeping, and she replies that nights are always the worst: all those demons demanding attention - but Austen sees her through. Karl says sadly:
KARL: I wish I could offer you a miracle.
KATE: So do I - but I think the age of miracles has passed...
Chez Chez
Susan is sitting at a table with Andrew Watson, commenting that it's just coming to terms with all those shattered expectations; you just assume that because *you* went to university, your kids will too. At that moment, Karl comes in and joins them, apologising for being late. He asks Susan how they went at the assessment centre. Susan replies:
SUSAN: Well, Billy has a higher than average IQ, excellent verbal skills and extremely poor coding skills.
ANDREW: In word: dyslexia.
Andrew goes on that they can attack the problem from several angles: even at VCE level they're making more and more concessions - some kids have a verbal exam or are allowed a scriber. He goes on that at his last school, they had a dyslexic kid who came from a pretty dysfunctional family, but he's just starting a Commerce degree and doing very well. Susan smiles that that's encouraging. Karl doesn't look so impressed.
Community Garden
Flakey is searching for his missing cigars, muttering that he saved up for weeks for them. He suggests to Jo that maybe it was those mongrel coppers who got them. As he continues searching, he spots Lance and Hannah walking towards the garden and runs towards them, grabbing Lance's jumper and demanding to know what he's done with his cigars. Lance struggles away as Jo asks Flakey what these kids would do with cigars. Lance snaps at Flakey that he's off his rocker, and he and Hannah walk off. Jo tells Flakey that that was disgraceful. She then offers to buy him some more cigars if she comes home with him quietly. Flakey asks:
FLAKEY: Cubans?
JO (wearily): Yes. Anything for peace.
The two of them walk off. As they do so, they're watched from the top of the old bus - by Luke Handley, who takes a puff of a Cuban cigar...
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Andrew Watson, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2515
Andrew Watson, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2515
Susan Kennedy

Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2515
Cody Willis

Jen Handley in Neighbours Episode 2515
Jen Handley

Andrew Watson, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2515
Andrew Watson, Billy Kennedy

Hannah Martin, Lance Hails in Neighbours Episode 2515
Hannah Martin, Lance Hails

Flakey (Gordon Orchard) in Neighbours Episode 2515
Flakey (Gordon Orchard)

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2515
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Cody Willis, Jen Handley in Neighbours Episode 2515
Cody Willis, Jen Handley

Joanna Hartman, Flakey (Gordon Orchard) in Neighbours Episode 2515
Joanna Hartman, Flakey (Gordon Orchard)

Billy Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2515
Billy Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Flakey (Gordon Orchard) in Neighbours Episode 2515
Flakey (Gordon Orchard)

Karl Kennedy, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2515
Karl Kennedy, Cody Willis

Andrew Watson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2515
Andrew Watson, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Kate Cornwall in Neighbours Episode 2515
Karl Kennedy, Kate Cornwall

Karl Kennedy, Andrew Watson in Neighbours Episode 2515
Karl Kennedy, Andrew Watson

Flakey (Gordon Orchard), Lance Hails in Neighbours Episode 2515
Flakey (Gordon Orchard), Lance Hails

Flakey (Gordon Orchard), Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2515
Flakey (Gordon Orchard), Joanna Hartman

Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2515
Luke Handley

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