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Neighbours Episode 2505 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2505
Australian airdate: 27/10/95
UK airdate: 19/06/96
UK Gold: 07/06/02
Writer: Kieran Gill
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Sonny Hammond: Tom Hutchings
Anne Teschendorff: Lois Collinder
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Mr.McKenna warning the Year 12 students that anyone breaking the rules for muck- up day will be expelled.
- Susan telling Libby that maybe Sonny isn't a good influence on her.
- Mark and Cody walking into the kitchen at No. 30 to find a dressed- up Jo with a bottle of champagne and a wedding cake.
No. 30
Mark asks Jo coolly what this is. Cody remarks that it's pretty far out there... Jo smiles that it's her little surprise. Cody decides to leave them to it. Mark asks her to turn the music off on the way out. He then asks Jo what brought this all on. Jo smiles that it's a gesture; a symbol of the bond between them. Mark frowns that it looks like a wedding reception - but they're friends, that's all: just friends. Jo smiles that he doesn't mean that: she knows they've got a good future together. Mark, however, reminds her that he told her they *don't* have a future; he enjoys her company, but that's not a relationship; it's not a commitment. Jo says:
JO: I knew, Mark, from the moment that we met, that we'd be together forever - and I know in your heart that you feel the same way about *me*.
MARK (firmly): You're wrong, Joanna. You don't know how wrong you are. I mean, look at this: candles... champagne... wedding cake...
He tells Jo curtly that they're not married. Jo murmurs tearfully:
JO: Some day we will be.
MARK (retorts): No we won't. Not ever.
With that, he picks up the figures from the wedding cake and splits them apart before throwing them down onto the table.
Erinsborough High
Susan is walking along a corridor with Mal and Libby, laughing as she tells them that 'Hermit Crab' is staying on at Camp Drumbeat to run a sweat lodge! Libby laughs at the name 'Hermit Crab'! Susan giggles that they shouldn't laugh: it's nice that Karl's enjoying himself! Libby asks if, as her dad won't be home tonight, she can go to the movies with Sonny. Susan sighs that she supposes so. Mal says he'll be at Danni's: they've got a few things to organise for muck- up day. Susan warns him that if anyone breaks the rules, she'd rather it wasn't a Kennedy.
No. 22
Brett, Stonie and Danni are looking at plans Brett has drawn up for muck- up day. There's a knock on the front door and Stonie goes and lets Mal in. Mal asks if they have something for muck- up day and Danni beams that Brett has excelled himself. Brett then lifts up a cloth to reveal an alarm clock with two large batteries attached to it and an array of small lights on a board behind it. He explains that it's a model: at the stroke of noon, every light in the school will start to strobe! Stonie grins that it'll be like Saturday Night Fever!
No. 30
Jo is sobbing:
JO: It's so unfair. All I want is a steady man in my life... marriage some day. It just never works out.
MARK (calmly): It will, Jo. You've just got to take things slowly, you know, like get to know people first. Getting serious too quickly *frightens* people.
He tells Jo that he wasn't ready for a full- on relationship; he *told* her that. Jo cries that friendship is never enough for her - she meets someone and can see a wedding and a whole future together. Mark tells her that love is a gradual thing... he thinks she has unrealistic expectations and is living life through rose- coloured glasses. Jo sobs that that's just the way she is and she can't change.
No. 26
Sitting on the lounge room floor, Jen comments to Cody that Jo needs help. She adds that she just can't relate to people like that: total obsessives. Cody changes the subject and asks where Phil is. Jen replies that he's gone to bed: he was exhausted! Cody then picks up a piece of paper from the coffee table and, looking at it, asks what it is. Jen tells her that it's an entry form for 'Stairwells of Time': they're coming over from Hollywood to film a few episodes there, and the person who comes up with the most amazingly original way to promote the show gets to lunch with them and watch them film! Cody reminds her that they've got exams soon. Jen assures her that she'll be there. Cody exclaims that Jen is addicted to the show! Jen, however, insists that she's a fan; a fervent fan! She then gets up and goes and opens the cabinet behind the table in the corner of the room to reveal dozens of videos containing episodes of 'Stairwells of Time'! She beams that she just has to meet them! Cody sighs that Jen is the second person today who's turned into a raving loony - and she reminds Jen that she said she doesn't understand obsessive behaviour!
Holy Roll
Mark is behind the counter when Cody comes in. She asks him if he's hiding from Jo, but Mark explains that Angie's got a dental appointment. Mark asks what he can get her and she asks for a blueberry muffin and a cappuccino. She then turns looks at Libby, who's sitting at a table, and, seeing the expression on her face, asks if it's the end of the world. She sits down with her and asks if she wants to talk. Libby tells her that it's a really boring story; as old as the hills, too. Cody suggests:
CODY: Could it be that Sonny Hammond, King of the Surf, doesn't like to be told 'no'?
Libby asks her in surprise how she knows. Cody smiles that she's been round a bit longer than Libby! Libby asks what she should do. Cody asks her if he's given her an ultimatum. Libby replies that he hasn't - and if he did, she'd like to think she'd tell him to get lost - but she probably wouldn't. She tells Cody that she's besotted. Cody says:
CODY: Think about this, then: if you have sex with Sonny before you're ready, will you stay besotted or will you resent him? Because what we're talking about is just another grubby little power struggle.
Libby tells Cody that she's right: it's just one person asserting himself, trying to get the upper hand. Cody tells her not to give in.
Erinsborough High
Brett, Stonie, Danni and Mal stand in a corridor and Brett asks if everyone's clear what they're doing. They run through their individual roles before Brett heads off to the fuse box next to Ms. Teschendorff's office. Susan comes along and passes Danni and Mal. She comments in surprise that it's half past ten on muck- up day and absolutely nothing's happened. Danni tells her that they've been through Mr. McKenna's list and they can't find anything that's legal. Susan, looking taken aback, says she'll tell the staff that they can relax. Danni and Mal quickly stop her heading to the staff room, though, by Mal saying Danni needs to know something. Danni starts talking about the tertiary entrance scores...
No. 26
Jen opens the door to Cody and lets her in. She tells her eagerly that she's just worked out a way to promote 'Stairwells of Time' and she's definitely going to win the competition! She shows Cody a huge banner that she's painted and explains that she's taking it to the airport for the stars to run through when they arrive, like the footie players! Cody muses:
CODY: They might do a story on you: 'Teenybopper Mind Found in Adult Body'!
At that moment, Holly runs out of the kitchen and straight through Jen's banner!
Erinsborough High
Stonie sits down next to Brett in the classroom. They look at the wall clock, which is ticking around to midday. Susan says to everyone that she wishes them all good luck in their exams. As the clock reaches noon, the lights in the room suddenly dim. Susan tells everyone that it's only a power failure - it'll come back on. Nothing else seems to happen, though - until a few seconds later, smoke starts emerging from the corridor. The fire alarm sounds and Susan starts evacuating the classroom. Brett sits there, looking worried.
No. 30
Mark arrives home to find Jo sitting at the kitchen table. He comments in surprise that she's still there and she explains that she couldn't find the energy to move. Mark sits down with her and tells her that he knows what's she's going through; he knows what it's like to feel lost and confused and convinced that the world has got it in for you. Jo smiles weakly that he's being so sensitive. Mark tells her that there are also people out there she can talk to: psychologists... psychiatrists... Jo says they're for people who are *really* sick. Mark insists that everyone needs someone like that sometime in their life; it's nothing to be ashamed of. Jo says she'd rather talk to *him*; she's sure he'd give her good advice. Mark sighs and says he doesn't think it's a good idea. Jo insists that she wouldn't use it to try to get closer to him; she just needs a good friend.
Erinsborough High
Anne Teschendorff marches along the corridor and is joined by Susan, who asks if the fire is all under control. Ms. Teschendorff nods that it is, but adds that it could have been nasty. She goes on tersely that if there was a student responsible for this, they'll wish they'd never been born. She adds that she'll speak to the Year 12s at 2:45.
Erinsborough High
A short time later, Brett is sighing as he says to Danni, Mal and Stonie in the corridor that he doesn't know what went wrong. Stonie tells him just not to plan on becoming an electrician! They head into the classroom, Mal snapping that it was the biggest stunt in years and Brett blew it. Stonie, however, points out that that they're missing the point: it's true chaos! Brett sighs:
BRETT: We weren't supposed to cause any damage.
DANNI: *We*?
BRETT: Well, yeah. We're all in this together, aren't we?
Stonie asks who's going to find out anyway.
Holy Roll
Libby is sitting at a table. Sonny joins her and asks her why she isn't in school. She tells him that she has a free period. Sonny sits down and starts to say:
SONNY: Look, about last night...
LIBBY: Look, it's cool. I'm not too thrilled about getting dumped like that, but I'll live. It's probably all for the best, anyway.
SONNY: Hey, Lib, I'll admit I was pretty upset last night, but I never said anything about ending it.
LIBBY: You didn't *have* to, walking out like that.
Sonny sighs that she's right. He apologises to her. He then goes on that it's not easy keeping his feelings in check when she's around. Libby retorts that she feels pretty strongly about him too, but that doesn't mean he can everything he wants. Sonny insists that when he promised to wait, he meant it; he'll just have to learn a bit of self- control. Libby asks if that's so hard. Sonny says:
SONNY: Well, *yeah*. You see, you're leaving something out of the equation here.
LIBBY: What's that?
SONNY: I'm falling in love with you.
Libby looks down at the table. She then asks him if he's just saying that. Sonny smiles:
SONNY: What - so I can have my wicked way with you? No, Libby, I mean it. And *because* I mean it, then OK: we wait.
Libby smiles at him in relief.
Erinsborough High
Anne Teschendorff is addressing the Year 12s, telling them angrily that in all her years she has never seen anything to match this stupidity. She goes on that this idiotic prank has cost well over $10,000, not to mention putting the entire building and everything in it at risk. She continues:
MS. TESCHENDORFF: The Fire Inspector has confirmed that the wires were tampered with, so will the culprit please own up?
No one moves. Ms. Teschendorff says:
MS. TESCHENDORFF: I am really disappointed. I would've thought that in all your years at this school, you might have learnt some sense of what is honourable and decent. It seems I was mistaken. Very well, I have no option. If the person does not come forward and confess, all of you - the entire Year 12 - will sit their exams at the university. We don't want you here. And all of you will be denied a school reference. So, does the culprit have the courage to own up or *not*?
Brett sits there guiltily.
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Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2505
Joanna Hartman

Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2505
Mark Gottlieb

Susan Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2505
Susan Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Stonie Rebecchi, Brett Stark, Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2505
Stonie Rebecchi, Brett Stark, Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark

 in Neighbours Episode 2505

Joanna Hartman, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2505
Joanna Hartman, Mark Gottlieb

Cody Willis, Jen Handley in Neighbours Episode 2505
Cody Willis, Jen Handley

Mark Gottlieb, Libby Kennedy, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2505
Mark Gottlieb, Libby Kennedy, Cody Willis

Brett Stark, Stonie Rebecchi, Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2505
Brett Stark, Stonie Rebecchi, Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy

Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2505
Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Holly in Neighbours Episode 2505

Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark, Stonie Rebecchi, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2505
Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark, Stonie Rebecchi, Brett Stark

Joanna Hartman, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2505
Joanna Hartman, Mark Gottlieb

Anne Teschendorff, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2505
Anne Teschendorff, Susan Kennedy

Stonie Rebecchi, Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2505
Stonie Rebecchi, Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy, Brett Stark

Sonny Hammond in Neighbours Episode 2505
Sonny Hammond

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2505
Libby Kennedy

Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy, Anne Teschendorff, Susan Kennedy, Brett Stark, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2505
Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy, Anne Teschendorff, Susan Kennedy, Brett Stark, Stonie Rebecchi

Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2505
Brett Stark

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