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Neighbours Episode 2482 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2482
Australian airdate: 26/09/1995
UK airdate: 17/05/1996
UK Gold: 07/05/2002
Writer: Deborah Sheldon
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jen is upset that she drove the car in her sleep.
Hannah gets a makeover at Teen Girl magazine.
Toadie takes some spray paints from an abandoned youth club.
Libby recognises a model as Randy, but it's not him.
Toadie tells Billy that he's going to use the spray paints for "art". Billy moans that Toadie hasn't changed a bit, he's still a crook. Libby comes in and they hide the cans.
Libby storms in saying that Randy has been lying to her.
Zoe is jealous of Hannah's makeover. Helen comes in and says that Hannah has an awful lot of make-up on. Hannah explains about the makeover at Teen Girl - she's going to be in the magazine. Helen says that they've made Hannah up to look a lot older.
Libby is showing Manuela the Internet. Libby suggests calling up somewhere in East Timor, but Manuela gets a bit upset saying she doesn't want to speak to anyone from East Timor. She tells Libby to mind her own business and storms out.
Marlene calls Annalise and Jo for a meeting at the kitchen table. She tells them that AnnaJo has outstayed its welcome at their house. Annalise agrees - in fact, she's already meeting with a real estate agent tonight to talk about other premises. Jo isn't pleased that Annalise didn't tell her. Jo tells them that she's going out with Mark to a club tonight. Annalise asks Jo outright if she's interested in Mark, but she insists they're just friends.
Coffee Shop
Libby has followed Manuela to the Coffee Shop. Manuela has calmed down a bit now and tells Libby that she hasn't got a lot of friends left in East Timor. In fact, there's only her best friend's family left - but the father was taken by the military and they don't know if he's still alive. She's worried about her friend's safety. She feels guilty for being safe while her friend is in danger. Libby sympathises.
Marlene is dressed up for a big evening out with Colin at the Elvis Memorabilia exhibition! Annalise is looking forward to another boring night at home while Sam is out with his mates again(!) Jo comes out dressed in a blue suit and Mark picks her up to go to an 80s night. Annalise is not chuffed and looks extremely grumpy as they depart.
Somewhere at night
Toadie and Billy are hanging out. They come upon the gazebo at Lassiters and Toadie gets an idea - he wants to paint it! Bily doesn't want to join in but Toadie won't take no for an answer. He sprays graffiti on the seat, but unfortunately they get caught by some security guards and quickly run off.
The Pub
Mark is distracted. He tells Jo that she reminds him of Annalise - they look so alike. Jo takes offence at this - she thinks Mark still has feelings for Annalise. Mark says he hasn't, but Jo doesn't believe him and tells him he has to move on. Mark insists he's not still holding a candle for Annalise.
Toadie and Billy run in, exhausted. Billy tells Toadie off and says he doesn't know why he hangs out with him. Libby comes out and asks what they've been up to. They don't tell her, but Billy is worried that they'll get done for the graffiti.
Jen is reluctant to go to bed in case she sleepwalks. Helen suggests an ancient relaxation technique and talks Jen through it. Just then Hannah comes out and Helen says she'll have to take her makeup off before she goes to bed. Hannah isn't pleased.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Mark and Jo stumble out of a taxi. Marlene is at the bottom of the rive and sees Mark and Jo talking.
Hannah is sulking because she can't redo her makeup, and also, she's got a spot. Jen gets up and tells Helen it worked - she didn't sleepwalk last night.
Marlene comes in and tells Annalise that Jo and Mark have only just got home and were looking very friendly.
Jo comes in looking for breakfast to a rather cold reception. Jo doesn't seem to notice though! Annalise warns Jo against not getting hurt with Mark. Jo thinks Annalise is jealous but Annalise points out that Mark left her at the altar. She tells Jo off for being insensitive - she should choose someone else. Jo tells Annalise to keep her nose out of her business.
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