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Neighbours Episode 2466 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2466
Australian airdate: 04/09/95
UK airdate: 26/04/96
UK Gold: 15/04/02
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou tells Brett that he keeps sneezing in NO.26, but he's OK outside.
Stonie is fed up of school.
Billy tells Hannah to hang out with people her own age.
Danni, Janine and Lou are watching TV, waiting for Cheryl's add to come in.
CHERYL:(on TV) Hi, Cheryl Stark here. That's right, I am the real thing. Only this time I really am Stark Raving Mad!
She goes over to a bloke dressed up who cracks a whip!
CHERYL:(on TV) My family decided to make their own ads for Chez Chez while I wasn't looking. But now I'm back. And I want my revenge.
The bloke cracks his whip again, extinguishing a candle on the table. Lou looks stunned.
CHERYL:(on TV) So, if you come down to Chez Chez during Whip Cracking Week, not only can you check out our rock- bottom prices, but you can watch their heads roll! And remember, there's no point buying cheap imitation when you really can afford the real thing at Chez Chez.
(How they kept a straight face through all that I do not know)
Danni and Janine think the ad is "excellent" but Lou is still frozen in place with a spoonful of cake halfway to his mouth(!)
LOU: Tell me girls, she's not going to bring that whip home, is she?
Danni and Janine look at him in disgust(!)
Outside No.26
Karl seems Hannah sitting on the step crying. He gives her his hankerchief and tells Karl she doesn't know why Billy hates her so much. Karl explains that Billy is a little bit love- struck at the moment and is sure he didn't mean to be mean. He wanted to take Melissa to the movies by himself. Karl tells her kindly that she could ask another friend to go to the movies, but Hannah starts another wave of tears, saying she has noone else to ask - noone at school likes her anymore.
Karl brings Hannah in and Helen is very concerned to see her crying. Hannah runs off to her room, leaving Karl to explain that Billy had a date planned with Melissa and didn't want Hannah to tag along. Helen offers Karl a cup of tea. (She is wearing a rather curious blouse with different kinds of leaves printed on it).
Angie thinks Stonie's ad was much better than the whip- cracking one!
Brett, Libby, Susan and Phil are celebrating Libby's journalism "special mention". Susan tells her that she's very proud of her. Cheryl comes out and tells them they've missed out on the preview of the new ad.
BRETT: What was it like?
CHERYL: It was...my ad.
Cheryl says he'll have to wait to see it!
Billy and Melissa are kissing on the sofa (yuck). Billy asks her if things are getting too heavy, but she says they aren't, so they resume kissing. Karl comes in and surprises them. They fall to the floor looking like they're in a very compromising position!
KARL: Now pay attention, and please, feel free to ask questions.
He opens a book titled, "Boy to Man"(!)
KARL: Sexual intercourse.
BILLY:(mortified) Dad...
KARL: Foreplay. The act of grappling with one's newly- acquired girlfriend on the family couch.
BILLY: Dad...
KARL: Birth control, the act of one's father bursting in at an oppotune moment to prevent the actual incident taking place.
BILLY: You're being stupid.
KARL:(closing the book) Yes, perhaps I am. But I don't think you're being entirely responsible about this relationship. How do you think Melissa felt when I walked in here?
BILLY: Yeah, I know.
KARL: Billy, you might think you're ready for a sexual relationship, and I don't think you're ready. But there are right ways to go about it.
BILLY: We weren't going to go that far!
KARL: Well, maybe not. But it's a very big step for a young couple. There are precautions to take, you have to make sure you're ready, physically and emotionally.
BILLY: Yeah, yeah.
KARL: Now come on, this isn't something to be flippant about.
BILLY: I'm not, I have been trying to tell you, we're not going to rush into anything! Laugh all you want, but I love Melissa, I don't want to stuff things up!
KARL: Well, I'm very pleased to hear that. You're in love, eh?
BILLY: I said, don't laugh.
KARL: I was not laughing! In fact, I happen to think you're both very well suited. But please, just try and be a bit more responsible in future?
BILLY: I will.
KARL: Good man.
Mal charges in and asks if Libby is home yet.
MAL: What are you doing?
KARL: Never you mind, my boy!
But Mal has seen the "Boy to Man" book and bursts out laughing.
MAL: Oh, the almighty sex talk, Billy you big stud! What's the story?
KARL: Billy has been learning about decorum, maturity and respect, something he has yet to witness in his older brother!
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Billy comes over to walk to school with Hannah. She doesn't want to at first, but they have a chat and make up as friends.
Lou is sneezing violently again. Brett says Lou must be allergic to something.
Cheryl is making Janine breakfast and telling her she'll miss her when she goes. Lou comes in, having picked a load of flowers from the garden, but he doesn't seem to be allergic to any of them.
Cheryl says she'd better organise a restaurant booking for Danni's birthday, but Lou says Angie and Marlene are organising a party.
Angie is hanging up some "knick- knacks". Danni is horrified by the awfulness of the knick- knacks. Just then, Cheryl comes round.
STONIE: Hello, Cheryl.
CHERYL: Old stark- raving herself.
Angie offers Cheryl a cup of tea, but Cheryl tells her she is still Danni's mother and wants to be involved in any party organisation. Angie says she was just getting the ball rolling. Danni interjects and says she's fed up of other people deciding what she wants for her birthday. No- one is going to organise her party - she will decide herself what she's doing for her 19th!
Susan and Brett have borrowed books from the library about Africa. Libby is still determined to convince Karl to install the Internet at home.
Billy tells Melissa that everything is cool - Karl just gave him a bit of a talk. Melissa says they'll have to find somewhere more private next time(!)
Coffee Shop
Stonie is in a strop about failing his English assignment. He talks about leaving school and getting an apprenticeship but Mal says he's too old(!)
Garden of No.28
Cassie the sheep runs across the grass! Karl and Susan are doing some gardening.
KARL: Susan, William is only fifteen, he is too young for sex!
MAL:(coming up with Stonie) Now who's having sex?!
STONIE: Do you want us to give you some privacy, Doc?!
Karl rolls his eyes and asks them what they want. Stonie is worried about failing Year 12. Billy comes out and asks Mal to come into the house for a second. Susan suggests Stonie gets some tutoring.
Billy asks Libby to give him and Mal some privacy, so she reluctantly goes off to her room. Billy tells Mal that he's finding it hard to get some privacy with Melissa. Mal says Billy and Melissa can hang out at No.32 if they want - there's no- one home. Billy is chuffed.
Helen is painting Lou, who seems to have stopped sneezing. Hannah comes in with Holly and Lou promptly starts sneezing. It seems that he's allergic to Hannah(!) Helen says it's probably Hannah's perfume, "Dale Drops".
Billy and Melissa are kissing.
MELISSA: I love you.
BILLY: What?
MELISSA: Nothing.
BILLY: No, no, no...tell me!
MELISSA: No, it doesn't matter. I didn't say anything.
BILLY: I love you, too.
They kiss again. Melissa gets a packet of condoms out of her bag.
MELISSA: I got these from my brother's drawer. Just in case.
BILLY: Great.
MELISSA: Do you want to?
BILLY: If you want to.
MELISSA: Yeah. I do.
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