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Neighbours Episode 2457 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2457
Australian airdate: 22/08/1995
UK airdate: 15/04/1996
UK Gold: 02/04/2002
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mal and Danni agree that Angie can move in for a while.
Lou isn't looking forward to telling Cheryl about Stonie's advert for the pub.
Mark wakes up from his coma.
Number 32
Stonie is dressed up ready to go to audition - he seems to think it will be his big break!
Mal is dismayed to hear that he won't be able to use Stonie's car for his driving test.
Ren is beside herself with excitement over Mark and is telling him breathlessly what's happened to him. Mark just says there silently as she rabbits on about Luke and how happy she is Mark waking up.
When Ren has popped out for a while, Mark speaks to the nurse.
MARK: Who was that?
Mal and Danni are studying in the living room when Karl and Susan come in. They're a bit surprised to find they've crashed the house, but they don't mind and Susan puts the kettle on. They explain about the driving test and he asks Karl if he can borrow his car, but both Karl and Susan need their cars tomorrow. Susan says that Karl will cave in.
SUSAN: I know this man!
Mal and Danni start to study again, but Karl picks up his guitar and start strumming it.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl arrives home with Janine and Lolly. Apparently Janine got 3 weeks compassionate leave, so she's off the hook for going AWOL. Lou is very pleased to see Cheryl home. Cheryl asks how the pub is going and he tells them that they're going to love the ad, but he doesn't have a copy of it at the moment. Cheryl asks him to describe it instead, but Lou says they'll have to judge it for themselves!
Number 24
Marlene and Colin are chatting about China when Cheryl and Janine come in. Marlene greets them and Cheryl is surprised to see Colin there. She introduces him to Janine.
When Colin has gone, Cheryl looks at Marlene suspiciously and says she hopes it isn't serious between her and Colin! Marlene just smiles and Cheryl groans.
Number 32
Stonie is almost ready to leave for his audition. Mal isn't pleased that Stonie has taken his lucky white shirt and is wearing it! Danni has lost her socks as well. Mal thinks Angie has taken them and tells Danni that Angie has to go!
Mark tells Ren he feels like he's been dreaming and it's all jumbled up with reality. He says the last thing he remembers is telling Lucy that he was giving up the priesthood. Ren reminds him that Lucy has gone to America to work with Rosemary. Mark asks Ren if she's getting married and she says that Luke has proposed, but she doesn't know what she's going to do yet. Mark says that Luke is a lucky guy. Ren says she doesn't know what her answer will be.
Lou and Cheryl's
Everyone is laughing over Marlene's relationship with Colin. Cheryl says that Marlene wouldn't say much about the advert either and demands to know what the ad was about. Everyone is very evasive! Finally Danni says that they're not sure that Cheryl will like it - it's not exactly what Cheryl would have expected. Cheryl goes off to set the video so she can see the ad for herself.
Coffee Shop
Karl and Susan are chatting about Mal flying the nest. Susan asks Karl to make dinner while she goes to check on Stacey and Blair. He agrees. Their kissing is interrupted by Colin though!
Marlene comes in to see Colin and he tries to kiss her but she resists. She tells him that his beard tickles! Colin suggests shaving it off, but only if Marlene will do it - she's the only one he trusts!
Susan and Karl watch this from a distance - Susan thinks there's something going on, her radar is never wrong!
Number 32
Mal is practising driving by giving Danni a piggy-back! Stonie comes in and says he was sensational at his audition, and thinks he will get the part. Danni tries to broach the subject of Angie moving out, but at that very moment she's off getting some more of her stuff!
The Pub
Luke puts an engagement ring on the table in front of Ren. Ren thinks they should talk about things - it might be a bit soon. Luke admits it's scary, but it's never stopped them before and he loves her. Ren says she thinks she loves him too, but she wants to know she loves him for sure before she can marry him. She wants to spend lots of time with him first - as much as possible - and see what happens. If everything goes well, she'll marry him.
Number 32
Stonie is recounting his audition to Mal and Danni for clearly the twentieth time. Danni and Mal tell Angie and Stonie that four is a bit of a crowd in the house at the moment. Angie says she does her bit with washing and ironing, and she'll take over most of the cooking too. Danni is initially pleased, but then gets cross when she finds out that Angie has mended her ripped jeans!
Ramsay Street
Susan arrives home to hear loud guitar playing from inside the Kennedy house.
Susan shouts at Karl over the noise of the guitar and rolls her eyes. She tells him to keep it down, but Karl says he could be in a rock band! He starts serenading Susan!
SUSAN: I hope you know how lucky you are to have me!
Number 32
Karl's guitar playing is very loud and everyone can hear it even inside the living room. Danni and Mal tell Stonie that Angie is cramping their style and they can't handle it. Stonie says he'll have a word and get her to ease off. But Danni and Mal want Angie to move out. Stonie can't believe they want him to chuck out his own mother.
Lou and Cheryl's
Stonie's advert for the pub comes on the television and Cheryl watches it, stunned. Her lips form a thin line.
Radio Station
Cheryl turns up at the radio station for a word with Lou!
LOU:(into the microphone) And here's something for all you young lovers out there...
CHERYL: Louis!
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