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Neighbours Episode 2455 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2455
Australian airdate: 18/08/1995
UK airdate: 11/04/1996
UK Gold: 29/03/2002
Writer: Xenia Michael
Director: Robert Meillon
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ren keeps a vigil at Mark's bedside. Luke tells her he's there for her.
Lou tells Helen that her first commission is a portrait of the mayor - him!
Melissa says that every word she's heard about Billy is true. She runs out.
Mark's bedside
Luke gently wakes Ren up - she tells him blearily that she was having a dream that she was in the Coffee Shop and Luke was there. Mark was there too. She says sadly that he seemed other-wordly in her dream and Luke reassures her that it was just a dream. He tries to persuade her to go home for some rest but she wants to stay with Mark, in case he wakes up. She doesn't want him to wake up to a stranger.
Quintalena sees Melissa and asks her how things went with Billy. She admits that Billy came on strong to her - that the rumours were true. Quintalena says that Billy is a creep and Melissa should dump him.
Billy tries to approach Melissa, but Quintalena warns him off. Billy says it's none of her business and goes up to Melissa anyway.
BILLY: Mel, I'm really sorry.
QUINTALENA: That's what they all say!
Melissa agrees to meet him in the Coffee Shop at lunch time to allow Billy to explain.
The Pub
Marlene is listening to the racing on the radio when Sam comes in. He tells Marlene off for not visiting Mark because she was "too busy". But Marlene has a bet on and wants to listen to the race.
Luke comes in and says he wishes Marlene and Sam would find time to visit Mark in hospital. But Marlene is engrossed in the race. But she doesn't win - her horse is pipped to the post. Luke says it's karma - payback for not going to visit Mark. Marlene tells him not to be ridiculous - the good Lord doesn't spend his time fixing horse races!
Helen and Phil are chatting - Brett has rung from Canberra and everything is going well. Lou comes in for a chat about the competition - Helen wants to avoid the "grand manner" of portraiture and show the psychological depths. She shows Lou some portraits in a book that are "dignified, yet realistic". Lou asks Helen if she can do "paternal generosity"!
Coffee Shop
Billy is waiting for Melissa, but Quintalena comes in instead and calls him a loser. Annalise witnesses this exchange and comes over to see if Billy is OK. Annalise thinks the situation is odd - that Quintalena is so interested in the situation between Billy and Melissa. Annalise says Billy knows that Melissa isn't the type to want sex so young and suspects that Quintalena has been spreading rumours out of spite. She suggests that Billy talks to Melissa without Quin around.
The Pub
Phil brings Ren some magazines for Mark but she has a right go at Phil for not visiting Mark. Phil says if Mark hadn't become so self-righteous he'd still have a lot of friends. He apologises for upsetting Ren. Phil says he and Hannah will pop into the hospital this afternoon.
Coffee Shop
Billy has been stood up. He picks up his bag and leaves, dejectedly.
Lou tells Helen that he wants the portrait to stand out. Helen says she wants honesty in the portrait and proposes exploring Mayor Carpenter "uncensored"!
Marlene comes in and asks them if they have last night's lotto results. Lou shows her the numbers and Marlene thinks she might have won a small prize.
Number 24
Marlene finds her lotto ticket in a pocket - it's been put in the washing machine with the clothes and ruined. Sam says it's karma!
Coffee Shop
Marlene asks Phil if he can do anything about the ruined ticket - but he says the only thing she can do is to buy a ticket and wait for next week's draw! Marlene explains about her Mark karma theory, so she agrees to go along to the hospital with Phil to see Mark.
Number 24
Annalise and Sam are talking about the atmosphere between Jo and Cody - they're chalk and cheese. Annalise wishes they could have moved into Number 32. Sam talks about getting their own place but Annalise says that Jo would have to come with them! Sam promptly changes his tune and says they haven't got enough money right now!
Phil and Marlene have just got back from the hospital - but there's no change in Mark. Phil says it's very hard to talk to a comatose person. Oddly enough though, while she was there, Marlene found the lotto ticket in her bag - it wasn't ruined after all. She's won a third division prize.
Melissa has come to see Billy. They talk about Quintalena and realise she's been playing them off against each other. Billy thinks Quin might be jealous of them and has been spreading vicious rumours. They agree to think up some revenge.
Luke finds Ren crying at Mark's bedside - she's rung a relative and he can't come - he's up on the Gold Coast. She's fed up of her family leaving her to cope on her own and starts crying.
REN: I'm sorry, I'm so weak. I'm hopeless.
LUKE: No, Ren, you are NOT hopeless. You are wonderful. And beautiful. And brave and caring and I love you. And...I want to marry you!
REN: What?
LUKE: I want to marry you!
<<2454 - 2456>>
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