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Neighbours Episode 2445 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2445
Australian airdate: 04/08/95
UK airdate: 28/03/96
UK Gold: 15/03/02
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Danni moans that Mal and Stonie have been working on the advert TV without her.
- Billy is confused that Blair has stolen food from the Kennedy house.
Ramsay Street
Blair tells Billy he's not a crook, and awkwardly tells him that his mother is dead and he and Stacey live on their own. Their father has met someone else and taken off with her. He and Stacey are worried about being split up by Welfare. Billy agrees to keep his mouth shut and cover for them with Karl.
Chez Chez
Lou, Stonie, Danni and Brett are talking about filming the advert tonight. Well, Danni is mainly rolling her eyes. Stonie asks how much he'll be for doing the ad. Lou is evasive saying he gave Stonie his "big break"(!)
Danni doesn't think that Stonie is the right person for the advert, but Lou says Cheryl will love it(!)
Coffee Shop
Blair tells Stacey that Billy saw the food and he had to tell him. Stacey is beside herself, saying Billy will tell Susan. Blair says that Billy promised he wouldn't.
Stonie is looking at himself in a mirror and feeling rather nervous about the advert. Cody encourages him saying he'll be great. Stonie just hopes he doesn't look like an idiot(!) Cody says it doesn't really matter if it's a hit or a flop, it's just a bit of fun, really.
Danni and Mal are kissing. Mal says he's going to join Stonie at the pub and Danni starts moaning that she only sees Mal when Stonie is busy(!)
DANNI: Well, I'm sick of you and Stonefish hanging out together all the time! It's like you're Erinsborough's answer to Dumb and Dumber! I'm tired of playing second fiddle, Mal.
MAL: Second fiddle? Danni, you want to play the whole orchestra, alright, and I'm really sorry, but I can't handle that.
He stomps off.
Chez Chez
Stonie and Cody arrive for the TV shoot. Lou and Brett are already there. Danni is late. Lou tells Stonie that he'll need to change into a costume he and Brett have got prepared(!) It's a blue glittery dress.
Stonie is horrified, but Lou talks him round.
LOU: I'd do it myself, but I'd never get into the frock. It's decision time - wimp, or superstar?! What's it to be?
Stonie is changing into his dress in the pub toilet and Cody is waiting outside the cubicle. Stonie won't come out, so she goes into the next cubicle and looks over the top. Stonie hasn't put the dress on yet. Cody tells him it's no different to her dressing up as a man to play cricket.
STONIE: I'm going to look like the biggest dork of all time!
Danni is filming Stonie, dressed in the blue sequined dress and a ginger wig.
STONIE:(calmly) G'day. Crazy Cheryl here. And I think I've gone...(crazy voice) Stark Raving Mad woooooo!!!! Hahhhahahahahahahah!! This place! Chez Chez is cool and crazy and it's party time every night! With lie low prices and the best beer in town. And food! You want food? We got gourmet chips and dimis to die for! (throws chips). So, I don't care how you do it, grab a bus, grab a cab, strap on your skates, get ya mother to piggy- back ya! But get your butt on down to Chez Chez for a good time had by all. Nice to meet ya, Crazy Cheryl, that's my sister, Loony Louella! Ahhh, we'll take very special care of ya, Chez Chez, you'll love it!
LOU: ...and cut!
Everyone is very pleased (except Danni, obviously). Danni says that Cheryl will hate it, but Lou says it'll be fine when the punters come flooding in.
No.24, the following morning
Stonie says the advert was the most frightening thing he's ever done, but quite enjoyed the ad once he got going. Stonie tells Cody that he should stay over with her more often, but Cody reminds him it's just to give Mal and Danni some space.
Danni and Mal getting ready for school. Danni observes that Mal has two different personalities - one when he's with Stonie, and one when he's alone with her. Mal rolls his eyes and tells her that's rubbish. Danni pushes the point though, insisting that Mal can't see Stonie is taking advantage of him.
MAL: Not again, Danni. I am allowed to have a life, alright, or woul you rather I didn't? I'll kick Stonefish out, shall I? You know, get your permission before I talk to anyone.
Danni accuses Mal of over- reacting(!) and then starts on passive- aggressive crap that their relationship doesn't mean anything to Mal! Mal just rolls his eyes and tells her to grow up (not in so many words)
Mal and Stonie are sitting in History class. Stacey and Danni arrive late, so are put together for this morning's assignment. Danni has a right go at Stonie, saying he's keeping Mal away from her(!)
Stacey finds Billy. He tells her she'll have to do something about her situation. She aggressively tells him that he can't tell anyone. Billy warns her not to push things.
Chez Chez
Lou and Cody are watching the rough cut of Stonie's advert. They love it - it *is* over the top, but it works. Lou's hoping to have a whole string of adverts starring Stonie as Crazy Cheryl.
Just then, Cheryl rings up and Lou tells her the advert is great. She warns him that the advert is all about "image, reputation, style and elegance".
LOU: You took the words right out of my mouth!
After Lou has put the phone down, Cody warns him that Cheryl is going to kill him(!)
Stonie grabs some papers off Brett, which are fanmail faxes following the newspaper article(!) Brett can't believe he's had girls wanting to go out with him. Stonie tells Brett he is senitive, honest and intelligent and that is very attractive to women.
STONIE: You're in, mate! Even *I* admire ya!
Brett is pleased.
STONIE: Remember mate, you're no nerd. And you've got the faxes to prove it.
Danni is ranting at Mal for being Stonie's assignment partner today, instead of going with her. Oh, give it a rest, love. Mal is looking very long- suffering, and who can blame him. Mal says that Danni was late, so the partners were already assigned.
MAL: Look, I'm sick of explaining myself to you. He's a mate, and you're just going to have to cop that!
Danni just rants further. A horn beeps outside - it's Stonie, come to give Mal a driving lesson. He gratefully gets up to leave.
DANNI: Look, Malcolm, you make up your mind, once and for all. Me, or Stonefish (I know which one I'd choose)
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