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Neighbours Episode 2442 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2442
Australian airdate: 01/08/1995
UK airdate: 25/03/1996
UK Gold: 12/03/2002
Writer: Dianne Dempsey
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Hannah tells Phil that she ran in front of the car because she was trying to get away from Mark.
Mal tells Stonie that his place in their house is permanent.
Karl makes Melissa cry over lunch.
Number 32
Danni and Mal are using Stonie's computer. Danni asks Stonie to make her something to eat. Stonie asks Danni what her last slave died of.
Danni tells Mal off for tearing up Stonie's contract. Mal gets angry with her and says that Danni does nothing around the house - she's very selfish.
Susan tells Karl off for upsetting Melissa - she's very shy and Karl tortured her. Susan says that Karl behaved exactly like his father when he first met her. Karl says that everyone is too sensitive - Susan says that everyone is sensitive, all except the Kennedys!
Melissa is upset about what happened at dinner. Billy says that she had good reason - Karl was horrible to her. Melissa is embarrassed and feels stupid.
BILLY: Most people try to kill themselves after five minutes with Dad. It's a wonder his patient ever get better.
Melissa doesn't think that Billy will want to take her out today, but he does. They have a pash (how romantic!)
Melissa asks Billy if she wants to come round to her place tonight. He is very keen on this idea(!)
Cody and Jen are making a house of cards out of beer mats. Jen is fed up of Luke crashing in at 4am in the morning. She thinks he's quite lonely really. Lou comes up and tells them that he's starting a TV campaign for Chez Chez.
Helen is gardening when Phil comes up. He's got a postcard and audio tape from China. Helen tells him she's going to do some painting later. She tells Phil she's worried about Mark - she thinks someone should sit him down and talk to him. She suggests Father Michael. Phil says that he thinks Mark is past the friendly chat stage.
Number 24
Cody is dressing Hannah's arm for her. They chat about Mark - Hannah says the kids at school think he's a nut case.
Mark comes round at that moment to give them some oranges for Mark and Annalise. He sees Hannah there and says hello. She tries to hide. Cody tries to get rid of Mark but he starts talking about keeping her spirit balanced. He says he'll come in and wait for Sam to wake up - he needs to know if he likes artichokes(!) On hearing this, Hannah makes a swift exit. Cody is forced to invite Mark in.
Mark tells Cody that sin is everywhere. She decides to put the kettle on!
Number 32
Danni has made dinner for Stonie and Mal. They're impressed with her cooking, but Stonie thinks his tastes funny - it's too hot. Danni giggles. Mal tastes Stonie's food and finds that Danni has put pepper on it. He calls her a witch and tells her to grow up. He gets up to go and buy Stonie a pizza.
Coffee Shop
Stonie, Mal and Cody are buying pizza. They sit at a table to wait for Cody's bread and tuck into their pizza.
Father Michael goes into the kitchen to talk to Mark who is pleased to see him. He says he'd like a chat to him later.
Billy has had a pleasant evening at Melissa's house - her parents made him feel welcome. Billy tells Karl off for saying nasty things.
KARL: How about we invite Melissa over and show her some real Kennedy hospitality?
BILLY: No thanks, Dad, she likes me at the moment!
Karl says he'll be on his best behaviour. Billy says he'll ask Melissa, but she doesn't think she will.
KARL:(to Susan) Am I really as bad as he thinks?
SUSAN:(sarcastically) No. You're just...misunderstood.
Mal, Stonie and Cody come in. Mal rings Danni and tells her he's at the pub. She wants him to come home, but he suggests she joins them for a game of darts. Danni says if he doesn't come home now, she might not be there when he gets back.
Stonie asks Mal is he's a man or a mouse!
Coffee Shop
Mark says that God has protected him recently - he thinks God has a divine mission for him: to turn the tide of immorality. Father Michael says that's waht the church does, but Mark thinks the church is too soft. Father Michael says that the gospel is one of love. But Mark says the world is dirty and they need a different message! Father Michael says that he could have reached out to young people, but instead he's pushed them away - he can't spread any message if noone will listen. He advises Mark to go to his bible - that without charity they are nothing. Mark says he's been chosen to tread another path and Father Michael won't distract him from it.
FATHER MICHAEL: Then, I wish you well, and I'll pray for you.
MARK: And I'll pray for you.
(Is that the men in white coats I hear??)
Phil, Jen, Cody, Lou, Mal, Cody and Stonie are discussing Lou's advertising campaign for TV. They can't think of anything good. SUddenly Stonie says that they need something big, loud and annoying - it is for late night telly after all. Lou says that everyone remembers the awful ads, so they should be as awful as possible. Stonie suggests Cheryl as the Spirit of Chez Chez..."Cheryl Stark - Stark raving mad!" Stonie says it's what his media teacher called the "Wow" factor. Lou says he wants Stonie to do the ad!
Number 32, the following morning
Danni is pouting that Mal came home late. They tell her about the TV ad and Danni hates the idea - she says they shouldn't have gone ahead without her. Mal says that he did ask Danni to join them and she apologises for being stubborn. She suggests a romantic evening tonight but Mal has plans to go to the football.
Garden of the Robinsons
Father Michael and Helen are chatting about Mark. He says he think Mark is having a nervous breakdown and needs professional help. However, they can't force him to seek help. He asks Helen to play gently persuasion.
Number 32
Mal and Stonie are getting ready to go to the footy. Danni is being very nice about the football in an effort to make things up to him. Cody comes in and says she's going to the football too. Danni isn't pleased that everyone is going except her. She feels unwanted. She tells Mal she wouldn't come now if he begged her.
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