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Neighbours Episode 2424 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2424
Australian airdate: 06/07/95
UK airdate: 28/02/96
UK Gold: 14/02/02
Writer: Deborah Sheldon
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Brook Allen: Felix Nobis
Miranda Starvaggi: Leah De Niese
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
Phil tells Jen that she can't have everything in their relationship on her own terms.
Popstar Dayle is very rude to Libby when she interviews him.
Mal tells Karl that he won't come home.
No.32, morning
Danni goes for a shower and shrieks when she finds Stonie sleeping in the bathtub(!) Mal tries to get Stonie to help him clean up after the party, but he says he's going home! Danni has to go too, leaving Mal to clean up alone!
Luke asks Jen what's going on between her and Phil but she is unforthcoming. She finally tells Luke that she hasn't been treating Phil very well - now he's made some ground rules, but they are very fair ones. Now Brooke has added a complication - Jen misses the excitement of her life with Brook.
Just then, Brook comes in and invites Jen to drink champagne with him in a hot air balloon. Luke points out that you have to book for hot-air ballooning and Brook is forced to admit that he didn't. They are forced to cancel.
Hannah is waiting for a letter from Dayle, but there's only a gas bill. She asks Phil about Jen and Phil says the situation is complicated. Hannah gives him a hug and tells him that being an adult is kind of tricky.
Miranda and Hannah show Phil their dance to Dayle's latest song, but Phil says that Dayle's songs all sound the same. When Phil has gone, Hannah tells Miranda that she's written to Dayle asking him to visit her. Miranda thinks she doesn't have a prayer, but Hannah explains that she claimed she was terminally ill in the letter(!)
The Pub
Jen and Brook are having a drink. Jen tells Brook that he's impulsive and probably still as unreliable as he used to be. Brook reckons he's a changed man, and he can still feel something between them.
JEN: Look, we had some fun times. But I need more than that now.
BROOK: What, stability? Because that's exactly where I'm coming from.
JEN: I find that hard to believe. Anyway, stability's not all I need.
BROOK: But you do need it. And er...I can dig that. I want to put down some roots, right here in Erinsborough. I'm tired of drifting.
JEN: You'd be bored in five minutes flat!
BROOK: Not with you.
He puts his hand on top of Jen's.
BROOK: I want to settle down with you, Jen.
Ren asks Luke why the Coffee Shop is closed and they wonder where Mark is. Ren offers to come down and do the afternoon shift with Luke.
Before they leave, a bit of a moment comes between them. They decide to talk later tonight.
The Pub
Jen tells Brooke that she needs a man who is reliable and secure, and that's not Brook.
JEN: Philip is dependable, and he loves me.
BROOK: Do you love him?
JEN: ...
BROOK: You're not sure. Just give me one chance, Jen, and I'll blow him out of the water.
JEN: This isn't a competition here!
BROOK: Yes it is. And I'm not stopping until I win.
JEN: Look, I told you, I'm with Philip and that is it. You're wasting your time.
Just then, Phil comes in and tell them they look rather serious.
BROOK: Just chill out, will you, Phil?
PHIL: No, I will not chill out. Jen, everytime I turn around you're with this bloke, are you trying to tell me something?
JEN: Philip, don't get angry. Look, I can explain to you.
PHIL: Explain what? Jen, I am sick of this. I think you've made your decision.
He walks out.
BROOK: What a jerk.
JEN: He's upset.
BROOK: Yeah, well, that's because he knows he's already lost.
JEN: Brook. You're the jerk.
Mal and Danni's hire furniture has now arrived. Karl drops around for a chat and tells Mal that Susan misses him terribly. Mal starts to fly off the handle, but Karl calms him down and says that noone will force him to come home. He's been thinking about how he was at Mal's age. He turned down a trip to go backpacking becaues it seemed to scary. He admires Mal's independence, but asks Mal not to push the point with Susan.
Hannah and Miranda are drawing pictures of Dayle when Jen drops around. Unfortunately Phil isn't there. Miranda comments about what a "spunk" Brook is! Jen asks Hannah to ask Phil to contact her urgently when he gets back.
The Pub
Susan tells Danni that she and Mal have proved they can live on their own, and asks them not to stay at No.32 just to spite Karl. But Danni says they're not kids anymore. Susan says she was about Danni's age when she moved out of home. She feels she missed out on some very important years that should have been fun, not in household responsibility. She wishes she could have them back.
DANNI: You wouldn't be what you are now if you hadn't done those things. You wouldn't have your life any other way. Would you?
Susan looks conflicted.
SUSAN: No, I suppose not.
She does not look convinced.
Stonie pops in to see Cody. He starts messing about with a plant, but Cody tells him she's at work and she has to take it seriously. She's not interested in his schoolboy pranks. Stonie looks hurt.
Mal has mad a spaghetti bolognaise for him and Danni. They adjourn to the sofa and Mal tells her that he'll try carbonara tomorrow. Mal tells him about Karl's visit and that he said he was proud of them. Danni tells him that she saw Susan. Danni has got thinking - maybe Susan is right. But Mal reckons it's just a new tactic to get them home on Karl and Susan's part.
Susan is rather agitated.
KARL: He'll come home soon, Susan.
SUSAN: If he doesn't, I'll never forgive you.
Susan is angry at Karl for his actions - not Danni and Mal feel they have a point to prove. She also bangs on about Marlene's gnome and Karl says that Susan was more forgiving back in their Uni days.
The Pub
Brook comes in and talks to Phil at the bar. He tells him outright that he wants Jen back, and he'll do it, too. He can offer fun, adventure and excitement while Phil is Mr Surburbia with a bald spot and a middle-aged spread. He reckons Phil is brainwashing Jen and it won't be long before she wakes up.
PHIL: Now you listen to me. If you think you've got what it takes, fine. But Jen's got a mind of her own. She can decide between us once and for all.
BROOK: You sure?
Hannah and Miranda are doing a quiz about Dayle. The phone rings and it's for Hannah. She's shocked to find that it's Dayle's tour manager.
HANNAH: He is? He does? He will?
Dayle is coming to visit! Hannah and Miranda jump up and down in excitement.
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Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2424
Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy, Stonie Rebecchi

Jen Handley, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2424
Jen Handley, Luke Handley

Jen Handley, Brook Allen in Neighbours Episode 2424
Jen Handley, Brook Allen

Hannah Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2424
Hannah Martin, Philip Martin

Miranda Starvaggi in Neighbours Episode 2424
Miranda Starvaggi

Jen Handley, Brook Allen in Neighbours Episode 2424
Jen Handley, Brook Allen

Ren Gottlieb, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2424
Ren Gottlieb, Luke Handley

Jen Handley, Philip Martin, Brook Allen in Neighbours Episode 2424
Jen Handley, Philip Martin, Brook Allen

Malcolm Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2424
Malcolm Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Jen Handley, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2424
Jen Handley, Hannah Martin

Danni Stark, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2424
Danni Stark, Susan Kennedy

Stonie Rebecchi, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2424
Stonie Rebecchi, Cody Willis

Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2424
Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2424
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Brook Allen, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2424
Brook Allen, Philip Martin

Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2424
Hannah Martin

Miranda Starvaggi, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2424
Miranda Starvaggi, Hannah Martin

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