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Neighbours Episode 2409 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2409
Australian airdate: 15/06/95
UK airdate: 07/02/96
UK Gold: 24/01/02
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Jen tells Cody she's worried that Phil is going to propose.
- The Dayle fan club knock over Helen's painting of Reuben and it is smudged.
Coffee Shop
Libby comes in and tells Karl he's grounded for two more days. He stomps off. Luke tells Libby that Karl has been very tetchy lately. Libby asks Luke if she can meet up with Ren to discuss her World Vision essay.
Phil comes in and asks Luke to make a cake for Jen's birthday. Luke mentions in conversation that it's Jen's 30th birthday, and Phil says that explains Jen's mood!
Helen and Lucy are discussing the smudged picture. Lucy says she'll just have to tell Helen the truth.
Brett, Libby, Lou and Helen are discussing Sid's predicament. Brett says that the council could employ Sid as a gardener to keep the land tidy. Lou thinks it might work, unless the council have other plans for the place. They decide to go round and see Sid.
Cheryl asks Mal to wait outside as he's not 18 and isn't accompanied by an adult. Danni says she's accompanying him! Cheryl says maybe Malcolm could start calling her mum and paying board(!) He looks a bit worried, and makes a sharp exit, which of course, is what Cheryl wanted!
Phil is telling Hannah off for having a party without permission and wrecking the painting. She is contrite. Helen comes in and tells them about the plan to get the council to employ Sid.
Hannah is forced to confess about the painting. She tells Helen she's very sorry. Helen takes it well and says she's sure she can repair the damage. Anyway painting it gave her a lot of pleasure, and not she gets to do it again. They hug.
Karl is in a right strop tonight. He snipes at Susan and Libby, then puts the TV on. Libby tells him that he's not allowed TV because he's grounded. Karl storms out.
No.22 (outside)
Karl storms round the front of the house, shouting for Malcolm at the top of his voice.
KARL: MALCOLM!!! Get out here now so I can wring your neck!
Cody and Jen watch from the window of No.26.
CODY: The guy's lost it!
In the background, Karl is ranting away.
No.22 (inside)
Malcolm and Danni are doing pottery and hear Karl's ranting. They go to open the door.
Karl bundles Mal out of the house and marches him over to No.28.
Karl rants at Malcolm, saying he has to do his chores at No.28. Malcolm thinks it's because he's with Danni all the time.
MALCOLM: You're losing control of me, and you can't stand that. That is the truth.
He stomps off to his room.
SUSAN: Well, do you think you could have handle that any worse?
KARL: He's home, isn't he?
No.22, the following morning
Brett asks Libby if any blood was spilt last night. Libby says Karl has been a bit crazy lately. Libby asks Lou is they can write a letter to lobby the council about Sid's land. He agrees to help her once he's got his work done.
Mal and Karl are having another row about responsible relationships. Mal says he and Danni are being responsible, Karl is the one acting like a crazy person. Susan tells Karl that Malcolm isn't the one who's acting immaturely.
KARL: Did I really make such an idiot of myself last night?
SUSAN: Yes! But, never mind, we can handle the humilation and social ostricism!
Karl says he feels so old and irrelevant at times. Susan hugs him. He tells Susan that they weren't very much older than Mal when they themselves got together.
Mal tells Danni that Karl is behaving very strangely. He says Karl will have to get used to them being in love though.
Phil and Lucy are putting up balloons for Jen's birthday. Phil is still dark at Hannah for damaging the painting.
Libby and Brett pop round and tell Helen they want to run an article about Sid in the student magazine. She thinks it's a good idea.
Coffee Shop
Jen is delaying going home. Cody says she's sure Phil isn't going to propose, but Jen is still worried.
Karl and Susan comes in and find Malcolm sitting at the counter. He asks them for a chat. He tells them that he'll do all his chores around the house, but in return, they have to let him live his life the way he wants - like being able to invite Danni over. Karl says he and Susan will have to talk about it.
Jen and Cody arrive. She's really surprised to see the house decorated and everyone there! Phil sits her down to open her presents. He picks up a small jewellery box and gives it to her to open. She apprehensively does so. To her great relief, there are earrings inside!
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