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Neighbours Episode 2382 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2382
Australian airdate: 09/05/95
UK airdate: 01/01/96
UK Gold: 18/12/01
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Billy's birthday is today but he wants to keep it a secret from Toadie!
Libby comes up looking very down and tells Brett what happened with Luke - that Luke dumped her. Brett hugs Libby in sympathy.
Karl and Susan are feeling a bit guilty about their part in the plan with Luke.
Susan is filling in on reception again, but just then the new temp, Olive, arrives.
Toadie and Hannah are chatting and Hannah lets slip that it's Billy's birthday today. Toadie says he's the organiser of birthday bashings at Erinsborough High. Hannah punches Toadie in the face and he falls to the ground! Then she rubs her fist in pain!
Lucy has got an interview for reception work with Karl. She's not sure she'll get it though as Karl and her have had a run in. Helen tells her to go anyway and Lucy says she will - and she'll do her best.
Later at the Martins
Reuben and Helen are looking at wedding locations and are considering a hotel in the country.
Lucy comes in dressed up for her interview. Jen says she could think of the interviewer in his underwear - she finds it always helps to settle her nerves.
LUCY: Karl Kennedy in his underwear!
HELEN: Mmmm yes, what a thought!
Lucy apologises to Phil for being rude to him recently.
Lucy arrives for her interview and Olive tells her to take a seat as they're running late. Sandy Morris is sitting in the waiting room too.
Lucy sits down next to another applicant. They start chatting and it turns out the other applicant is a doctor, but he's from Ghana and his qualifications aren't recognised here.
LUCY: Have you been for many interviews?
LUCY: I've just come home from England, so this is my first job interview since I've been back...so I'm a bit nervous!
CHAP FROM GHANA: Oh, same here!
LUCY: Don't worry, I've been reliably informed that a good doctor is only human.
CHAP FROM GHANA: Oh really? (laughs)
LUCY: I know, it's hard to believe isn't it! But they say if you imagine the person interviewing you in their underwear, this helps.
CHAP FROM GHANA: I'll give it a try.
LUCY: Good luck!
At that moment Karl comes out of his office to call in the next candidate.
KARL: Mr Uwusu, would you like to come on in?
Mr Uwusu stands up, and when the camera pans back to Karl he is wearing a red vest and red underpants! Lucy laughs to herself.
Brett invites Libby back to his place to do homework and take her mind off Luke.
Toadie chases after Billy and Billy tells him he's not very big on birthdays. Toadie starts giving Billy a birthday bashing, but just then Hannah comes by.
HANNAH: Jarrod Rebecchi! Stop that right now!
Toadie immediately stops and stands up guiltily!
Sandy is being interviewed. She goes into Karl's office and addressed him as "Darling" saying that they both know why she's here. She is very suggestive towards Karl telling him she knows she's got the job already. She'll come back at five PM and then they can celebrate. (Complete nutter!!)
Reuben and Helen are going to drive up to the coast to look at a wedding location. They are quite lovey-dovey with each other, bless them.
When they've gone, Phil is getting a bit frisky with Jen, but she says she has to go and get her sculpting stuff. Phil says she could bring her sculpting stuff to the Martin house.
PHIL: Love you, love your sculpting!
Hannah talks to Brett, Libby and Mal about Billy's birthday present. She suggests some clippers and they all think it's a good idea. Hannah asks the guys to chip in, but Mal and Libby have already got Billy something. Brett agrees to put $20 in though.
Luke comes up and asks Libby if they can have a talk. Libby says she doesn't want to be humiliated any more and walks off with Brett and Mal.
Lucy comes in for her interview. Karl is a bit frosty towards her and asks if she's getting counselling for her problem - she says she is. Karl says he doesn't want her for the receptionist job, saying that she hasn't really sought professional help. He can't risk hiring anyone who potentially has a drug and alcohol problem.
KARL: I'm sorry to be so blunt about it, but I'm sure you would have seen through any polite lies I might have thought of.
LUCY: (starting to cry) Thanks, Dr Kennedy. But actually, I think I would have preferred the lies.
The Pub
Lucy is sitting outside the pub having a large glass of wine. Luke comes out and sees her there. She tells him she's having a really bad day and can't find Mark anywhere. Luke sits down with her and says she can talk to him if she wants - he's not too happy himself. He suggests they have a coffee and Lucy agrees. When Luke has gone, she pours the glass of wine into a bush.
Mal has been cooking cakes for Billy's birthday and Toadie, Hannah and Billy are eating them. Toadie and Hannah glare at each other angrily.
Susan wonders where Libby is.
Lou and Cheryl's
Mal has come to get Libby, but she doesn't want to go home because she's mad at Karl and Susan. Mal points out that she can't take it out on Billy though. She agrees just to come for Billy's party, but she's not speaking to Susan and Karl. If they try to speak to her, Mal has to answer to take the heat off her!
Reuben has given Helen a lovely brooch. Helen says Reuben has given her so much - she wants to reciprocate but doesn't know how. Helen says she'd like to paint his portrait though. Reuben says it will be an honour.
Phil and Jen comes in with a large amount of sculpture equipment in tow!
SUSAN: Libby, could you give me a hand with this icing please?
MAL: I'll do it, Mum!
Billy is desperate to open some of his presents, so Susan agrees that they don't have to wait for Karl, as he's already late.
Billy opens a present from Toadie.
BILLY: It's a magazine subscription.
TOADIE: To Ambrosia!
SUSAN: Oh good, I've been wondering how to get Billy interested in cooking!
Billy opens a joint present from Mal and Libby - it's a picture of Cassie. Billy loves it.
TOADIE: Just what every teenage boy dreams about - a picture of a sheep!
Billy opens the clippers from Hannah and Brett and is really pleased with them.
Susan has cottoned on to the fact that Mal is answering for Libby all the time and doesn't look too chuffed.
Sandy Morris has turned up with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Karl tells her that she's misunderstood as Sandy corners him.
SANDY: Don't be scared darling, I won't hurt you, I love you. I love you! I love you!
She pushes Karl against the filing cabinet!
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