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Neighbours Episode 2379 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2379
Australian airdate: 04/05/95
UK airdate: 27/12/95
UK Gold: 13/12/01
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Grant Fenn
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mark is sacked for giving left-over food to the homeless people.
Lucy tells Annalise that she's set her sights on Mark.
Karl rants at Luke after finding him kissing Libby. He warns Luke to keep away from her.
Karl tells Susan that Libby is completely grounded for carrying on with Luke. Susan isn't pleased and tells Karl off for embarrassing Libby. Karl won't hear any of it, and won't hear Susan's protests that Libby is nearly a grown woman. Susan says it's just a phase - she's not thrilled with it either, but the best they can do is listen and advise. Karl thinks that locking Libby in her room will do the trick though!
Number 30
Luke is telling Ren and Mark what happened with Libby and Karl at the Coffee Shop. Mark is still fed up of looking for a job.
Ren has got a postcard from Rick who is having a great time diving and water ski-ing. He also says hi to Cody.
Luke is still fed up of Libby chasing after him - but he thinks Karl is the problem, not Libby and goes off to tell him his side of the story.
Number 24
Ren shows Cody the postcard from Rick. She's surprised that she's the one passing on the messages, but Cody says that she rang Rick last week and told him she wanted to cool off. She still loves Rick, but that he's missing out on stuff being tied to her. Sort of a "If you love someone, set them free" situation.
Ren is still waiting for Danni to sign the contract with her firm - she wants Cheryl look over it first.
Marlene comes in and tells them that Rhonda is a godsend at work.
Ren asks Cody if something's going on with Stonefish but she says there isn't. Ren and Jen look knowing though.
The Pub
Karl is trying not to rip Luke's head off. Luke tells Karl to calm down and listen to his side of things. He tells Karl he's fond of Libby and doesn't want to hurt her feelings - he thought Libby's feelings would run their course in a week or two. Karl says Libby isn't that fickle and Luke must set Libby straight.
Number 30
Mark is still trying to get Lucy to go to Alcoholics Anonymous. She says she's been to the Alcohol Foundation Centre and they've recommended a supporter scheme. Apparently that person is clean and supports you through withdrawal. Lucy wants Mark to be her supporter. Mark says he wants to find a bit more about it before he agrees. He says he's glad that Lucy is taking her problems seriously though. Lucy persuades him further and he eventually agrees.
Karl comes in to find Susan panicking - Libby isn't in her room, she thinks she's run off.
Susan starts ringing all of Libby's friends while Karl prepares to go and knock on all the houses in Ramsay Street. Just then Luke comes round. Apparently Libby has left a message with Mark that she's spending the night with friends, but she didn't say which ones.
Susan is furious with Karl - ranting that he's caused all of this.
Outside the Coffee Shop, the following morning
Cody and Jen are looking through a list of Uni clubs that they could join. Mark joins them and tells them to join the Record Busters - he's joined already. Cody looks doubtful, but Mark says he's not super-serious and boring now he's a priest. Apparently the club thinks up crazy World Record and then tries to break them, for example the World's Longest Sausage Roll. Cody and Jen agree to sign up for a laugh.
Inside the Coffee Shop
Susan is telling Luke that Libby came home for breakfast this morning, in time to get off to school for her first class. Susan asks Luke to send her home if he sees her. He agrees. He admits that he has feelings for Libby, but knows that it can't work. Susan says maybe Luke can make the point another way - to make Libby realise she wasn't ready for a serious relationship. Susan suggests that Luke comes on strong to make her run a mile. Luke isn't sure - it might backfire! He says it's worth a try. Susan says Karl will insist on a no physical contact plan!
Susan says that Luke could take Libby to a really boring GP Association cocktail party tonight - it's usually deathly boring.
Bric-a-brac shop
Danni has come to have a "browse around" much to Marlene's suspicion - Danni normally sticks to designer labels. Danni says she's looking for some work clothes - she loves her job, but the cost of the clothes for it is sending her broke.
Sandy Morris has turned up and Susan answers the door to her. Sandy wants to see Libby to talk to her about photography. Sandy says very creepily that she'll try to catch Libby another time.
Ramsay Street
Cody and Jen have set up a badminton net so they can go for the World Record shuttlecock keeping-up record. Ren and Danni are watching. Jen accidentally hits Sandy Morris with the shuttlecock and she walks off holding her head.
Cody thinks she knows Sandy from somewhere.
Coffee Shop
Mark and Lucy are having lunch, but Lucy is hardly eating anything, nothing more than a salad. Mark tells Luke that he has a business proposition for him.
Lucy shows Mark her "getting straight" diary - she's going to record her feelings to help her understand herself. She says she's determined to kick the booze and the pills whatever it takes.
LUCY: Then, I might have a chance with you.
Ramsay Street
Jen and Cody are still playing badminton. Mark takes over Cody's racket and Lucy takes over from Jen. Lucy is quite good.
Number 24
Marlene tells Cody that Rick has just called and wants her to ring back. Marlene wants to know if they've had a fight, but Cody says a long-distance relationship is hard. She cares for him, but they have separate lives now. Marlene says Cody's a sensible girl and she thinks it's best for both of them that they split up.
Coffee Shop
Sandy Morris approaches Karl and says she's had a nasty run-in with a shuttlecock. He tells her to ring the surgery and make an appointment.
Luke and Karl talk about Susan's plan - Karl is not convinced that it's a sensible plan, but he'll reluctantly go along with it.
Ramsay Street
Mark and Jen are playing badminton. Marlene nags to take over for the last 30 seconds. Marlene is quite good, but then misses the shuttlecock with 8 seconds to go.
Coffee Shop
Mark has come to see Luke. He says he wants to buy the Coffee Shop from Annalise and extend it with the pizza business. He wants Luke to work with him, since he has experience in pizza-delivery. Luke agrees to work for Mark if the deal comes off.
Karl and Susan come in to find the furniture re-arranged. They suspiciously look round. Sandy is watching them from outside the window.
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