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Neighbours Episode 2364 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2364
Australian airdate: 13/04/95
UK airdate: 06/12/95
UK Gold: 22/11/01
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Chris Martin-Jones
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Phil accidentally calls Jen "Jules".
- Sam loses a lot of money on the horse racing.
- Karl and Susan look at Libby's shots of Luke - one appears to be of his bum.
Marlene is berating Sam for being so stupid with the gambling. He says he just had a bad day and he'd be OK next time(!) She reminds him that Annalise is coming home and he'll need some money in his pocket. Marlene says that his grandfather ruined his life betting and she doesn't want Sam to follow him!
Easter Fayre
The cutest pet competition is being judged. Danni and Mal are looking on, while throwing dirty looks at each other. Paco is also there.
Cassie is named the winner of the competition and Tanya congratulates Billy.
Danni goes over to Paco and angrily tells her to lay off Malcolm. Paco says that Danni treats Mal like dirt and anyway Mal has the right to choose who he wants - may the best woman win.
Mal and Libby talk about Tanya - Billy seems to have switched his affections from Paco to Tanya. Meanwhile, Toadie is trying to crack on to Tanya. They all head off home together, and Mark goes with them.
Libby goes over to Danni and tells her that Mal isn't really interested in Paco - she's just being a troublemaker. Danni is surprised, but pleased and thanks Libby.
Libby comes in and Karl immediately starts on her about the photos.
KARL: Photos of Luke Handley - nude photographs!
LIBBY: Nude photos?!
KARL: You're not denying you took these?
LIBBY: I didn't take any nude photos!
KARL: Excuse me?
He shows her some pictures of Luke.
LIBBY: He was not nude, he just...
KARL: You obviously think I'm old and senile, Elizabeth, but I've still got my eyesight and I have been through these photos...
LIBBY: Listen to me for a minute!
SUSAN: Karl, let her explain!
KARL: Alright, explain that! You'd better make it good.
He hands her the photo of Luke's bum.
LIBBY: It's perfectly simple, Dad. I asked Luke to pose and for some of the shots he had to take his shirt off. This one...
KARL: Yes?!
LIBBY: I can see what you might think...well, that it's Luke's bum, but it's not! It's just a close- up of his forearm.
KARL: Oh, I don't think so!
Libby demonstrates using her own arm and Karl tries it out on his own too.
KARL:(quietly) Sorry...uh...I seem to have made a mistake.
Susan rolls her eyes and Karl apologises further to Libby, saying he should have known she'd have more sense that to get involved with a boy of Luke Handley's age. Libby looks a bit guilty.
Coffee Shop
Danni has come to apologise to Mal for going mad about Paco. He confirms that he doesn't like Paco, and Danni promises that she won't try to change him from now on. They kiss. before she goes, Danni tells him about her nightclub job. Mal says he won't be able to come in there as he's still underage, but he's pleased for her.
Toadie is telling Tanya that Billy is a loser because he has asthma, but it turns out she's asthmatic too! She and Billy bond over asthma and Tanya recommends swimming. Toadie looks downcast(!)
Susan urges Karl to go to bed, but he's insisting on coughing on the sofa. Susan says they'll all pretend to be patients and Karl can practice on them (since he won't go to bed himself)
Marlene tells Sam she's had a letter from Bianca, who has arranged to meet her mother. Enclosed is a cheque for Sam - the money she owes him. He's surprised and Marlene hopes that Sam isn't going to gamble it away. He says he'll do what he likes!
Mal is pretending to be a patient with dandruff(!) The rest of the family hold up cards with low scores on them! Billy is next and says he wants advice about asthma. He asks about swimming and Karl says he could. He agrees to think about medication *and* exercise when he sees his real patients.
Ramsay Street
Cody rides up to Sam, Tanya and Mark on a scooter which she's just got. Sam, Mark and Tanya are off to the Youth centre.
Youth Centre
Billy and Tanya are in the carpentry class. Toadie turns up and cramps Billy's style. Danni and Mal are also there "to support Sam". Paco, Libby and Brett are there too! (Ramsay Street are propping up this class!)
Libby tells Brett that she really likes Luke, and he likes her too, but he won't admit it.
Mark introduces Sam to the class.
Cody and Marlene are chatting. She asks Marlene awkwardly if she can move back into No.22 as it's a bit crowded at the Robinsons now. Marlene says it's a bit full there too with Bianca and Annalise arriving.
Youth Centre
Toadie and Billy are bickering over Tanya and Mal and Danni are causing a health and safety hazard by kissing(!) Brett is doing quite well and has made a drawer. Brett asks Sam if he can offer him any carpentry work while Bianca is away, and Sam agrees.
Cody is very down tonight and explains to Jen that she might have to move out of Ramsay Street.
CODY: I've been here so long, Jen. Now I feel so unwanted and so alone.
<<2363 - 2365>>
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