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Neighbours Episode 2347 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2347
Australian airdate: 21/03/95
UK airdate: 13/11/95
UK Gold: 30/10/01
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Reuben White: James Condon
Kingston White: Simon Wilton
Bar Person: Darrin Atkinson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Helen goes out with Reuben to a gallery opening.
- Phil tells Susan that he's joined a dating club.
- Ren tells Danni that she'll get cheap labour for their clothes.
- Reuben tells Helen that he's going to "woo her like she's never been wooed before"
Phil is riding his exercise bike in the kitchen, next to the breakfast table (nice!) Helen, Hannah and Cody are tucking into toast and grilling Helen for details of her date!
Mark arrives home and Ren greets him. Luke staggers out of bed and Ren introduces him to Mark. Mark had a good time in the Outback and found it a real challenge. But he's come back early because he was "homesick".
Marlene tells Sam that Bianca has left early for her first day at college. Sam is looking for a stamp for a letter. Marlene is in a rush to go and see Helen and then open the shop as Val has an interview for a full- time post this morning. Sam offers to open the shop for her.
Phil, Cody and Hannah are rushing out when Marlene arrives. She wants to hear all about Helen's date!
Mark is admiring some clothes Ren has made on Danni's design. He starts talking about the drought in the Outback and its effects - it changed his idea about a lot of things. Ren isn't really listening and is more interested in asking Mark to invest in her business. He is not pleased.
Marlene and Helen are having a cup of tea when Reuben calls round with a massive bunch of flowers! She invites him in and Marlene babbles about Helen helping out at the Youth Centre. Reuben says he doesn't plan to allow Helen much time for extra- curricular activities - unless they involve him! He kisses Helen's hand.
Cody asks Sam to be her partner for a dinner with her tutorial group, and he agrees. He asks her to post a letter for him.
Sam comes in and can hear some moaning noises. It turns out to be Phil doing situps in the back room(!) He's trying to get fit for his dating club. Sam has come to buy some more paper and envelopes. They talk about dating and Sam thinks the right person is usually someone you've known all along, not a new person.
Reuben and Helen are having dinner. Reuben is coming on a bit strong, but Helen doesn't mind because she tells Reuben that she thinks she's falling in love with him.
This tender moment is interrupted by Kingston, who is Reuben's grandson. He wants final approval for design changes before he sends them to Hong Kong. Ren comes in looking for Cheryl and admires the designs. Helen introduces Ren to Kingston and they get talking about manufacturing. Kingston asks her to consider his factory and she agrees. They both head off.
Kingston and Ren are having a heart- to- heart about work. While Ren is off getting some of her clothes, Mark comes in and Kingston introduces himself. Ren comes back with a suit she's made and tells Kingston it's all her own work (even the designs!)
Sam sees Cody studying and sits down with her. Then Luke arrives, much to Cody's consternation, as she's trying to study. She tells them both to go away!
Mark tells Ren off for telling Kingston that Danni's designs were hers. She says angrily that she didn't want to complicate things, and besides, she deserves the credit for getting the business going.
Youth Centre
Marlene comes to tell Sam that she thinks they should "extend their reach" with the Youth Centre - she's like to start a skill share for local kids. He suggests class on social interaction and contraception. Marlene is pleased and says she'll get Karl to do a class on "Sex in the Nineties"!
Ren comes in and interrupts Helen and Reuben again. She asks Reuben rather bluntly if Kingston is on the level. Reuben says that Kingston occupies a position of authority in the family company, alongside his father Garnet, Reuben son. He's also a very ambitious designer.
Phil is weighing himself when Cody comes in. She's come to buy wrapping paper and a medical magazine. While he's gone, she sneaks a peak at his weight scales and adjusts it by 2 stone(!) When she's gone, Phil gets back on the scales and clutches his stomach in horror! He realises what Cody has done, and chases after her, laughing.
Luke and Sam decide to go nightclubbing, and Mark asks if he can come too. Luke is somewhat surprised that a priest- to- be wants to go clubbing. He says being a priest doesn't mean that he's resigned from the human race(!)
Kingston tells Ren that he's impressed by her business plan and creative talent. He wants to make her an offer she can't refuse!
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