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Neighbours Episode 2344 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2344
Australian airdate: 16/03/95
UK airdate: 08/11/95
UK Gold: 25/10/2001
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Michael Sergi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Luke and Jen invite Phil to join them for Japanese takeaway.
Bianca has to write a 1,000 word essay for her college entrance.
Phil tells Karl that his life is empty.
Luke sees some workmen about to dig the park up.
Lou and Cheryl's
Luke races round to Lou's to tell him the news from the park.
Lou sends Brett to tells the Parkwatch people while he rings the press.
Brett runs in and tells Bianca to get down the park - but she can't because she's writing her college entrance essay. Brett says he'll help her with it later.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Sam and Marlene get a call about the park. They rush off.
Cody is on the phone to Rick. Phil offers Jen a cup of coffee. They chat about Hannah's gymnastics competition. It looks suspiciously like Jen is chatting Phil up, but he isn't noticing! Jen admonishes Cody for giving her work in late and tells her to hit the books.
The phone rings again and Phil answers it - it's about the park.
The Park
Lou is leading a fairly large group of protestors who are chanting, "Save Our Park". Lou tells the workmen to move out. The foreman says he'll call the police.
Brett rushes in, out of breath.
BRETT: (pants)
PHIL: What was that, Skip? You've been running around town telling people to get to the park? And you want me to alert my customers to get to the park and protest?
BRETT: (pants and nods)
Phil says he's already sent about 12 people over to the park and announced it over the PA as well. Phil asks Brett if he's ever read a Singles Magazine. He's thinking of going to a "dinner party for singles". Brett thinks only lonely, bored, desperate people would go to something like that.
The Park
Protests are still going on. The press has arrived as the stand-off continues. The foreman is vey unhappy and says he'll run the protestors over if he has to(!)
The bulldozer starts up and is driven towards the protestors.
Just then, the police arrive and the foreman stops the bulldozers. Everyone claps and laughs. Lou explains to the police what they are doing. The police says the land belongs to the council and they can do what they want with it. The police advise the foreman to take a couple of days off for everyone to cool down.
When they've gone, it appears the police are secretly on Lou's side!
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou is making a speech to the Ramsay Street protestors - he thanks them all for sticking together in the park today. He says they'll have to watch the park 24 hours a day from now on.
Jen and Cody tell Phil about what happened in the park. Cody can't believe that Phil is going on a Singles Dinner. Jen looks interested.
Sam and Luke are sitting in the park, defending it. They're quite bored though, with nothing to do. Luke tells Sam he was a bit of a radical at Uni - he was always in a protest about something or other. He's calmed down a bit since his sister died though.
Brett is coaching Bianca on her college-entrance essay.
Jen is cooking dinner. Cody is still having trouble studying - she can't get her mind off Rick.
Phil comes in and is surprised to see such a spread. Jen invites Phil to join them, much to Cody's surprise. She's made something that will suit Phil's diet.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl sends Lou to call Ren and Danni in from the park - she doesn't want them out in the park at night. Lou is drawing up a Parkwatch rota. Cheryl wonders if there's any hope for the park, but Lou is an optimist. Lou admits he nearly gave up when the bulldozers came towards them - he didn't want anyone to get hurt.
There's a knock at the door and it's a lady called Connie. She's come from a secret council meeting - about Lou! They've passed a motion distancing themselves from Lou's actions. Also, Lou could be in legal trouble for breaching his responsibilities as a councillor. She tells Lou to be careful he doesn't blow his place on the council.
No.24, the following morning
Bianca has written her essay and is reading it out to Brett and Marlene. They love it and say she's bound to get in.
Coffee Shop
Cody has scraped through her latest essay. Jen says it's a wake-up call, saying that Cody is very capable, even more than Jen, or most of the people in their group.
Lou and Cheryl's
Sam and Luke are indignant about the council motion. Lou has spoken to the mayor - he has friends in high places that could make Lou suffer. Brett says that even without Lou as their ringleader, they have to carry on. Brett says it's not only about the park now - now it's personal.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Sam and Marlene are vowing to continue the process. Bianca comes in from her college interview. She got in!
Marlene and Sam are delighted. Bianca thanks them both for everything.
Coffee Shop
Cody is trying to finish her latest essay at the last minute. But Jen is distracted - she had a nice evening last night. She says that Phil is such an interesting man. Cody thinks Jen likes Phil.
JEN: Why would I? He's a settled, middle-aged man with a family!
She admits she does like him a bit, but doesn't think Phil is interested in her anyway. Just then, Phil comes in with a bunch of flowers for Jen(!) to say thank you for the lovely meal last night.
CODY: Maybe you should take Jen out for dinner some time to repay the favour?
PHIL: Oh, she wouldn't want to go out with an old bloke like me!
Phil tells them that he's going to a Singles Dinner Party next week. Jen is surprised he's going through with it.
<<2343 - 2345>>
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