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Neighbours Episode 2330 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2330
Australian airdate: 24/02/95
UK airdate: 19/10/95
UK Gold: 05/10/01
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Susan persuades Helen to take part in the play as a head-in-the-box.
Rick wants Cody to move to Darwin with him.
Cheryl goes on the radio to ask people to give Lou a fair go at being elected as a councillor.
Toadie steals some stuff and puts it in Billy's bag. Billy gets the blame.
Karl has guessed that Toadie was to blame, but Billy won't tell him exactly what happened. Karl sends him to his room saying he won't stop the Youth Centre calling the police if they want to.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett's raffle prize is two tickets to the Whitsundays - he's very pleased. Cheryl doesn't really want him to go as he still isn't completely well. Brett says he'll be better, but doesn't know who to take with him.
Susan comes round to see Cheryl. Cheryl has heard about the business with Billy but Susan doesn't really want to think about it at the moment. She's come about the play - she begs Cheryl to take part in the play. Seeing Susan's intense desperation, she finally agrees. Susan gasps in relief and hugs Cheryl.
Rick has been thinking about the move. He tells Cody he has to go - it's too good an opportunity in Darwin. He says they could have a long-distance relationship. She doesn't really want to, but Rick says it's better than nothing. Cody doesn't think long-distance relationships work.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett is skulking round wrapped in his duvet while Cheryl talks about Lou's election. Danni and Ren come in saying that they made a killing at the market. Ren tells Cheryl that she wants to get back into sales - she's going to give up nannying - as of now. Cheryl looks devastated.
Kennedys, the following morning
Karl is still ranting about Billy and the stealing business. Cheryl comes round to tell Susan she can't do the play after all, because now she doesn't have anyone to look after Lolly. Karl suggests that he could babysit for Lolly while Cheryl is on stage.
KARL: Of course, I'd be shattered to miss the play(!)
Cheryl agrees.
Susan and Helen are rehearsing the play. Cheryl joins them to take her part as the "Maniacal Mud Pie". She doesn't know how they'll learn all the lines by tonight. Susan suggests that since they know the story, Cheryl and Helen could just improvise(!)
Libby answers the door to a policeman who's come to talk to Billy. He asks him to come down to the station to answer some questions. Mal is horrified, but Karl sits down and continues reading his newspaper.
Polling Booth
Lou and Danni are giving out leaflets outsdie the polling station. A woman comes up and thanks Lou for fighting against the freeway - she is personally affected. She says noone believe the car yard stuff anyway and wishes Lou the very best of luck in being elected.
Mal has come to see Bianca to ask her to go with him to the play tonight. He wants a second chance. Bianca reluctantly agrees, but tells him that he shouldn't think of it as a date.
Ramsay Street
Billy has been brought back home in a police car.
The policeman tells Karl that no charges are being pressed against Billy. He warns Billy to keep his nose clean from now on. Karl tells Billy that he hopes he's learnt his lesson.
BILLY:(realising) Set up. You organised that. You organised it didn't you? I hate you.
Later at the Kennedys
Karl is babysitting Lolly while the rest of the Kennedys prepare to leave for the play. Billy says it's not fair that Mal can hang out with Bianca (who has been in trouble) when he can't hang out with Toadie.
The Play - "A Nightmare In Erinsborough"
(I get the feeling I should steel myself here)
The neighbours are arriving. Susan is freaking that the play will be awful (She is dressed up as a witch. Or something.).
Helen and Cheryl are also in costume and feeling rather nervous.
The play begins with Susan rising on to the stage and being all witchy. It is really very difficult to describe the scene, but Libby and Billy seem to be enjoying it. So do the rest of the audience as Susan cackles.
Karl is playing chess with Lolly(!)
The Play
Cheryl is now on stage and Helen's head is sticking out of the box. Cheryl is wearing a knife and fork as earrings.
Lou and Cheryl's
Sam and Brett, the non-play goers, are hanging out. Brett is still feeling crook. Sam is sad that Annalise wants to go away - he sort of understands why she's going, but thinks it's dangerous for a young woman to travel alone.
The Play
Oh my God. Er...Susan is still in character as a witch shall we say. Helen defeats her with a toothbrush and Susan falls to the ground. The audience are appreciative, although I can't really see why(!) (How they filmed this I don't know!)
On the stage, after the play
Everyone is pleased that the play went well. Susan says it's been years since she had so much fun. The curtain comes up again and they all take a bow.
Karl is playing the piano with Lolly when Susan, Cheryl and Lou come back. Karl has really enjoyed babysitting (bless him).
KARL: (quietly, to Susan) You know, it was so much fun, I think we should do it again. Have another one of our own.
SUSAN: Yeah, right.
KARL: I'm serious. What do you think?
<<2329 - 2331>>
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