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Neighbours Episode 2328 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2328
Australian airdate: 22/02/1995
UK airdate: 17/10/1995
UK Gold: 03/10/2001
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Jen Handley: Alyce Platt
Vince Hayworth: David Strudwick
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Sam tells Malcolm to just knacker Phil out, then he won't want to train with him. Malcolm tells Sam that Annalise is thinking of going overseas. He's shocked and clearly devastated.
Phil is doing his twisting exercises while Hannah bangs on about rhythmic gymnastics. Phil tells Hannah that it's early days yet. She is still under the delusion that she'll be good enough for the Sydney Olympics.
Cody stops Phil from drinking beer and gives him water instead. Mal comes in with Phil's training schedule full of swimming and weightlifting. Phil says that's be great, but he doesn't think he can manage a 10K run every day! Mal says he'll meet him tomorrow at 6.30am. Cody says that Phil will be the one in the Sydney Olympics at this rate!
Hospital Room
Annalise and Sam are talking about her trip. He tells her he doesn't want her to go - he thought that now Mark was out of the picture, he hoped they would be able to get something going. Annalise says there's every chance that they would have - she does see him as more than a friend. But she's changed - she needs to lead her life for her, not anyone else and wants to go overseas. Sam says it does make sense to him. Annalise says he's the only one keeping her there, but she thinks she'll regret it if she doesn't go on the trip. Sam says he's about to lose the one person who he thought could make a difference to his life.
The Pub
Cody ad her mate Jen are laughing about Phil's exercises. She says she's coming to see the cricket tomorrow. Cody confides in her that she and Willis Kennedy are one and the same! Jen is amazed and says that Cody is a brilliant cricketer. Cody says that next week at the final - all will be revealed! They drink to Willis Kennedy and female cricketing legends.
Susan and Mal are chatting about Annalise's trip and then about Phil's workout!
Karl and Libby are looking at a photo they've developed - it's the one of Malcolm posing. Libby says she calls it "Reflections of an Airhead" Malcolm chases Libby around the room, angrily. Karl makes Libby hand to photo over. Susan says she's sick of hearing about personal space - Libby has made her point. Libby says she hasn't even begun her revenge yet!
Phil comes in from the newsagency. Cody is up early reading her class notes. Phil is amazed - he never sees this time of day normally.
Mal and Sam call to pick Phil up for his 10K run. Rick comes round to see Cody - he's just got back on the red-eye flight. Gabby sends her love to Cody from Darwin. Rick is off to the market to get food to make Cody a celebratory dinner for his homecoming tonight.
Libby's photos are hanging up. She takes them down quickly. One of the photos is another copy of Malcolm posing!
Susan tells Karl that she's thinking of asking to be Annalise's replacement manager at the Coffee Shop. She says that the extra money would be handy, but Karl thinks Susan will find it boring.
Hannah is banging on about rhythmic gymnastics again and Cody is humouring her. Phil comes in from his 10K run, knackered! He collapses on the living room floor and Cody helps him to the settee. He wheezes like an asthmatic!
Hospital Room
Annalise is out of bed and packing her things. She says she'd be happy for Susan to take over at the Coffee Shop. She suggests a tour of the Coffee Shop before Susan makes her final decision though.
Number 30
Cody wants to see what food Rick has bought at the market, but he says it's a surprise. He raves about Darwin saying it's fresh and exciting - it's really going places.
Coffee Shop
Jen and one of her mates are studying at a table. Her mate raves about Willis Kennedy's prowess as a cricketer and Jen says she knows him well! Cody comes in and thinks that Jen has given away the secret. She hasn't, but the bloke guesses anyway. The bloke (Rick) agrees not to tell anyone else.
Hannah is laughing at a photo on the wall - it's the photo of Malcolm posing!
Number 24
Sam is trying to put Annalise off from leaving on her trip immediately. She says she knows he finds it hard to see her go and he apologises. He thinks what she's doing is great, he just wishes she wasn't doing it now. Annalise says she still loves Sam. But this is something she has to do on her own and asks him to let her go. They hug, sadly.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is giving Susan a tour of the Coffee Shop. Susan thinks she can handle it and takes the job. Annalise gives her a lovely(!) yellow apron.
Mal comes in and sees the photo on the noticeboard. He rips it down and runs off to murder Libby.
Libby has developed some more photos and Karl is admiring them. Mal comes in and rips her photos down. Mal and Libby shout at each other loudly. Karl tells Libby to give him the negative of the photo and says she's gone too far with this payback stuff.
Number 24
Annalise is telling Sam about the photo in the Coffee Shop. Sam says she'll miss that sort of thing about Ramsay Street - the people, the jokes, the fun. Sam says he's made a decision - he's not going to stay in Erinsborough either. He says he's going to go on his own trip and they can meet up en route. Sam asks if she'll ever come back. Annalise says that if she does, it's because Sam will be there.
Number 30
Cody and Rick are having a romantic dinner. Rick tells Cody that he loved it so much in Darwin, and they've offered him a job as Food and Beverages Manager. He wants Cody to think about coming with him - she'll be closer to her family too.
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