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Neighbours Episode 2294 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2294
Australian airdate: 05/01/95
UK airdate: 30/08/95
UK Gold: 16/08/01
Writer: David Allen
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Bianca Zanotti: Annie Gagliardi
Peter the Post Man: Danny Gesundheit
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Annalise is doing her best to get over Mark. She tells Elliott she's very unhappy.
- Helen warns Phil not to get hurt with Molly.
- Squirrel insists Sam is the father of her child. He says he hasn't even slept with her!
- Elliott tells Annalise that she can't keep living her life around a man.
Ramsay Street
Cody is waiting for the postman to bring her results. Rick tells her she'll be fine, but Cody says it's not about passing, it's about her score. Rick is off to work and Cody says she's not sure Alan Crowley will like Rick's staff substitution scheme.
Marlene gives Bianca a reference to take to her job interview. It isn't very truthful(!)
Annalise staggers out of bed.
MARLENE: What you need is one of my breakfasts!
ANNALISE:(quietly) What I need is someone to love me.
Ramsay Street
Cody is still waiting for the postman and having a hit of the cricket ball with Mal. Mal goes over to say hello to Bianca as she comes out of No.24 She is very frosty towards him.
Helen and Phil are watching Cody out of the window. Michael has rung Phil to tell him he's got an apprenticeship! Phil is pleased, but is disappointed that Michael won't be coming home. Helen makes another comment about Molly and Phil assures her they're just friends.
Just then, they hear some screaming outside.
Ramsay Street
CODY: YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! YEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!
Helen and Phil run out and congratulate her - her marks are so good she can study anywhere. She kisses the postman(!) and then runs off, excitedly!
Bianca is back from her interview and wasn't even seen! The bloke said he could tell be looking at her that she wasn't suitable. Annalise says that jeans and a top might not be suitable for an office job interview, she should wear a suit, as people expect a certain appearance. Marlene thinks Annalise might have a point. Bianca sulks, but Marlene says sometimes you have to dance to the tune. She suggests Helen could help Bianca with her interview technique. Mal has come in with Sam and offers to go and see Helen with her.
Ramsay Street
Annalise follows Sam out of the house and asks him for a lift to the Coffee Shop on his bike. She asks him if he's been avoiding her since the non- wedding. He says he hasn't.
Lassiter's Lake
Cody runs excitedly up to Rick and shows him her results. He congratulates her with a kiss and a hug. Cody asks Rick to go for a drink, but he tells her he's been demoted to waiter. He's fed up, and determines to ring Rosemary.
Phil is giving Bianca a mock- interview. She is pretty hopeless, but Helen gives her some pointers about being intelligent, positive and eager to work (so that's Bianca sunk then).
Bianca's answer to why she wants the job is "I need the money" but she finally manages to get a good answer about taking book- keeping evening classes (even though this is a complete lie!). They advise her not to mention sleeping rough(!) Phil asks to see her resume and it's a grubby piece of paper folded many times. The content isn't much better. Helen says it's essential that she has a professional- looking resume, so Phil suggests they use his computer.
Youth Centre
Mark has come to ask Sam to lend a hand with the Youth Disco, rigging lights up and so on. Sam agrees. He starts going on about the responsibility of bringing children into the world and Sam looks a bit fed up.
Phil and Helen are working on Bianca's resume. Marlene, Mal and Bianca look really bored and in Bianca's case, ungrateful. Marlene suggests that Mal and Bianca go off to the movies(!)
Rick has rung Rosemary who has said she will look into his employment situation with Mr Crowley.
Mal and Bianca comes in from the cinema and Mal invites her out again. He tries to put his arm around her but she brushes him off and says she needs to go and check on her resume. She does say she might go out with him some other time, but does not look enthusiastic.
Phil and Helen have finished Bianca's resume and put it in a folder. She thanks them and says she'll easily get work now!
Youth Centre
Annalise pops in and asks Sam to go and have a meal, but he doesn't want to. She is disappointed and he explains that he has a lot on his mind. She says they could just cheer each other up, but he still doesn't want to go out.
Mark congratulates Cody on her results. Helen rings Rick and says she needs to see him urgently as Rosemary has rung her. He is confident that he'll soon be back in his previous role.
Rick has come to see Helen. She tells him she's also spoken to Alan Crowley. His bravado is the problem - he talks down to people. Rosemary and Alan have decided that Rick is sacked.
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