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Neighbours Episode 2285 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2285
Australian airdate: 18/11/94
UK airdate: 17/08/95
UK Gold: 03/08/01
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Peter Dodds
Guests: Father Michael Graham: Greg Scealy
Stonefish: Anthony Engleman
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Mark going off into another religious rant
Lou and Phil agreeing to pick up Suede Ted
Mark not being too impressed at his brekkie going to the stripper!
Mark storms in and tells Ric that he caught Annalise with another man. Ric doesn't believe it until Mark mentions the muscles and toned body. Ric works out that he was probably the stripper and probably ended up crashing for the night.
MARK: They were half naked! Well, he was.
RIC: I hate to be technical, but strippers usually are.
Mark's more upset at the fact that Annalise has done this to him after all he's done to better himself for her.
Cheryl gets into the car with Helen, the pair of them joking about the stripper. Helen tells her to get her mind back on the task at hand, the pair of them nearly jumping out of their skin when Lou tells them to have fun. As he walks off and up the steps to number 26, Helen and Cheryl reassure themselves that they don't suspect a thing. Helen asks Cheryl to remind her of the name again? Suede Tess. Suede Ted was the runt of the litter, it's definitely Tess.
Lou asks Phil if he's ready to go buy Suede Ted... yeah, we all saw that coming a mile off, didn't we?
Annalise is cleaning up after the party as Ren comes out, apologising for kicking her out of her own bedroom. Ren's surprised to hear that the stripper stayed the night, and less impressed when she hears that Mark saw him. Annalise says that Mark stormed out without waiting for an explanation, but Ren's not surprised at that. Annalise takes this as an accusation that she slept with him and Ren assures her that she doesn't think that. In fact, she thinks it's kinda funny and Ren's sure that Annalise and Mark will be laughing about it by the end of the day but Annalise mutters to herself that she's not.
Mal's planning for the trip, he needs to organise transport. Cody says that Sam's got that sorted.
CODY: The good news is that he's hired a bus that can seat all of us.
BRETT: What's the bad news?
CODY: There's room for Malcolm.
Mal checks that there's enough room for bags and stuff, plus the windsurfer he's going to borrow. Lib's not impressed with that, telling him that it'll take up half the bus! Stonie arrives and tells them that his family have just bought number 32 - they're gonna be neighbours.
Mark asks Ren about the hen night and she says that she had a great time. She tells him that they had a stripper who was "fantastic" and that Annalise couldn't get enough of him. Mark misses the laughs and looks passing between Ren and Ric and takes it as read that Annalise cheated on him. Ren tells him she was winding him up and that Annalise told her what happened - and that nothing happened. She believes Annalise but if Mark doesn't then maybe he shouldn't marry her.
RIC: Maybe she shouldn't marry him for thinking it.
Mark realises he's been an idiot - a sentiment that Ren and Ric agree with - and Mark bolts out...
...to apologise to Annalise, Ren set him straight. Annalise comments that he took his sister's word but not hers? He says he's been wound up about everything, turning it all into such a big deal but it is the biggest day of his life. Annalise hugs him as she agrees with him, but the look on her face doesn't seem to say the same thing. Mark says he should have known she wouldn't let him down over his baptism and Annalise almost flips, realising that's what he's been talking about all along. She covers quickly and says everything's OK.
Everything's all ticked off Mal's plan and Danni tells him that she's not standing for rosters and plans and itineraries; it's a holiday, not boot camp. Stonie invites them over to check out the house but they decline. He's a bit miffed at their apparent disinterest but they tease him - Danni making a quip about if any of them get robbed they only have to go over the road to reclaim their stuff.
Stonie tells her to take that back - the Rebecchis have been legit for ages. Brett comments that the house isn't cheap so how did they afford it? Stonie quietly says that they came into some money recently which piques the gang's interest.
Five minutes. Five lousy minutes. Someone beat Lou and Phil to their greyhound by five lousy minutes. Cheryl tells them to stop beating themselves up over it, it obviously wasn't meant to be.
Hannah gushes over Suede Tess, Helen joking that Phil and Lou arrived soon after them so it was a close call. Helen says that they're going to keep the greyhound a secret for now, and so Lou and Phil aren't allowed near the house until it's all set up.
Father Michael is walking Ric and Mark through the baptism stuff, telling Mark to stand next to the godparent - Ric.
RIC: I don't have to hold his hand or anything do I?
FR. MICHAEL: Usually the godparent cradles the child in his arms, but that might look a bit weird.
Father Michael goes on to say that they'll do the vows and Mark wants Ric to rehearse his lines. Father Michael says that all he has to do is follow his lead, only a simpleton could get it wrong. Ric is not impressed by the look on Mark's face!
Right. Roman Catholic baptisms involve godparents who take vows on behalf of the child because obviously a baby can't speak for itself. The child affirms their own vows in Confirmation. If an adult - or even a child who is old enough to understand what is going on - is being baptised, then they don't have godparents. They have sponsors who have helped them through the Catechisms, and they will take the vows themselves.
So two questions. Why is Father Michael calling Ric the godparent, and why does Ric have any "lines" at all when it would be Mark affirming his own belief?
/Catholic lesson
Father Michael asks if they're still having the baptism by the pool - it was as symbolic as Mark could get. Father Michael thinks it's great; everyone can jump in for a swim afterwards, turn it into a pool party. Mark quickly corrects him - there will be no party. Him, Ric, Ren and Annalise. End of.
Ric asks if he's sure and Mark wants to keep it private and despite Ric and Father Michael trying to get him to let his friends share in this moment, Mark is adamant.
The boys are depressed at having missed out when suddenly Phil jumps to his feet, suggesting they call the new owners and make them an offer.
PHIL: We could offer them double. Or triple. Or fourple.
HANNAH: Quadruple, Dad.
Cheryl quickly says that if the dog's that special then the new owners aren't going to sell up. Phil agrees and says they should head over to his to catch the start of the game. Cheryl suggests they watch it here but Lou points out that the screen is bigger next door, plus they like to yell which would disturb Louise. Cody races to stop them leaving and is saved when Ric knocks on the door. He's come over to talk to them about Mark's baptism.
RIC: He didn't invite anyone 'cause he thought you wouldn't be interested.
LOU: Whaddya know, he was right.
Cody seizes the chance and tells them to put their mate first - Mark would do it for them.
Mark's getting ready, telling Ric that he's being christened, he's got the love of a good woman, he feels complete. He thanks Ric for everything, he's been a good friend. Ric says he has lots of good friends... Mark hears the side gate and goes out to investigate. He sees the gathering around the pool as Ric repeats that he has lots of good friends.
Cheryl and Helen remark on Suede Tess not looking like a champion - her two brothers had more of an air than she did. Cheryl says she's the one the boys wanted so that's that. Helen and Cheryl head off to go to Mark's baptism but as soon as the door is open Suede Tess bounds out, the girls giving chase.
By the pool, Father Michael baptises Mark, but the ceremony is interrupted by DogCam - Suede Tess bounds around the pool, distracting the guests. As they try and chase her down, Phil and Lou look on, at first wondering if it's their dog, then realising its female, wondering what she's doing there. Cheryl calls out that it's their Christmas present, can they help catch it? Phil mutters that he doesn't want to catch that one.
LOU: Where's your Christmas spirit?
PHIL: Back with the right dog.
DogCam evades Cody and heads over to Mark, jumping up on him and sending him back into the pool.
Helen and Cheryl are regaling their story of just beating someone to Suede Tess, Lou and Phil are saying nothing but in the kitchen Phil wonders if they could do something with her. Lou says that she's obviously the runt, she doesn't run well... but they can't tell the girls they bought the wrong one.
Mark is fuming at Ric - he wanted a private ceremony. Annalise points out that it's hardly a Christian attitude. Ric tried to do something nice and people didn't turn up out of boredom. She says she thought it was funny and wonders if he's lost the ability to see the funny side of anything. He asks if things are OK and Annalise accuses him of putting everything before the wedding and if he's having second thoughts then they should call it all off. He apologises and reassures her that he's not having second thoughts. He turns into Bryan Adams and proclaims that everything he does, he does for her.
Cody's packing and Ric asks when they leave... He's also a bit suss over her and Stonie, he's sure that he'll try something. Cody points out that he'll have to trust her to knock him back then. Cody jokes about staying home, Ric likes the idea of them spending some time together.
Mal is checking over the bus, much to Stonie's annoyance. Mal tries to hurry Lib along but she's not impressed that Mal's been let off the hook for the kick boxing incident, but the idea of Mal as Karl's receptionist does make her feel a bit better.
Danni and Brett are heading off, and when they've gone Cheryl tells Lou she's going to enjoy this week.
Hannah introduces Suede Tess to Holly. Cody jokes that they're getting on already and Helen remarks on Tess' lovely nature. She asks when the boys are going to start training her. Phil says they'll wait until she's twelve months then take her to the track and see if she's got potential or not.
Cody answers the door to Stonie, he's chasing her up as they want to leave. She's been waiting for Ric to come and say goodbye but Stonie says he went to work ages ago. Cody picks up her stuff and says her goodbyes.
The last of the gang are getting onto the bus when Ric comes up and knocks on the window. He says he had to go shopping, that's why he was late. He asks her if she could go anywhere, where would she go? Easy - Darwin to see her family. Ric produces two tickets, leaving today. Cody says she's supposed to be at the beach house all week but Ric says she doesn't need to go now. Cody twigs and suddenly is a lot less impressed at being manipulated. Ric walks off, leaving Cody standing in the street.
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