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Neighbours Episode 2277 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2277
Australian airdate: 08/11/94
UK airdate: 07/08/95
UK Gold: 24/07/01
Writer: Michael Joshua
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Kev Duve: Brad Wade
Molly Harrison: Robyn Hughan
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Cheryl offers Annalise and Mark a free afternoon tea at Chez Chez for their wedding. They look aghast, but Cheryl says she's got everything organised!
- Annalise picks up a dress in the Bric- a- Brac shop, but Marlene warns her that it used to belong to Julie Martin.
- Phil and Vikram are unsuccessfully trying to fix the lighting at the Newsagency when the judges for the Newsagency of the Year Competition arrive.
Coffee Shop (Outside)
Phil and Marlene are telling Annalise what happened with the judges. She laughs. Rick comes up and tells them he's re- applying for his licence today. When Rick has gone, Annalise and Phil tell Marlene how he lost his licence for dangerous driving. Annalise asks Phil if Helen is home, as she wants to ask her about her wedding dress.
Mark tells Cheryl he's written a menu for their wedding. Cheryl is shocked to see three main courses, but Mark says it's all going to be cooked at Lassiter's. Cheryl tells him there's no need - she's going to do finger food and he won't have to do a thing. He doesn't look happy and walks off.
Lassiter's Restaurant
Mark tells Annalise that Cheryl is going to do quiches for their wedding. She's not pleased, saying she hates quiche, but Mark says they can't really turn Cheryl's gift down. Cody and Rick come in - Cody's exam went well, and Rick managed to get his licence back. Rick asks Mark if he can borrow his car(!) to take Cody for a drive and Mark reluctantly agrees.
RICK: I know what you're thinking, but forget it. My crazy days of driving are over.
Cheryl is buying a magazine about wedding menus. She teases Phil about the lights blowing out. Phil says it's all OK - the judges are not going to hold the lights against them, and they're going to come back for another assessment. Cheryl asks for a magazine about wedding dresses, but apparently Annalise has bought them all.
Annalise is looking through wedding magazines with Marlene. Annalise tells her that she wants to have her wedding reception at somewhere glamorous, not at Chez Chez. Marlene offers to have a word with Cheryl, but Annalise tells her it's OK. Marlene looks thoughtful.
Ramsay Street
Cody is a bit nervous getting in the car with Rick. They drive off, with Rick whooping.
Helen and Annalise are looking at wedding dress magazines. They talk about the reception and Helen thinks Annalise should just tell Cheryl, but Annalise says she's decided to go with it.
A road
Rick is driving along, and Cody warns him to take it easy. Just then, a car reverses out of its drive and Rick has to brake sharply. Cody gets out of the car, saying she can't be in it with him.
Bric- a- brac Shop
Rick and Cody come in. Cody insists that she's not blaming Rick for the accident, she was just nervous.
A customer holds up a jacket and Marlene tends to her. Cody intervenes and says the jacket is too small, but Marlene sends her out the back to get a cup of tea.
In the back, Cody tells Rick that it feels wrong to be selling Julie's stuff.
In the shop, the customer tries on the jacket, and from the back, reminds Marlene of Julie.
Annalise and Phil are having a drink and chatting about the newsagency competition. Cheryl comes in and tries to get in on Annalise's choice of wedding dress, saying Helen might have old- fashioned tastes. Then Cheryl tells her that Danni is free to be a bridesmaid. Annalise rolls her eyes and makes a swift exit.
Cody tells Rick that she was nervous in the car because of what happened last time, that's all. Helen has had a letter from Rosemary, saying the branch in Montana was very impressed with him, and the company wants to give him more experience, possibly overseas again. Rick is delighted, but Cody looks a bit worried. She says she's off to study with Stonie, much to Rick's disdain.
Marlene has called in for her Elvis fan magazine. In the background, the woman who bought Julie's jacket comes in wearing it. Eventually Phil looks up and sees her at the back of the shop. He jumps in shock, as she does look very like Julie from the back. He goes up to her in a bit of a trance.
PHIL:(putting his hand on her shoulder) Julie...?
The woman jumps and Phil apologises. Marlene steps in and says she'll explain everything.
Garden of No.28
Billy is feeding Casserole the lamb on grass from the park. Karl asks him if he's put the ad in the lost and found and Billy says he has, but hopes that no- one found her.
KARL: It's just like being back in the country really, isn't it?
BILLY:(wistfully) Yeah.
Phil and Marlene have made the woman a cup of tea and explained the situation.
PHIL: If there's anything I can do to make it up to you...
WOMAN: Hey, it's alright. No harm done.
PHIL: You must think I'm crazy!
WOMAN: Not at all, I'm just sorry I gave you such a shock. (To Marlene) Look, I'll bring the suit back tomorrow.
PHIL: No, no. It's yours now.
WOMAN: Well...if you're sure.
PHIL: It's fine, I'll be fine.
She turns to go, and puts her hand on Phil's arm.
WOMAN: You have my sympathy.
PHIL: Thank you.
When she's gone, Marlene tells Phil that some of Julie's really nice clothes ended up in Marlene's shop (rather than an op shop as Phil instructed Cody), so she could sell them for a good price and get some money for Hannah, for a little nest egg for holidays. Phil says he'll pick up the rest of the clothes tomorrow and get rid of them himself.
Phil has told Helen what happened at the shop and she sympathises with him. She tells him not to be too hard on himself, although the clothes should never have ended up in the shop. Helen asks him not to confront Cody until after her exam tomorrow.
Mark, Annalise and Helen are discussing wedding clothes. Cheryl comes over and sticks her beak in. She looks at the design Annalise likes with disdain and tells her not to finalise anything yet(!) Luckily, she has to be somewhere else right now.
ANNALISE: Oh, thank God she's gone.
MARK: Shouldn't use the Lord's name in vain.
Cheryl is cuddling Lolly. She gets talking to Marlene about the wedding and says that Annalise and Mark need her guidance. Marlene points out that Cheryl is being overbearing with the reception venue and the menu.
CHERYL: Has Annalise said something?
MARLENE: Well...yes...she did. She said that she'd rather you minded your own business, but she didn't want to say anything in case she hurt your feelings.
CHERYL: I see. Alright, thanks for telling me. If they don't want my input, I'll save my energy. It's not as if I don't have a thousand other things to do with my day!
MARLENE: Everyone knows that you mean well...
CHERYL: No, Mum, really, it's fine! It's fine, I hear what you're saying, I should know better by now. I guess I'm a slow learner, that's all. No, if they want me to butt out, then I will. It's their loss.
She is clearly hurt.
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