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Neighbours Episode 2255 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2255
Australian airdate: 07/10/94
UK airdate: 06/07/95
UK Gold: 22/06/01
Writer: Dianne Dempsey
Director: Grant Brown
Guests: Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Malcolm shoots Lou.
- Hannah is concerned to see Phil drinking.
- Brett tells Sam that he likes Libby.
- Mark is sulking about Annalise sending photos of him to the newspaper.
- Malcolm tells Susan that he could be sent to a Youth Training Centre.
KARL: At least it wouldn't be jail.
SUSAN: Oh! Oh, well, that's alright then(!) Come on, Karl, this is awful!
KARL: Look, we won't know anything until the court case.
SUSAN: And when's that?!
KARL: I don't know, they'll give us plenty of warning. It could be ages.
SUSAN:(to Malcolm) How could you be do stupid, Malcolm?!
MAL: But Mum...
SUSAN: You could have killed that poor man and ended up in jail for life!
KARL: Susan...
SUSAN:(to Karl) And who do you think *you* are?! Dirty Harry?! Leaving a *rifle* lying around, Karl! If I ever see that gun again...
KARL: You won't, alright, your worries are over. They've confiscated the rifle and they've revoked my licence.
SUSAN: Good!
MAL: It wasn't Dad's fault, I shouldn't...
SUSAN: I can just imagine what the neighbours are saying. I mean, Cheryl will never forgive us, and why would she?! And as for the rest of them...
MAL: They can say what they like!
SUSAN: We have to live here too, Malcolm!
MAL: I've had enough of this!
SUSAN: I'm still talking to you, where do you think you're going?!
SUSAN: You come back here! Malcolm!
He slams his bedroom door.
SUSAN:(to Karl, sarcastically) Do you think there's anything in the parenting manual about what to do when your son shoots a neighbour?
Phil is having a drink and looking through a photo album. Hannah gets up from bed and joins him looking at photos of Julie.
Mark and Annalise are planning their route for the Variety Club bash, starting in Darwin. Mark reminds her that they're supposed to be going over the Kennedys to a barbecue, but there's a thunderstorm going on outside.
ANNALISE: Only a total fool would have a barbecue today.
KARL: Of course we'll still have the barbecue!
Karl says they can cook in the garage, but Susan doesn't think anyone will come, especially after the shooting incident(!) Marlene have given Susan a cuckoo clock, but no- one likes it. But she doesn't want to hurt Marlene's feelings.
Mal joins them at the breakfast table. Libby and Billy taunt Mal about the shooting and Susan tells them off. Meanwhile, Mal has stomped off back to his room.
Phil is rather hungover this morning. Hannah is making toast and reminds Phil about the barbecue at the Kennedy's place. Phil doesn't want to go, but Hannah talks him round.
Annalise opens the paper and sees Mark's picture in it. She shuts the paper quickly without showing him. He is a bit suspicious though.
Marlene is pleased to see the cuckoo clock is up. She tells Susan that Cheryl won't be coming over as she and Danni have gone to the hospital to see Lou.
Brett awkwardly invites Libby over to his house to see his galah. He tells her she's quite welcome, even though her brother shot his step- dad(!) Dad looks at Brett suspiciously.
Mark gets the paper off Annalise and finds the picture of him. He sinks on to the sofa in horror(!) Apparently they came third in the competition, so they didn't win the flat- packed house, but they did win a dinner service.
Marlene is asking Karl about some symptoms she has and Susan tries to distract her! Hannah and Phil come round. Hannah and Billy head off to the garage to start the cooking and Karl warns them to keep the garage door open.
Libby is admiring Dahl the galah. Brett is admiring Libby(!) Brett explains that he got the galah from an ex- girlfriend but he's a free agent now.
No.28 (Garage)
Billy and Hannah are hanging out. They have both got a rash on their legs from paddling in Lassiter's Lake. Billy says they could get a water sample and get a petition to the Council up.
Marlene is admiring the cuckoo clock. Phil is looking rather worse for wear and is drinking quite a lot. Karl and Susan look rather concerned. Susan tries to get Marlene to take the cuckoo clock back, but she won't! Mal comes out and says he's only coming out for food.
KARL: Just a minute! You can't just ignore people like that.
MAL: Why not? You do it all the time(!)
Karl explains that they're trying to smooth things over with the neighbours and he has to help.
Libby is telling Brett about a time she went kayaking. He stares at her and then suddenly lunges at her and kisses her.
Libby pushes him off and slaps him.
LIBBY: What on earth do you think you're doing?!
No.28 (Garage)
Billy and Hannah are cooking food on the barbecue. They get talking about Julie's death.
HANNAH: He [Phil]'s just really sad.
BILLY: I suppose you are too.
HANNAH: Yeah. The worst time is...when I get home. I forget sometimes and call out to her. And she's not there.
BILLY: Hey, come on. Let's tell everyone the meat's almost cooked.
No.28 (inside)
Phil is really quite drunk and knocks some snacks over. Hannah takes him off home, saying they'll be fine. Everyone looks very concerned.
Libby is very angry with Brett.
LIBBY: You're gone, boy, I'm going to report you!
BRETT: No, Libby, please...
LIBBY: Haven't you ever heard of sexual harassment?!
BRETT: Well, it wasn't sexual harassment...
LIBBY: No, I think it was assault, actually, you'll go down for years because of this!
BRETT: Libby, I meant it in the nicest possible way...
LIBBY: What are you trying to do, pay my family back for shooting Lou?! You think I should come across more and play happy families?!
BRETT: No, that's not it at all.
LIBBY: You want to end up in the Youth Correction Centre with Malcolm, do you?!
BRETT: Libby, please...
LIBBY: Well, you're going the right way about it!
BRETT: Look...I can't help it.
LIBBY: Can't help what?! Your most basic animal urges?!
BRETT: I've never had this problem before. It's you.
LIBBY: Are you going to tell me I was asking for it now?!
BRETT: No, of course not! I mean, it's not what you're wearing or anything, it's just you...you're so...I've never felt this way about anyone before.
LIBBY: Yeah, yeah.
BRETT: No, really. And ever since I first met you on the street...
LIBBY: What kind of idiot do you think I am?! If I'll believe that, I'll believe anything.
BRETT: No, really, it's true. I didn't mean to offend you, and I didn't mean to hurt you.
LIBBY: Right, you just want to be friends(!)
LIBBY: Brett!
BRETT: Friends as well?
LIBBY: Friends don't go around jumping on each other! Not without *some* warning, anyway!
BRETT: Look, you've got to forgive me. It was an impulse action and I feel like a real idiot. I promise it won't happen again.
LIBBY: It had better not! Or I'll get Malcolm to shoot you, too, and he won't be aiming for your thigh(!)
Mark's mates keep ringing to taunt him about his photo in the newspaper, much to his annoyance. Annalise tells him that they'll be going away to the Northern Territory soon, and everyone will have forgotten by the time they get back (except her). They hug.
Karl and Susan are cleaning up from the barbecue.
SUSAN: That went well, I thought(!)
KARL:(laughs) Couldn't have gone better(!)
SUSAN: Why didn't we just cancel this morning when we had a chance!
KARL: We really haven't made an auspicious start, here, have we?!
SUSAN: Oh, I don't know why you say that. Just cos Billy's got a rash from the local polluted lake, Malcolm shot a neighbour, Libby's being pursued by the local nerd and we've just hosted what may be the worst barbecue ever!
They laugh and hug.
KARL: Do you regret leaving the country? Our beautiful house and your garden?
SUSAN: Course I do. Let's go home, go get the kids.
KARL: Nah, forget the kids. Call a taxi, just the two of us.
SUSAN: It *will* get better.
KARL: It can't get much worse!
Phil is looking out of the window and sobbing. Hannah begs him not to drink anymore, but he just pours another glass. Hannah sinks to the floor in tears.
HANNAH: Dad, I'll look after you. I'm in charge now, we're going to be fine.
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