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Neighbours Episode 2241 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2241
Australian airdate: 19/09/94
UK airdate: 16/06/95
UK Gold: 04/06/01
Writer: John Upton
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Paulo Cechero: Hannes Berger
Detective Illich: Rod Densley
Detective: George Ginis
Doctor: Michele Williams
Constable No.1: Michael Harrop
Constable No.2: Michael Seymour
Woman Traveller: Georgie Power
Nurse: Vanessa Scott
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Julie interrupts the murder- mystery party telling Phil that they have to talk. She takes great offence when he doesn't immediately leave the party, saying he doesn't care about saving their marriage.
- Rick, Debbie, Marlene and the other party- goers find Julie dead on the grass outside the following morning. Phil and Debbie rush over to her.
Murder Mystery Party - Outside
Cody and Rick have established that Julie is still alive. They turn Julie gently on to her side so that she can breathe more easily while waiting for the ambulance.
Ren places a blanket over Julie, and now the ambulance can be heard approaching. The crew talk to Julie and put a tube in her mouth for an airway. Then they gently put a neck brace around her neck.
Just then, the police arrive and Rick explains to them that Julie must have fallen from the tower. Phil gives the police their details.
Julie is loaded into the ambulance on a stretcher and Phil gets in with her. They drive off. When they've gone, the police approach Debbie, Cody and Rick and tell them they'll need to answer some questions.
Murder Mystery Party - Inside
DETECTIVE ILLICH: I'd like you all to put me in the picture. We'll get your formal statements later. Now, before the events of this morning, when was the last time you saw Mrs Martin?
DEBBIE: Last night.
CODY: Yeah, they had a fight in this room and...
She tails off.
RICK: It was just a domestic, that's all. With her husband. It was just one of those blow- ups that happen.
DETECTIVE ILLICH: In here? In front of everyone?
DEBBIE: Things have been a bit tense lately.
DETECTIVE ILLICH: This fight. Just how bad was it? Just a couple of words and that was it, or worse?
RICK: Well, I suppose...worse...Deb?
DETECTIVE ILLICH: How much worse?
DEBBIE: Well, they hadn't been very happy recently.
DETECTIVE ILLICH: Any violence? Hitting, throwing things...anything like that in the last couple of weeks?
DEBBIE: No...um...well, mum threw some glasses, but not at Dad or anyone - just on the floor. And...she poured boiling water on his worm farm and killed all his worms.
DETECTIVE ILLICH: Did he retaliate?
DETECTIVE ILLICH: This fight last night. The was the last time you saw them?
EVERYONE (except Ren): Yes.
REN: No.
REN: About an hour or so later, I was talking to Sam, and we happened to see Philip. He was near the stairs to the tower. It was just for a couple of seconds. He seemed to be in a hurry.
DETECTIVE ILLICH: It was definitely Philip Martin? You got a good look?
REN: Yes. It was definitely Philip.
Helen answers the phone to Debbie in a bright voice. Her face soon falls when she hears the news though. She asks Debbie if she wants her to come and pick her up.
Helen pulls herself together to talk to Hannah and tells her that Julie has had an accident and has had to go to the hospital.
HANNAH: She's be alright though. Mum's tough, isn't she, Gran?
The staff take Julie in and tell Phil that she'll be put into intensive care when she's been stabilised.
Helen and Hannah are just heading out, but Debbie has caught a ride with Rick and Cody. Debbie tells them that the police have been questioning everyone. Hannah wants to go to the hospital now that Debbie is home.
DEBBIE: Gran, one thing I do need is rest and time by myself. Could you two go on ahead, would you mind?
HELEN: Oh, darling, I don't think I should leave you on your own, you've been under a terrible strain.
DEBBIE: Yeah, but I'll be alright, I promise. I'll get a cab and follow you.
HELEN: Alright, provided you rest. And keep warm.
Helen and Hannah head off to the hospital. When they've gone, Debbie hurries to the fridge and hungrily eats some cake.
Rick, Cody, Ren and Paulo have arrived back.
RICK: It just goes to show, one false step in the dark, and...
REN: If that's what actually happened.
RICK: Well...it's pretty obvious isn't it? She goes up to the tower to grab some fresh air, can't see too well, steps on a loose board, and...
CODY: She was pretty depressed.
PAULO: You think she might have jumped?
RICK: No! ...Would she?
CODY: I don't know...that fight between her and Philip was pretty nasty.
REN: Yeah, and that detective was pretty suss.
PAULO: Yeah, like he thought someone might have pushed her.
CODY: That's the cops for you, they always assume the worst.
REN: I suppose it's their job.
RICK: Yeah, but who'd ever think of doing that?
Just then, Annalise and Mark arrive back from their trip and apparently had a great time.
ANNALISE: So, tell us what's been going on here then!
Everyone just exchanges glances.
Helen and Hannah are waiting for news. Helen leaves Hannah for a minute to go into Julie's room to talk to Phil.
Julie is hooked up to machines, and Phil is sitting over her crying.
HELEN: How is she? What did the doctor say?
PHIL:(sobbing) They said...that they think there's probably brain damage. They don't sound very confident. Why, Helen?
He continues to sob.
Mark and Annalise are shocked to here the news. Cody decides to go and see Debbie to see if there's any news from the hospital. Ren and Paulo head off to the Waterhole.
HANNAH: Mum...is Mum awake or asleep?
HELEN: She's asleep at the moment.
HANNAH: Can I go and see her? I won't wake her.
HELEN: Well...before we do, darling, your...your mummy is very sick. You've probably gathered that she's very sick indeed.
HANNAH: Is she going to die?
HELEN: It is a possibility.
HANNAH:(emotional) No, she can't die, she's not going to!
HELEN: Shhh, shhh!
HANNAH: The doctors will fix her, won't they?!
HELEN: They're trying, but they can't do everything. There's a chance that...we might lose her.
Helen and Hannah hug.
Debbie has finished the cake. She answers the door to Cody, trying to behave normally. She tells her that she's going to go to the hospital in a while.
DEBBIE: You think things are bad in my family, and then they worse, then they gets worse again and it just keeps happening.
CODY: No, I'm sure after this is over and done with, then everything...
DEBBIE: Code. I don't really want to talk about it.
CODY: I understand. But if you need anything, you come to me.
Cody suggests that she makes Debbie something to eat, but she tells her in some agitation that she'd rather be on her own.
HELEN: Yes, he's coping very well. He'll need us to be strong for him.
HANNAH: I'll try.
HELEN: We still don't know what's going to happen, darling. Of course, we're hoping and praying for the best. I thought you'd want me to be straight with you.
HANNAH: Yeah. Can I go see her now?
HELEN: Come on.
They go into Julie's room. Phil is still with her, holding her hand. Hannah takes Julie hand and strokes her forehead.
HANNAH: Mum. Mum, I love you.
Rick has decided to join Ren and Paulo for a drink. He hopes that Annalise isn't going to move back into No.30 - it was like a war zone last time.
Annalise and Mark are reminiscing about their trip and generally being lovey- dovey. Mark gets up to unpack his bag and realises that he has the wrong one. Inside is a red dress!
Phil and Helen are having a cup of tea.
PHIL: How come you're so calm and together?
HELEN: I can tell you most assuredly, I am neither.
Just then, Detective Illich approaches them. He tells Phil that he has a few questions for him. The detective recognises Helen and she heads back to Hannah.
DETECTIVE ILLICH: I've been trying to work out this situation between you and your wife.
PHIL: What situation?
DETECTIVE ILLICH: There's been some arguments, I hear?
PHIL: Yeah, we hit a rough patch.
DETECTIVE ILLICH: I'd say it was a bit more than a rough patch, wouldn't you? Any mention of a divorce?
PHIL: Our marriage is under stress, is that what you wanted to hear?
DETECTIVE ILLICH: I want to hear the truth, Mr Martin. So there has been some tension between you?
PHIL: Yes, you could say that.
DETECTIVE ILLICH: Harsh words, aggravation?
PHIL: Yes, I suppose so...can I ask what this is leading to?!
DETECTIVE ILLICH: Well, it's just routine, as I said...you do have insurance, Mr Martin? Most people do.
PHIL: I have a family, so I have insurance.
DETECTIVE ILLICH: And Mrs Martin too, I guess.
PHIL: What are you suggesting?
DETECTIVE ILLICH: I'm not suggesting anything. Just trying to do my job.
PHIL: Look, I have a lot to deal with at the moment, can I answer your questions tomorrow?
DETECTIVE ILLICH: Very well, Mr Martin. I'll expect to hear from you tomorrow then.
The owner of the wrong suitcase has turned up to swap their bags back. Mark tells Annalise that it's nice to be home.
Phil, Hannah and Helen are sitting at Julie'b bedside. Helen takes Hannah off for a walk, although she really wants to stay with Julie.
When they've gone, Phil sits down and takes Julie's hand again. The Detective comes in and observes him crying from a distance.
PHIL: Julie...Julie, I love you. I know I messed up. This wasn't meant to be. This wasn't supposed to happen. Please forgive me.
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