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Neighbours Episode 2231 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2231
Australian airdate: 05/09/94
UK airdate: 02/06/95
UK Gold: 21/05/01
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Grant Brown
Guests: Lata Chatterji: Kamila Webb
Kim Roth: Jeremy Fuller
Sassy: Defah Dattner
Butza: Emily Stanza
Squirrel: Brooke Howden
Opposing Captain: Kim Cartledge
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Danni tells Lata that she'll find another guy.
- Phil and Sam talk about dating.
- Ren tells Mark that she had a "little accident" with his van.
- Phil tells Doug that he and Julie don't connect like they used to. Doug assures him that all marriages go through similar things and they'll sort it out.
Lassiter's Complex
Mark is not pleased that Ren has crashed his van and has no money to pay for it. Ren says Mark could say he was driving! Mark tells her that he's already told the cops (when they rang) that he had nothing to do with it, and now they are considering the van to be stolen! Ren laughs, but Mark is not amused. Ren is pretty oblivious and asks Mark if he's going to rent a new van so she can use it for the New Moon Festival(!)
Phil is not feeling well and Julie suggests that he moves home. He does want to talk to her properly about their relationship, but some customers come in so they can't talk then.
Danni tells Brett that Packo etc are all hyped up about the basketball match. She wishes she could play, but Brett says she can't because she's suspended, and it's her own fault. Danni moans that it's really unfair.
Brett is feeling bad about Lata - he thinks she's avoiding him. He tells Danni that he does still like her. Danni says she'll have a word with Lata on his behalf.
Ramsay Street
Rick is waiting for Cody. Brett moans that he has stuffed up with Lata and now she thinks he hates her. Rick thinks Brett is being hard on himself. He offers Brett some work as a kitchen- hand tonight and Brett agrees.
Sam and Cody arrive. Sam and Rick start talking about football, but Cody drags Rick off to walk her to school.
Sam is surprised to find Ren in the living room (Marlene let her in). She needs his help with the New Moon Festival's cooking. Sam tells her to ask Mark. She says Mark isn't talking to her and she's desperate. Sam reluctantly agrees, as long as it's only a few hours, as he has a date tonight.
Debbie and Kim are practising her catwalk moves. Rick comes in and Debbie introduces them. Rick asks what Kim has planned for Debbie's hair and makes a few insame suggestions(!)
Lata tells Danni that she can't get back with Brett because she's done something. Before she can tell Danni, Sassy rushes in and tells Lata that Brett is frigid(!) They talk about Brett's sexual status quite openly and Danni and Packo are of the opinion that Brett is a virgin. Lata is surprised - she thought Australian boys were experienced early.
Sassy tells Danni that Packo has dropped out of the team and they need her to play.
Debbie and Kim are discussing the music for the hair fashion show.
Julie and Phil come in. Julie is moaning at Phil and then moans at Debbie for wearing a strange costume. Kim tells Julie to stop putting Debbie down. Julie tells Kim to leave, and he says he's going gladly(!) Debbie rushes after him.
Danni is dressed in a hat and dark glasses, in disguise so she can get on the team bus(!)
Phil and Julie are having a fight. Phil tells Julie that she demoralised Debbie in front of everyone and says she is very controlling.
PHIL: If you don't let me be my own person, you're going to drive us apart, for good!
JULIE: I don't want that.
PHIL: Then stop it! Stop trying to control me! Can't you accept me for who I am?! Look what you're doing to us, to the family!
JULIE: I'm sorry. Philip...I'm sorry.
He does not look convinced.
Coffee Shop
Ren drags Sam off to cook for the festival. Debbie is explaining to Kim that there's a lot of stress at home at the moment. Kim thinks that if Julie keeps on to her, her health will deteriorate again. He advises Debbie to get out. She says she soon will be.
DEBBIE: Thank God for Rosemary and America.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Ren tells Mark that she and Sam will make enough to repay him for the cost of the van. He is not impressed. Ren tells Sam to meet at her place in half an hour (even though it was urgent a minute ago). Mark tells Sam that he's had enough of hippies and communal living.
Mark shows Sam a postcard he's had from Annalise.
SAM: You really miss her, eh?
MARK: Yeah. I'd do anything to chuck this in and be with her right now.
SAM: She says she misses you too. You're a lucky guy.
Sam looks a bit sad.
Lata bumps into Brett and tries to apologise to him. He says maybe they should just forget the whole thing. Lata agrees, but goes off upset.
Sam tells Rick that he's going on a date with a girl he vaguely recognises, but he isn't sure from where. Rick says it'll be a good way to get his mind off Annalise.
Coffee Shop
The basketball team are celebrating - Danni played for them after all. The opposing team are there and overhear about Danni's suspension. They vow to dob her in.
Kim shows Debbie a hairstyle in a magazine that he could do on her. Julie comes up and suggests some fashion magazines from overseas and apologises for what she said before. She suggests Kim comes for dinner tonight. Debbie asks her to invite Phil too, but Julie doesn't want to. Kim says he won't come to dinner - they have enough family problems to sort out.
Sassy and Danni are talking about Brett and Lata. Danni is worried that she'll get expelled over the basketball game.
Ren is showing Rick some stuff she bought after the New Moon Festival. She thinks they've made enough to repay the cost of Mark's van repairs. Rick thinks Mark might have another project in mind - getting his job back as a chef at Lassiters (now that it's under different management). This gives Ren an idea, but she won't tell Rick what it is.
Phil and Debbie are talking. He tells her that Julie still makes him happy sometimes. Debbie doesn't think that's enough.
DEBBIE: Do you think it's going to work out eventually?
PHIL: I hope so. Maybe not. Not this time.
Sam has arrived for his date. Rick is shocked to see that it's Lata!
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