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Neighbours Episode 2210 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2210
Australian airdate: 05/08/94
UK airdate: 04/05/95
UK Gold: 20/04/01
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Priest: John Grigg
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Danni admits that she broke the window at the school to get money to cover the real culprit!
- Marlene offers Annalise a place to stay - with her
- Danni was let off for breaking the window because she politely said it was an accident and she was really sorry. "Easiest $20 I've ever made!"
- Julie and Phil decide to swap chores.
Danni is telling Cheryl that the window damage was an accident. Cheryl isn't impressed that she'll have to pay for it!
Cheryl moans that Marlene doesn't want to be Louise's godmother as she's too old. She decides to go and have another chat to her.
On the way out, Cheryl tells Danni she has thirty days to pay her back the money for the window. Brett tries not to laugh.
Annalise and Sam are making pancakes and having great fun tossing them.
Annalise tells Marlene that the house- hunting isn't going very well.
Cheryl comes in through the back door and asks Marlene to reconsider being godmother, but she reiterates that she's too old. She suggests Annalise instead! After a bit of chatting, Annalise accepts.
Phil is cleaning the floor and making breakfast (doing Julie's chores). He has also done all the washing and ironing. Meanwhile, Julie has been sorting out the bins.
Danni is moaning to Brett about having to pay for the window - now she's in "serious poverty". She wonders what other work she could get.
Doug and Gaby offer Mark a lift to the christening because his car has broken down. Gaby says the christening is her last gig before getting back to work.
Julie is fixing a table with a drill when Annalise pops round. She asks them if they have a spare room she could rent, but unfortunately for Annalise, Debbie is back in a few days.
Danni, Cheryl and Brett are folding nappies and talking about the Annalise being the godmother. Marlene comes to see Danni and gives her the bill for the money she owes her. She's also added 10% interest to the bill, so Danni had better pay it back soon!
(The following morning)
Danni is moaning to Brett about money. He tells her to just dob Rupert in! But Danni doesn't even have the $20 any more.
Danni is asking Annalise for extra shifts, but there's nothing available. As they're chatting, Annalise accidentally breaks Marlene's teapot. Annalise is horrified as Marlene won't let her stay now - she loves that teapot. Danni spots her chance and suggests Annalise pays her to take the blame!
(Er...do I feel a bigger bill from Marlene coming on...? Danni has not learnt from previous mistakes!)
ANNALISE: (resignedly) How much?
Phil asks Julie what "they" have bought for Louise's christening present. She tells him it's "women's work" in this house, so Phil will have to buy something.
Julie goes to the sink and pulls off a tap.
PHIL: Looks like a job for a bloke!
He laughs and hands Julie a wrench.
Coffee Shop
Annalise tells Gaby that she's still house- hunting. They talk about their exes in Mark and Jack.
ANNALISE: What a choice, huh?
GABY: He's good with Zack.
ANNALISE: Same mental age.
GABY: Hmm, we are a bitter bunny, aren't we?
ANNALISE: No, I just know Mark better than you, that's all.
GABY: Yeah, maybe. But he's been a really good friend to me. I think he's a lovely guy, he's sweet and he's considerate...
ANNALISE: Yeah, alright, I didn't ask your opinion.
GABY: Alright, alright.
ANNALISE: I was just sitting here reading the paper, minding my own business. I mean, if you want to fall head over heels for Gorgeous Gottlieb then that's your decision. Don't talk to me about it, alright?
She gets up a strops off.
Julie is still trying to fix the tap. Phil has been to buy a Christening present for Louise. He finally takes over with the tap and turns the water off. Julie is not happy.
JULIE: Well, I don't suppose you remembered any wrapping paper.
(He holds it up, grinning)
JULIE: A card?
(He holds it up, grinning)
JULIE: Well, is there anything you've forgotten?
PHIL: No, nothing.
JULIE: You're sure?
He nods.
JULIE: You're positively sure?
His face falls.
PHIL: What?
Julie just holds up her watch.
PHIL: Hannah's dental appointment!
He rushes off. Julie smiles.
Catholic Church
Marlene, Cheryl and Lou are gathered outside the church. Cheryl is panicking that Sam, Danni, Brett and Annalise are not there. The service is about to start, so they head inside.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is still at the Coffee Shop. Mark comes in and they have an awkward conversation.
Both seems entirely unconcerned about the time(!)
The awkward conversation continues about their living arrangements.
Sam comes in and Annalise heads off with him to the Church
Catholic Church
Everyone is waiting for Sam and co.
PRIEST: We really must start soon.
MARLENE: They'll be here in a minute.
CHERYL: We can't start without the godparents.
Finally, Danni, Brett, Sam and Annalise rush in, closely followed by Doug, Gaby and Mark.
PRIEST: Would the godparents please stand.
Sam and Annalise stand.
The Christening proceeds.
PRIEST: What name have you given this child?
CHERYL: Shannon Louise...Carpenter.
Louise is baptised, fussing just a bit.
The Christening party is in full swing with most of the Ramsay Street residents there.
Annalise presents Marlene with a new teapot "to replace the one that Danni broke".
They chat, and Marlene suggests they make her stay a permanent arrangement. Annalise is delighted.
Danni tells Brett that everything has worked out really well - Annalise has somewhere to live, Marlene has a teapot and she has some cash!
DANNI: This is a real goer! "Danni Stark's Blaming Agency"!
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