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Neighbours Episode 2149 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2149
Australian airdate: 12/05/94
UK airdate: 08/02/95
UK Gold: 25/01/01
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Sally Pritchard: Brenda Webb
John Muir: Benjamin Grant
Miranda Starvaggi: Leah De Niese
- "Oil And Water" by Horsehead
- "Island" by Ian Moss
- "You Cant Make Love Without A Soul" by Jimmy Barnes
- "One More Time" by Deborah Conway
- "Answering Machine Blues" by Ian Moss
- "Voodoo" by Zoo
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Rick is pressuring Sally to date him.
- Jesse and Hannah say goodbye, and Jesse tells her she's the nicest girlfriend he's ever had.
- Pam rides up to Ramsay Street on a motorbike. The teenagers are impressed.
Number 28
Doug is stoked about the motorbike that Pam has bought. He says she would get a few quid for it in the state it's in already, and it only needs a bit of work. Pam says she feels bad about accepting such a gift, but Penelope was so determined. Doug tells her not to look a gift horse in the mouth.
Gaby is ringing Sally, and Doug urges her to hurry up so he can ring Lou and tell him about the bike. Pam is put out and asks what it's got to do with Lou. Doug says they will restore the bike together, but Pam tells him to keep his hands off - she's restored one years ago and she can do it again.
PAM: This is my bike, so keep your rotten little mitts off.
Doug thinks she'll change her mind. Gaby can't get through to Sally. Pam guesses she hasn't got home yet, but Gaby thinks that she'll have turned the machine off. She decides to go over instead.
Number 26
Michael is lifting weights. He teases Hannah over being lovesick about Jesse, and then tells Philip that they've named their band, Motor Mammas, inspired by Pam and he's 'getting fit for the band'. Philip suggests that he's getting fit for Danni, but Michael insists it's for the band...and then, laughing, goes off to see Danni.
Hannah is miserable because Jesse's dad has banned them from seeing each other. She isn't excited about sorting out sponsorship for the zoo because it's no fun without Jesse. Philip cheers her up a bit, and suggests she get in touch with Miranda - Hannah seems happier at the end of the scene.
Number 24
Danni and Michael are having a heart to heart on Cheryl and Lou's bed (clothed, but still!)! We learn that Danni and Michael's favourite film is the Terminator. Michael's favourite pizza is pepperoni with double mushroom, and Danni hates onions. Michael says that he'd like to be an architect if he does well enough to get into uni - he got a taste for it when he worked with Doug.
As they're about to kiss, the phone rings - it's Cheryl, who is on her way home. Michael suggests scarpering, rightly guessing that she wouldn't be happy, but Danni tells him not to worry - they aren't going to find out. They agree to walk to school together the next morning, and kiss in the hallway before Michael leaves.
Erinsborough High - outside
Rick is hanging around outside the school gates with a bunch of flowers, and when Michael and Danni approach, he asks if they've seen Sally. Michael points out that they've only just arrived! Michael and Danni walk on, discussing how good it is that Danni gets the house to herself a lot, as Cheryl works at the pub, and Lou likes being where Cheryl is.
Sally drives up, and Rick gives her the flowers. She's unimpressed and throws them into the car. Rick is upset that she doesn't like them, but Sally tells him that they're lovely - but he shoudn't be constantly following her around. Rick wants to talk, but Sally tells him she's got prep to do - but Rick stops her from walking off.
In a great demonstration of Erinsborough contracting, they enter the pub! It isn't open, so it's quiet. Sally says she doesn't have much time. Rick throws down the bunch of flowers on the table.
RICK: What's wrong with these?
SALLY: My room already looks like a funeral parlour.
Rick says that Sally hasn't been answering her phone, and he's been calling constantly. Sally tells him that he's taking it all too seriously - she says she likes him, but it's getting out of hand. Rick declares that he loves her. Sally tries to get him to see sense, and asks him how many serious girlfriends he's had. Rick admits there's only been Debbie, but says it's irrelevant.
Rick goes on and on about how she keeps throwing his youth in his face, and he says it's not his fault that he's young - he knows how he feels. He thinks they should get married(!) Sally doesn't seem very impressed! Rick keeps banging on about how they have to make it happen.
Number 28
Doug arrives home for lunch, but Pam is working on the bike in the kitchen. He asks why she's not doing it in the garage, and then the Motor Mammas start playing very loudly, and Doug realises that the band is in the garage.
DOUG: Good Lord, is that supposed to be music?
PAM: So they tell me(!)
Doug wants Pam to move her stuff and make him lunch, but she refuses and tells him to go to the pub if he can't be bothered making himself lunch. Doug is quite pleased at this, and then warns her not to get too obsessed with the bike. Pam guesses that he wants her to get bored and leave it for him to restore!
At the pub, Gaby and Sally are eating lunch. Sally confides in Gaby, who is a bit nonchalant about Rick's behaviour, saying that he's just smitten. Sally says she's scared at what Rick might do next, as he's not rational.
Gaby says that Sally is making things worse by not telling Rick how she really feels. Sally says that she can't - she's tried. She asks Gaby to do it for her. Gaby suggests Lou instead, but Sally says that Lou will fill the talk with, "I told you so," and begs Gaby to do it. Gaby agrees, but tells her not to expect miracles.
Number 26
Michael is reading a magazine. Hannah shows him her painting, but he doesn't understand that it's supposed to be a snake and holds it up at all angles. Philip arrives home, and Hannah shows him the picture. Instantly, Philip guesses it's a handsome snake, and Hannah sticks her tongue out at Michael.
Miranda and Hannah are painting and start arguing over who came up with their new sponsorship idea - making a snake quilt to raffle off. Hannah explains how it will work and Michael offers to sew the patches together for her.
There's a knock at the door, and Michael rushes to answer it. It's Danni, who tells Philip she's come over to study with Michael. They go into the kitchen.
HANNAH: The only thing they're going to be studying is each other.
PHILIP: You, Button, are wise beyond your years.
Sally's Flat
Sally is talking to her flatmate, John. He says it wasn't smart to get Gaby to do her dirty work. Sally says that Rick will take it better from Gaby, as he's known her for years. It turns out that Sally has taken a job in Japan to get away from the situation. John says she won't feel good about herself knowing that she ran away.
Sally says that she's made a mess of things, and Rick can't accept that she doesn't feel the same way. John suggests that they pretend that he's her new partner - unless she still thinks of him as her 'big brother' figure. She says that she'd be using him, but he says he doesn't mind.
JOHN: Tell Rick you're in love with someone your own age. He might not like it, but he'll accept it.
As he leaves the room, he adds, "And, you never know..."
Number 30
Gaby arrives at Number 30 and Rick is totally over the top about Sally. Gaby tells him to calm down, and says that his behaviour is making Sally feel trapped.
RICK: I just love her so much, and she's slipping away.
GABY: No, you are driving her away!
Gaby tells him to what Sally asks - back off a bit and let her think. The phone rings and Rick dives for it. He's so happy when it's Sally, and when he puts the phone down, he starts telling Gaby that she's coming over to discuss marriage and bounces around saying, "She's going to say yes!" Gaby warns him that he doesn't know that, but it falls on deaf ears.
Number 28
Doug offers to help Pam with the bike, and she declines. Doug seems sad that Michael doesn't visit much any longer, and mentions that he's paired up with Danni. Pam reckons that's a pair full of trouble. Doug says that Michael's settled down a lot, but Pam is relieved that it's Cheryl's problem, and not theirs.
Doug starts interfering with the bike, and Pam gives him short shrift. She tells him to mow the lawn if he's bored. He says he isn't bored, and tries again to help. Pam snaps.
PAM: This is my project, Doug, and I want to handle it on my own. So please, butt out!
Number 26
Hannah and Miranda are bickering about snakes. Philip tells them to settle down, and asks Hannah if there was any post. She tells him that Helen put it in the kitchen. He goes to get it and walks in on Michael and Danni are cooing over each other. Michael asks about band practice but Cody and Brett are busy, so it'll just be the pair of them.
Philip throws Michael some post and it's from the Honeypigs (a band they both love and ended up having photos with in a previous episode). The pair talk about the band, and Philip realises they haven't done any homework at all. Philip tells Danni to go home and sends Michael to his room to study. Michael starts to protest, but Philip warns him not to argue else he won't be going to band practice later.
Michael walks Danni to the door, and apologises for Philip. Danni says all parents are the same. They kiss and Hannah instantly rushes over and gives them grief. Michael good-naturedly teases Hannah about it, but deliberately bumps into Philip as he goes to get his books. Hannah asks if Miranda can stay for dinner.
Number 28 - outside
Doug peeks at Pam's motorbike that's under a cover, and then rips it off and sits on it. He declares it's a little beauty, and Pam catches him sitting on it and grumbles. She throws him a helmet, and then jumps on the bike to give him a drive on it. She sets off, determinedly, and Doug worriedly asks her to slow down!
Number 30
Rick is pleased that Sally has come over and offers her a drink - coffee or champagne! She says she just wants to talk. She tells him that the flowers and phonecalls have to stop. Rick agrees, and says he was just expressing his love. Sally says it was sweet of him, but she's not ready for that level of commitment. Sally says she can't marry him.
RICK: You do love me?
SALLY: I care about you, I really do, but it's not enough.
RICK: It is for me. I can accept it.
Sally tells him it's over and he needs to let go. Rick backtracks and says they don't have to marry, and he'll back off and then she'll change her mind. He won't accept that she won't change her mind, so then Sally tells him that there's someone else.
SALLY: John. The guy who brought me to school the other day. He's from home. We've known each other since I was in second class and he was in fourth. I used to have the biggest crush on him, but I was just like a little sister to him, you know? I didn't even know he was living in Erinsborough until I advertised for a flatmate.
Rick is upset that she's been seeing him whilst their relationship was going on. Sally says it was just a couple of meals and a few drinks, but she thinks there might be something there and she wants to find out. Rick asks if she loves him. She says she doesn't know.
SALLY: What you want from me, I'm never going to be able to give you. I'm really sorry.
She kisses her hand and goes to touch him, but Rick moves away. Sally leaves, clearly upset. Rick sits at the table, gutted.
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