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Neighbours Episode 2032 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2032
Australian airdate: 26/10/93
UK airdate: 29/08/94
UK Gold: 15/08/00
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Guests: Craig Slater: Daniel Tobias
Ally Slater: Bryony Price
Sean Slater: Ben Thomas
Ruth Avery: Caitlin McDougall
Jacob Collins: John K. Davies
Vikki: Jacinta Stapleton
Tracey: Kelly Sulikowski
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rick's locker explodes.
Wayne ascertains that it was a smoke bomb and asks Rick if he knew anything about it. Debbie gives him an alibi.
WAYNE: OK, I'll make a deal. If the guilty party owns up now, it's a light sentence. Otherwise it's trouble in a major way.
Debbie glares at Craig.
Ramsay Street
Hannah is debating what to do with the rock. Finally she sees a bin out and puts it inside.
HANNAH: Bye, bye rock! Hope you have a nice holiday at the tip!
The guilty party still hasn't owned up. Debbie is OK, she just had a sore elbow where Craig pushed her out of the way. Wayne wants to know how Craig knew Debbie was at risk. He finally admits that he did it, saying it was meant for Rick and it was a joke. He stole the materials from his brother, Sean. Wayne takes him off to see the headmaster.
DEBBIE: Just when you think you know someone!
Ruth and Jacob have popped around to see Lauren and just let themselves in(!)
LOU: Haven't you heard of knocking?
RUTH: Doors should not divide the Children of Barrabas. Our sister's home is our home.
LOU: a) She's not your sister, b) This is not your home, and c) Nick off! ...Scram! Vamoose!
Just then Lauren comes out and isn't impressed that Lou has been trying to throw Ruth and Jacob out.
LAUREN: If my brother and sister aren't welcome here, then neither am I. Is that what you're saying?
LOU: No, of course it's not.
LAUREN: Dad, I want you to love Ruth and Jacob as much as I do. I'll read you that chapter tonight, you'll find it spiritually rewarding.
LOU: Can't wait(!)
Craig is told he'll have to replace Rick's damaged books and has been suspended for a week. Debbie's wrath is worse though and she rants at Craig saying she doesn't forgive him and their date is off.
DEBBIE: I don't go out with irresponsible morons who put smoke bombs in lockers!
Coffee Shop
Ally is hanging on Rick's every word and two of her friends are watching with interest. Once of them (Vikki) looks suspiciously like a young Amy Greenwood!
At a table, Ally tells her two friends (Vikki and Tracey) that she is dating Rick. To "prove" it, she gets Rick to confirm that Ally's been helping him out in the shop. The girls are quite impressed, but want more proof.
The Pub
Lou and Doug are having a beer. Brad is working and Lou tells him how worried he is about Lauren. He offers to have a word, but Lou says that Lauren is severely brainwashed.
Doug muses that Gaby has been behaving a bit strangely lately too.
LOU: At least you've still got her, mate. I feel like I'm losing Lauren. Inch by inch.
Martins (No.32)
Debbie is telling Craig on the phone that she doesn't want to talk to him.
DEBBIE: Craig. Drop dead!
She slams down the phone. When it rings again, she asks Hannah to answer it and get rid of him.
HANNAH: Hello? Hi, Slug. Heard you're in trouble at school. Yeah, she's here...but she doesn't want to talk to you. Because she doesn't like you. Yeah...I can't get her right now, she's busy kissing her new boyfriend. Yeah...she likes him because he's not immature like you!
Debbie grabs the phone and slams it down. She debates taking it off the hook but is worried that Craig might come round instead.
Hannah looks for Holly, but Debbie has let her out. She rushes out to find her. Meanwhile, the phone starts to ring again.
Ramsay Street
Holly knocks over a dustbin. Hannah clears it all up, but the rock has fallen out and is lying on the grass verge.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Vikki and Tracey tell Ally to get Rick's necklace off him, to prove his love! When her friends have gone, Sean comes over and offers to help her.
The place is a tip and Brad and Doug are chatting on like a married couple(!) Doug tells Brad he should pull his weight and do some dishes. They agree to get the place cleaned up to help Pam out (she's working a double shift).
Coffee Shop
Ally is staring at Rick and making him nervous. She asks about his necklace and he says he never takes it off - his brother gave it to him.
RICK: Look, if I took this off, I'd be totally naked.
Sean shows Ally a "mickey" - all she has to do is make Rick a coffee and slip it in. Ally is rather horrified.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Craig is sitting at a table in the rain, depressed. Wayne comes along and tries to talk to him, but Craig isn't having any of it.
Ramsay Street
Oddly enough, it isn't raining in Ramsay Street!
Doug is trying to start his mover and Hannah helps him by suggesting he pulls the cord gently. It starts, but as he mows, he hits The Rock. He picks it up and throws it in a bush. Hannah looks on, worried.
Coffee Shop
Ally has decided to go with Sean's plan, against her better judgement. She makes Rick a coffee and slips the pills into it. Sean reckons the drugs are harmless and won't do Rick any damage.
When Rick comes back, he drinks the coffee, commenting on its strange taste.
RICK: What's in it?
ALLY:(panicking) It was all Sean's idea, not mine!
RICK:(to Sean) It's um...different...what's in it?
SEAN: Herbal stuff.
RICK: I've heard of herbal tea but not coffee...where did you get it from?
SEAN: It's my own special recipe.
Rick falters and then falls asleep on the counter! Ally takes his necklace.
Brad has been "cooking" and has made Doug a burnt toastie for his dinner.
DOUG: What's this?
BRAD: Er...toasted sangers. Well-done.
They bicker and agree to swap jobs - Brad will do the mowing while Doug does the cooking.
Martins (No.32)
Hannah is talking to Holly about the rock.
HANNAH: Maybe there's no getting rid of it, ever! Maybe it'll be around for the rest of our miserable lives!
There's a knock at the door and it's Craig. Debbie tells him to get lost. Craig protests that he just wanted to give Rick a scare and he doesn't want to lose her friendship. But Debbie says she can't be friends with someone who acts so weirdly. She gives him his present back.
DEBBIE:(to Hannah) Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.
Ruth and Jacob have come round to tell Lauren that they're getting married tomorrow and they want her to be their "Barrabian maid". Sort of like a bridesmaid I guess(!). The wedding has been brought forward because Barrabas is coming to Erinsborough in person for a week!
JACOB: We've told Barrabas about you and he's really looking forward to getting to know you.
LAUREN: I can't believe it! I'm actually going to meet our spiritual leader!
Coffee Shop (outside)
Vikki and Tracey are now convinced that Ally is going out with Rick because she has the necklace. Sean rushes up and drags Ally into the shop.
Coffee Shop (inside)
Rick is still asleep at the counter and Sean says the drug must have been a bit strong. He can't bring Rick round - he's tried everything.
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