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Neighbours Episode 1922 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1921 - 1923>>
Episode title: 1922
Australian airdate: 25/05/93
UK airdate: 28/03/94
UK Gold: 14/03/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Michael Sergi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Julie is hugging Hannah.
JULIE: Now will you listen to me when I tell you something. Poor child's been terrified since he turned up.
PHIL: How can she have been, you never let him set foot inside this house!
JULIE: Just look at her, do you blame me?
HANNAH: You two always fight about it. I hate it.
PHIL: We're sorry, Hannah. (To Julie) Aren't we?
HANNAH: I thought if the police got him, everything would be OK.
JULIE: It will, sweetheart, it will. You're a good girl.
HANNAH: Well, they were looking for him anyway. He's supposed to be in jail for all the bad things he did.
JULIE: Yes, he is. And your father knows it.
HANNAH: You're not mad at me, Daddy, are you?
Coffee Shop
Stephen is on the phone to Dorothy telling her that everything is OK and that they can handle Russell. When he gets off the phone, he tells Annalise that he's been warned by the police for "harrassing" Russell(!)
Outside the Coffee Shop
Russell bids Helen a good morning and compliments Annalise on her outfit. Russell snipes at her.
When Russell has gone, Helen asks Annalise if Brad has been seen since the wedding. Helen wonders what happened and Annalise confesses that she let slip to Beth about the engagement mix- up. Helen says she's sure there must have been more to it.
Pam wants Brad to face up to things, but he'd rather hang out in his room. Pam is very embarrassed about the whole Beth/Lauren thing. She thinks Brad and Beth can work things out, but Doug isn't so sure.
Hannah is heading off to school, but Phil calls her back.
PHIL: Wait a minute, Hannah, I need to talk to you. Please?
HANNAH: You're really mad at me, aren't you?
PHIL: No. You did what you thought was the right thing, and that's OK with me.
HANNAH: Promise?
PHIL: But I'm really worried about Michael. He could be sent away for a long time, you know.
HANNAH: But he's supposed to. He did bad things.
PHIL: Yeah, I know. And he *should* be punished. But with someone as young as Michael, being locked up might not be the best way.
HANNAH: Why not?
PHIL: Well, because there are other people there. Other people that have done much worse things than he has. And him being around them all the time, he could pick up bad habits. And be even meaner when he comes home.
HANNAH: But...I don't ever want him to come home.
PHIL: Yeah, I know. But right now, Michael needs a second chance.
HANNAH: But...Mum said he's had plenty of chances!
PHIL: But everybody makes mistakes. Like Holly. Sometimes she does naughty things doesn't she?
(Pretty sure Holly never tried to kill Julie)
PHIL: You don't send her away, do you?
PHIL: And why is that?
HANNAH: Because she's mine and I love her.
PHIL: And that's exactly how I feel about Michael. And you. And Debbie. You're all my kids, and I want to help you. And right now, Michael needs a lot of our help, doesn't he?
Brad is hanging out listening to music, much to Pam's distaste. She tells him to get out of the house for a bit.
BRAD: Just because all your friends are talking about me, it's not my fault the wedding got called off.
DOUG: Settle down...
PAM: No, Doug I won't. Your idiot son here has done a rotten thing, and I for one am not going to keep on saying 'Poor Brad'.
DOUG: He's had a pretty rough trot...
PAM: So what?! He deserves it! If you're going to feel sorry for anyone, it ought to be Beth!
DOUG: Now, Pam...
BRAD: Let her go for it, Dad.
PAM: Now, you may not have the sense to realise it, but Beth's the best thing that ever happened to you. Sweet, trusting, honest...and how you treat her?! You sneak around with that horse- mad tart from across the road!
BRAD: Lauren's not a tart. She's a great girl!
PAM: Oh, alright, maybe she is, I don't know. But *you* Bradley, you had a chance to make something decent of your life with Beth. And you blew it! And not only that, you hurt both girls in the process!
DOUG: That's a bit strong, love.
BRAD: No, she's right, Dad. I've blown it for everyone.
He gets up and walks out, dejectedly.
DOUG: Nothing like kicking the kid when he's down. I hope you feel good about it.
PAM: I feel just fine, thank you!
The Office
Annalise is looking at the computer screen when it suddenly goes blank. Phil comes in and looks at it in alarm and starts mashing the mouse to no avail. He tells Annalise to call Russell to come and have a look at it.
Julie finds Hannah sitting on the living room floor, and is surprised she isn't in school.
HANNAH: I'm sorry...I mean about getting Michael arrested.
JULIE: Oh, Hannah, you don't have to apologise for that. It's exactly the right thing. I'm very proud of you.
HANNAH: If I did something wrong, would you send me to jail?
JULIE:(laughs) Sweetheart, you're just a little girl! And you'd never do anything as bad as Michael did.
HANNAH: You'd give me a second chance so I could learn to do things right? Not get in trouble any more?
JULIE: Yes, of course...but Michael's a different story...
HANNAH: Is that a promise?!
JULIE: Well, yes!
HANNAH: Daddy promised Michael, too.
JULIE:(suspiciously) Did your father ask you to tell me all this?
JULIE: You stop worrying about Michael. He's right where he belongs.
Police Station
Helen is visiting Michael at the police station.
MICHAEL: Hannah? Well, little squirt's got more guts that I gave her credit for.
HELEN: You think it's funny?
MICHAEL: Well, no point getting all bitter and twisted about it. If it wasn't her, it would have been someone else. Lou or somebody.
HELEN: Michael, noone particularly wants to see you in a detention centre.
MICHAEL: I can handle it.
HELEN: Yes, well people feel that there should be *some* sort of punishment.
MICHAEL: I know. I did all that stuff. And I guess I'm just going to have to cop it. I feel so sorry for Dad. I've hurt him so much.
HELEN: Oh, Michael.
She hugs him.
The Office
Russell has arrived to look at the computer, just as Phil is leaving. He and Annalise snipe at each other. He sets to work on the computer, and it's fixed almost instantly.
Ramsay Street
Pam sees Brad and Julie walking up the street. Julie is grilling Brad and he tells her it wasn't Beth's fault. Before he can continue, Pam shouts to Brad that he's wanted on the phone and tells Julie off for gossiping.
Phil is pleased that Helen thinks Michael is genuinely remorseful for the trouble he's caused. Julie comes in.
PHIL: Philippa Dunbar seems to think that if Michael can convince the court that he genuinely regrets his actions, and won't repeat them, then he could get a probation rather than a term in a detention centre.
HELEN: Darling, it wouldn't accomplish anything to lock the boy up.
JULIE: Wouldn't it?
PHIL: There is another condition. Absolutely essential according to Philippa. The court will only release Michael into custody of his immediate family. And only if they're assured that it's a secure environment. One in which he will receive the love and support he needs to turn his life around. It could be up to us.
Coffee Shop
Brad and Stephen are discussing Beth running off. Brad looks rather preoccupied.
JULIE: It's not fair, Gran. Everyone's pressurising me.
JULIE: You, Philip...even Hannah. Despite all he did to me, you all think I should take Michael back.
HELEN: I can't speak for the others, darling, but yes, I do believe that everyone is entitled to a second chance.
JULIE: Oh, he's used up all his chances! What about me? Aren't I entitled to live in my own home without fear? Knowing Hannah's safe from his bullying and Debbie not being unduly influenced. I didn't do anything wrong! Why am *I* being punished?
HELEN: You're not, darling.
JULIE: Well, that's what it feels like. Everybody leaning on me like this. It isn't fair.
HELEN: Julie, people can change if given the opportunity, and I'm quite sure that Michael would.
JULIE: That's what you thought about Greg Bartlett too. The boy mugged you, Gran, and you let him get away with it! Not only that, he moved into your home, robbed you blind, and then ran off!
HELEN: Alright, so Greg wasn't a success, but others were...there was Nick, and what about all the trouble Todd caused us in the early days? But it was worth it just to see him get himself together and become the fine young man that he did, and the same thing could happen to Michael, *if* you give him the chance.
Phil and Michael are waiting for Michael's hearing. Michael goes over to Julie.
MICHAEL: Julie? I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I mean, I know you don't believe me, and there's no reason why you should. But, I am. I guess we're not ever going to be buddies or anything, and I don't expect you to do anything in there to keep me out of trouble and that. But, I really want to sort things out with Dad. He's been through a hell of a lot and he's kept supporting me. I guess I just want to show him that I'm worth it. I will change, Julie. I really will.
Michael's name is called and he and Phil go into the court. Julie follows.
Coffee Shop
Stephen tells Annalise that she should be in the office while Phil is out, but she says Reception can take the calls(!) They talk about Russell and Stephen says that there seems to be a lot of computer problems around recently. He suspects Russell of sabotaging them remotely to provide work for himself.
The judge has read out Michael's charges. She is pleased that Michael has confessed to his deeds, but he has harmed his chances by refusing to tell them who his accomplice in the vehicle theft was. However, a Social Services report on Michael's rehabilitation is positive. So there are two options - a six month sentence at a youth sentence, or a good- behaviour bond, his parents' custody. The judge thinks the bond would be the best, but understands that the family, especially Julie, are under a great deal of stress as a family unit.
JUDGE: So, Mrs Martin. What are your feelings? Are you willing to take Michael back?
<<1921 - 1923>>
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