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Neighbours Episode 1920 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1919 - 1921>>
Episode title: 1920
Australian airdate: 21/05/93
UK airdate: 24/03/94
UK Gold: 10/03/00
Guests: Russell Butler: Stephen Whittaker
Troy Duncan: Damian Walshe-Howling
Police Officer: Scott Meneilly
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Phil is explaining to Helen that he has to find somewhere for Michael to stay, and would she mind taking him in temporarily - it'll just be for a few days until they work out the accommodation. Helen readily agrees, saying she likes the company of young people in the house.
Gaby and Wayne have arrived, and they and the Alessis are having dinner in a Japanese restaurant. Gaby tells them about Brad and Beth's aborted wedding and they are shocked. They tell Cathy that Rick is doing fine. Benito is still convinced that Rick will soon be joining them in Sydney. Wayne tells them that he helped Rick to fill in the forms to get funding for his education. Benito isn't very pleased, but Wayne says that the information is publicly available.
Stephen is changing the locks on the doors to keep Russell out. Phoebe isn't sure about this, saying that Russell will go nuts when he finds out.
Debbie pops round to see Michael. She is really pleased that he's well again and apologises for Julie. Michael says Julie will never change her mind, and he might have to take off again. Debbie tells him to give Julie another chance, but Michael points out that Julie hates his guts.
Stephen is just putting some classical music on when Russell starts rattling the front door.
RUSSELL: You can't do this! Open it!
He continues to knock.
Gaby, Wayne and the Alessis are having breakfast on the sea- front. Benito is talking to Gaby about Japanese business practices. Wayne tells Benito that Gaby can't hang around all day, because they're going to the agricultural fair. Gaby says there'll be plenty of time to talk afterwards.
DEBBIE: It sucks, Dad. Michael comes back all this way and finds out he's not even welcome.
PHIL: Why not talk to Julie instead of me?
DEBBIE: I know it's not your fault, but can't we do something?
PHIL: She does have a point, you know. Michael's track record isn't just lousy, it's horrendous.
DEBBIE: Are you turning against him too?!
PHIL: No, I'm pointing out what a can of worms we have here.
DEBBIE: All I know is, back on the streets, he might die! It happens Dad! I mean, there's drugs and accidents, everything! We can't just wait and not doing anything.
PHIL: Yes, I know Deb.
JULIE:(coming in) I take it you two were discussing Michael?
PHIL: You don't want to be late for school, kiddo.
Debbie heads off.
PHIL: I thought after you'd slept on it, you might have second thoughts.
JULIE: No, Philip.
PHIL: Can we set a time limit for the kid to prove himself? I mean, even people in jail get time off for good behaviour.
JULIE: After what he's done, how can you expect me to trust him? Anyway, he's got Hannah scared stiff. Are you prepared to put our daughter's emotional well- being on the line? I'm sorry, I'm not.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe and Hope have dropped in to see Stephen. Phoebe is very jumpy. Stephen assures her that they're safe at home now, and they have to do this to get rid of Russell. He doesn't think it will take long.
Agricultural Show
Wayne and Gaby are having fun at the Agricultural Fair. There is a musical montage of them on a bumpy slide and a ferris wheel, followed by dodgems. Then they call in on Wayne's brother. Wayne's brother hugs him excitedly and Wayne introduces him to his brother (Troy). He's rather rough and ready. He introduces Wayne and Gaby to his prize bull, Thunderbolt.
GABY: Is he called Thunderbolt because he was born in a thunderstorm?
TROY: Hey listen, if you want to know why he's called Thunderbolt, you'd better ask the heifers in the top paddock!
Helen and Michael are eating lunch. They talk about Michael's time in Sydney, scavenging from bins and sleeping in squats etc. Helen looks very shocked and says she can understand why so many kids in that situation turn to drugs. She's really glad that Michael's home now - and tells him that Julie is glad he's safe too.
Coffee Shop
Hope is grizzling, having thrown up over Phoebe (yuk). Phoebe says she'd better go home and change them both. Annalise offers to go with her, in case Russell is there.
Agricultural Show
Wayne and Troy are catching up. Wayne goes off with Troy for a couple of beers with some mates from back home. Gaby looks nervously at the bull.
Phoebe and Annalise arrive. The house is quiet and Russell's room is still padlocked. Annalise heads off.
Outside No.30
As Annalise leaves, Russell is watching from the side.
Agricultural Show
Gaby is waiting for Wayne. A man comes over and tells her to put her bull in the stall. Gaby looks rather unsettled!
Helen and Phil are discussing Michael. She thinks Michael isn't as angry as he used to be, and would appreciate the security of a good home.
PHIL: You heard what Helen said. She thinks Michael's changed too.
JULIE: That's what everyone thought before. Everyone said how more mature he was, how much more reasonable. It was all an act!
PHIL: Yes, but that doesn't mean the boy can *never* change!
JULIE: Look, I've told you, I'm just not interested!
PHIL: Julie, there are some things in life you just can't opt out of! Helen hasn't!
JULIE: Can you guarantee me this isn't another big act to get back in the house, so he can have another go at tearing our family to shreds?!
HELEN: Of course I can't guarantee that, darling.
JULIE: Well, I can't take the risk.
PHIL: Please, Julie, just give him a chance.
JULIE: No, Philip, I won't! Can't you see, it's happening again? We're arguing just like last time. Even his presence at Gran's is doing that. I wish he'd never come back!
Agricultural Show
Wayne and Troy finally come back. Gaby is not happy and shouts at Wayne. Then she stalks off.
Annalise isn't sure that she should stay now that Michael is there too. Helen says it's fine, and hopefully there won't be any more family hassles. Annalise agrees to stay for a while.
There's a knock at the door and it's a police officer. Michael and Phil are in the living room and look shocked.
POLICE OFFICER: Is there a Michael Martin here?
HELEN: Yes, there is, won't you come in?
POLICE OFFICER: Michael Martin?
MICHAEL: Yeah, yeah, that's right.
They start to drag Michael off.
PHIL: Officer, I'm Philip Martin, Michael's father...
POLICE OFFICER: Come along with us, son.
PHIL: He's just got out of hospital.
POLICE OFFICER: We're aware of that, sir.
PHIL: Can you tell me who notified you, just tell me that.
Phil and Helen follow Michael and the police.
RUSSELL:(through the front door) Phoebe...I'm sorry about before. I mean, all the noise. Look, I won't do it anymore. I just got angry. I didn't think it was fair, so I lost my head. Will you talk to me, please?
PHOEBE: Go away.
RUSSELL: All I wanted was to be your friend. Part of your family. I'm sorry it hasn't worked out.
PHOEBE: Well, it hasn't, so go away!
RUSSELL: I will. I promise. But I need my stuff, it's the only stuff I've got.
PHOEBE: We'll send it on.
RUSSELL: I need to get it Phoebe. Then I'll go, I promise. But I can't go until I get it! Look, I know you didn't change the locks. I was wrong to take it out on you. Look, I'll get my things and you won't see me ever again.
PHOEBE: You'll definitely go?
RUSSELL: I promise. You think I want all this trouble?
Phoebe goes to the front door.
PHOEBE: How long will it take you to pack?
RUSSELL: Not long.
PHOEBE: You definitely promise?
RUSSELL: Definitely.
She opens the door. Russell bursts in and grabs her.
<<1919 - 1921>>
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