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Neighbours Episode 1870 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1869 - 1871>>
Episode title: 1870
Australian airdate: 12/03/93
UK airdate: 13/01/94
UK Gold: 31/12/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Richard Sarrell
Guests: Peter Knotts: Simon Hughes
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Annalise saying to Debbie that something tells her that the class Chemistry experiment is going to go horribly wrong...
- Lauren telling Beth that she thinks it's best if she goes.
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Gaby is telling Annalise that there was some confusion with the roster and they ended up with more staff than they needed for tonight. She asks her if she hasn't got someone she can have some fun with. Annalise, however, sighs that she hasn't made many friends - she always seems to get off on the wrong foot with people. She heads out. Philip emerges from his office and Gaby asks him if he rang Julie back - she wanted to know what time he'd be home. Philip tells her hesitantly to tell Julie to expect him when she sees him.
No. 32
Julie and Debbie are doing homework in the lounge room when Hannah comes in and complains that she's hungry. Julie tells her they'll have dinner when Philip gets home. Hannah asks if she can have a banana. She takes one and walks off. Julie mutters to Debbie that she's having trouble with her homework, and she asks for a hand. Debbie muses that she's already done *her* homework; she doesn't want to have to do Julie's as well! Julie pleads with her, saying she's really stuck; she's going to look an awful fool if she hasn't got it done tomorrow. Debbie tells her that it's really not that hard. At that moment, Philip arrives home and apologises for being late. He asks how his two favourite schoolgirls are. Julie smiles:
JULIE: We're fine - aren't we, Deb!
Debbie doesn't respond; she just gets up and leaves the room. Julie sighs at Philip that Debbie hates her being there; she embarrasses her. Philip insists that she'll get over it. He then adds that he hopes he hasn't held up dinner. Julie comments that for some unknown reason Gaby couldn't tell her when he'd be home. Philip asks her if she got through her first day all right. Julie mutters that Mr. Knott treated her like a naughty teenager - but she's going to stick it out.
Coffee Shop
Brad joins Beth at a table and asks cheerily what's happening. Beth replies glumly that she's a bit disappointed: Lauren's going back up north. Brad asks in surprise what brought *that* on. Beth shrugs that she doesn't know; maybe she and Lou haven't been getting on... and *some people* haven't been as nice as they could have... Brad murmurs that he didn't want her to *leave*. Cameron comes in and Brad comments to him that he read his article on the Peace Patrol; it was a bit hyper, wasn't it? Cameron retorts:
CAMERON: It was rubbish. I'm sorry I wrote it.
No. 32
Debbie is checking Julie's homework and she tells her that it's fine. Julie thanks her, saying she'll be all right once it all comes back to her. She leaves the room. Philip thanks Debbie for helping her mother. Debbie snaps:
DEBBIE: It's all so stupid going back to school at her age. She made me feel like a real dork today. She wanted to 'hang around' with me all the time.
PHILIP (laughs): It's only natural - it's her first day.
DEBBIE: All the other kids think it's a big joke.
PHILIP: I gather they gave her the 'new girl' treatment.
DEBBIE: A bit. She didn't seem to notice much.
PHILIP: I think you're wrong there. She's trying to hide it, but she's very upset. This means a lot to her, Deb - and you *did* say you'd give her some moral support.
Debbie exclaims that Julie's going to get sick of it and throw it in, so it's a waste of time, anyway. Philip, however, says he doesn't think so - Debbie knows how persistent she can be. Debbie sighs that maybe she can give her a few tips on how to stop the other kids from giving her a hard time.
No. 24
It's the next morning, and Lou exclaims at Lauren in shock:
LOU: What do you mean you're leaving?
Lauren explains that the boss has decided not to keep the horse there, so she's going home. Lou says he thought she was going to stay a lot longer - and what about the job at the stables? Lauren tells him that she only said she'd stay if things worked out, and they haven't. Lou asks:
LOU: Why not? I thought everything was *fine*.
LAUREN (pointedly): How would *you* know? You're never around.
Lou asks her in surprise if she thinks he's been neglecting her. He adds that he didn't want to crowd her; the last thing he wanted to do was neglect her. He pleads with her to stay, adding that he'll make it up to her. Lauren, however, shrugs that she's sorry but she's already made up her mind.
Erinsborough High
The Chemistry lesson is underway, supervised by Wayne. Annalise grins as Julie pours some liquid onto some powder in a glass container. Wayne asks her what's going on, but she replies 'innocently' that she doesn't know what he means. She then pours liquid onto the powder in *her* glass container - and it suddenly flashes and there's a small explosion. Julie quickly runs over and asks her if it's burning. She picks up a hose and turns on the tap, squirting water in Annalise's face! Debbie stands there smirking!
Reception area/Office of the Robinson Corporation
Gaby picks up a letter and notices that it's addressed to Philip personally. She takes it into him, telling him that she wasn't sure if she should open it. Philip takes it and says he'll take care of it. He quickly places it under the pile of papers on his desk.
Erinsborough High
In the corridor, Annalise snaps at Wayne that Julie did this on purpose. Wayne, however, tells her that Julie was trying to save her from getting hurt, and he tells her to go home and get changed. Julie runs over to Wayne and tells him that she didn't mean to cause such trouble. Wayne assures her that there's no harm done - except to Annalise's pride. He walks off. Julie joins Debbie and grins:
JULIE: I sure showed *her* a thing or two!
DEBBIE (smiles): You sure did!
JULIE: Thanks for warning me!
Julie then comments to Debbie that Wayne's an excellent teacher - he gives all the students such individual attention. Rick, who's joined them, muses:
RICK: Yeah, he believes in individual attention, all right.
DEBBIE: Especially for Annalise Hartman...!
Coffee Shop
Helen is reading Cameron's newspaper article about the Peace Patrol, but she snaps at Pam - who's sitting with her - that it seems to her that Cameron's gloating about young Greg. She goes on that there was a good side to the boy, and she had a chance to bring it out - but unfortunately she failed miserably. Pam tells her that it was Doug's fault, and he feels terribly about the whole thing. Helen sighs that there's something she hasn't told anyone: when Greg left, he took a large amount of money out of her purse, so obviously she didn't get through to him at all. Pam comments that even if she didn't succeed, it was worth trying. With that, Helen heads off. Brad comes in and asks his mother what's wrong with Helen. Pam explains that she's just disappointed about that boy taking off - sometimes people let you down. Brad murmurs:
BRAD: I know what you mean. You think you get to know someone, then they do something you just wouldn't believe.
Pam asks if they're talking about someone she knows. Brad replies that he heard something yesterday that just spun him right out, about Wayne. Pam asks what it is.
No. 26
Cameron has turned up at No. 26 and he tells Helen that he's come to apologise: she was right about the Peace Patrol - there *are* some decent people in it, but there are also some who just like the power, and he's decided it's not for him. Helen remarks in surprise that he wrote that glowing piece in the Erinsborough News. Cameron tells her:
CAMERON: That was a mistake. I realise now there are better ways to solve crime - like trying to help Greg before he gets too hardened.
He adds that he guesses everyone deserves a second chance - and he hopes Helen will give *him* one. Helen smiles that he just said everyone deserves one!
No. 24
Brad has turned up at No. 24 and he asks Lou if Lauren is around. Lou calls to Lauren, who's in her room, that Brad's there to see her. While they're waiting for her to join them, Lou pleads with Brad to try and talk Lauren into staying. At that moment, Lauren emerges from her room and Lou says he'll take the rubbish out. When he's gone, Brad tells Lauren:
BRAD: I'm sorry you're leaving.
LAUREN: Are you?
BRAD: Yeah. It's not because of *me*, is it?
LAUREN: I wouldn't want to spoil anything between you and Beth.
BRAD: I wouldn't. Look, I got a bit confused before, but I'm all right now. I'm going to marry Beth.
LAUREN: I think it's probably still best if I go.
BRAD: Why?
LAUREN: Oh... I'm just missing my friends back home. I haven't really got close to anybody here.
BRAD: Beth was hoping you and she could become good friends.
LAUREN (shrugs): I don't know. I reckon it's best if I go.
BRAD (reluctantly): Whatever you think.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Gaby walks into Philip's office and moves the pile of papers on his desk so that she can put a letter in their place. As she moves the papers, she finds the letter she gave him earlier underneath. She picks it up and looks at it. It's headed 'The Blue Rose Agency' and has a charge of $150 'For services rendered'. There's also a telephone number. Gaby goes to the 'phone and dials - but at that moment, she hears Philip coming in and she quickly hangs up. She tells him that she's put the letters there for him to sign, and she heads out. Philip picks up the files of paper on his desk and realises Gaby probably saw the letter underneath...
No. 24
Lauren puts her packed bags down by the front door and Lou asks if there isn't anything he can say to make her change her mind. Lauren murmurs that she doesn't think so. Lou sighs that he's really messed things up - again. Lauren queries:
LAUREN: Again?
LOU: When you were young, I neglected you very badly, and all these years I felt rotten about it. Now I get the chance to make it up to you and what do I do? I blow it.
He pleads with her to stay. Lauren, however, tells him that it wasn't only him; she just got confused about a few things... she doesn't think she really fits in there. Lou says:
LOU: Honey, wouldn't it be better to stay and sort things out? For *my* sake, please stay. It'd mean the world to me.
Erinsborough High
Julie and Wayne are walking down the stairs into the corridor, Julie smiling that it's all coming back to her now; it's amazing how much you learn at school but never really think about after you leave. She goes to her locker. Mr. Knotts walks up to her suddenly and tells her sternly that he hopes she'll remember she's got yard duty. Julie exclaims that she did it yesterday. Mr. Knotts, however, retorts that it's a weekly stint - and he tells her not to answer her back. Rick and Debbie are talking on the other side of the lockers and Julie joins them and says Wayne is so much nicer than the rest of the teachers. Rick grins:
RICK: You'd be one of the only two people who'd agree with that!
With that, he heads off to the Coffee Shop. Julie and Debbie both go to their lockers and Julie smiles at Debbie that she's so glad she told her what Annalise had in store for her. She puts her arm round Debbie, but Debbie recoils in horror and tells her not to push it!
No. 24
Brad has turned up with a large bunch of flowers for Beth, and he explains that he's caused a few problems between her and Lauren lately, and he's sorry. Beth kisses him and grins that she can't stay mad at him for long. Lauren is over in the kitchen and Brad asks her what time she's leaving. Lou, however, joins them and tells her in delight that Lauren's not going *anywhere*: she's decided to give her old man a chance and is staying on. Brad beams that that's great!
No. 32
Hannah is doing some dusting in the lounge room as Julie tells Pam that it's going to be hard keeping up with housework and schoolwork. She explains about what happened with Annalise. Pam looks taken aback, but Julie just shrugs that Annalise tried to make a fool of her. Hannah tries to tell her mother about *her* day at school, but Julie just tells her to go and put the kettle on. Hannah leaves the room. Julie then says to Pam:
JULIE: I'm glad I've got Wayne for some of my classes. He's a lovely young man. That Rick Alessi made some tart remark about him. I wish Debbie wasn't so influenced by Rick.
Pam muses that Rick isn't such a bad kid... and maybe he'd know something about Wayne that he doesn't like. Julie comments that she's implying that *she* knows something about Wayne; what has she got against him? Pam sighs that this is awkward: Wayne's a relative of Julie's. Julie retorts:
JULIE: A distant one. You can't leave it at that now, Pam.
PAM: All right, all right. Apparently he's having an affair with Annalise.
JULIE (aghast): Annalise Hartman?
PAM: It's what I've heard.
JULIE: That's disgusting.
PAM: Well... it's not an ideal state of affairs.
JULIE (coldly): No, it certainly isn't.
Coffee Shop
Lou walks into the Coffee Shop with Lauren and tells everyone:
LOU: Anything anybody wants is on me!
Lauren tells him not to lose his head, but he beams that he's got something to celebrate. Gaby is in the shop and she takes Lou to one side and asks him if he knows a place called Blue Rose. Lou replies that he can't say he does, and he asks what sort of place it is. Gaby replies that that's what *she* wants to know, and she asks Lou what *he* thinks it sounds like. Lou muses that it sounds like an escort agency. Gaby murmurs that that's exactly what she thought.
No. 26
Julie has turned up at No. 26 and Helen tells her that Wayne has gone for a run. Julie says sharply:
JULIE: Guess what *I* just heard.
HELEN: What?
JULIE: Wayne's having an affair with one of his students: Annalise.
HELEN (laughs): I'm sure that can't be true!
JULIE: Well, Pam says it is.
Helen tells her to give Wayne a chance to explain instead of making all these accusations; she's positive that there's no truth in it. Julie demands:
JULIE: How can you say that after what happened before?
HELEN (sharply): No need to go into that.
JULIE (retorts): Of course there is. It has a lot of bearing on the present matter.
HELEN (warns): Julie, I don't want to hear anymore about that. It's not to be mentioned. Understood?
Julie stares at her.
<<1869 - 1871>>
Annalise Hartman, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1870
Annalise Hartman, Gaby Willis

Gaby Willis, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1870
Gaby Willis, Philip Martin

Debbie Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1870
Debbie Martin, Julie Martin

Beth Brennan, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1870
Beth Brennan, Brad Willis

Philip Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1870
Philip Martin, Debbie Martin

Lauren Carpenter, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1870
Lauren Carpenter, Lou Carpenter

Wayne Duncan, Annalise Hartman, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1870
Wayne Duncan, Annalise Hartman, Julie Martin

Philip Martin, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1870
Philip Martin, Gaby Willis

Julie Martin, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1870
Julie Martin, Wayne Duncan

Pam Willis, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1870
Pam Willis, Helen Daniels

Pam Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1870
Pam Willis, Brad Willis

Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1870
Cameron Hudson

Brad Willis, Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1870
Brad Willis, Lauren Carpenter

Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1870
Gaby Willis

Lou Carpenter, Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1870
Lou Carpenter, Lauren Carpenter

Julie Martin, Peter Knotts in Neighbours Episode 1870
Julie Martin, Peter Knotts

Rick Alessi, Julie Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1870
Rick Alessi, Julie Martin, Debbie Martin

Brad Willis, Beth Brennan, Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1870
Brad Willis, Beth Brennan, Lauren Carpenter

Hannah Martin, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1870
Hannah Martin, Pam Willis

Lou Carpenter, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1870
Lou Carpenter, Gaby Willis

Julie Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1870
Julie Martin, Helen Daniels

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1870
Julie Martin

<<1869 - 1871>>
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