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Neighbours Episode 1863 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1862 - 1864>>
Episode title: 1863
Australian airdate: 03/03/93
UK airdate: 04/01/94
UK Gold: 22/12/99
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Bert Willis: Charles (Bud) Tingwell
Margaret Alessi: Bev Gardiner
Greg Bartlett: Stephen Curry
Briggs: Jamie McGrath
Lenny: Jamie Churchill
Note: Bert Willis was uncredited, as was Stuart the barman.
Summary/Images by: Graham
No. 28
Pam, Gaby and Bert are sitting at the table, Bert saying there are only two things he used to miss at sea: good home cooking... and the other was an eye he had for the ladies! Pam says she hopes Doug hasn't been letting him overdo things. Bert replies that Doug's looking after him pretty well. At that moment, though, he winces. Gaby looks at him in concern and Bert assures her that he's fine. Gaby smiles at him that she loves him. Bert comments:
BERT: Hey - how come there isn't a stream of blokes chasing round here after you?
Pam tells him that there's plenty of time for that; Gaby's into her career right now. Bert muses that time has a habit of disappearing - and a career is no substitute for a warm pair of feet on a cold night! Gaby tells him that right now it's not career or men she's interested in; it's being a good granddaughter - and anything he wants, he only has to ask.
No. 26
Helen emerges from her room and asks Wayne and Jim if anyone would like a cup of tea. Jim asks her how she's feeling now. Helen replies that it's so silly: she's convinced that if she steps outside the house, she's going to be attacked again. She heads into the kitchen, leaving Wayne to comment to Jim that she's in a pretty bad way.
No. 22
Rick and Debbie are watching an action movie on TV when Margaret switches it over to a dancing show! Rick looks at her aghast! Margaret smiles that No. 16's a real handsome man! Debbie grins mockingly that he's a real spunk! Margaret reminds Rick that he's got homework to do. She then head through to the kitchen, leaving Rick to mutter to Debbie that the woman's driving him nuts!
No. 32
Philip joins Julie in the lounge room and comments that he's not surprised the insurance company won't pay for the kitchen; it was worth a try, though. Julie says they should get Michael to pay for it - if the police ever find him. Philip murmurs that he hopes Michael is all right, wherever he is. Julie says she doesn't suppose it's fair to expect Helen to contribute - but at least they're not short of money, especially now she'll be back at work. Philip looks at her in surprise and asks if that's wise; why not take a few extra days? Julie tells him that the doctor's fine about it; he just has to tell Gaby that he doesn't need her to fill in anymore. Philip doesn't look overly happy.
No. 26
The next morning, Wayne is sketching on a pad in the kitchen as Helen cooks breakfast. He asks her what she reckons and she tells him that if he practices, he'll get better! Wayne shrugs that he's got plenty of time to work on it - he's got the morning off to go fishing. Debbie comes in with Jim and asks Helen how she's feeling. Helen replies that she's fine. She then asks if there's any news of Michael but Debbie replies that there isn't - although the cops will probably get him, and her dad reckons he'll go to the detention centre for sure. She heads out again. Jim then tells Helen that it's time to get dressed: they're going out. Helen says she doesn't think so. Jim, however, tells her that it's time she faced her fears head- on. Helen doesn't look convinced.
No. 28
Gaby kisses Bert goodbye and tells him and Pam that she's got to run. She heads out, leaving Bert to comment to Pam that Gaby should relax; find a boyfriend. Pam tells him that she's been unlucky there: she came back from Japan with a broken heart and nothing seems to have gone right for her since. Bert says:
BERT: I hope she realises there are some decent blokes out there. Take Wayne Duncan, for example.
PAM: I think she'd rather not - those two never *did* hit it off!
BERT: Well, there must be *someone* out there just for her. I want her to be happy - she's my favourite granddaughter.
Reception area/Office of the Robinson Corporation
Gaby walks into the reception and says a cheery good morning to Philip - and then falters as she notices Julie sitting at the reception desk. Philip tells her to come into his office.
*In* the office, Gaby comments in a surprised tone that she didn't know Julie was ready to come back. Philip explains that she only told him about it last night. Gaby shrugs that she knew the job was temporary when he gave it to her; she just kind of hoped. She goes to pack up her stuff, but Philip stops her and asks her if she can show Julie all the new computer stuff, adding that he thought she might stay on for a while to do that. Gaby goes to head back out to the reception area just as Julie comes in. Gaby smiles at her:
GABY: This will be fun - working together!
When she's gone, Julie hisses at Philip:
JULIE: Working together? Why isn't she going home?
PHILIP: Well, I thought she should stay on for a couple of days to put you through her new computer program.
JULIE (snaps): I don't need instruction from Gaby. She knew she was filling in, and now I'm back.
She picks up some papers and says she has to take them to the front desk. She tells Philip curtly to talk to Gaby while she's gone.
Coffee Shop
Rick walks into the Coffee Shop, where Stephen asks him if he wants to try a Gottliebs' Hot Breakfast Chip. Rick, however, says his Aunty Margaret stacked him full of food. Stephen then grins that that's a nice shade of lippy on his face! Rick growls:
RICK: Aunty Margaret... That woman, fair dinkum, is driving me up the wall. She's checked behind my ears, given me a freshly- ironed hanky, even held my homework last night - and now she's knitting me a jumper!
Stephen and Phoebe both burst out laughing! Debbie comes in and, spotting the lipstick, asks Rick teasingly if he's been up to his old tricks again! As the two of them head off to school, Stephen reminds Rick to spread the word about the chips.
Office/Reception area of the Robinson Corporation
In the office, Philip is telling Gaby that he's really sorry: he knows how much work she put into that new database. Gaby smiles that she's sure Julie will figure it out for herself - although he'd better warn her that there's still a fair amount of data to be loaded into the system. Neither of them is aware that Julie is standing outside the door, listening. A smile crosses her face. Philip tells Gaby that he'll ask Brad to roster her on at the Waterhole. Gaby, however, tells him not to bother: after working back in an office, bar work has even less appeal than it did before. Philip tells her that he'll see what else he can find her; no promises, but he'll do his best.
As Gaby heads into the reception area, she tells Julie that if she has any problem with the new system, she'll be happy to give her some advice. Julie thanks her but says she's sure she'll be fine.
Coffee Shop
Rick walks into a packed Coffee Shop and asks for his free bag of chips for spreading the word - but Phoebe tells him they're all sold out. She adds, however, that he's not going to starve: his Aunty Margaret brought his lunch in for him. She hands him a bright green lunchbox, much to Rick's consternation!
A schoolboy suddenly throws a chip at another boy - and an all- out food fight starts! Phoebe tries to stop them, pointing out that Hope is trying to sleep, but she eventually gives in and takes part as well! Hearing the noise, Stephen emerges from the kitchen and stares at her and the others in disbelief!
No. 28
Bert is watching TV and he groans to Pam that he's been stuck in front of it all day and he can't believe what people watch! Pam pours soft drinks for the both of them as Bert turns the TV off. The front door opens suddenly and Wayne comes in with a fish he caught. He tells Pam that he thought they might like it for dinner. Bert grins that he likes a good bit of fish - he just about ate nothing else at sea. Wayne asks him if he'd like to come out fishing with him on his next day off, before he goes to Fiji. Bert nods that he'd really like that.
Helen is sitting at a table and Jim hands her a drink, commenting as he sits down that he'd venture to say that Phoebe and Stephen's catering careers will be pretty short if *that's* the way they're planning on running the Coffee Shop. Helen nods that it *was* rather crowded in there; she's glad they came to the Waterhole instead. The door opens suddenly and a young man walks in - it's the mugger, and Helen stares at him in shock. Jim asks what's wrong. Helen tells him:
HELEN: He's the person who attacked me.
JIM: That kid? Are you sure?
HELEN: Of *course* I'm sure.
At that moment, the barman walks over to the mugger and asks for some ID. The mugger insists that he's 18. Jim, however, gets up and asks the barman - Stuart - if *he* can handle this. He tells the mugger coolly that they need to have a little talk. The mugger demands:
MUGGER: Who the hell are *you*?
JIM: I'm with that lady over there - the one that you mugged.
The mugger looks at Helen and then tries to get away, but Jim grabs him and snaps at him that he ought to take him outside and knock the stuffing out of him. The mugger retorts that he didn't do nothin'. Jim tells him to tell that to the police. He grabs the mugger again - but Helen gets up suddenly and tells him to wait. She then looks at the mugger and cries:
HELEN: You're just a boy. Why? What did I ever do to *you*?
Coffee Shop
Rick and Debbie are helping clear up the mess from the food fight and Rick comments that Mrs. Daniels and Mr. Robinson came in and stayed for about two seconds. Stephen comments glumly that he doesn't want to scare off the *older* customers; they've got to find a way of controlling the kids. He then suggests to Rick that the kids will listen to him: they could employ him as a sort of cop to keep the kids in line. Rick asks what's in it for him. Phoebe tells him that he can have free food - as much as he wants. Stephen adds:
STEPHEN: Within reason!
The mugger is saying to Helen:
MUGGER: Look, it probably doesn't help, but it was nothing personal, lady.
HELEN (curtly): I do have a name. I'm Mrs. Daniels.
MUGGER: Yeah. Yeah. I'm Greg. Greg Bartlett.
He holds out his hand to Jim, but Jim mutters in annoyance:
JIM: You're kidding.
Helen asks Greg how old he is and he admits that he's 15. Jim remarks that it's not old enough to go to jail, more's the pity. The three of them sit down at a table and Helen comments to Greg that he still hasn't answered her question: why? Greg tells her:
GREG: No choice. I got no home. I needed cash and there you were.
HELEN: Was this your first time?
Greg shakes his head. He then says:
GREG: They'll chuck me in a detention centre this time for sure - if you dob me in.
JIM (growls): What do you mean 'if'?
Helen asks Jim for a word. They two of them get up and step to one side, and Jim tells Helen that they should just take Greg down to the police station. Helen, however, tells him to think about Michael; *he* had a home and a family, and what does Greg have? Jim points out that Greg mugged her; he upset her so much that she couldn't walk outside the front door. Helen sighs that she knows, but she's not looking for revenge; she thinks he can be helped. Jim asks what she has in mind. Helen replies:
HELEN: I'm going to offer him a choice. Either we take him to the police station now and have him charged, or we take him home.
JIM (exclaims): What?!
No. 28
Wayne has turned up and Pam tells him that Bert will be sorry he missed him. Wayne says he thought Bert might like to see the sketch Wayne did of him while he was fishing. Pam looks at it and muses that it's 'interesting'! Gaby comes in and Wayne tells her that he did a sketch of Bert and he did one of her, too. He shows her. Gaby stares at it and then asks tersely if this is supposed to be him getting his own back. Looking annoyed, Wayne says he'd better get going. He heads out. When he's gone, Pam comments to Gaby that that was a bit of an over- reaction. Gaby retorts that she can't help it; Wayne really gets up her nose.
Bert emerges from his room suddenly, looking in pain, and he asks for a pill. Gaby helps him to a seat at the table. He comments that he thought he heard Wayne's voice. Pam nods that he came over to see him but didn't want to disturb him. Bert smiles:
BERT: He's a really nice bloke. True blue. Eh, Gaby?
GABY (warily): Sure, granddad...
No. 26
Wayne walks into No. 26, complaining that everyone's an art critic! Helen tells him that she'd like him to meet Greg Bartlett, who's staying with them for a while. Wayne and Greg shake hands. Helen then asks Jim to show Greg his room. Jim mutters:
JIM: Of course. This way.
When they've gone, Wayne asks Helen who Greg is. Helen replies that that young man is the person who attacked her - but as far as the neighbours are concerned, he's just a house guest. Wayne asks her in surprise why she's doing this. Helen replies that she believes that he's young enough to learn that the world isn't all bad; it's called a second chance.
Reception area/Office of the Robinson Corporation
Philip walks into reception to find Julie has moved her desk! He looks in his office to find that that has been rearranged as well! Julie smiles that he'll soon get used to it! She then tells him that he had a call from a Mr. Bottomley. Philip asks if everything was all right. Julie replies:
JULIE: Yes, fine. We had a lovely chat.
PHILIP: Yes, but what was his problem?
JULIE: No problem. I took care of him. Nothing for you to worry about.
PHILIP: I'll call him back.
JULIE (tersely): There's no need, Philip.
Philip looks at her in exasperation, sighs, and heads into his office!
Coffee Shop
Stephen is counting the day's takings and he comments that even with the food fight they did OK. Phoebe points out that most of the kids had to buy a second lunch! Debbie suggests to Rick that they'd better get going. Rick, however, says 'she's' at home. Phoebe asks what the matter is and Debbie explains that Rick's Aunty Margaret is threatening to make him a jumper! At that moment, though, Margaret comes into the shop and beams at Rick that she's been shopping for the wool for his jumper and thought she'd stop off for a coffee - but she could have coffee at home and measure him up at the same time. Rick, however, tells her quickly that he and Debbie have got to do some research at the library. Margaret just says that, come to think of it, she's got her tape measure right there; they can do it right now! As Phoebe and Debbie watch gleefully, Margaret tells Rick to put his arms up!
No. 28
Bert is sitting on the couch and Gaby asks him if he has any pain now. Bert replies that those pills are a wonder - but they're not going to keep him young forever. He then says he's been thinking: they all have a right to personal happiness once in a while. Looking at Gaby, he goes on:
BERT: You remember last night, when we were talking, you said anything I wanted, I only had to ask. Were you serious?
GABY: Of course I was!
BERT: Because there *is* something that would make me very happy before I die - and it might do a lot for you too, girl.
GABY: Just tell me, granddad: what can I do?
BERT: My young mate, Wayne, is one of nature's gentlemen. I would really like to see you and him get together.
A look of shock crosses Gaby's face!
<<1862 - 1864>>
Pam Willis, Bert Willis, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1863
Pam Willis, Bert Willis, Gaby Willis

Wayne Duncan, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1863
Wayne Duncan, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin, Margaret Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1863
Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin, Margaret Alessi

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1863
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Helen Daniels, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1863
Helen Daniels, Wayne Duncan

Pam Willis, Bert Willis in Neighbours Episode 1863
Pam Willis, Bert Willis

Philip Martin, Gaby Willis, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1863
Philip Martin, Gaby Willis, Julie Martin

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1863
Julie Martin

Rick Alessi, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1863
Rick Alessi, Stephen Gottlieb

Philip Martin, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1863
Philip Martin, Gaby Willis

Phoebe Bright, Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1863
Phoebe Bright, Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin

Pam Willis, Bert Willis, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1863
Pam Willis, Bert Willis, Wayne Duncan

Helen Daniels, Greg Bartlett, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1863
Helen Daniels, Greg Bartlett, Jim Robinson

Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb, Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1863
Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb, Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin

Greg Bartlett in Neighbours Episode 1863
Greg Bartlett

Pam Willis, Gaby Willis, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1863
Pam Willis, Gaby Willis, Wayne Duncan

Jim Robinson, Wayne Duncan, Greg Bartlett, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1863
Jim Robinson, Wayne Duncan, Greg Bartlett, Helen Daniels

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1863
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Margaret Alessi, Rick Alessi, Phoebe Bright, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1863
Margaret Alessi, Rick Alessi, Phoebe Bright, Debbie Martin

Pam Willis, Bert Willis, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1863
Pam Willis, Bert Willis, Gaby Willis

Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1863
Gaby Willis

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