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Neighbours Episode 1857 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1857
Australian airdate: 23/02/93
UK airdate: 27/12/93
UK Gold: 14/12/99
Writer: David Allen
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Jordan Farnsworth: Jay McCormack
Summary/Images by: Graham
No. 32
Philip is telling Julie and an upset Debbie that he should have realised a lot sooner. Julie points out that what's done is done; at least they're together again. Philip says it's going to be a problem having Michael in their custody and him seeing them as the enemy.
No. 24
Brad leaves Beth, Lauren and Cameron to clean- up after the party. Lauren stands there awkwardly as Beth gives Brad a goodnight kiss and he heads off. When he's gone, she comments to Beth that Brad seems like a really wonderful guy. Beth smiles that he *is*. With that, she takes the rubbish out, leaving Lauren to say to Cameron:
LAUREN: Is that invitation still open to go out sometime?
CAMERON: Sure! Any time!
LAUREN: Great! So when? How about tomorrow?
CAMERON: Why not?
LAUREN: OK - tomorrow it is. Night!
With that, she heads off to bed, leaving Cameron standing there looking slightly surprised.
No. 30
Stephen is sitting in the lounge room, looking at the job vacancies in the newspaper, but he sighs at Hope that there's nothing much happening today. Phoebe bounds in suddenly and tells him that the Alessis are going to Italy for three weeks: they'll need someone to look after the Coffee Shop. Stephen suggests eagerly that he could have a word to Cathy. Phoebe comments that it's a pity *she* couldn't help out as well, but Cathy doesn't like her taking Hope along. Stephen points out that if they *both* worked there, they could both keep an eye on her. Phoebe muses that all they have to do is persuade Cathy - she'll definitely need *someone*.
No. 26
Helen opens the front door to Cathy, who tells her that she has a proposition for her: she wondered whether Helen would run the Coffee Shop while she and Ben are in Italy. Helen looks taken aback and comments that it's a big job. Cathy tells her that Ben can hardly keep the family feud going if he knows Helen is running the Coffee Shop. Helen says that, as far as she's aware, the family feud is with *Jim*, not with her. Cathy insists that it might help. Helen hesitates and then says she'll see what she can do.
No. 28
The next morning, Brad hands Beth a coffee to drink while she waits for Doug to get ready for work. She takes it and beams that last night was great: everyone had a really good time - and the wedding's in three months! Brad tries to say they haven't actually agreed—. Beth doesn't pay any attention, though, and just comments that Doug and Pam have organised *everything*! Brad then says he'd better get organised to catch the big one. He adds that he wishes she was as crazy about surfing as *he* is. Beth, however, insists that it doesn't matter. She then suggests that he ask Lauren. Brad says quickly that she won't want to go down there with him. Beth insists that she doesn't know many people; she'll probably *jump* at the chance.
No. 32
In the lounge room, Michael is telling Philip:
MICHAEL: It was an accident, dad. The car just rolled and burst into flames. I was lucky to get out.
PHILIP (coolly): It wasn't an accident that you were driving it in the *first* place.
MICHAEL (mutters): What did Lou Carpenter expect, the fat little nerd, leaving it there like that?
PHILIP: What sort of excuse is *that*, Michael?
MICHAEL: He shouldn't *have* a car like that. He was asking for it.
PHILIP: Don't be stupid. That's an *outrageous* thing to say.
MICHAEL: OK. But what about the watch? I saved *that*, didn't I?
PHILIP: But you didn't give it back.
MICHAEL: I gave it to Julie, but she was too doped- up to care.
PHILIP (growls): Because you were trying to drive her out of her mind.
MICHAEL (retorts): She *deserved* it after what she did to mum.
PHILIP (laughs wearily): Michael, Julie didn't do *anything* to your mother.
MICHAEL: Maybe not directly - but we all know how it started: mum wouldn't have got like that if it wasn't for Julie.
PHILIP: That's nonsense, Michael. That's absolute nonsense. You don't know what you're talking about.
MICHAEL (snaps): Yes I do. She destroyed our family. We would still be happy and together if you hadn't fallen for that conniving little—
PHILIP (furiously): That's enough. I don't want to hear anymore about Julie. *You* are the problem in this family. You are spoiled, you're undisciplined, you're irresponsible, and if you carry on the way you *have* been carrying on, you're going to end up somewhere where they're a lot less understanding than *we* are.
MICHAEL (challenges): Oh yeah? Where's that?
PHILIP: A detention centre.
A look of astonishment crosses Michael's face. Philip goes on angrily:
PHILIP: I mean it, Michael. I love Julie and I will let no one come between her and me. *No one*. You think about that.
With that, Philip heads off to his room. Michael goes into the hallway and telephones Jordan - but Jordan's mum answers and tells Michael that he isn't there. Michael asks if Jordan can call him when he gets back in.
Back yard of No. 24
Lauren is sunbathing when Cameron comes out and says he's just going to drop an article off at the Erinsborough News. He then asks her if she has any thoughts about tonight. He adds that they could do dinner... or go to a show... Lauren smiles that she'll think about it. Brad calls out suddenly from the house and Cameron calls back that they're outside. He heads off as Brad joins Lauren and asks her if she wants to go surfing. Lauren hesitates and then says she doesn't think so. Brad accepts this reluctantly and heads off. Lauren watches him go.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe and Stephen front up at the Coffee Shop and Stephen tells Cathy that they heard she and Benito are going away for a few weeks and they reckon that between the two of them they can easily run things there for her. Cathy, however, replies that she's sorry, but they're too late: she asked Helen Daniels this morning - and it would be a big job, what with Stephen working at the record shop. Stephen explains that he and the record shop parted company. Cathy murmurs that she's sorry.
No. 32/Back yard of the Farnsworth house
Julie is sitting at the kitchen table, eating lunch and reading a magazine, when she suddenly becomes aware of Michael standing in the doorway, staring at her. He walks in and pours himself a drink. Julie offers him some lunch, but he retorts that he'd rather starve. Julie just looks at him, gets up and walks out, taking her lunch with her.
The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Michael answers it in the kitchen. Jordan comes on from by the Farnsworths' pool and Michael tells him about having been rumbled by the police for stealing the car and about how he's up on a charge. He goes on that he's left Jordan out of it so far, but unless he gets help, that's going to change. He tells Jordan:
MICHAEL: Your father - the eminent Mr. Farnsworth: he's got contacts and money. I want him to get the charges dropped.
JORDAN: How do you expect me to do *that*?
MICHAEL: That's up to you - but I'd get him to do it and fast, or the cops are going to find out who was *really* driving that night. OK?
With that, he hangs up, still looking worried.
No. 28
Cameron has turned up at No. 28 and he asks Brad if he can borrow his car, as he has a date with Lauren tonight. He adds that she's pretty special. Brad nods that she's pretty cool. Cameron adds that Brad's wheels are a bit more romantic than *his* bike. He then goes on that all he has to do is learn to loosen up a bit. Brad remarks:
BRAD: Why? You're a pretty cruisy sort of guy.
CAMERON: You reckon? That's why I lost out to you on Lucy, remember?
BRAD (shrugs): Yeah. Right
CAMERON: Mind you, this time you're not even in the running - you're spoken for.
BRAD (murmurs): Yeah, looks that way.
Coffee Shop
Stephen and Phoebe are sitting at a table and Cathy is saying to them that when Phoebe first asked her about working there she *wondered* if they had financial problems. Phoebe insists that they weren't counting on it; they just thought it was worth a try. Stephen suggests that maybe Helen will change her mind.
Unnoticed, Beth has been listening at a table nearby.
Lassiter's complex
Beth emerges from the Coffee Shop just as Helen and Hannah are coming over the bridge. Beth smiles at Helen that she just heard she's agreed to take over the Coffee Shop while Mrs. Alessi's away. Helen nods:
HELEN: Yes, I have, for my sins...
Beth remarks that she doesn't sound too enthusiastic. Helen admits that Cathy was so insistent, that she didn't want to let her down, but now she's not sure that she's done the right thing. Beth grins that that's good: Helen doesn't want to do it, but Stephen does because he's lost his job at the record store; the two of them are inside with Cathy, plotting how to talk to Helen about it. A thoughtful look crosses Helen's face...!
Ramsay Street
Jordan rocks up on his bike outside No. 32, where Michael is waiting for him and asks what the story is. Jordan tells him that it's difficult - his father sees Michael's problem, but there's nothing he can do, under the circumstances. Michael asks:
MICHAEL: *What* circumstances?
JORDAN: Well, basically, it's your problem.
MICHAEL: And *yours* - you were driving.
JORDAN: Yeah, but they don't know that yet.
MICHAEL (angrily): They will when I tell them, you little ratbag.
JORDAN: And why should they believe *you*, with *your* record? I mean, I don't even *live* around here. There's nothing to link me with what happened.
MICHAEL: And your scumbag father will back you up, I suppose.
Jordan doesn't respond, and Michael realises angrily:
MICHAEL: You didn't even tell them, did you?
With that, he launches towards Jordan and pushes him onto the ground, laying into him. As the two of them struggle with each other, Debbie runs out and tries to stop them. Jordan manages to get up, grab his bike and ride off. Michael yells after him furiously:
MICHAEL: You're gonna cop it. You're gonna cop it, Jordan. I'll get you for this.
He then turns to Debbie and snaps at her that she's always sticking her nose in, just like everyone else; they're going to send him to a detention centre. Debbie, however, snaps back at him that everything that's happened is *his* fault; he's just going to have to pay for it.
No. 24
Brad and Beth are at No. 24 as Cameron tells Lauren that they've got four wheels instead of two, now; Lou would freak if he knew he was taking her out on the bike; in fact, he'd probably freak if he knew he was taking her out at *all*! Beth realises:
BETH: You and Lauren? That's great!
Lauren goes to have a shower, leaving Beth to sit down with Brad and comment to him that she thinks Lauren and Cameron are made for each other.
No. 32
In the kitchen, Philip is giving Debbie and Julie a tight hug, saying he can't tell them how good it feels to be home again. He then goes to unpack his things and Debbie goes with him. Michael comes into the kitchen and tells Julie that he needs her help: she could get him off the hook by telling the police that she found the watch in a drain or somewhere. Julie points out that she already told the police that *he* gave it to her. Michael goes on:
MICHAEL: Tell them you made a mistake. And don't tell them how you smelt petrol on my clothes. If you did that, there'd be no evidence against me.
JULIE (exclaims): You want me to *lie*?
MICHAEL: Well, it's family, isn't it? Families stick together.
JULIE (gasps): I don't *believe* this. After all you've done to *destroy* this family.
MICHAEL: You said you wanted to *help* me.
JULIE (angrily): Not like *that* Michael - and if you think I would, then *you're* the one who's crazy, not me.
No. 26
Helen opens the front door to Cathy, Stephen and Phoebe and smiles that this is a surprise! The three of them sit down. Helen sits down next to Hannah and waits to see what they have to say! Cathy tells her that she was telling Phoebe and Stephen about her kind offer to run the Coffee Shop for her... Phoebe adds that as she's only just got over that virus... and Stephen chips in that as he's temporarily out of work, he and Phoebe wouldn't mind filling in instead. Cathy asks Helen what she thinks. Helen pauses and then says:
HELEN: Well, actually, I was quite looking forward to it.
Hannah has to stifle a giggle as Helen goes on:
HELEN: What with Jim so busy and Hannah at school, I was beginning to feel a bit lonely at home; I thought it might be good for me to get out for a while. On the other hand, I do see what you mean...: it *might* be a better idea if Phoebe and Stephen stepped in.
Phoebe and Stephen beam that that's great! Cathy tells them that they'll nip back to the shop and show them where everything is. The three of them head out, leaving Hannah to ask Helen why she couldn't just tell them the truth! Helen smiles that after all the effort they went to to let her down gently, she thinks they'd be rather put- out if they knew that all their scheming was for nothing!
No. 24
Stephen and Phoebe have turned up with Hope, ready for a celebratory night out. Phoebe hands Hope to Beth, who coos over her and beams that she's beautiful. She then puts her in her crib. Stephen thanks her and Brad for babysitting. Beth tells them not to hurry back - they love having her. Phoebe and Stephen head out. Lauren emerges from her room and Cameron lets out a wolf- whistle. He adds that she looks a million dollars. He and Lauren head out and Beth and Brad sit down on the couch, Brad looking uncomfortable.
No. 26
Philip and Julie are telling Helen about what's been going on with Michael. Helen comments that she really thinks Michael needs help - and not just legal. She adds that she's so pleased and relieved that there's nothing wrong with Julie. Philip comments that it's been a nightmare - but they're going to put that all behind them, now. Hannah emerges from her bedroom, holding Cracker, and asks if she can come home with her. Julie smiles that of *course* she's welcome. Hannah then says seriously:
HANNAH: It *will*be OK now, at home?
PHILIP (putting his arms around Hannah and Julie): It's going to be perfect. Just perfect.
No. 32
Michael walks into the kitchen, a lit cigarette in his mouth. He's carrying a waste bin full of paper and he puts it down by the sink before moving back to stand in the doorway, a gleeful expression on his face...
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Philip Martin, Julie Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1857
Philip Martin, Julie Martin, Debbie Martin

Beth Brennan, Cameron Hudson, Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1857
Beth Brennan, Cameron Hudson, Lauren Carpenter

Hope Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1857
Hope Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright

Cathy Alessi, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1857
Cathy Alessi, Helen Daniels

Brad Willis, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1857
Brad Willis, Beth Brennan

Philip Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1857
Philip Martin, Michael Martin

Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1857
Lauren Carpenter

Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1857
Cameron Hudson

Cathy Alessi, Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1857
Cathy Alessi, Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb

Jordan Farnsworth in Neighbours Episode 1857
Jordan Farnsworth

Brad Willis, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1857
Brad Willis, Cameron Hudson

Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright, Cathy Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1857
Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright, Cathy Alessi

Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1857
Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin, Beth Brennan

Michael Martin, Jordan Farnsworth in Neighbours Episode 1857
Michael Martin, Jordan Farnsworth

Brad Willis, Beth Brennan, Cameron Hudson, Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1857
Brad Willis, Beth Brennan, Cameron Hudson, Lauren Carpenter

Debbie Martin, Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1857
Debbie Martin, Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Julie Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1857
Julie Martin, Michael Martin

Stephen Gottlieb, Cathy Alessi, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1857
Stephen Gottlieb, Cathy Alessi, Phoebe Bright

Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1857
Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels

Beth Brennan, Brad Willis, Lauren Carpenter, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1857
Beth Brennan, Brad Willis, Lauren Carpenter, Cameron Hudson

Julie Martin, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1857
Julie Martin, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin

Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1857
Michael Martin

<<1856 - 1858>>
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