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Neighbours Episode 1830 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1829 - 1831>>
Episode title: 1830 (Michael Martin embarks on his campaign of terror against Julie Martin; Annalise moves into Number 24)
Australian airdate: 15/01/93
UK airdate: 18/11/93
UK Gold: 05/11/99
Writer: Adam Bowen
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Annalise Hartman: Kimberley Davies
Jordan Farnsworth: Jay McCormack
Tom Merrick: Robert Essex
- "Seamless" by Frente!
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Toby telling Jim that Dorothy got her divorce papers.
- Julie telling Michael that she would've been glad to see him locked up for the cottage fire, as then everyone else would see him for what he really is, and he'd be out of her life.
- Lou looking put out when Toby suggests that he's old.
- Pam declaring to Doug that she never wants to see him again.
Number 32
Jim tells Julie that he really misses having the Martins at Number 26 - with only Helen and him in there, it feels like a ghost town. Julie reckons that sounds quite appealing; there's too much drama in the Martin house. Jim says that it's quiet at the moment and pleasant.
JULIE: But for how long?
Right on cue, in walks Michael! Michael cheerfully tells Julie that Jordan will be coming over tomorrow. Julie isn't sure, as Jordan was the guy that Michael got expelled from school with, so she thinks they're not a good influence on each other.
MICHAEL: (amused) Are you scared we're going to burn the house down?
JULIE: Nooo, I just don't-
MICHAEL: You still think I torched the cottage, don't you?
There's an uncomfortable pause. Michael's obviously hit the nail on the head.
MICHAEL: Well, you're wrong! And if you think you can stop Jordan coming over here tomorrow, you can forget it because Dad says it's ok.
Michael triumphantly saunters out. Jim is surprised - he thought the pair had come to an arrangement. Julie says they did, but it didn't last for long - Michael's always got it in for her, and she can't do anything about it. Jim motions for her to have a hug off him, and Julie wishes that Philip wasn't so taken in by Michael.
JULIE: I'm sure letting Michael get together with this Jordan boy is really asking for trouble.
Number 30
Toby starts talking to Dorothy about pets, and saying how getting a new puppy would be a good idea so that she'd have some company when he leaves. Dorothy says that she'll be fine - she's lived alone before, so she will be able to get used to it again.
They talk about Toby visiting her in the future, and Dorothy says that he'll be a lot more welcome than the visitor she's expecting tomorrow - the regional facilities manager for the education department. Apparently, he's going to decide if they can have the new classroom at Erinsborough High. Dorothy thinks that he's going to drive her mad by nitpicking and criticising.
TOBY: Do you know him?
DOROTHY: No, but I've met plenty of his type before!
Toby says that she doesn't know him, so he could be really nice. Dorothy doubts it very much! She reckons tomorrow will be an endurance test - in triplicate!
Number 28
Pam is furiously drying some plates, and ranting about Doug. Pam thinks there's no excuse for what Doug's been up to. She corrects herself - Doug's *always* got an excuse for whatever he's been doing! She says the change this time is in her: she's not going to listen to whatever it is he has to say. Brad thinks that she should've listened, as Doug's really depressed and wanted to start again.
Pam snipes about how he wanted to start again AND keep a bit on the side down at the Waterhole. Brad doesn't believe it - Beth works with him every day, and every day Doug is miserable. Brad thinks that Pam is being far too hard on Doug - she was the one who chucked him out, and when he comes around to patch things up, she isn't interested.
Brad thinks that Pam's latched onto some gossip and now won't give Doug a fair go. Pam angrily tells him it's not true - she was all ready to forgive Doug for the Jill situation, and gave him ample opportunity to confess to the situation at the Waterhole.
PAM: He lied to me! End of story!
BRAD: But you don't know what really hap-
PAM: End of story, Bradley!
Number 24
Lou is trying on a hat in front of the mirror. Beth comes in, and he asks her opinion. She doesn't think it suits him and says that Benito phoned - he wants to know if Lou's lost interest in the car yard. Lou carries on trying more hats, and is completely distracted. He thinks that running the car yard by himself will be good experience for Benito!
Beth says that Benito wanted Lou in tomorrow, but Lou reckons he can't. Beth tells him that he must contact Benito but Lou is completely distracted by trying on hats(!) Beth says that they had another call - this time from Annalise, who was going to move into Number 32 with her and Cameron. Beth gushes about how much fun Annalise is, but Lou is messing about with another hat.
BETH: I was wondering...
LOU: (putting on a hat) What do you think?
BETH: Oh. That's ok.
LOU: I'm not sure.
BETH: (taking a deep breath) I was thinking, it'd be really good having another girl living here, make things kind of equal - two boys, two girls. Annalise is-
LOU: Nooo, it wouldn't work, sweetheart. I mean, having someone else here would spoil everything. It's perfect just the three of us!
There's a knock at the door. Beth opens it and Annalise walks in, wearing typical Annalise attire (i.e. skimpy everything). Lou is still looking in the mirror at his hats.
BETH: Lou, this is my friend, Annalise.
LOU: (dismissively) Hi, pleased to meet you.
Lou turns back to the mirror and then it strikes him how gorgeous Annalise is, so he turns back to face her - eyes agog!
LOU: (grinning broadly) You must be the young lady who's about to move in with us.
ANNALISE: Er...yes.
Beth looks very confused at Lou's change of heart!
Number 32
Jordan is being exceptionally polite as he introduces himself to Julie.
JULIE: Nice to meet you, Jordan.
JORDAN: Good to meet you too, Mrs Martin. Maggot's told me a lot about you.
JULIE: Maggot?!
JORDAN: That's his nickname. Suits him, doesn't it?
Julie sighs - she doesn't find it that funny. She says that she has to get off for work.
JULIE: I don't want to come back and find the place looking like a slum, thanks.
MICHAEL: (incredulously) Have you ever actually seen a slum, Julie?
Jordan politely opens the door for Julie and says his goodbyes. Julie seems taken aback by his polite behaviour and thanks him. The pair go into the living room and Jordan opens a pack of cigarettes.
JORDAN: So where's this cute older sister of yours?
MICHAEL: You're out of luck; she's gone to the zoo with Hannah.
JORDAN: So what's on the menu?
MICHAEL: Zip, mate. This is Erinsborough. We're talking sleepy holidays.
JORDAN: Yeah? Still, shouldn't take too long for you and me to come up with something interesting to do, should it?
Both boys sit smirking with cigarettes in their mouths.
Number 30
Dorothy is pacing and Toby wonders what's wrong. Dorothy is unimpressed at having been kept waiting by the 'boring old fuddy duddy' from the education department. The door goes, and Toby answers. Dorothy overhears the 'fuddy duddy' introducing himself as Tom Merrick but when he enters the living room, she smiles - as Tom's dressed in a leather jacket.
TOM: I'm sorry I'm late. My damn bike broke down.
He explains that he prefers a bike to a car, to Dorothy's surprise.
TOM: Look about your application. Why don't I just validate the paperwork right now? It'll save you a hell of a lot of time.
Dorothy and Toby are dumbstruck and just stare at him.
TOM: I know what a pain it can be to do all of this sort of stuff in your holidays, so...
Tom suddenly notices them gawping at him, and wipes his mouth, thinking he's got something on his face.
TOM: Something wrong?
DOROTHY: No, nothing. I'm, I'm sorry, it's just I was expecting a... I thought you'd be more of a...
TOBY: Boring old fuddy duddy.
Tom laughs and says it's fine - he's glad they don't think he's a boring old fuddy duddy. He confesses that when he saw the information on Dorothy's personal file, he got a completely different impression of her too.
TOM: I thought you'd be more of a radical, dope smoking revolutionary.
DOROTHY: Really?!
TOM: Really.
DOROTHY: Well, as you can see, I'm drugged up to the eyeballs and ready to storm the barricades!
They both laugh and Toby looks very pleased that they're getting on well.
Number 28
Doug and Pam are arguing again, and Doug thinks that the whole setup is unfair - it's costing him heaps to live in a little room at Lassiter's.
DOUG: And this is my home too.
BRAD: Does that mean you're going to move back in?
PAM: It means nothing of the sort.
DOUG: No, I'm putting the house up for sale.
DOUG: Yeah, and when it's sold, we'll split the money equally. Then you can look for somewhere else to live, just like me.
PAM: You can't put the house on the market without my consent - it's half mine!
DOUG: Sure, and you'll get half the money when it's sold.
PAM: But I don't want to sell it!
DOUG: Well, in that case, you'll have to get a mortgage and buy out my share.
Pam acts as if this is the most outrageous thing she's ever heard, proclaiming that it's totally unfair. Doug says it's not fair that she lives there and he doesn't - by selling, they both get the same deal. Pam goes off the deep end and tells Doug that she's not getting into any more arguments - in future, he can communicate with her through her solicitor!
PAM: I never want to speak to you again!
DOUG: Suits me!
Pam storms into the bedroom, Doug storms out of the house and Brad looks bemused.
Ramsay Street
Brad chases Doug up the driveway from Number 28 and gets Doug to wait. He thinks Doug and Pam can still work something out. Doug says he just tried - and look what happened! Brad wants him to try again. Doug sighs - he has to sell the house, there's nothing else for it. He apologises that Brad and Gaby have been caught in the middle.
DOUG: I never thought it would come to this. It looks like divorce is the only option.
BRAD: (glumly) Yeah, I suppose.
DOUG: Will you come and visit me when I've got myself set up in my own place?
BRAD: (smiling) Course I will.
DOUG: I don't see much of you these days.
BRAD: Nah, it's weird.
DOUG: Look, we should get together and do something, huh? Just the two of us.
BRAD: Yeah, sure. Like what?
DOUG: Well, how about fishing? We haven't done it for ages!
BRAD: Cool! When?
DOUG: This arvo!
BRAD: (unsure) This arvo?
Doug twists Brad's arm, and he agrees. Doug thinks it'll be just like old times.
Number 30
Annalise is unpacking some things (on the kitchen table, of all places). Lou is looking confused at an item and Beth tells him it's a curling wand - Annalise is an apprentice hairdresser.
LOU: Really? That sounds groovy. Where exactly do you coiffe, Mademoiselle?
ANNALISE: Oh, at Ansons Corner, underneath that new gym.
LOU: Right.
ANNALISE: Yeah, it's perfect. I go there for aerobics after work every day.
LOU: I see! No wonder you look so, um...healthy.
Lou says that he's been meaning to get back into shape, and suggests that they work out together! Annalise agrees and then asks if the sports car on the front is his. Lou says it is, and tells her he's got a whole yard of them at Carpenter's Cars. She asks if he works there.
LOU: Oh no no, I don't work much at all these days. Don't have to. Carpenter's Cars is one of my varied business interests.
ANNALISE: Oh right, and what are your other business interests?
LOU: Oh look, lunchtime already! What say we take the car for a spin and we can grab a bite to eat along the way.
ANNALISE: Sounds brilliant.
LOU: Great!
BETH: Oh er, sorry, Lou, I won't be able to make it. I have to get back to work anyway.
It's painfully obvious that Lou wasn't really thinking of Beth anyway!
LOU: No worries, Beth. It'll give Annalise and me a chance to get better acquainted.
Lou chuckles to himself.
LOU: Ok, let's hit the road and have some serious fun!
He raises his eyebrows at Beth as he leaves. Beth laughs to herself and shakes her head in disbelief.
Brad and Doug are on a boat, a fair way out from land. Brad confesses that he's still worried about sharks and the idea of falling in the water spins him out. Doug says it isn't stupid at all. Brad tells him about going to the beach and how he completely buckled. Doug tells him not to worry; he'll be safe in the boat.
Doug says that he's a classic divorce victim - completely shell shocked. He can't believe that they've chucked it in after they've been through so much together - 25 years. Doug is clearly quite upset.
Number 30
Tom has stayed for lunch. He admires some of Dorothy's books and artefacts - he needs to sort his own out as they're in a jumble. Dorothy is surprised to hear that he's travelled and he talks about being in the Amazon, where he spent 6 months and lived with an Indian tribe. Toby asks if they had any weird customs, but Tom tells him that they're no weirder than ours - and living with them day to day, they seemed completely straightforward and natural.
Tom starts telling a story and mentions that he was in prison. Toby is surprised and Tom explains it was because he was a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War. Dorothy is shocked - she was in for the same reason! Tom is definitely surprised at this, but Dorothy explains that she wasn't exactly in prison, but arrested at a police rally.
TOM: Right on, sister!
Toby goes to get some ice-cream from the shops, purposely leaving the two adults to talk. Tom and Dorothy chink glasses for being prisoners for the same cause.
TOM: Make love, not war.
Dorothy and Tom both laugh.
Number 32
Michael is lying on the floor, an ashtray of stubs next to him. He puts his cigarette out. Jordan is draped across the sofa.
MICHAEL: Like old times, eh, Farnsy?
JORDAN: Yeah, I haven't had much fun since you tried to burn down the dear old school.
MICHAEL: You should've been here last week. This cottage down the road got wiped out.
JORDAN: Got a taste for it now, have you?
MICHAEL: Nah, it was nothing to do with me. But the cops came down and questioned me. I thought I was done for. That cow Julie was just itching for me to get sent down. BUT, the cops dropped the charges. And boy, she was spewing.
JORDAN: You really hate her, don't you?
MICHAEL: I despise everything about her. I just want to get her out of my life. For good.
JORDAN: How are you going to do that?
MICHAEL: I don't know; she's pretty smart. You got any ideas?
JORDAN: Plenty. Between us, I reckon we'll be able to come up with the perfect solution.
Number 28
Pam answers the door to Beth and says that she's just missed Brad - he's gone fishing with Doug. Pam bitches about how Brad and Doug haven't done that for years, and it's taken a divorce to get Doug to behave like a real father! Beth looks uncomfortable, and Pam apologises for dragging her into it. Beth says it's fine, and says that she's really sorry about how everything's turned out. Pam says that she is too - especially for Brad and Gaby's sake, but she thinks they're old enough not to be too adversely affected by it all.
Pam talks about going onwards and upwards and getting on with life, and Beth asks what she's going to do. Pam says that she's going to get her own place, visit friends, visit her children and find out what it's like to be an individual again. She adds that she's going to enjoy herself; she's been so miserable lately.
BETH: You'll still see Doug though, won't you?
PAM: (curtly) Not by choice. If I'm going to start a new life, it has to be a life without Doug. I'm quite sure about that.
Despite her words, Pam looks unhappy.
Doug and Brad are fishing. Doug is morose and says that he can't imagine life without Pam, and although they've been doing a lot of fighting of late, when they first met they only seemed to have fun together.
Doug looks down into the water and a flashback appears.
Flashback One
Doug, Pam and Adam are in the kitchen of Number 28 and Doug is gleefully retelling a story of when he and Pam went to the cinema and instead of linking arms with Doug to leave, she linked arms with a bloke she'd never met.
The scene briefly merges into Doug's face on the boat.
Flashback Two
Doug and Pam are laughing uncontrollably at a story Doug is telling.
The scene briefly merges into Doug's face on the boat.
Flasback Three
Doug tells Pam that he loves her more than words can say, and the pair kiss.
Brad is trying to get Doug's attention from the daydream. Doug snaps back to reality.
DOUG: I'm sorry.
BRAD: What for?
DOUG: I blew it. I really blew it.
Number 30
Dorothy tells Tom that her marriage wasn't up to much, as her ex-husband was either in jail or doing a disappearing act. Tom says he can relate to that because his ex-wife suddenly upped and left him, taking his two young kids with her...to Texas! He laughs it off, saying they're probably much better off without him.
Tom suddenly realises the time, and excuses himself as he's got a lot of business. He says that it was great meeting Dorothy and Toby.
TOBY: Where are you going?
TOM: Hey, a facilities manager's got to do what a facilities manager's got to do!
They laugh and Toby blurts out an invitation to dinner. When Dorothy says it's fine, Tom readily agrees. He leaves and Dorothy smiles at Toby.
Number 32
All of the furniture has been piled in the centre of the living room, with dust sheets covering it. Julie enters the house and stops dead when she sees it. Michael comes out whilst she's looking at it in disbelief.
MICHAEL: I thought I'd get the place ready for the decorators. Save you the trouble.
JULIE: (stunned) Oh.
MICHAEL: Jordan and I have been talking.
MICHAEL: Well, he's pretty unhappy at home at the moment. I feel real sorry for him.
JULIE: Why? What's wrong?
MICHAEL: Well, his dad never sees him, his mother's never got any time for him and he's having a hard time with his brothers.
JULIE: But what's that got to do with you suddenly becoming a boy scout?
MICHAEL: Well, it made me realise just how lucky I am to have Dad. And Debbie, and Hannah. ...and you.
Julie is really stunned now!
MICHAEL: I know I've been a bit of a jerk but there's going to be a difference now. I don't want us to be enemies any more. I know it's all been my fault and-
JULIE: Well, Michael, y'know, maybe I've been a little hard-
MICHAEL: What I'm trying to say is... I want to be a proper part of the family from now on. I want to call you Mum, just like Hannah and Debbie do. If that's ok?
Julie is dumbstruck.
JULIE: Oh, Michael. I don't know what to say. Of course it's ok.
MICHAEL: Well, that's great! Thanks, Mum. We're going to be real close now - you'll see!
Michael walks out of the living room. Julie follows him into the hall, very pleased at the change in him.
JULIE: This Jordan's certainly had a good effect on you.
MICHAEL: Yeah, he's set me straight about a lot of things.
Julie smiles and walks off. Michael's smile drops as he watches her leave.
Lou has a bottle of bubbly and is pouring some for Annalise. She says he's spoiling her, but Lou thinks nothing of it. Annalise says that she's had a great afternoon and asks Lou if he always has this much fun.
LOU: Oh yes. Why not? That's what life's all about! I'm independently wealthy, I'm still young, I have no ties.
BENITO: Lou! What the hell are you doing here?
Benito (obviously) walks into the bar area and starts kicking off about the car yard.
LOU: Er, do you mind if we discuss this in private? (to Annalise) Excuse me love, one of my employees.
BENITO: What was that?!
Lou tells Benito to settle down and not to embarrass him in front of his girlfriend(!) Benito looks at Annalise, back at Lou and looks stunned. Benito can't believe it as she's so young, but Lou tells him that she's crazy about him! Lou saunters off to sit with Annalise again. (Er, weren't you supposed to be talking about the car yard?!) Benito looks quite surprised.
Doug tries to start the engine on the boat, but to no avail. Brad fruitlessly tries too. Doug is worried as they're drifting and neither of them know anything about outboards. Doug suggests rowing but they find that there's only one oar. Brad wants to try and fix the motor, but Doug reminds him that there's no time - they're drifting.
BRAD: Maybe someone will pick us up?
DOUG: Look, I'll swim for it.
BRAD: You'll never make it.
DOUG: Well, someone's got to do it.
Brad swallows hard.
<<1829 - 1831>>
Michael Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1830
Michael Martin, Julie Martin

Julie Martin, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1830
Julie Martin, Jim Robinson

Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1830
Dorothy Burke

Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1830
Pam Willis

Annalise Hartman, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1830
Annalise Hartman, Beth Brennan

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1830
Lou Carpenter

Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1830
Beth Brennan

Michael Martin, Jordan Farnsworth in Neighbours Episode 1830
Michael Martin, Jordan Farnsworth

Tom Merrick in Neighbours Episode 1830
Tom Merrick

Dorothy Burke, Tom Merrick, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1830
Dorothy Burke, Tom Merrick, Toby Mangel

Doug Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1830
Doug Willis, Pam Willis

Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1830
Doug Willis

Lou Carpenter, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1830
Lou Carpenter, Annalise Hartman

Doug Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1830
Doug Willis, Brad Willis

Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1830
Dorothy Burke

Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1830
Michael Martin

Michael Martin, Jordan Farnsworth in Neighbours Episode 1830
Michael Martin, Jordan Farnsworth

Pam Willis, Doug Willis, Adam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1830
Pam Willis, Doug Willis, Adam Willis

Pam Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1830
Pam Willis, Doug Willis

Doug Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1830
Doug Willis, Pam Willis

Dorothy Burke, Toby Mangel, Tom Merrick in Neighbours Episode 1830
Dorothy Burke, Toby Mangel, Tom Merrick

Julie Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1830
Julie Martin, Michael Martin

Michael Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1830
Michael Martin, Julie Martin

Benito Alessi, Annalise Hartman, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1830
Benito Alessi, Annalise Hartman, Lou Carpenter

Doug Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1830
Doug Willis, Brad Willis

Brad Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1830
Brad Willis, Doug Willis

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