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Neighbours Episode 1702 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1702
Australian airdate: 16/06/92
UK airdate: 24/05/93
UK Gold: 11/05/99
Writer: Margot Knight
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Summary/Images by: David
Phoebe tells Todd that she and the baby do not need him and he should stay out of her life.
Number 30
PHOEBE: You couldn't even hack the idea of me being pregnant, let alone birth or a baby.
TODD: I was confused. I mean I'm here now.
PHOEBE: It doesn't matter because I've already decided what I'm going to do. So you can get on with your life without me dragging you down.
TODD: That's not what I want.
Dorothy tells them to calm down. She tells them babies are needy and what they need most are parents. Todd thinks they should both decide what to do and consider their options.
PHOEBE: I am not getting rid of it.
TODD: I didn't say that!
PHOEBE: You thought of it though!
TODD: Oh, give me a break, Phoebe, I'm on your side. I only want what's best.
PHOEBE: Yeah what's best for you and a baby would just cramp your style!
TODD: I have no idea how it would affect me and neither have you.
PHOEBE: Why don't you just shut up! I'm giving you the chance to walk away scot free so stop hassling me.
TODD: Hassling?! I care, what is wrong with that?
Dorothy rushes in to stop the argument as Phoebe runs to her room. Dorothy tells Todd to wait outside and let her talk to Phoebe.
Number 26
Helen is painting, while Lucy complains about Cameron being a hypocrite. One minute he wants her then the next minute he drops her like a hot potato. Helen says he isn't the only one who's had a change of heart recently, as she was meant to go to the party with Cameron but instead went away with Brad. Helen thinks Cameron has done the honourable thing by stepping aside so she can get together with Brad. She asks if Lucy is still keen on Cameron. Lucy is happy with Brad, though he isn't as romantic as Cameron was. Helen thinks Brad whisking Lucy away in a limo was romantic. Lucy says Brad is funny kind and good looking, but he's only 99% perfect, not 100% like her. Helen laughs.
Number 28
Jill has tried to ring Ross, but he didn't want to talk to her. Cameron encourages her to go through the courts to get proper access from her mother- in- law. Pam and Doug agree. Jill isn't sure, but they tell her that she must go for custody - Ross is her own son, after all. Jill agrees. Doug heads off to a meeting with a "big business prospect"
Number 30 - garden
Dorothy comes out to talk to Todd.
DOROTHY: Phoebe's pretty confused herself, Todd.
TODD: Not from what I saw, she seems to know exactly what she wants.
DOROTHY: It appears that way, yes, but she's on very shaky ground, and needs a great deal of understanding. As do you, I'm sure.
TODD: I want to look after her...but she just keeps pushing me away.
DOROTHY: Phoebe has a history of being abandoned. Her father's dead, her mother seems disinterested...she's convinced herself that she has to go it alone in life...to the point where she pushes people to reject her.
TODD: That's crazy.
DOROTHY: Human beings aren't always logical.
TODD: All I know is, I love Phoebe, but she doesn't love me anymore. And it's my baby too.
DOROTHY: Yes, indeed, but you're wrong about Phoebe not loving you, she loves you deeply. And she needs you now more than ever.
TODD: You heard. She said she wants me out of her life.
DOROTHY: It's more that she needs breathing space. You can give her that without disappearing completely. In time, and with counselling, she'll work through these issues. At the moment, she's still in shock about the pregnancy.
TODD: Me, too...I don't want to be left out in the cold while she decides what to do about our baby.
DOROTHY: I can only ask you to have faith in her, in her basic common sense. I'm sure she will begin to involve you in her future. But you do need to wait.
Number 26
Helen is still painting while Lucy cleans the hob.
LUCY: This would have to be my most unfavourite kitchen chore.
HELEN: Yes mine too, that's why I'm so grateful to you for doing it for me darling.
Brad rushes in to see Lucy.
BRAD: Quick, tell me do you love me or what? Don't think about it, just say the first thing that comes into your head.
LUCY: Of course I love you.
BRAD: Great, you'll go far.
He leads Lucy to the door and opens it to a delivery of balloons and flowers. Brad says he'd die for Lucy as he kneels in front of her. Helen says she told her Brad was romantic. Lucy says it must have cost a fortune for this, Brad says he spent his money from the board he designed on this, and without Lucy to inspire him it wouldn't have happened, so he wanted to spend the money on her. Lucy says he's nuts, as Brad leans in and kisses her. Lucy tells Brad she loves him.
Number 28
Cameron tells Pam that Barbara was far too calm for his liking and was almost smug when he phoned to say that Jill was taking legal action. Pam says the courts will see right through Barbara.
Doug arrives to say he's got a contract to build a retirement village. Their holiday on the Greek Isles might be a possibility now. There are some financial risks though, he needs a stack of heavy equipment and they'll all need to pay for it until the job pays for itself. Plus he'll have to cancel all his other jobs to concentrate on this job, which means they won't have anything coming in from a while. Pam and Cameron say they can rely on their wages, plus Gaby's. Doug's already ran the idea past Paul for financial investment, and Cameron offers to represent Doug if he's looking for legal representation while looking for investors. Pam promises to back him.
Number 30
Dorothy tells Phoebe that Todd is feeling low and very isolated. She can try to shut him out but he'll always be there. Phoebe says Todd shouldn't have walked out on her in the first place. Dorothy thinks Todd just needed time to adjust to the news of her pregnancy. Phoebe calls Todd gutless. Dorothy points out that Phoebe needed time too, but Phoebe still maintains that Todd let her down. Dorothy says that Phoebe needs support, and by judging Todd she's denying any warmth and friendship that he has to offer. Dorothy thinks Todd is doing the best he can, and all he wants to do is talk about the many issues and questions that they have. Dorothy also wants Phoebe to consider the baby and says Phoebe's attitude towards Todd might prevent a bond between father and child, is that what Phoebe wants?
Number 28
Brad is teaching Lucy to surf on some cushions on the table, when she falls with him onto the sofa and they start kissing. Cameron walks in and offers them both a coffee. Cameron chats with them about surfing and work. Doug arrives and asks them for a hand moving some potted plants, but then seems to forget that when he sees Cameron. Doug and Cameron decide to go show their plans for the retirement village to Paul. Lucy tells Brad she feels bad about carrying on with him around Cameron, especially when he is being so nice about it. Brad wants to spend time with Lucy and says he'll think of something.
Number 22
Todd is ranting to Paul about Phoebe pushing him away. Paul says he has to learn that he can't control other people's thoughts or actions. Paul's learned that the hard way. Doug and Cameron arrive asking to talk about the building contract, while Todd is about to head out. Cameron asks Todd if they have time over the weekend to go over the details about his father's trial, but Todd just asks Cameron to work it out, nothing he can say will change it. After Todd leaves, Cameron is baffled as Todd was fired up about it a week ago. Paul changes the subject to Doug's pitch, as Doug tries to encourage Paul to invest in the village. Paul agrees to look at it.
Number 30
Phoebe gets off the phone to her mum, who has said it is Phoebe's problem.
PHOEBE: It's typical. With her I always get the feeling I'm a nuisance. Well my baby is never going to feel unwanted, that's for sure.
DOROTHY: You may not have your blood relatives to rely on, but you've always got me.
Phoebe says Dorothy has been fantastic taking her in after her dad died, she thinks she's let Dorothy down. Dorothy says her only concern is that Phoebe doesn't let herself down, she has enormous potential. Dorothy says with the money she has in her trust fund she could afford to finish her education. Phoebe thinks it's hard to say right now. Dorothy thinks Phoebe could talk to a counsellor about her future. Phoebe wants to talk about her future to Todd, not a stranger. She's been thinking about herself, she's pretty well taken care of in all areas but Todd is out there on his own, his father's in jail and his mother's in Adelaide and Phoebe's been giving him heaps on top of that. Dorothy thinks Todd will understand if she explains, Phoebe hopes that Todd can forgive her.
Number 28
Doug tells Pam that Paul is thinking about the deal. Pam checks that Paul is the right person to go with as they know what he's like with money. Jill arrives, Lucy comments to Brad that it is a mad house here. Jill says she got a call from Barbara who laughed at her and said she doesn't have a hope. Cameron says Barbara has no legal claim on Ross. Doug says they'll campaign to the courts in support of Jill. Jill thanks them, as Doug and Pam ask her to stay for dinner.
Lassiters Lake
Todd is lying on the grass looking at the sky, as Phoebe arrives. She's been looking for him for the last hour. She says she's been awful to him. She knows he would have been in shock and if she'd been thinking clearly she wouldn't have said all that stuff. Phoebe thinks Todd wouldn't want to know her after she was so mean to him, but Todd says she can't get rid of him that easily. Todd says he wants to have the baby. They decide not to tell the kids at school for a while. They kiss.
Number 22
Paul has agreed to invest in Doug's retirement home. Doug demands the cash now, but Cameron says he'll need to wait until he has a contract from the developer. Doug doesn't want to wait, but Paul warns he could easily be shafted in these deals. Doug says the guy he's dealing with has a good name. Doug asks for an advance from Paul at least. Paul says he will but it's on Doug's head and he won't go ahead until he has Doug's signature on something. Cameron advises against this, but Doug wants to go ahead with it and gives his signature.
Number 26
Lucy, Brad and Andrew are playing on the sofa. They tell Helen that they are heading out for dinner with Beth and Rod tonight. Helen takes Andrew off them and goes into the kitchen. Lucy suggests she and Brad go away to Lassiters for a night to get some privacy, but Brad can't tonight as he's spent all his money on dinner. Brad rushes Lucy outside to talk with her.
Ramsay Street
Brad leads Lucy down to the driveway, as getting a room at Lassiters is only a short term answer. He thinks they should move in together. Lucy loves the idea and excitedly hugs Brad.
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Todd Landers, Phoebe Bright, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1702
Todd Landers, Phoebe Bright, Dorothy Burke

Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1702
Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson

Doug Willis, Cameron Hudson, Jill Weir, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1702
Doug Willis, Cameron Hudson, Jill Weir, Pam Willis

Todd Landers, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1702
Todd Landers, Dorothy Burke

Brad Willis, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1702
Brad Willis, Lucy Robinson

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1702
Helen Daniels

Pam Willis, Cameron Hudson, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1702
Pam Willis, Cameron Hudson, Doug Willis

Phoebe Bright, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1702
Phoebe Bright, Dorothy Burke

Brad Willis, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1702
Brad Willis, Lucy Robinson

Cameron Hudson, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1702
Cameron Hudson, Doug Willis

Todd Landers, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1702
Todd Landers, Paul Robinson

Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1702
Phoebe Bright

Doug Willis, Jill Weir, Pam Willis, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1702
Doug Willis, Jill Weir, Pam Willis, Cameron Hudson

Todd Landers, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1702
Todd Landers, Phoebe Bright

Cameron Hudson, Paul Robinson, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1702
Cameron Hudson, Paul Robinson, Doug Willis

Helen Daniels, Andrew Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1702
Helen Daniels, Andrew Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Brad Willis, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1702
Brad Willis, Lucy Robinson

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