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Neighbours Episode 1674 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1674
Australian airdate: 07/05/92
UK airdate: 14/04/93
UK Gold: 01/04/99
Writer: John Upton
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cameron and Gaby tell Faye that the insurance company intends to sue her over the shop fire.
Toby is packing to go to Joe and Melanie's tomorrow. Caroline pops round to say hello. She's just got back from her break and she feels it has helped. However, she's still in love with Paul - she'll just have to get over it. She's got a plan - to stay away from Paul and pursue other avenues in her life.
Faye is crying and is blaming it all on Gaby. She thinks Gaby should value family over fashion(!) Gaby is very angry, and says if she doesn't get the money back she'll be destitute! Faye reckons Gaby is young and can easily start again(!)
Lucy and Beth are having a row about the tricks they've played on each other about Brad. It seems the deal to stay away from Brad is over!
Caroline is saying hello to Andrew and Christina.
CHRISTINA: We've all missed you, haven't we Paul? We've missed you like mad!
PAUL: Yeah...like mad...
No.26, the following morning
Beth is up early - 7.30 on a Saturday morning in fact. She is making a Chilli Con Carne for Brad. She reckons it's the way to his heart! When Beth isn't looking, Lucy puts extra chilli powder in it.
Beth and Lucy have brought the Chilli Con Carne over. Brad is stoked and tastes it, pronouncing it fantastic. Lucy takes a small spoon and chokes, saying it's too hot. Brad says he loves it and food can't be too hot for him!
Cameron reckons Faye will be OK - with the rent on her unit and her savings, she can meet the cost of the claim. But Faye starts ranting at Gaby who finally relents and says she'll talk to Caroline. Cameron suggests they come to a compromise.
FAYE: Oh, Gaby, you're a decent girl! You can see when you're in the wrong!
Gaby is struggling to keep her temper but says that maybe Faye can pay them back in installments. She'll have to consult Caroline though because she's an equal partner in the business.
Christina has popped around for a break. Lucy tells her about the rivalry she and Beth are having over Brad. She likes Brad so much but it's only recently she's realised that she really likes him. Christina giggles a bit and tells Lucy just to declare herself to Brad - she should go for it, immediately, if not sure. She nearly lost Paul to the "apparition from Argentina" so she knows what it's like.
CHRISTINA: It was Caroline that turned it around. Without Caroline, I wouldn't have a marriage!
Caroline is talking to Andrew in his crib. Paul picks him up to take him off to bed. The atmosphere is rather strained.
Just then, there's a knock at the door and it's Dorothy. While Paul is putting Andrew to bed, Dorothy asks Caroline how she's coping.
CAROLINE: Dorothy, we have to much more in common than he and Chris. I guess it all goes back as far as the night we got lost in the Bush together. When I'm with him I get these feelings and these thoughts. Surely I'm entitled to be happy? What if this is my one big shot at it?
DOROTHY: Poor Caroline.
Christina comes in at that moment and tells them she's been off telling a teenager to go for it as life's too short! She goes to bring in the washing.
CAROLINE: Every time I look at her, Dorothy, I hate myself.
DOROTHY: You'd hate yourself even more if you let this get out of hand.
CAROLINE: She doesn't suspect anything, she's content, trusting Christina.
DOROTHY: Caroline, it can't go on like this.
CAROLINE: I know, I have to do something about it.
DOROTHY: Any idea what?
CAROLINE: Yes, I do have a plan.
DOROTHY: Good luck.
Christina comes back in with the washing and Caroline tells her that she wants to move out into a place of her own. Christina is shocked and says that she needs her there.
CHRISTINA: What's so important that it can't wait for a month or so?
CAROLINE: Alright - one month.
CHRISTINA: I'm relieved. For a horrible moment I thought I was going to lose you again!
Brad and Cameron are having a beer and talking about Brad's job. Apparently he's been invited to a company ball. Cameron invites Brad for a game of squash, but he's playing basketball with Doug.
Lucy pops round to see Brad. Then Beth arrives as well to tell Lucy that Helen wants to see her straight away to tidy her room. They both head off.
When they've gone, Cameron tells Brad to invite either Lucy or Beth to the ball.
BRAD: Lucy?
CAMERON: From what I just saw, yeah.
BRAD: I wouldn't mind if she was, I like her heaps. But she made it pretty clear a while ago we'd never be an item.
CAMERON: Maybe things have changed.
BRAD: No, and up at Surfer's Beth was all over Josh!
He says he might ask one of them as a mate, though.
Gaby and Caroline have come to see Faye. Caroline tells her the situation is straightforward - their debts are so big that they must have the money straightaway - they can't wait for Faye to pay in installments. Faye is upset and tells Caroline that she doesn't have any income. Caroline points out that she has the income on her rented flat and her financial investments. Faye wants to safeguard her future with that money, but Caroline says that she needs to safeguard her own future too.
FAYE: Why is she being so hard on me?
GABY: I did my best to persuade her.
FAYE: If you really cared about my predicament, you'd refuse to go along with her.
GABY: I'm afraid I can't. Caroline has equal voting rights. And besides, I know she's right.
FAYE: So. You expect me to just shrug my shoulders and hand over my life savings? Oh, no, Gaby. I'm going to get the best legal brains and I'm going to fight you every step of the way!
Squash court (outside)
Cameron has been playing Paul at squash. Paul is distracted and Cameron asks him if everything is alright at home. Paul babbles about how much he loves Christina, but he likes someone else to - Caroline. Nothing has happened though. He doesn't know what to do.
PAUL: I really love Chrissie, I really do. But these feelings I have for Caroline - got to tell you, they scare the hell out of me.
Brad pops round and explains to Lucy that he needs someone to go to a Ball with.
LUCY: I'm glad you came over Brad, cos when I went to your place today, I wanted to say a few things.
BRAD: Yeah, I'm the same, that's why I'm here right now!
LUCY: Yeah?!
BRAD: Absolutely! Look, I don't want to cause any hassles. I don't want to embarrass anybody. But if I invite Beth to the ball, do you reckon she'd accept?
Lucy looks crushed.
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