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Neighbours Episode 1582 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1582
Australian airdate: 10/12/91
UK airdate: 07/12/92
UK Gold: 24/11/98
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Sid Butcher: Roy Thompson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul has just arrived home and he and Christina are hugging. He then picks Andrew out of his crib and cuddles him as well. Paul tells Christina that Rosemary is not coming to their rescue - she's got problems of her own. He not very impressed to have been nominated for businessman of the year but tells Christina that they have to keep up appearances - noone can know they're down the gurgler.
Guy gets home having had a bad day at work - Sid Butcher has been supervising his kids' swimming classes. There's one kid, Stevie, who was very uncoordinated, and Sid told him off for getting into the pool with him to help him. Guy's not looking forward to tomorrow as Sid will be supervising his lesson tomorrow.
Brenda tells Guy that Gaby called, so he rushes off to see her.
Pam is very impressed by Glen doing dinner for Gaby by the lake - it sounds so romantic. She wishes Doug would be more romantic to her! Doug answers the door to Guy while Pam answers the phone to Cody and excitedly tells her that Gaby is engaged to Glen. Guy overhears and looks very downcast.
DOUG: Is there something we can help you with?
GUY: Not anymore. I actually came over to find out where I stood with Gaby, now I know. See you around.
Guy is very upset about Gaby - he feels he did everything right with their relationship. Brenda is sympathetic, but says sometimes the sparks just aren't there. Guy thinks he could have spent the rest of his life with Gaby, but now that's over.
Swimming pool
Sid is giving Guy "advice" about teaching swimming. Guy is not impressed and tells Sid to butt out and let him do it his way. Guy ends up resigning from his job.
Pam is looking at old photos of her and Doug and reminiscing about their old days. She'd like to go out raging again, but Doug doesn't want to, he doesn't like the music. Pam says Wednesday is nostalgia night - they could go to that. Doug says he only used to go because Pam dragged him there, and he doesn't want to go now. Pam moans that she needs a bit of romance in her life, but Doug is more interested in going to get some liquid fertiliser for the garden(!)
Coffee Shop
Guy tells Brenda that he's resigned from his job. Doug comes in and Brenda tells him what's happened with Guy's job. Brenda decides to go down to the Council and get Guy's job back(!)
Erinsborough Businessman of the Year (Lassiter's)
Felicity's nephew taunts Paul a bit but Paul tells him that business is fine.
Swimming Pool
Guy is doing his last shift at the pool and is surprised to see Brenda come in. She gives him some carrot cake and then goes over to talk to Sid. She asks him for a moment to talk to him, then pours out a sob story about a tragedy that happened to Guy when he was a kid. Guy used to have a little dog called Prince who died in a concrete mixer. The dog was entombed in cement in the garden path and they didn't have enough money to redo the path, so Guy had to endure looking at the dead dog for the rest of his childhood. It happened just before Christmas and Guy has always hated Christmas because of it(!) Sid starts to look concerned.
The result of the Erinsborough Businessman of the Year is being read out - Paul has won! He's presented with a trophy and makes a little speech thanking everyone at Lassiter's, and also Christina for her support. His smile looks a little forced, though.
Coffee Shop
Guy comes in and tells Brenda that something weird has happened - Sid apologised to him and asked him to reconsider quitting. Guy apologised and now he's got his job back. Brenda is very pleased.
GUY: There was one other strange thing. Sid seemed to think that I once had a pet dog that met with a tragic end in the garden path.
BRENDA: That's funny!
GUY: Yeah. The only garden path around here is the one you led him up!
GUY: Thanks, Brenda. You're the greatest!
Garden of No.28
Doug bangs on the front door, covered in liquid fertiliser. Pam won't let him in because he's too stinky - she tells him he'll have to strip his clothes off outside. He does so, putting them all in a bucket. When he's done, Pam takes the bucket and then locks him out until he promises to take her dancing!
DOUG: Pam, I told you, I hate dancing!
PAM: Well, you'd better learn to love it if you want to come inside!
Christina tells Paul how proud she is of him, but Paul says that the trophy doesn't mean anything. They should just face facts - his career is in tatters. He feels terrible for what he's done to Christina and Andrew.
PAUL: Darling, I'm finished! Let's just face it, I am not a success, I am a failure! I don't know where to go from here.
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